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mesh sizing conversion scale. A MUST FOR KIEFING!

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Nice scale LabRat. I can fine tune the sifting. It definitely is an art form that teaches patience.

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On 8/24/2008 at 9:16 PM, Slime Machine said:

is the 'inch count', tpi (threads per inch), and US mesh all the same thing? in art catologs, i usually see numbers that are 'inch count' measurements.... ranging from 61-305. these are for monofiliment polyester. the multifiliment is measured simply by 'mesh' and ranges from 6-16xx. by 'mesh' do they mean US mesh? what is a better screen to use, the mono or the multifiliment polyester? so confusing confused.gif


Be confused no more! I use a 150 and 110 micron mesh for two types of hash: Killer and God Head.

Its made in the US for American sizes!

These are my own names for my own hash. Killer is made from the 150 mesh and produces a coarser hash that still kills it! The 110 mesh is for super-refined hash, “God Head” that takes anyone, no matter how much “pain” they’re in to heaven and back! Both mesh types are special because they are made with a patented medical-grade non-stick material that doesn’t wear off on the product. We use it on all our trimming machines so we get 3 jobs done in one shot!

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On 5/9/2008 at 1:27 AM, CAUSTIC said:

your best sizes will be between 73-120 micron.

“Hey CAUSTIC, you’re absolutely right! But how did you come up with that range? With all zee Buds we produce, one of our specialty products we sell to dispensaries in our beloved selling city, “Vansterdam” is our very own hash. We used to fuss and test by trail and error to find zee perfect micron size until my girlfriend came up with zee perfect combination. And even that, she basically discovered by accident.


We were doing great business processing 5000 plants in our small not-licenced operation that goes year round with multiple harvests. We started using automated trimmers way back because even with just 5000 plants it was too much to trim by hand and we never wanted to hire out hand-trimmers for fear of them ratting out our grow. Eventually we got fed up with zee way these big noisy monstrosities were mangling our Buds. Every time a new trimmer came out we’d try zee new one. They all had blades and they all took way too much off the Buds. Then about 4 years ago this new trimmer came out called a Tom’s Tumble Trimmer. We gave it a try one harvest and it worked so well, we’ve never tried another one and now we have 5. We love these machines so much because they don’t use blades and use a mesh drum to trim. Cool cause their just as fast as all zee bladed machines. Zee cool thing about this mesh drum is that nothing sticks to it. It trims by tumbling zee Buds and as they tumble they bump together and bump off zee dried larger leaves and sugar leaves.


It doesn’t trim wet buds only dry, but that’s when my girlfriend discovered something extra cool about these machines: they make awesome hash!


Zee reason is they have different mesh sizes. When we used bladed trimming machines we made our hash with “old school” bubble bags. But with our new TTT machines, we had way less waste and since nothing—the valuable resin and tri’s didn’t stick to it, and because it was so gentle and fast, all we got to work with was zee trim sugar leaves and such. My girlfriend went to their web site and found they sell optional mesh sizes by accident when she was looking for something else. She found they actually sell, 4 different mesh sizes: 1/2" Industrial Mesh Net for trimming, 1/4" Industrial Mesh Net for separating popcorn size from trim, 151 Micron Pollen Screen for pollen extraction and the 110 Micron Pollen Screen for finer pollen extraction. At first we didn’t think they would make much difference. WE were already using the 1/2 mesh for our basic trimming but found the 1/4 mesh was really awesome for the popcorn because the smaller mesh nets are all made of zee same food-grade patented non-stick material.


So she experimented with zee 151 and 110 micron mesh to extract the resin and pollen for our hash. They both were wildly successful we found, because our hash customers actually preferred two different hash qualities: about half liked zee courser hash from zee 151 micron mesh, and the other liked zee super-concentrated smooth fine hash. They had their reasons, but zee moral of zee story is that, the super fine-grade hash product grew in demand while zee course crowd stated the same. So she got zee 110 micron mesh for all our machines because that’s zee perfect size! But whether our customers were buying the course product or fine, they both told us through our dispensary guys that it was zee most powerful hash they sold. We chalked that up to the mesh itself: it makes a huge difference when absolutely nothing sticks to it. When nothing sticks to zee mesh, you get zee full power of zee resin in your hash! And that’s a lot of HIGH power, cause all our Bud product comes in consistently tested at 32-35% THC!


Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

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