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Found 6 results

  1. I was wanting everyone to post their favorite nail to use on their enail and why. Hopefully by now anyone who consumes concentrates on a regular basis has moved away from the torch and onto an enail. The decision on which electronic nail can be daunting so I’ll be brief on that. For the E-nail itself I wanted the best bang for my buck. I tried my friends Errlectric ($600) and D-nail ($500) and while they both worked great I thought that they were a little overpriced. So I started looking at some of the $100-$150 Chinese models. You see them everywhere of varying build quality but they mainly all use the same cheap Chinese PiD and relay. They may last a while or they may not and the temperature control is just not that great. That led me to the Greenlightvapes LCD Enail. It has the upgraded Omron E5CC PiD and solid state relay. The heat up time and temperature controls are fantastic on this one. Much closer to the U.S. models than the other Chinese units. For the money I really like the Green light vapes G9 LCD Enail the best. It’s $299 but can be gotten cheaper on Alibaba. I highly suggest this enail as the best bang for your buck! http://www.greenlightvapes.com/m/products.asp?pid=6 So that leads us to the actual nail that you dab on. I know it’s hard to move past the box of torch nails you have accumulated but it’s worth it, trust me. The nail that a lot of models come with is a Chinese highly educated knock off. While this works the contact of the coil to the nail doesn’t give the best temperature control and I don’t love these standard Ti domeless for enails. Since thick quartz bangers were my torch nails I tried one of those with the arm to hold the coil thinking that would be perfect… It wasn’t, they leave a cold spot on the center bottom that doesn’t vape and it broke while letting the coil cool and contract on it one night. I also tried the standard quartz domeless with similar result. I also tried a Titanowl Salt Shaker style and it suffered from the same poor temperature control and I had to turn the enail up way too high to get hit off of it. After trying several there are now 2 nails I use with my enail. 1 is my daily driver and 1 I use on my travel rig. My favorite nail is the Concentrate Connoisseur Accessories Liger Banger with the Quartz insert. It's a really nice titanium banger that works great with the enail by itself. I also like that it fits all female and male fittings I have and has a removable direct inject tube to keep everything clean. Add the Quartz insert and the flavor is beautiful at low temps. Lots of dabs taken from this nail and still on the original quartz insert. The US made molded quartz seems to hold up much better than any other quartz I have owned. There isn't even any hazing or cracking after repeated torch cleanings. http://www.cca710.com/titanium-quartz-nails/ The Heart of the Liger or insert is a double sided molded quartz with a big dish and a shallow dish on the back side. That means the quartz never actually touches the titanium, it is just fully surrounded by the Titanium and vaporizes in the quartz via convection in the titanium oven. It really is the best thought out nail I have ever used. The owner Josh was very helpful too and customized the storm cell cap I got to go with it. This nail gets my vote. I also use a BOSS Titanium for enail. It hits great, it's just straight Ti though. I was thinking about trying out the Genisis system quartz dish in the BOSS nail, i'll let you know how that goes. I haven't tried the CCA Zeus with upcoming quartz insert or the Happy Daddy Genesis with quartz insert, nor the SiC and Sapphire discs they sell with the D-Nail. they all look pretty awesome as well. So have any of you tried these or any others? Please tell me what you use and why you like it. If you have any questions about my findings just ask, I have done a lot of research on the subject!
  2. Wussup fellow stoners Hempcon is back at it again with another event for y'all. Halloween plus weed? Best of both worlds! For more info check out the link! Tickets are moving so dont let the weed naps prolong you! http://bit.ly/freshteamHC
  3. This is it! http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-V2-HEnail-Portable-enail-vaporizer-Gr-2-Ti-nail-Ceramic-rod-2500mah-18650-/131637974872?ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:US:1123 I have been looking for a new portable concentrate solution. I am never satisfied with my pens or coil type vapes on the road and carrying a torch and bong is not very stealthy or smart. That got me looking at the batter powered enails. I tried the Thor but it was awful, small hits and bad taste. Plus I STILL had to carry my bong. It was actually no less cumbersome than the torch and nail. I haven't tried the Vapecode TN-01 but I have the same problem with the portability of that model as well. I have used a nice "LCD" enail from greenlight vapes that uses a higher end Omrom PID and solid state relay so I know they made quality products.When I saw they cam out with Henail I was very intrigued. When they improved it with a higher discharge 2500mah 18650 I had to try one out. There are about to be re-branded models of this enail sold everywhere. Dr. Dabber is releasing this exact unit, a company called Dabado is also selling this unit re-branded along with several other companies. They will all be out next month and all cost around $150-$160. It really doesn't matter which brand you choose since I believe they are all made in the same chinese manufacturing plant. Just make sure it has a quality 18650 battery and you can't go wrong with these. I bought mine off of a seller on ebay Dealz4asteal. He was very helpful and have received 2 from him that have the upgraded 2500mah battery with an excellent discharge rate. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-V2-HEnail-Portable-enail-vaporizer-Gr-2-Ti-nail-Ceramic-rod-2500mah-18650-/131637974872?ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:US:1123 They are compact but heavy and very well made. The machining is top notch and you can feel the quality when you take the unit apart.They come in a great little aluminum carrying case that's custom foam lined. I LOVE that it has a replaceable 2500mah 18650 battery. That means you can replace it when it no longer holds a charge and keep extras around for additional running time. This battery is decent but you could also replace it with an even better one for longer life and slightly better performance all though it's not necessary at all. The process of dabbing off on the HEnail is very simple. Press it 3 times to heat it up. When it turns from white to green, it's time to dab!. If you prefer a hotter dab press it another 3 times to go a second round of heating. I have found the sweet spot is 1 cycle for small dabs and if it's a big dab I go half way through the second cycle. You can't go TOO BIG however due to the small size of the grade 2 Ti nail. It comes with a magnetic carb cap and dab tool. This will get stuck quickly in the glass if you don't keep it clean so keep some Iso handy. It does work quite well though. It charges through a Micro USB and comes with the cable only (no wall portion but we all have plenty of those). The bubbler is functional. It only requires a tiny bit of water or you will be drinking it. But it does the trick and cools the vapor. So, to sum it up it's Not like a full enail setup but certainly beats the crap out of any of my other portable solutions! Definitely worth a try. I haven't had it long so I can't speak of longevity yet. I'll keep you posted!
  4. I apologize if this topic is basic, but i'm new to the world of dabbin and would love some advice. Thanks
  5. well this is the across international 1.9 cubic foot under purge I really didn't Raleigh my trimmings before I blew them although they are completely 100% and dried with no fan leaves and no stems. I have 3 Matts in which I bought at Bath and Beyond. they are made of silicone so they can withstand the oven temperature. I hope you guys like the pictures many more to come ask as many questions as you would like.
  6. Police warn of new potent marijuana drug 'Wax' By Jennifer Hauser updated11:50 AM EDT, Fri August 29, 2014 "If your son or daughter smokes marijuana, I'm sure they're going to try this. So you need to stop it with the simple marijuana," says Atlanta Police Department Narcotics Unit Supervisor Lt. Rick Mason. He says, "Whatever the effects of marijuana are, this would probably be 10-20 times as potent, for a very small amount." Lt. Mason is talking about a highly potent form of weed called "wax," which is growing in popularity. HLN sat down with Lt. Mason and also an anonymous user, who goes by "Al," to find out more about it. "Al" says that you have to have a plant in order to make "wax." He adds that it's about $30 for about a quarter-sized clump. You only need to smoke an amount about the size of a bb to get high. He says the substance is so strong that even the most experienced marijuana users can get really messed up. He's seen people cough for a long time and even drool while taking it. Lt. Mason says that the Atlanta Police Department frequently makes marijuana busts, but they haven't come across "wax" much in the city. However, police in Roswell, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta, say they made a "wax" bust recently. Police say the substance was being sold to high school students. So if you're a parent, how would you know your child is smoking "wax"? Well, "Al" says that it's very messy. He says you have to keep it in the freezer so it doesn't melt. If it melts, it gets all over everything, including carpet or clothing, and it's very hard to get out. So if you see odd stains around, he says that could be a sign. Also, it's typically smoked using a bong or a vaporizer. The vaporizer may not be as obvious, because it looks like an electronic cigarette. Also, you can carry the "wax" in a lip balm container because it blends in. But "Al" says wax is hard to get ahold of. Whoever sells it would likely have to be growing marijuana plants. Typically, dealers sell the buds and throw away the leaves. But now they can make use of the leaves by extracting their oils, which contain high levels of THC. In other words, your kids probably won't be making "wax" around the house. And it's good they won't, because Lt. Mason says it's very dangerous to make. The marijuana is placed into a long tube and then hit with highly flammable butane. Lt. Mason says, "The price of marijuana has come down enough that I believe there's less being smuggled in from Mexico, and I believe there's more being grown locally.... We just try to keep the young kids away from it." He says the most common drugs found in schools these days are marijuana and ecstasy. http://www.hlntv.com/video/2014/08/28/wax-marijuana-pot-lip-balm

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