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Found 3 results

  1. joints amsterdam

    Coffeeshop Amsterdam

    Coffee Shop Tips The only place to safely buy marijuana or cannabis in the city is via one of the many Amsterdam coffeeshops. You will find about 200 coffeshops in amsterdam, so there is always one close to you.Although coffeeshops are not allowed to advertise, you will be able to identify them easily. Official Dutch coffeeshops have a green and white licence sticker in the window. In order to enter a coffeeshop, you must be 18 or over and have an ID. Coffeeshops are not allowed to sell alcohol. I try it the most coffeshop De Kroon in Amsterdam but only one stored in my mind and i reccomand it for sure , i found there joints are amazing and there qualities so good
  2. Wussup fellow stoners Hempcon is back at it again with another event for y'all. Halloween plus weed? Best of both worlds! For more info check out the link! Tickets are moving so dont let the weed naps prolong you! http://bit.ly/freshteamHC
  3. Doobie Brother

    Joint Rolling Contests in Colorado !

    Of all the things that scream Americana, nothing still brings about visions of downhome country folk gathering at the outskirts of town with their prized cattle and famous apple pie recipes like the mention of a county fair. And while this story would be significantly more entertaining if the Denver County Fair was a more traditional festival, this specific fair was only recently created to be a much more “groundbreaking” and “unconventional” take on the American classic. Just how unconventional will this year’s Denver County Fair be? It’s going to feature prizes for marijuana plants and a live joint-rolling competition. As if people in Colorado haven’t boasted about their state’s new pot laws enough, these new additions to the Denver County Fair are sure to make people in other states even more jealous, especially as they finish that second bag of chili cheese Fritos. But don’t feel too bad just yet, non-Coloradoans. The fair organizers in Denver County are still being a little prude. It’s the first time pot plants will stand alongside tomato plants and homemade jam in competition for a blue ribbon. There won’t actually be any marijuana at the fairgrounds. The judging will be done off-site, with photos showing the winning entries. And a live joint-rolling contest will be done with oregano, not pot. But county fair organizers say the marijuana categories will add a fun twist on Denver’s already-quirky county fair, which includes a drag queen pageant, tattoo competitions and a contest for homemade robots. (Via My Fox NY) I hate to be THAT guy, but as much as these people want to celebrate their joint-rolling skills, it’s only a matter of time until those homemade robots start rolling joints for us, and then what’s the point? Don’t ever lose focus of the important things, Denver. In related news, here’s a look at the marijuana-growing contest’s first judge:

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