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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm new to CC so here is a lil' about me: I'm a veteran medical cannabis user, damn good cook, (recent)vegan, science buff and amateur body builder. I recently decided to start making short, educational videos, about my true love in life: Cannabis. In this video, I demonstrate how to make some cannabis infused coconut oil. Let me know what you think, I'm always open to any constructive criticism or advice on how I can make these even better in the future. I tried to make this as short and as easy to follow as possible. I improved the visibility on the captions since the last video, thanks to some feedback. -Cheers
  2. y0 Cannabis World! My name is TED theSPACENaut I come from small country called sLOVEnia. I love cooking with Cannabis so i recorded 3 videos how did I made my Canabutter and after that some SpaceMuffins and UFO Christmas Chocolate Cookies in just 10 min. CannaButter(1-2Days): https://youtu.be/JPkEGCW7fX4 SpaceMuffins / CupCakes(20min+bake): https://youtu.be/6kyjfIBkY3Y UFO Christmas Chocolate Cookies(10min+bake): https://youtu.be/BJR16NkoV_o Please Enjoy!
  3. I am currently trying out several different recipes, and they all call for some form of extraction. I know that Decarbing your plants is the first step to a successful edible, but I am wondering how long I can keep the decarbed weed before I extract it. Let's say I only happen to have five lbs of butter and I needed more than that, and it's almost 5 in the morning so I am forced to make due lol. Also this would be good for future reference, just in case I have to stop in the middle of a baking day for some random reason. Is there anyone out there who would potentially know what the shelf life is compared to regular buds? Perhaps storage tips, and/or suggestions for making my process more efficient for weight would be very appreciated. Thank you

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