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  1. As usual everything looks happy and healthy.. keep doing what you do... You wanted to know who's on FB I am but do more than FB. I'm Grow_Wizzard on it's worth checking out similar to FB without the tracking and messed up rules... When those girls hit the ground they will explode... can't wait.. Had a scare the other day, the only female that I laid down was gone when I went to water it. The chickens had buried it and almost uprooted it... It's caged now so the chickens can't get at it...... still waiting for the others to sex so I can lay them down...
  2. Looking good Sassy.. I only have one female plant sexed, have 7 that are about 8 nodes about a foot tall, not sexed yet.. I just put them outside out of 24 hours of light so if they don't sex in a few days they will go into 24 hrs of dark that should get them to show.. Then I can lay them down.. Late start this year, but got rid of a bunch of beans that were too old to sprout.. Keep doing what you do...Peace..
  3. Rootbound, This place has gone quite about since Mark got out of prison. It was slowing down but several of the mods and admin quit coming in and the members started new mods and then they were gone. It's a skeleton crew that keeps this place going. They changed the server software and didn't update it. So not a lot of activity in here. A few of the oldtimers like LabRat, Weedmen, and myself are the most frequent flyers in here. The short bus crew have gone on to greener pastures...hahaha... pun intended... So don't expect a quick response from all your old friends on here. Good luck with your search..
  4. Loudman215, if you are new to growing take Lab's advise, use that seed as a learning tool, then read, read, read and when you think you've read enough, read some more. As the plant grows you may develop issues or concerns. Go through some of the older posts with questions on this site or google and see what minimum information is needed to help you with your problem. At minimum we need to know what kind of soil you are using, are you growing indoors or outdoors, if indoors what kind of lighting. If you are feeding the plants what are you using and how much. Added information that will help is what kind of water you use, tap, reverse osmosis, distilled, etc. and are you testing the PH of what you feed or the runoff. All of that information above are clues for your reading and studying. While you are growing this seed you have be thinking of which method will give you your desired amount in the simplest way. I like the KISS method "Keep It Simple Silly" If you have a problem don't just post a picture and ask "what is wrong with my plant?" you need to include the information from the first paragraph to give us an idea of what the problems could be. Now understand the experienced growers in here or anywhere else have killed thousands of plants. Ok maybe not thousands, but we have killed enough to learn what NOT to do... And yes we still get that one plant that just doesn't respond to anything we try to help it and it dies... But for the most part we are able to diagnose a problem and fix it. Good luck and welcome to the jungle....Peace...
  5. Second to third week of May and you shouldn't have any revege issues, Most use Mother's day as a guide but by May 15th there is enough light to keep from reverting... Peace..
  6. Good luck with your grow, sounds like you did your research... Now for the hands on experiences....
  7. Weedmen, rain stopped 80 degrees for 3 days then rain again yesterday. Clear today highs in the low 70's. The plum trees are almost finished flowering, the nectarine is in full bloom, the peach is just starting to bloom and the cherry tree got it's first two flowers today. The Kale, broccoli, cabbage, and poc choy, are all bolting and flowering. Won't be long now and will be able to get tomatoes and peppers going. I have about a half dozen corn up about 6 inches tall, but too early to put out yet. I think we will get a freeze or two before summer actually hits. Also over night temps are still in the 40's so it's a bit cold to put them out yet. My little cabinet is 63 over night temps so I'm hoping the master Juan will go just got done soaking them and planting them into a cup of dirt. Found some Juan X Super Silver Haze X Juan SB sent me, hoping with the juan dominance they will throw a couple auto's for me. If they do and I get a male and female auto..... I will make some beans and share with the special people here..... They know who they are...hahahahaha..... Stay warm through your snow storm, and throw a couple of plants outside in may just because....hahaha... I don't know enough about lights and bulbs to be of any help to you there... I prefer the big orange light from the sky... It's free....hahahaha ..... Peace brother....
  8. OG, looking good, I have 3 that just got their first real leaves and one blueberry kush that has it's second set of real leaves. Nothing as big as those stinkers.....hahaha But it's still early hope to have them up a bit bigger when it's time to put them outside.
  9. Weedmen, yea those were Juan X Master Kush, called master Juan. I have some of those beans and those are going to get started next. SB told me some of those autoflowered for him so I was hoping... I did get 3 of my new cross of T-Rex crossed with a high CBD strain to pop so have those just started. One Blueberry Kush but I was hoping to have a couple about 2-3 foot tall by now... Oh well they will do good anyway. We finally stopped raining and now it's going to be 80 degrees... hahaha So spring will jump into summer real quick here. Put a couple of those outdoors and I bet they won't hermi on you outside.... The wife likes the master juan smoke... I eat a lot of it too....
  10. GBuds, I grew a couple of those, they were nice, I have a ton of those beans too. I have a bunch of SB's beans I will be moving to next round if nothing I've tried so far pop.. I like the Master Juan (Master Kush X Juan) I grew that a couple years in a row and it's nice flowers and yield too. SB said that some of those beans autoflowered for him... I have about a dozen beans... gonna cross my fingers...hahaha...Peace...
  11. Weedmen, Yea moving out of drought and into Flood stage....hahaha Mother nature at her best.... So far no DPD cracked ... put a bunch of fresh beans in the dirt and have a few that popped... So we are starting to get something ready for spring.... So far no luck with any of the ISM strains.... Real sad to loose those genetics.. I was hoping to get a couple plants to keep them going. I tried to keep a mom of the T-Rex going but all my cuttings didn't take and the mom died... So all I have is the beans I made. But I have several back crossed to the original so I'm pretty sure I have the beans of the right genetics.. Working on some mixed cbd thc beans trying to get a 7-8% each cbd and thc in one strain... should make some good oil....Peace...
  12. Organic Gardner, nice to see you coming out into the light....hahaha.... Hard to beat the full light spectrum of the sun.... and it's free....You will have to post a couple pics just to prove you actually did play in the dirt out in the sunshine..... hahaha
  13. Usually outdoor starts 3rd week of may any earlier and they will go into flower due to not enough sunlight.
  14. Sassy, things are looking good, and glad Labby got your pics loaded. Pics make the experience much better. I understand not wanting to have to post pics to a site then post the link to the pic on here, it can be a hassle. Ganjajuana, looking good too... Lots of baby pics wish I had a ton to post.. just two little ones that look long and scraggly... Well I guess it's time to pop some fresh beans instead of those many year old ones...
  15. Sassy, why is having a hosting site for your pictures a problem? I don't see a difference with posting pics on here. I kind of like it because if the pictures ever get messed up you already have them in order to replace them. I've had to repost a bunch of old pics in the 2010 outdoor thread, it came in real handy then. There are many free sites to host images.