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  1. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    We are getting real close about 20% amber now I'm thinking next week some time Maybe over the weekend if a couple plants are ready I will start. Some of the smaller plants are looking real close so those may go over the weekend................... Be careful where you advertise as you don't want to get on Law Enforcement's lists.... But you and Shadey would make great consultants for new growers.
  2. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Donald Soolar, Some adapt to this method better than others. Understand I don't want them to get too big as I grow in a city and don't want everyone to know what I'm doing. If I grew vertical everyone in the neighborhood would know what I'm doing and would take the fruit from my hard labor. If you know what I mean... I would prefer to grow vertically but ya do what ya gotta do to get r done....hahaha... Thanks for your contribution... Peace..
  3. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    7 more sunrises and sunsets have passed. Another week has passed, i'm late again... but better late than never... Flowers are getting close but not quite there yet,. Still have mostly milky trichomes so any time now they should be turning, Unknown Kush TRC 1 TRC 2 TRC 4 Blue Dream Katatonic OSB Momma Wizzard's T-Rex And that's all for this week...Peace...
  4. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    sounds innovative, grave growing...hahaha...... still cloudy a few amber but at least a week to go...
  5. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Another week of sunrises and sunsets... The ladies are liking the cooler evenings and cooler days. The flowers are starting to get fat and sticky. Trichomes are still mostly milky some amber but still mostly milky and clear. So they have at least a week to go maybe more for some of them... But the weeks are winding down and they are getting closer and closer.... Unknown Kush TRC - 1 TRC - 2 TRC - 4 BLUE DREAM Katatonic Old Skool Banana Mama Wizzard's Pure T-Rex Well that's all for now folks... Hope you enjoyed the view... Some day they will invent smell a vision and you can get an idea of what my yard smells like... Peace..
  6. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Patchgrower... Sorry to hear about your frost, too cold in the great white north for this southern boy.... If I move I'll go south closer to the equator....hahaha.... sounds like you got a decent harvest in spite of the frost... We should get some frost late, no hard freezes just some surface frost. Usually late November to December. But that is mixed in with some warmer days. I Checked trichomes today, lots of milky, few clear and only about 5% amber. So they still have a Few weeks to go. Usually get real fat in the last 2 weeks. I fed heavy over the weekend and we have had some rain each day since I fed so no feeding or watering. But they are smelling divine and getting real sticky. They look like they are coated in sugar.. wish the pictures showed how they really look... Dial in that indoor stuff... I have a couple cuttings in the cabinet under 18 hours of light to keep them in veg. So next year all ready started....hahaha... That's what I try to do... Will start some seeds around harvest time to see what I can get to germinate and what I want to grow next year... This year I will have 3 nice yielders, and 3 low yielders, and a couple medium yielders... But I think one or two will surprise me. Some real fruity smells coming off a couple of these and a couple real oily plants too... Peace...
  7. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    If I decide to go visit the great white north I may take you up on that offer, momma loves all horses even big footed horses...hahaha... I enjoy helping others where I can... glad I could be of some help to you... thanks for the compliment on the plants.....Peace
  8. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Sometimes you smoke a fatty and your intentions change...hahaha... Trying to get some good flower pics of each plant and sometimes I get distracted.. Show the stem rooting in, show the branches with fat flowers, show closeups of the buds.... And sometimes I just get stoned and miss a plant...hahaha....... Glad you got your outdoor girl finished... Hope you got the mold under control.... Raining a little bit today... Cooler overnights. still in the 50's though so any purple is from the strain not cold... some purples starting to show in some of the girls... Especially the T-Rex... almost red under some of the leaves...
  9. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Well another week on the books, did a little trimming of the yellow leaves, identify and isolate the flowers that will get fat... Increased the feeding a bit to help them get a bit fatter. Some amber trichomes showing but only about 5% so far... still have a bit to go.... Unknown Kush Flooded bed... TRC - 1 Flooded bed TRC -2 TRC - 4 Blue Dream Katatonic Old Skool Banana Momma Wizzard's pure T-Rex Well folks, that's all for this week... hope you enjoyed the flowers...hahaha...
  10. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    The indica DJ Shorts Blueberry I grew several years back grew a bunch of softball sized buds, Not the long and fat buds that I am use to. It was a fair yielder but I didn't top it I read in Greg Green's Grow Bible that blueberry likes to be topped and it yields better when topped... I guess I would have had more buds if I topped it, a couple times... Oh well That's life... I will be interested in your outcome of half topped and half not topped.... Indoors is way different than outdoors... I just use my cabinet to over winter cuttings when the nights get cold...Peace...
  11. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    This question is open to interpretation, "which way produces the most bud." If you want the most bud, top a lot, you will get a lot of smaller buds. If you want bigger yields don't top and let the flowers get bigger and fatter. Do you want a lot of popcorn bud top a lot. Do you want more weight per bud, don't top. Yes topping you can produce more buds. Will the buds get big enough to increase yields? There is a fine point were topping is beneficial, go beyond that and it's not. Over stress the plant and you reduce yields. I stress my plants by putting them out early so it confuses them, they don't know if they need to veg or flower. And some get so confused it stunts their growth.... I.E. TRC 2 and TRC 4 are both small plants that were way confused for a long time. They never really got to veg. So they are smaller plants... TRC 1 got a little confused and then went right back into veg and exploded. I think the TRC 1 will have the biggest flowers in the yard come harvest time. But the OSB is going to be a close second... Or maybe Momma Wizzard's pure T-Rex.... I believe to get the best expression of the plant and it's flowers don't top and let the flowers get big and fat. They will get heavier near the end. Yes the flowers break up into smaller flowers or buds, but a bud 4 inches around and 18 inches long will weigh more than a branch 18 inches long that has been topped and has more smaller flowers. The flowers don't get the bulk and solidify as well in my humble opinion.... Of course a lot of this is strain dependent. Blueberry is a strain that actually does better when topped a couple times. Because it doesn't grow the long fat flowers it grows more like soft ball size buds so to increase the yields on blueberry top it at least twice. To grow laid down the plants do better that have some sativa in them. The hard hallow stems of many indica strains don't like to lay down and to main stem being hollow doesn't like to root in as easy... In my experience... Hope I danced around your question enough to answer it....hahahaha.... Must be the fatty I hit earlier..... Peace...
  12. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    mjMikey, Most are hybrids, sativa indica crosses. A couple are expressing more sativa phenotypes and some are showing more indica... The Unknown Kush, Katatonic, and TRC - 2 are indica dominant. The TRC crosses are some I've been working on for a few years now. The Pure T-Rex of Momma Wizzards is the main one I have been working on. And it's showing the exact traits I was wanting from her. She started out as a clone only strain. Worked with a different grower and we were able to get a seed version of the clone only strain. The name T-Rex is one we came up with so if you see a different T-Rex it's not mine.... I know there is another T-Rex out there but neither me or the other grower have let our seeds go out yet... You asked "It looks like you don't do any cropping." if by cropping you mean topping the main stem and branches no I don't. I want the bigger flowers, from my experience topping the plant equals smaller flowers. The more you top the smaller the flowers to a point. If you want flowers as long and thick as your leg you don't top... Cropping or super cropping isn't taking the top off but bending the top to the side, that makes the flower before the bend bigger and the top still gets big. It's a different technique than topping the plant. I've done that to get a plant below a fence line so it couldn't be seen over the fence... Besides the way I grow puts enough stress on the plant I don't want to over stress the plant... Hope this helps.... Peace...
  13. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Shadey, My trics are clear to milky still, I'm thinking at least 3-4 weeks before I have 50% amber. Some might not go that long but that's what my experience tells me. End of Oct to mid Nov. for me is the normal harvest time... Hope yours gets nice and fat in your room, I'd let it go a couple weeks to see if the flowers fatten up. The last 2 weeks are critical as the flowers get a ton fatter during that time.
  14. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Flowers are getting bigger, still in the 90's during the day and 50's at night. We are officially at 12/12 light so if they aren't flowering yet they will be soon... Actually they should already be about a month into flower..... Stacking nicely.... so lets take a look..... Unknown Kush TRC - 1 '' TRC - 2 TRC - 4 BLUE DREAM KATATONIC HP X OSB MOMMA WIZZARD'S PURE T-REX Well that's all for this week, if I posted double shots or two in the wrong place the other site mixed all my pics up instead of keeping them in order so I had to move back and forth to make sure the right pics went in the right spot.... Not really sure how I did.. hahaha.... flowers are starting to get fat...Peace...
  15. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    mjMikey, the white tubes are just pvc pipe. No water in them I use them to bend the branches out so the center of the plant gets more light. I feed using a 5 gallon bucket. A lot of people think that is a watering system... Nope... Just opening the plant for light. A down vote is if someone doesn't like what you post they can down vote it... To your seeding greenhouse, water neutralizes pollen, so if you have misters on the exhaust of your breeding greenhouse it will neutralize the pollen so it won't get into the girl greenhouse...... But be very careful if you go into the breeding green house while the males are pollinating. You can get pollen on your clothes or skin and go into the other greenhouse and pollinate everything you brush up against..... I've seen people do this... They weren't happy campers...hahaha...Sounds like some nice animals.. Momma Wizzard loves horses... And horses and cows usually love cannabis, they use to feed hemp to livestock so they are designed to eat it...

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