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  1. Grow_Wizzard

    Anybody know what type of insects these are?

    Your leaves look like they have mite damage those bugs may be eating the mites... Get a good scope 60-100 power and take a damaged leaf off and look at the underside of the leaf with the scope... Time to get rid of mites is now....Peace...
  2. Grow_Wizzard

    Help! Male or female plants?

    Jacky, Like Lab and Spectral said almost too early to tell. The third pic shows the best and does look male but I've had similar that turned out to be female so give it about a week and loo closer, if you get little white hairs it's female, if you get pods that hand down it's male... Look at lab's pic that is a classic male... Peace.
  3. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Patchgrower, I spent 20 years fighting fires so no worries here, I retained enough information to know when to be worried and no worries here... The fires set intentionally I believe were the Ferguson Complex near Yosemite. There were 9 fires associated to an arsonist. They caught the guy.... It's a messed up person that goes that direction, similar behavior patterns as a serial killer.... Usually a severely messed up childhood.... They are created due to their environment when growing up.... Sad really.... Peace Thanks for the comments and questions... Much appreciated.... Peace...
  4. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Shadey, Thanks for the comments and questions.... Yes getting legs and bushing out nicely.... First calyxes on 3 plants so it's starting..... As for the fires the smoke covering the sun actually dropped the temps. We were supposed to be in the 100-105 F range but due to the smoke it was only about 95 so the fires actually cooled things down a bit... But the fire is moving mostly to the north between Trinity and Shasta lakes so the south end of the fire is clearing out nicely. Saw stars last night for the first time in a couple weeks... Blue skies today..Thanks again, peace...
  5. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Update time, still smokey skies, Carr fire was 191,000 acres this morning with about 60% contained. Two other fires close by one by Shasta Lake on the McCloud arm by Hirtz Bay. Called the Hirtz fire about 1000 acres and 15% contained. One on the other side of Burney called the Hat fire about 1700 acres about 20% contained... So a busy year. Still lots of smoke and ash in the air. The smoke is clearing a bit in the evening when the afternoon winds clear things up a bit and kick up the fires... Some good growth happening the laid down ladies are loving life... On with the pics.... Unknown Kush TRC-1 TRC-2 TRC-4 Blue Dream Katatonic OSB X HP or Salmon X The Black X GDP Mama Wizzard's pure T-Rex... Well that's all for this week had a couple pics that wouldn't load so it is what it is.... Enjoy... As always questions and comments are always welcome... Peace..
  6. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Shadey, I'm about 5 miles as the crow flies from the south east fire line. I'm near the fairgrounds and they are using the fairgrounds as base camp and incident command post. So it would have to burn through that to get to me... I'm safe...Peace..
  7. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Patchgrower, yea those free ferts are actually very expensive... Firefighting costs so far I'm sure are at minimum 10's of millions. Aircraft fighting fire is expensive.. And they are getting bigger... Pictures don't do them justice...Peace...
  8. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Update.... Under the smoky ash filled skies under the smoke plume of the 7th most destructive wildland fire in California history, the girls are still hanging in there and thriving.... Had some serious ash fall out. I normally hose the plants off in the morning and evening. I fed the girls but didn't hose off the ash to give you an idea of what we are dealing with. But the silver lining is potash is potassium or K on the NPK nutrients. We are getting a lot of free K for the girls that are in transition... The big girls are in transition the two small ones just got out of veg so they are starting to get some legs. Don't think they will get too big because they will turn around and go back into flower soon... Still feeding them high N,, but the others get straight tea... Lots of natural sugars in the tea. Cherries, plumbs, nectarines, pineapple, watermellon, apples, bananas, tomatoes, zucchini, onions, garlic, cabbage, lettuce, corn, beets, peppers. All go into the tea bag and get consumed by the biology and into the tea. Started adding a bit of molasses to the tea to get the micro-nutrients in there along with the sulfers... It's funny I will fill the tea bag to almost over flowing with plums and nectarines and the next morning it's level again something is going on in that tea bag..... Well enough of the talk on with the pics.... Had to run with large pics the preview pics only half showed up.... Unknown Kush All of the white spots on the pic above are ash fall out from the fire. TRC 1 TRC 2 TRC 4 Blue Dream Katatonic OSB X HP OR Salmon X The Black X GDP Momma Wizzard's pure T-Rex Well that's all for this week they are picking up steam, transition has started, should see the first calyxes or white hairs in a couple weeks... It gets real interesting from here... Got to watch the weather as the days are getting shorter, and when the temps drop they won't transpire water as quickly so over watering can cause serious issues... Day time temps are still over 100 and over night in the high 70's still so they dry out quickly.... Hope you enjoy, as always comments and questions are always welcome.... Peace..
  9. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Patchgrower, A contrail is water vapor that turns into ice crystals from the exhaust of the jet engines. Under only certain circumstances they can last about 5 minutes. Usually you just see a small trail behind the jet that quickly dissipates. Chemtrails are nano particle size aluminum, strontium, barium, and various other substances. They make a streak across the sky behind the jet and slowly spread out causing a gray haze. They (whoever "They" are) have been spraying us since the late 1980's. The chemicals are manipulated using very low frequency sound waves that are bounced off the ionosphere. It's how they control the weather and other nefarious things... Molasses is good to use during feeding as it feeds the microbes in the soil and provides sulfers and other micro nutrients. Never put the molasses directly onto the soil. I've seen people kill their plants doing that. About a tablespoon per gallon of water to start. I use a little all the way through but increase it as they flower. Sounds like you are in the north needing quick finishing strains.. Glad you found some that will work for you... Peace...
  10. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Patchgrower, If they keep spraying us like bugs with the chemtrails which are nano-particles of aluminum, strontium and Barium, These spread out and create a greenhouse effect keeping the heat in. Which in turn heats up the atmosphere. Also we have had several volcanic active areas lately which adds to the problem. Yea the girls are getting bigger, the bigger ones are just starting transition into flower. The ones that just came out of flower are starting to stand up a bit bigger.. Going to have to change the tea from high N to higher PK... More molasses too... Thanks for the comments...
  11. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Lab, that's true for some of the areas. Where this fire started was an area that burned in 2014 when we had a dry lightning storm move through the area. It's steep terrain and it got ahead of them rather quickly. There were actually 3 fires initially two on the south side of HWY 299 and the big one on the north side. The north side is carved out of the side of a mountain so the fire ran up hill quickly. There was a fire from a week earlier close by so they had some resources to kick loose and go to this fire. But by the time they got there it was 20 + acres and moving fast. I see a lot of people are claiming the fire had directed energy weapons involved. But I've seen the video's of the fire and the fire behavior was extreme. Thanks for the comments..
  12. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Thanks Lab, they are starting to fill in nicely... Also... It's not the global warming, it's the aluminum nano particles they are spraying in the chemtrails... Causing the aluminum to burn and increase the intensity of the fires...
  13. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Well I'm a bit late with this weeks update. Carr Fire has smoked out everything and ash is falling all over the place... But potash is potassium or K of the NPK so mother nature is providing the flowering requirements a bit early.... Lots of smoke in the air and the girls are doing their thing.. The smoke has limited the temps so we are hovering around 100 degrees... On the day the fire started it was only 112 F. So we have cooled down from that.... On with the pics... Unknown Kush TRC-1 TRC-2 TRC-4 Blue Dream Katatonic HP X OSB or Salmon X The Black X GDP Well Momma Wizzard's TRC original didn't make the upload don't know what happened... I could have brain-farted and didn't take the pics but don't think that was it... but the pics aren't there... So you will have to wait for next week.... I tried to get some history on OSB I found an old school haze and a bananna kush but couldn't find an old skool banana... But this plant definately has some sativa in it... We will have to wait and see what kind of flowers she gives and what colors she shows.... I have to do some research into Salmon.... Because i know the Black is a dark purple strain and GDP is a purple strain... so it's a waiting game.... Hope you enjoyed the ladies... comments and questions are always welcome.... Peace...
  14. Welcome back blue skies.... Good seeing you again.... Peace..


    1. blue skies

      blue skies

      peace to you too man. 


      let's hope more people remember how cool this site is and come back

  15. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Patchgrower, I know a guy that took a 10' section of his garage and made a grow room. 10 X 15 or 20' had a 1000 w light and a mover did real good. He had to move a couple plants from the edge to the center. I believe his table was 8X12 so he had room all around the table to get to his plants. So a mover in that room should supply all the light you need with your 1000 w light.

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