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  1. Grow_Wizzard

    Back in the game

    I believe White Widow is a common recommendation because it's a fairly easy plant to grow versus some finicky strains that don't do well unless you are experienced and know your nutrients and deficiencies to keep the plants at optimum. I grew a Katatonic that was all over the place where my normal compost tea had no issues with the other plants. That one i had to add more nitrogen and calcium magnesium to it and it still didn't do as well as the others.. If you are moving them inside just to finish flowering it shouldn't be an issue. But be careful moving plants from outside to an indoor garden, you will be exposing your indoor garden to pests that can take down your indoor grow.... ask me how i know....hahaha.... Good Luck... Peace..
  2. Grow_Wizzard

    Fun with a USB Scope

    Looks like a good tool. Let us know how it works on the plants.... I would like to have one to take pics of the trichomes on my plants. but I have trouble getting clear shots without that zoom.... I end up with a lot of blurry pics when zoomed all the way out... Might have to put my phone on a tripod to get pics in the next few years....hahahahaha..... Looks cool...
  3. Grow_Wizzard

    Auto Plants

    mjMikey, Lab showed pics of what i was talking about, only my suggestion was leave the empty pot in the soil, put your clone pot into the empty pot for a couple days to be sure it won't wilt and will survive. Then when you feel comfortable the clone will live pull out both pots and plant directly into the new pot. if that makes sense... Yes sometimes it takes these cuttings a bit longer to root in than when they are in veg. But it gives you a chance to take cuttings later after they are in flower if you have something go wrong when in veg.... Good luck...Keep doin what ya do... Peace....
  4. Grow_Wizzard

    Auto Plants

    mjMikey, Sounds like you got it down just forgot to water in the new clone after transplant. What I tried to say about transplanting, I take an empty small pot the same size as the clone pot. I use the red solo plastic cups to clone in. So I take an empty cup and make the hole in the new pot and fill it in around the empty cup. I water that in so the soil hardens up a bit around the cup. Then when I transplant I put the transplant cup inside the empty cup in the dirt. Leave it there until I'm sure it won't wilt. After several hours if it hasn't wilted I pull both cups out of the hole, put the clone with the dirt and roots in the hole and fill with dirt if needed and then water that in good. Don't beat yourself up, To get good you have to kill your share of plants..... Trust me I've done real stupid stuff and killed off my share... Peace...
  5. Grow_Wizzard

    Auto Plants

    P.S. Don't over feed new cuttings you can burn them easier, If you have some old dirt that you used last year you could add that and it shouldn't hurt anything but fresh high nute dirt may be too much for new cuttings. That is one of the reasons you want to see some new growth before transplanting... Hope it helps... Peace..
  6. Grow_Wizzard

    Auto Plants

    mjMikey, I think you rushed transplanting them into the big buckets. Even though they had roots coming out the bottom, they weren't adapted to the new environment they were transplanted into. Could have been too hot of a nute load for the young roots. Hard to say without being there to see what they do. What I would recommend is have your transplant pots ready, pull the cuttings out of the dome and put them in the pot without transplanting them. That way if you see them wilting you can put them back into the dome. What I usually do when I transplant is use a pot the same size as the pot my cuttings are in and make the hole in my transplant pot with the same size pot so you can fill the dirt around the empty pot. When you are ready to transplant pull out the empty pot and pull your cutting with the dirt out and put the cutting into the hole left by the empty pot. If you do that you could pull the cutting out of the dome and put the cutting in it's pot into the empty pot for a day or two when you see the cutting isn't in shock you can pull both pots off and put the cutting into the soil. I hope that makes sense. That way if you needed to put a cutting back into the dome it's still in it's original pot. I know a lot of growers that let the cuttings almost get root bound in the pots before transplanting and when they transplant they cut off about 1/8 of the bottom of the roots. Then they transplant into the new spot. Cutting the roots stimulates the roots to grow faster they say.... I've done both ways and didn't see any difference so I just transplant normally. Loosing a few roots usually won't hurt the plant as long as the plant has a good root mass... You want to see some good new growth on the leaves and branches before you transplant. Even if you have roots coming out the bottom of the pot, if there isn't new growth of leaves and branches they aren't ready to transplant. Not just one new leaf, several leaves and branches starting, that tells you the plant is stable enough to transplant. Some people only take cuttings when in veg. I've had better luck in the first few weeks of flower, something to do with the hormones when they are in transition that helps them root easier... hope this helps...Peace.
  7. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Patchgrower, Thank You. I think I will yield 3-4 lbs. of organic flowers. The Old Skool Banana was the biggest yielder as far as volume goes a large pickle jar full and a gallon mason jar full. Hard to really tell Momma Wizzard kept most of the flowers on the stems on the pure T-Rex so it's hard to tell if that plant out yielded the others. I will finish up the Unknown Kush tonight and everything will be done..... Except for the cuttings I took off of the girls to over winter in my cabinet.. Still no sign of rain, have some cloud cover but not enough to get rain. High temps still in the upper 80's with over night lows in the low 50's to high 40's. My hollyhocks are starting to leaf out again after most flowered and died off, a few are pushing new leaves they are confused.... I have 4 Tomato plants full of green tomatoes I'm hoping they ripen up before any freeze hits... Once everything is jarred up I may take some pics of the full jars.... Peace...
  8. Grow_Wizzard

    Auto Plants

    mjMikey, Like Shadey said they were doing good because the temp and humidity in the dome was enough to keep them going. They didn't have a big enough root system to sustain the whole plant and died when taken out of the dome. Like I say some live some don't that's life.... To be a good grower you have to kill off a ton of plants to learn what you can and can't do......hahaha.... I would watch the new cuttings closely and if you move them out of the dome be ready to put them back into the dome if they start wilting..... Sounds like you have things under control... I will be interested in seeing how your plants do... Peace...
  9. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Ok way late on this update.... Some were ready some not... Most will be done by the end of this week.... Was a good season, not huge yields but decent from a few of the big plants. Put me and Momma Wizzard in medicine for the year some nice flowers too.... Here is where we are so far..... Unknown Kush TRC-1 Well I had a major issue.... Had a gopher go down the fence line and took out some roots on most of the plants along the hog wire fence. Some plants fared better than others..... That was part of the reason to start harvest... Some good amber trichomes on a few plants.... Blue Dream Katatonic Old Skool Banana Took some of the bigger branches off this lady.... She was about 60% amber, took the bigger branches and give the rest of the plant some more time to ripen up. Momma Wizzard's Pure T-Rex This lady was about 50% amber so I took the main branch off the top and left the rest to ripen up... Some trimmed up flowers..... Well that is all probably won't be any more plant pics... If I didn't show them they are harvested.... TRC 2 and 4 are done and in the jars.....hahaha.... Well I took the clones to trimmed flowers almost a full year progress.... Oh yea, I have a few clones rooting for next year.... Some live some don't that's life.... hahaha...Peace...
  10. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    We are getting real close about 20% amber now I'm thinking next week some time Maybe over the weekend if a couple plants are ready I will start. Some of the smaller plants are looking real close so those may go over the weekend................... Be careful where you advertise as you don't want to get on Law Enforcement's lists.... But you and Shadey would make great consultants for new growers.
  11. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Donald Soolar, Some adapt to this method better than others. Understand I don't want them to get too big as I grow in a city and don't want everyone to know what I'm doing. If I grew vertical everyone in the neighborhood would know what I'm doing and would take the fruit from my hard labor. If you know what I mean... I would prefer to grow vertically but ya do what ya gotta do to get r done....hahaha... Thanks for your contribution... Peace..
  12. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    7 more sunrises and sunsets have passed. Another week has passed, i'm late again... but better late than never... Flowers are getting close but not quite there yet,. Still have mostly milky trichomes so any time now they should be turning, Unknown Kush TRC 1 TRC 2 TRC 4 Blue Dream Katatonic OSB Momma Wizzard's T-Rex And that's all for this week...Peace...
  13. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    sounds innovative, grave growing...hahaha...... still cloudy a few amber but at least a week to go...
  14. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Another week of sunrises and sunsets... The ladies are liking the cooler evenings and cooler days. The flowers are starting to get fat and sticky. Trichomes are still mostly milky some amber but still mostly milky and clear. So they have at least a week to go maybe more for some of them... But the weeks are winding down and they are getting closer and closer.... Unknown Kush TRC - 1 TRC - 2 TRC - 4 BLUE DREAM Katatonic Old Skool Banana Mama Wizzard's Pure T-Rex Well that's all for now folks... Hope you enjoyed the view... Some day they will invent smell a vision and you can get an idea of what my yard smells like... Peace..
  15. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Patchgrower... Sorry to hear about your frost, too cold in the great white north for this southern boy.... If I move I'll go south closer to the equator....hahaha.... sounds like you got a decent harvest in spite of the frost... We should get some frost late, no hard freezes just some surface frost. Usually late November to December. But that is mixed in with some warmer days. I Checked trichomes today, lots of milky, few clear and only about 5% amber. So they still have a Few weeks to go. Usually get real fat in the last 2 weeks. I fed heavy over the weekend and we have had some rain each day since I fed so no feeding or watering. But they are smelling divine and getting real sticky. They look like they are coated in sugar.. wish the pictures showed how they really look... Dial in that indoor stuff... I have a couple cuttings in the cabinet under 18 hours of light to keep them in veg. So next year all ready started....hahaha... That's what I try to do... Will start some seeds around harvest time to see what I can get to germinate and what I want to grow next year... This year I will have 3 nice yielders, and 3 low yielders, and a couple medium yielders... But I think one or two will surprise me. Some real fruity smells coming off a couple of these and a couple real oily plants too... Peace...

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