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  1. Some happy and sassy looking plants you have going there... love the variety.... Keep doing what you do and you will knock it out of the park.... Peace...
  2. Well I think I have the chickens in check now, but some damage is already done.. They are starting to enjoy the high temps and starting to show some growth. Most of them have spread out enough so I'll let them grow up a bit now. T-Rex Cross 4 T-Rex cross 3 T-Rex 2 T-Rex 1 Blueberry Kush The last female standing...hahaha T-Rex Cross 5 And a couple males.... That's all for now folks.... Stay tuned,,,,Peace....
  3. They are looking happy and sassy... keep doing what you do... peace...
  4. Yea it does stink a bit, but most of the plants are at the back of the lot and when they are only 4-6 feet tall and protected from the wind by a fence the smell doesn't get too strong at the street. And when it does reach the street it's hard to tell where it's coming from.... Usually unless I'm messing with the plants you don't start to smell them until you get close to them. about 10-15 feet from the plants.
  5. I call it hiding in plain sight... If you build a fortress people will be curious as to what you are hiding. If everything is there for them to see, they usually don't even notice a different plant especially one that doesn't have stand out colors and flowers like rose, sunflower, and hollyhocks.. And the purple strains don't usually turn purple until the fall when all of the other plants are changing colors too so they blend in then too...Glad you like it...Peace....
  6. Frmrgrl, yea 110 takes a bit to get use to, explained in my response to Lab, to the question, yes we get these temps normally, I've seen 119 here, so it's normal. I don't do indoor because I'm in the garden too much and bring the outdoor bugs into the grow room and that isn't a good thing. Also indoors cost way too much for such little yield. Think if it's 110 outside and you have to run lights, AC, dehumidifier, fans. All that electricity adds up and you still haven't matched the spectrum or vibration of the sun. How the plants perform outdoors in these temps depends on a lot of different factors. My beds are about 6' long by 4' wide and about 18" to two feed deep. With good loose soil so the water drains off farily quickly. When I flood the beds which is about every 3-5 days usually in the evening after the sun is off the plants.The next day you can almost watch the plants grow. The key to keeping plants thriving in this heat is to keep the main growth in the area where the most transpiration of moisture is. Keeping the plants low keeps the moisture up and helps to cool the plant down. Over 4-6 feet depending on the wind you will loose moisture transpiration. I think the plants actually do better under this heat, and the longer days of sunshine. But I created an environment for them to thrive. I don't think this would transfer indoors. Mainly because you don't have the lumens, spectrum, or vibration of the sun indoors. The dedicated indoor growers have perfected the temps and environment for what they use. I've not seen personally any 5+ pound plants indoors. I've grown and seen numerous 5+ pound plants outdoors. The other issue is when you grow vertically and your plant gets 15+ feet tall, over 10 feet you have lost the transpiration and I've seen top main buds that would have been at least a couple pounds turn to crispy kritters when we got 100+ temps in October which is not uncommon. My buds under 6' never burnt. Other than when I added sea kelp without rinsing it off enough... But that was my error, not nature...They will flower outdoors fine over 100 degrees, as long as you keep the moisture available. Also you don't have the mold to deal with. But we seldom get 110 or above in Oct. Also the light is a lot shorter and the nights cooler. Our over night lows are in the mid 70's to low 80's with 110+ When it gets 100-105 the overnight temps are in the 60's to 70's. Our relative humidity is in the single digits during the day and maybe up to 20% at night. So humidity recovery overnight is ok and helps the plants rest. If growing indoors follow the experts at indoors... I've done some, just enough to decide I don't like to grow indoors. Except to over winter a plant to grow it again next year. Or start cuttings or seeds in the winter. Thanks for the questions, it will help others learn too. Some good questions. Glad you are enjoying watching my plants grow... I think I have the chicken issue dealt with at least until the plants get a bit bigger... Thanks again.... Peace...
  7. Lab, you have to adjust, while you think this is hot, I'm an ex-fireman so I get to run around in 110 in shorts and a tee shirt, not full turnouts with a self contained breathing apparatus and bottle strapped to my back walking into a 1000+ degree fire.. So yea it's hot, but relatively not that hot, but getting old I don't adjust to the heat well when it first hits. But after a week of over 105 you get use to it... Oh yea the pool helps, just a 16' round above ground pool but when ya get hot in the garden go dip in the pool and get cooled off. Then back to the garden.... While I don't worry about eyes on my plants, I live in a city neighborhood. I own the vacant lot next to my house. I grow there and keep things low to keep the prying eyes off. Also when you grow low like I do most people don't recognize the plant because it doesn't look like a christmas tree.... I've had seasoned growers walk right past a plant in the garden when I showed them how I grow. Then on the way out I point out the plant in the garden only 50' or less from the street... The key is to give their eyes something pretty to look at that is above everything else. When the sunflowers and hollyhocks are blooming at 6-10 feet that is where the eye is attracted to, when everything below is just green they don't notice a single green plant with white hairs all over it..... hahahaha. I would have got my bow out and had venison... Bow don't make noise to attract neighbors.....hahahaha.... If you are out in the country, throw a few auto's around if someone says anything, heck I haven't weeded that area yet... don't know what that plant is..... hahahaha
  8. Shadey, Just hope they don't get too big out there.... I like to hide them in the garden... people will walk right by them not even notice them... Peace
  9. Well it's that time again, had to go out of town for a couple days, flooded the beds before I left. Had some chicken damage, they dug up some of the plant parts, so I had to do some chicken wire reinforcements. The plants are loving the 110 temps with enough water and feed. Won't be long now before they jump up with the stretch as the light fades off. Well enough BS.. on with the pics.... T-Rex Cross 4 found this growing by this plant.... T-Rex Cross 3 T-Rex Cross 2 T-Rex Cross1 The last plant standing...hahahah at least the last female planted... The male and an unknown... That's all for now.. hope you enjoy....
  10. Update... Some chicken damage, and another female confirmed and put in the ground, she's small and will be a vertical grow.. enough words,,, on to the pics... T-Rex Cross 4 T-Rex cross 3 Notice the branch on the right, notice no branch on the left, Chickens dug up the left side of this plant to find a cool place to rest... This closer and different angle shows the area where the branches were scratched off.. T-Rex Cross 2 Close up of the main stem and branches, notice the branches are being held down by the PVC T-Rex 1 The main stem and branches, again the PVC is holding the branches down A different angle of the whole plant if you look close you can see the main stem between the PVC. BBKush Once the branches are trained by the PVC I use garden staples to hold the branches down, you can see the main stem and branches in this pic. She will grow up and out from here... Newest Female found... Decided to put her in the garden behind some holly hocks to see what she does... That's all for now folks..... hope you enjoy the show... Tune in next week same bud time, same bud channel..... Peace...
  11. Shadey, instead of 5 pots use a couple of plastic totes and train each plant like a sea of green... May increase your yield per plant but take longer to veg them before switching them to flower. I tried indoors, I'm in the garden too much and bring the outdoor bugs into the grow room... Also man hasn't been able to create a light with the same spectrum and vibration as the sun. With temps in the 110+ air conditioning, dehumidifiers, fans, etc. all eat up electric $$$$$$ and the sun is free... good luck let me know if you try this method indoors.
  12. Unregistered, Nice guess, but not, the PVC isn't for irrigation, it's to keep the branches on the ground. I can move them out as the plant grows. Just like the main stem I use garden staples to hold the main stem and branches down then bury certain nodes so they will root in and feed that branch. The main stem also will root in at some nodes. A sea of green with one plant. Thanks for the comment. Watch these in September and October... They should be giants... To get an Idea look at my 2010 grow...
  13. Shadey, yep 110, 111, 112, 113 yesterday started the cooling trend only 106, today 98 and tomorrow 94. The heat wilted my bamboo but it will survive, hard to kill bamboo... Lots of other plants didn't like the heat, lost a few clusters of grapes, despite running the water all day soaking the ground with the hose... The white PVC are holding the branches down, once the plant spreads wide enough I will let the branches grow up and root in those branches that are on the ground. The main stem will also root in at various nodes, making one plant like 4-5 plants and a giant root bed. Chicken wire is there to keep out the chickens, I have 3 that I removed the chicken wire and two they have dug up a few times. The chickens think I'm preparing the beds for them... So I use the wire to keep them out... Thanks for the comment and question.... Peace...
  14. Well one more female... laid her down... along with the others... T-Rex Cross 4 T-Rex 3 chickens got to her earlier in the week, tore off a couple branches. T-Rex Cross 2 T-Rex Cross 1 BBK That's all for now they have enjoyed the 111+ heat the last week....
  15. LabRat, I don't know how that one works. So I can't comment on it, the one I have is like this: Below the grate on the 3rd picture is a washer with 4 wires welded on it, that is the blade, the big thing in the center is a 40:1 gear reduction so one spin on the top crank turns 40 on the washer with the wire on it. The top has rubber fingers that turn and move the flowers to get a good even trim. The one I have is the older model that is all stainless steel. This only works on fresh bud, if the bud is dried it doesn't work well. I process the flowers in this and then hang in mesh drying racks to dry before they go into the jars to cure. I really like mine, this one is $99 on I think I paid around $300 for mine. But this one looks plastic and i don't know how that will hold up over the years... Mine came with 40 spare blades and I only have replaced a couple. If you like to trim fresh, this one is the way to go... Thanks for the conversation if other lurkers read this they can get educated.....hahahaha.... Peace...