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  1. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Update time,,,, actually a couple days late... Try to update on Sundays but sometimes things get away from me so these pics are a few days old... The weather has been mild so far and they are enjoying where they are and what they are fed... Still bumping up the N but they don't seem to be having any problems still no tip burn on the fan leaves. Was thinking that maybe because I'm using organic N sources and adding that to the good aerobic and anaerobic biology in my tea... The ladies are maintaining their dark green color so I won't complain. However some are stubborn and don't want to come out of flower... So It will be interesting to see how they develop once the light starts to reduce later this month.... Enjoy...Peace.. T-Rex No crosses... Momma Wizzard's baby... Well this pic above is showing a branch coming out of the dirt.. Momma Wizzard buries the whole stem and branches. I prefer to see the upper part of the skeleton of the stems and branches as I will show later... OSB X HP or Salmon X The Black X GDP Here we see the main stem held down by garden staples and branches held down with bamboo sticks The top of the skeleton is exposed... So I can see what she is doing... Katatonic Blue Dream TRC-4 TRC-2 She don't want to come out of flower... TRC-1 Sorry with the shade and sunlight it doesn't do this plant any justice.. She's jumping up nicely. Unknown Kush That's all folks....... Sorry some plants only had a couple pics... I took more not sure if they didn't upload from the camera, or what the issue is... Should be able to resolve by next update.... Peace...
  2. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    So I know there are some people who come on here just to look or get some info or help... They want to have a better understanding of growing this plant... Well I wanted to share a tip I use to determine when to water an outdoor plant in the ground. You can't pick up a pot and feel that it's light if your plants are in the ground... Like people, plants are different in the way they act. But one constant is some of the indicators that show you what they are doing... I watch the top new fan leaves. After watering they will stand straight up and be like a movable solar panel pointing at the sun. The red arrow in the pic shows an example of what I mean. If you open the pic and make it big you can see that leaf is standing straight up. The leaves below to the left and on the bottom are not standing straight up like the one on the top... I watch that top leaf. These plants just had the beds flooded and tea added after the water drained out. I watch these top leaves, they will stand straight up for a day or two, then fall almost like the leaf to the left and below, not level but not straight up. After a day or three more they will almost be flat like the leaf on the bottom. When that top leaf flattens out I know it's time to water or flood depending on how long it takes and temps and humidity... Hope this helps... Peace...
  3. Grow_Wizzard

    Need growing tips

    If you If you are going to upload a bunch of pics, it's better to upload to a pic hosting site and then post the image location here. That way you are not uploading large pics on here and you don't have to worry about cropping the pics or reducing their size.
  4. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    My tea bag has compost dirt, burn pile dirt, worm castings from my worm cage, and a ton of biology in the bag. I keep feeding it fresh or over ripe fruit, table scrap veggies, flowers that I dead head or that fall off the plant. Pretty much anything organic from my yard, It breaks down in the bag and the biology gets flushed out when I pour tea from the bucket into the top bag to let it flow through... I will put a pile of dead headed flowers and some mulberries that fell off the tree that I swept up off the patio, and have the bag so full stuff falls off the top. The next morning it's level again.... Something is working in that bag..... hahaha...Thanks for the comment... Oh and yea, I gotta keep momma Wizzard away from the girls or she would have most of the leaves stripped off and most of the plant under dirt.... hahahaha.... But she has such a green thumb it shines....hahaha..... Peace
  5. Grow_Wizzard

    Need growing tips

    What Shadey said, so many variables that without a pic, or more info we can't guide you in the right direction. It's like going to the doctor and saying I have pain but won't tell the doctor where the pain is, when it started, or any other history of your health... The doctor can't help without you helping him.... Peace...
  6. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Yes sir, they will jump up quickly from here... I looked at my 2010 grow and am about at the same stage of growth so it's exciting...Peace and thanks for the comment...
  7. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Well I guess it's update time..... The girls are loving their beds and tea. I've been adding a lot of horse manure water to my tea to increase the N, they are all a deep dark green still but no yellowing on the tips of the older fan leaves yet... Not sure what the issue is as about 1/2 of my feed bucket is horse manure water and the other half tea. So they should be picking up the N like crazy. I've had good growth so far and most are on their way out of flower and vegging so they should be showing the addition of the N to the feed... Oh well we keep doing what we do.... Peace and enjoy... Katatonic Blue Dream The sativa on this is really starting to show itself... Pure T-Rex (the wife's baby) Tried to show how the wife bury's the whole main stem and branches, I like to only bury nodes I want to root in.. HP X OSB or Salmon X The Black X GDP TRC-4 As you can see here, she doesn't want to come out of flower..... Will be interesting to see how this sativa dominant girl will end up... TRC-2 She is further out of flower than the #4 but still behind the #1 TRC-1 Lots of single finger leaves she's out of flower and reveging nicely.... She is the one to watch gonna be a big yielder.. Wanted to show off the main stem in the center of the pic.... almost invisible from the growth above.... Unknown Kush Well if you look closely at the close up of the main growth you can see the new leaves standing straight up reaching for the sun... That tells me they are happy and loving their home.... Peace.... That's all for now Folks....
  8. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    The compressor fills up to 120 lbs pressure and I have it so it bubbles good at first but still bubbles until it gets to about 5 lbs pressure takes it about 20 min to 1/2 hr to bubble down. I usually run it several times a day. It's electric and the outlet is connected to a room light so I flip the light on and run it till it fills up then turn the light off. I use the tea for my garden too. I have a small hard plastic kid pool for the dogs to get cool during the heat of the day. I usually take the water out of that in 5 gallon bucket to refill as our water has chlorine in it and that water the chlorine has evaporated out..... It does produce a lot of tea...Peace..
  9. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    My tea set up, for those interested..... A little bit of everything goes in there..... Bat lips, neut arms, salamander wings, you know all the normal stuff...hahaha The aerator compressor The olive barrel All of the good stuff in the tea bag... In the last pic you can see the white top of the bucket with a smart pot inside.... The bucket fits perfect inside the screw on lid... All comments welcome....hahaha...Peace..
  10. Grow_Wizzard

    Moving a male from 12/12 to veg lighting

    Did you get a response? I bet you already have seeds.... hahaha. Sorry buddy next time shoot me a pm and I'll let ya know.... I put a lot of males back into 24 hr lighting to keep them around for when the ladies in the ground go into flower I can have some select pollen to throw around.... Peace..
  11. Grow_Wizzard

    Adjusting watering during flowering.

    Being an outdoor grower, it's common to see over watering conditions in the fall. As the season progresses from the heat of summer to fall many growers want to continue the same feeding schedule they did during the heat of summer. While it may still have high temps, the days are shorter and the soil doesn't dry out as quickly. So watering / feeding every other or every third day during the summer should be reduced to once a week in the fall. If you are growing indoor follow what lab said as he has the indoor down. Go lightly at first, you don't want to flood your roots. If water in the drip tray doesn't perk the plant up in a day or two drain the drip tray and dry the plant out. 5 weeks into flower the plant is taking the nutes it can from the lower larger leaves and then drops the leaves off to feed the flowers. So don't be too concerned with lower bigger fan leaves not doing as well as the rest of the plant during flowering stages. Outdoors I pick the bigger fan leaves off as they start to fade. I read it's easier to heal the leaf scar than have the plant try to keep the leaf alive. Allowing more energy to flow to the flowers. Peace....
  12. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Yea, a lot of different stuff in there... I keep it closer to my house than the neighbors... Don't want to have neighbors complain about my tea... But there is only one neighbor close to the tea and the wind would have to be blowing just right for them to even get a wiff... but being a good neighbor is part of doing what I do.... Peace..
  13. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    I have a 33 gallon plastic olive barrel with the screw on lid. I take out the top and just use the screw on ring. That is the perfect size for a 5 gallon bucket. Only I have a 3 gallon bucket with a bunch of holes drilled in it. I put a 3 gallon smart pot inside the bucket. That has a small shovel of compost dirt, burn pile dirt, and a lot of fruit and vegetable scraps. I added about 1/4 of a 5 gallon bucket of sea weed dried and rinsed that I gathered from the ocean. I add molasses and fruit and flowers from the yard. I have an air compressor with oxygen tubing as my aerator I added some horse and chicken manure to it originally and keep adding horse as it breaks down. It's almost a living organism with all kinds of good stuff in it. I think all of the different fruit (just finished harvest of cherries, all of the bird damaged or over ripe fruit go in the tea) Plums will ripen soon, then nectarines, and then grapes. All the over ripe or damaged fruit go in the tea that gives it different sugars, along with apple cores, and pineapple skins from the house. Flower blooms once dried also go in the tea. I do grind up egg shells and add epsom salt to the feeding cycle about once a month to keep up the MG. Sometimes I will powder egg shells and add a tbl spoon of epsom salt to my bucket before I add the tea. I've been feeding 1/3 fish tank water, 1/3 horse manure water, and 1/3 tea as a foliar feed and do 50/50 horse manure water and tea to increase the N. I'll have to get some pics. But you don't want to stand too close when the compressor kicks on....hahaha it stinks.....Peace..
  14. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Yes Shadey, they are getting bigger.. And yes it's time to let them get some legs on them I figure about 5-7 weeks left of veg before the stretch starts to take over when they transition into flower. So the bigger they get before then the more flowers and bigger flowers they will have... I've been pumping the N to them and still no yellow tips of the fan leaves... They sure are loving the tea I give them though... Our weather has been unseasonably cool, last weekend we finally hit 100, usually May has a couple 100 degree days.. Not that I'm complaining, but the plants like the 90 degree weather better. Sorry to hear about your weather, that is messed up still need a cold frame or something to protect your garden, in June. I guess it's all about the latitude... I prefer the heat to the cold... And that weather is just wacked... Our weather this week in the low 90's and the low temps in the low 60's. Right now if you water it, it will grow...no matter what it is...hahaha... Thanks for the comment.... peace..
  15. Grow_Wizzard

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    New Update time... The ladies are enjoying their beds... Katatonic Blue Dream TRC 4 TRC 2 TRC 1 Unknown Kush OSB X HP, or Salmon X The Black X Grandaddy Purple T-Rex Pictures got a bit messed up so not all are this weeks... But you can see some changes.... Enjoy... Comments are always appreciated... Peace....

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