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  1. Mmmp outdoor emegency

    That is part of the problem, next time don't grow as many and give each plant more room to breath. Have you thinned any leaves off the plants?
  2. Love the before and after pics, outdoor I grow almost manicured flowers, save those leaves to make oil out of. The flowers will start getting real heavy and oily now... I bet your yard smells divine... Airflow through the plant is critical during this time of year to prevent mold. I heard of dipping the freshly cut flowers in a solution of hydrogen peroxide to help eliminate mold during the drying stage. I usually don't have mold problems so I don't worry about that.... They are looking happy... A lot of growers around here use the hog wire cages they help support the branches and allow more light to the center of the plant.
  3. They sure are looking happy Sassy, some nice colors and good trichome production. While they may not be as big as you like, those are a lot of work like they are. Do you remove the leaves at all or just let them fall off? The reason for the question is it takes the plant more energy to have the leaves yellow and fall off than if you pick them before they yellow. That allows more energy to get to the flowers so you get bigger flowers. Also it helps the airflow through the plant and keeps mold from setting in. I would also suggest hog wire cages about 4-6 feet in diameter you can train the branches to grow out and away from the plant before they head straight up that allows more light into the middle of the plant for less popcorn bud and more usable flowers. They sure are happy plants... won't be long now... I love the purples you are getting....
  4. HPK worms and flush

    Godiva, for the worms use preventative measures, a bug light near the plant will zap the moths so they can't lay eggs on your plants. I had a plant a few years ago that got ate alive by worms, really messed that plant up. The worms were mainly on that one plant. Found a few on the others but they were mainly on the one plant. Check the plant with a 60 - 100 power scope when the trichomes are around 50% amber they are ready to harvest. If you are using any nutrients that are over 2.0 on the NPK they most likely aren't organic so a good flush is recommended. The last week and a half to two weeks just use water when needed when they are about 25% amber start flushing. What is BT??? pawing the buds is the best way to get the worms...
  5. Mmmp outdoor emegency

    A picture is worth a 1000 words... sounds like bud mold it will melt down a plant in no time usually once you see it, it's been on the plant for a long time and the inside of the buds are done. Airflow through the plant is critical if you have high humidity wind or fans may help.. But without a picture it's only a guess...
  6. Grow_Wizzard's 2017 Outdoor

    Frmgtrl..... I hope the storms stay away from your area too. As close to the equator that you are those temps are normal kinda of unless it's winter or summer.... But the plants will love it, the higher humidity means watch out for mold make sure that the air can flow through the plant easily.... Just noticed the first shades of purple on some leaves.... The season is a changing..... Thanks for the comment Frmgrl...Peace..
  7. Grow_Wizzard's 2017 Outdoor

    Thanks for commenting Shadey... Yea those plastic pots are about finished, started a bunch of veggies and cannabis in those.... The girls are starting to look like real cannabis flowers... Now to get the weight on them. With cooler temps actually in the 70's during the day and low 60's at night. Have to cut back on feeding as I don't want to over water them.... But they are sticky and smelly.... that good grape cannabis smell..... Threw some male pollen at a few smaller bud sites.... will know in a few weeks if they got pollinated.... Thanks again for the comment... Peace...
  8. Doob's Outdoor Grow

    Looking good Doobie... They look happy and healthy.... some of the leaves are dropping due to the transition to flower... I usually pull those before they yellow as it takes more energy for the plant to drop the leaves than it does to heal the wound of trimming. That puts more energy to the flowers... Also you want to open up the center of each plant I usually pull the first two bud sites on a branch from the main stem as those usually don't get enough light to do much... What strain is that purple???
  9. Grow_Wizzard's 2017 Outdoor

    Well better late than never..... Update time.... The weather has cooled off a lot and had to cut back on watering them so we are in that window of stacking flowers and not being able to feed as much as I use to.... T-Rex Cross 4 T-Rex Cross 3 T-Rex 2 Cross T-Rex Cross 1 Blueberry Kush The last female standing.....hahaha.... And the next round for next year.... Hope they all make it.... That's all for now.... Peace...........
  10. Grow_Wizzard's 2017 Outdoor

    Weedmen, Thanks for stoping by...
  11. Unknown outdoor strains Alberta

    Don't need autoflowers, although they would work. Get an early finishing strain, there are several regular strains that finish by late sept. Good luck..
  12. Michigan medical marijuana outdoor

    Looks like you are going to be real busy real soon..... hahaha... looking good... Don't know those strains, get a scope and look at the trichomes. When they are 50% amber cut them, not before. They may look ready but when you use a 60-100 power scope you will see the trichomes are still clear or milky... I don't cut unless they are 50% amber... That way you avoid any risk of anxiety or paranoia when consuming it...
  13. Bringing First OD thru the home stretch.

    Get some of those leaves off that plant to allow airflow through the center of the plant. That and a good cover for when it rains is your best preventative for molds. I take every big fan leaf off but the last 3 on the tip of the bud. It lets more airflow through the plant and sends more energy to the flowers. The branches will get heavy so some may need support when growing vertically like that.
  14. seeds

    This is what happens when you grow using weak genetics. Your "Feminized seeds" were hermi seeds an your plant hermied on you... The female plant made male flowers enough to seed the whole plant. All the seeds from that plant will be hermi seeds. Eat the seeds that's all they are good for. Get some non feminized seeds, yes you will have to pull out the male flowers when they show sex. But at least you will have female flowers without seeds. Feminized means weak genetics IMHO.....Peace
  15. Grow_Wizzard's 2017 Outdoor

    LabRat, Glad to hear you were able to get away for a bit, Thrips are no fun, a lot of people out here have russet mites, and are using all kinds of poisons, I grow hollyhocks and every year they get russet mites, but I don't get the mites on my cannabis. Nature works better than poison when growing outdoors. If you give the pests Fillet mignon why would go for hamburger.... hahaha... Sounds like you got some good beans to play with. The smells in my garden this time of year are amazing. When I trim some leaves off the fingers are sticky and the aroma's are wonderful... Still have about 4-6 weeks left. Did some pollen chucking the other day... will do more today... so i will have some good beans too...hahahah.. Keep doing what you do Labby...