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  1. Grow Outside

    Also depends on where on this planet you are. How long are your summers? How cold does it get in the winter? Do you get a hard freeze? When does the cold weather start in the fall? Etc. etc. etc. It's not just a question of can I grow outside... What strains were you going to grow.... Etc....Peace
  2. Seeds will not germinate! Tried everything

    I feel you highroller, I have some seeds that are only about 6-7 years old that wouldn't pop. I tried everything too. The only suggestion I would have is to try taking a razor blade and cutting the shell almost all the way through and try germinating those so they have an easier time breaking through the shell. Last year I tried to germinate well over 100 old seeds about 10 at a time and none of them germinated. I have been still trying to get some of those old strains to crack with no results. Some of the fresher seeds germinated no problem. But those are recent strains. Have you tried to freeze any of them before you germinate them? Sometimes keeping them in the freezer for about a month before you try to germinate them helps. Good luck.... Peace
  3. Everyone loved the Juans

    Sure G-Buds.... Just tease me some more.... I have a bunch of those juans X ssh but they won't pop.... I must have tried to germ 100 of those with no results.... Only pink Juan grower on this site.... hahaha....
  4. clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Thanks GBuds, hope to get a kick start for next year... Tried to do this last year but the cuttings didn't take and then I tried to pop a bunch of old beans and none popped. Already have a few beans popped to go along with these cuttings so it's looking promising for 2018... I hope to get some monsters laid down my reserve stash is getting low from making a bunch of oil for people... If I can get 4-5 good sized plants I will probably go back to growing some small plants and focus on just the genetics... But we will see how the year goes... Peace...
  5. clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Yea, me and that Fred Flintstone guy got the genetics... Grow that cave man weed.... hahahaha Gotta find a way to keep the dinosaurs from eating it....hahaha.... Peace. Thanks for the comment Shadey....
  6. clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    That is definitely the plan, I've had some requests for some clones so some of those will be going away and grown by others. A couple are new to growing, one grew in the late 70's but hasn't grown since then so they will have a giant learning curve. I plan to help them where I can. Now that Cali is legal to grow 6 plants per house the market has increased a bit. people who didn't want to do it because it was still "illegal" are now willing to explore the possibilities. I'm hesitant to openly involve myself in the new "Legal" process. Then my name will be on a list I don't need it on...... I'll wait to see how all the things wash out... Peace... thanks for the Comment Lab...
  7. Ok I thought I would take you through my process through the winter time and some of my preparation for next season's grow. The bigger the plant you start out with the bigger your overall plant and yield, at least that is my opinion..... In my 2010 grow you will notice I laid down some rather tall lanky plants. They had stretched a lot but were good size plants. These are the clones I took from last years grow. They are crosses of my T-Rex that I've been working with. TRC 1-4 and one of the last female standing.. Of these clones I had 3 that rooted and were re-potted. This is TRC 1 from the first cross I laid down last year. This is TRC 2 from the plants laid down last year. This is TRC 4 from the plants laid down last year. I've already taken a few clones off of each of these plants, I should have taken pictures before I took the clones. They were way bushier. These are the clones taken off of TRC 1 These are the clones taken off of TRC 2 These are the clones taken off of TRC 4 I will be taking more clones and most likely growing the original clones out this season. If you want to see what the plants look like in flower go to my 2017 grow and look at the plants there. I must put forward this disclaimer.... I'm an old skool grower, yes there are cloning machines that have 90% plus effective rate. I use my own methods.. No my percentages aren't near what those machines can do. But my plants live by the survival of the fittest principal. If it's strong enough to live and grow it will, if not it wasn't meant to be. No guarantee these cuttings will live. The ones that did are doing well for their conditions. Peace...
  8. First time grower ... help

    @Bester If it's too dry put a piece of flour tortilla or some orange or lemon rind in the jar with the flowers for a couple days and your flowers will get back a bit of moisture. Good job with your first grow. You have learned a lot, Now for next year's grow you will have a better education level to move forward from.. Enjoy...Peace..
  9. First time grower ... help

    Flowers should be mostly dry before going into the jars. If there is too much moisture in the flowers you can easily get mold. Should be a couple times a day until you are sure there is little moisture in the flowers. Then you can go to once a day then once every couple days then once a week then they should be cured...
  10. Grow_Wizzard's 2017 Outdoor

    Yes April is a late start for me, these were started in September 7 months late... It's about time to transplant into bigger pots, I know they are rooted in now. Give them room to grow... If I can get these to about 3 feet before I lay them down next April they will be monsters... Thanks for your participation and all your questions and comments. Much appreciated...
  11. Grow_Wizzard's 2017 Outdoor

    Well this season is winding down, only one plant remains in the ground, all others are drying or in jars.... Oh yea, the wonderful smells when you burp your jars... One still smells like fresh cut grass with a hint of lemon.... The last female standing is properly named.... She looks ready... But the trichomes are mostly clear to milky a few amber... Most people would have already harvested her but when you use a scope you wait until she is really ready.... enough of my comments here is what you are looking for... The last female standing Next years starts... That is about all for this year, I expect the last female standing will be harvested this week... Thanks to all for your comments and activity in this thread..
  12. Grow_Wizzard's 2017 Outdoor

    Shadey, I have reveged a bunch of plants, it's a kind of stress test, the most stressful thing you can do to a plant. The trichomes thing is something I have personally studied as I can get paranoid and anxiety if the flowers aren't mature enough. Your doctor won't know much about cannabis usually... Keep messing with them....hahaha... Peace..
  13. Grow_Wizzard's 2017 Outdoor

    Well like I said on my earlier post, two more plants were harvested so that leaves two laid down and the last female standing... The season is starting to wind down yet just beginning...... hahahah Let me show you..... hahaha T-Rex Cross 3 T-Rex Cross 4 The last female standing.... Ok after looking at this plant, most of the white hairs have turned orange, the main cola is so heavy the top is growing sideways, the flowers are fat and solid, she looks to the eye like she is ready to be picked..... This is a classic example of why you need to use a scope and check the trichomes. The trichomes on this plant are clear to milky, very few amber trichomes. Most people would have already harvested this plant if they didn't use a scope... This one and T-Rex cross #4 were both clear to milky with very few amber trichomes. Immature trichomes or lots of clear trichomes can cause anxiety and paranoia so make sure your flowers are mature before you harvest them if you have those conditions... Now on to Next years starts..... I said when you take cuttings some live, some don't that's life.... Well I have some new growth on some and others showing good signs.... Lets take a look... Out of the 5 pots 4 have plants still green so that is a good sign.... 4 out of 5 still alive... One didn't make it.. A couple of those are the second cuttings cause the first ones died.. New light green single leaves, this tells me that this cutting has rooted in and is pushing new growth, the single leaves mean it's revegging. Going back from flower into vegetation stage, it will grow single leaves then 3 fingers once you get 5 finger leaves they are usually out of flower and fully in vege stage. This one too has 3 new single leaves light green, it's rooted in and reveged This one is showing a single new leaf light green small on the left center of the plant, so it looks like it is going to start to revege. This one is still green, not doing much but it was one of the first cuttings I took and it's still green so it looks promising the next week or too will tell if this one will start to revege or just die, I think if it has lived this long it will start to get some new growth soon, this is the blueberry kush cutting so I'm hoping it roots in. Not much left, but we will see how many make it to be in Next weeks update... Hope you enjoyed this year's show, it was fun showing you all even the lurkers....... hahahaha... Peace....
  14. Grow_Wizzard's 2017 Outdoor

    Lab that sounds like it would work, get some solar lights to be able to extend the light cycle a bit longer if needed, the area would have to be relatively flat and use some good wheels with good tires to hold the weight while it moves. Once moved be able to raise the wheels up so it sits on the ground... Should be a pretty simple build starting with a garden shed...
  15. Grow_Wizzard's 2017 Outdoor

    Yep Lab.... Makin those fish look large..... hahaha... Hey we gotta do it how ever we can get away with it.... I would get cabin fever up there heck I'm still walking around barefoot for the most part... Well two more were harvested.. Still 2 laid down and the last female standing... Won't be long now... we had our first rain yesterday evening... it's supposed to hit the 90's by Tuesday...... Some of the cuttings seem to be reveging so that tells me they must have roots... Yea already got a start on next years crop..... I love it when that happens.... Some flowers in the sky for you to appreciate.... Enjoy.... Peace...