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  1. clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    3 feet of snow.... Sounds way to cold for this California boy.... I really enjoy the area I live in. If I want snow it's 45 minutes away Ski Park is an hour away. But I don't get snow, well a dusting every three to five years if that counts as snow..... Alway better to make sure they are healthy and doing good before you transition to flower.... I have to check the girls I laid down, haven't checked them yet today. I rained yesterday afternoon after I laid them down.... So they should be enjoying the new digs..... Thanks for the comment Labby, much appreciated.... Peace....
  2. clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Thanks Shadey, much appreciated... I think I have a good head start much better than last year.. I have some cuttings that should be rooted in soon and some new cuttings to replace any that don't make it. Plus the mom plants in the ground for more cuttings if needed. So i have females to pollinate.. Looking to replace my bulk, momma wizzard just pulled out a bag out of the freezer the best flowers of 2010... Some killer smooth smoke of course I'm a 1 hit wonder....hahaha... Thanks for the comment much appreciated... Sorry about making you jealous of our weather... I don't like the cold.... So if I move I will go south...hahaha
  3. clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Update time..... Last couple days were sunshine and mid 70's, over night lows are are in the high 40's soon to be low 50's F. I figured it's a good day to take some cuttings and lay a few of the taller plants down.... Now on to the pictures... TRC4 She is already laid down she blends in well with the surrounding vegetation. TRC 2 This one will go through the process I use to lay them down.... The plant in it's pot sitting in the bed, the top cover of the area to be planted is removed behind the plant The hole for the root ball, flat across the top, deep enough for the whole root ball (all of the dirt from the pot) and tapering where the base of the plant will sit so the plant lays down at an angle the garden staples will hold the stalk and branches down. The plant in the pot in the hole to give you an idea. A close up for a better idea. The root ball and plant laid down before the dirt is filled in over the top and under the base of the plant. The plant laid down in it's bed with the garden staples holding the plant to the ground... As the plant adjusts to the new digs.... I will identify specific nodes to bury and root in. Notice I replaced the leaves and straw across the base of the plant. As it get set I will fill in with straw to cover any dirt..... Always use some kind of mulch to keep the moisture in the soil and the microbiology active breaking down the mulch. TRC 1 Plant in pot in it's bed... The plant laid down before I put the leaves back over the base where she was laid down... The cuttings I took off the plants Well that's it for now... Stay tuned as the girls get settled into their beds and once they stop revegeing and move back into veg then into flower later in the season..... This is how you get the big flowers and yields... Peace...
  4. clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    I expect the reveg and transplant shock to be a couple weeks. My thinking is it's better to start a bit early and get a couple more weeks of veg even with the reveg and transplant shock. Than to put them out at the end of may when they won't revege but will have much less veg time... Plus that will help get rid of some of the issues dealing with growing in a cabinet. Once they get rooted in and adjusted they usually take off. Already feeling good about this season...Peace...
  5. clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Another update..... I was able to maintain the temps in the closet over winter by using incandescent lights and the real cold nights I had 2 incandescent lights going mainly for the heat not the light. I also have a couple spiral fluorescent in the closet too. I was able to get some decent growth for the last month or so. Going to take some more clones and get ready to lay the plants down later this month. I know it's too early and they will start to flower if you lay them down too early.... That is the transition and they will do fine... By mid May they will be back into veg and explode from there... enough gabbing you want the pics...... This is T-Rex cross 2 T-Rex Cross 1 T-Rex Cross 4 I was gifted 3 clones, these will be laid down too.. Clone 1 Katatonic.... Second clone Blue Dream Clone 3 is an unknown kush... Now onto the previous cuttings, they are still alive and green for the most part.. looks like they are just now rooting in as they are just starting to green up a bit from what they were doing. TRC 4-1 TRC 4-2 TRC 2 TRC 1 T-Rex 4 seed plant T-Rex seed plants Some fresh cups with seeds planted about 5 days ago... Well that is where things are right now spring has sprung and we have some descent weather so it won't be long now before the official planting for the 2018 season... Peace,,
  6. clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    It's mainly because the CBD is higher in the sativa AC/DC plant so I am hoping to get a good balanced strain.. My method of growing is more suited to the sativa dominant crosses than the Indica crosses. I lay the plant down and root in the main stem and branches. So the plant grows horizontally not vertically. But I've had some indica dominant strains do real well with my method.. The stiffer hollow stems of Indica don't like to root in as easy as the sativa dominant strains.
  7. clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Lab, I checked last year and it was $35 to test a strain and they need about a gram to test. They said they could test the leaves as it's in veg and give you a pretty close to what the flowers would be..... But I will test the flowers to be sure. Take care of those girls... Before too long monsatan will have GMO seeds flooding the market and then go after the growers who get accidentally pollinated like they did with corn farmers in the mid west... I'm hoping for a decent year at least a couple 3+ pound plants...
  8. clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    I was given a cut of the clone only Mendo Purple which is the mother of most of the purple strains. A friend found a plant from seed that was a very close match to the clone only plant. He gave me a couple seeds from that cross and I back crossed it again with the best match. So that is the stabilized T-Rex strain I have been working with. Two years ago I was given some high CBD seeds and grew the 2 different strains. I had a male from each high CBD strain with what I thought was a male T-Rex. The T-Rex ended up being a female and was heavily seeded. So I grew a bunch of those seeds last year. I found out only one of the strains actually tested high in CBD and that was an AC/DC cross. AC/DC is the sativa phenotype of the Cannatonic plant. One of the plants I grew had a high sativa expression, the others were high indica expression. I was able to get a cutting of that sativa phenotype and I also seeded a branch of that plant. I will grow some of those seeds and find another sativa expression and cross that with the cutting back crossing to the mother. I'm hoping to get a good balanced strain, hoping for 10+% THC and CBD so when I make oil it will be a good balanced oil... I still have to get that plant tested to see where it is...Thanks for the question..... Peace....
  9. clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Shadey, Probably next month some time... We had a very warm February where we had some over night lows in the low 50's a lot of things thought spring was here and then the temps dropped we will be in the low 30's for a few weeks. But spring here is usually short before we hit the low 90's during the day and high 50's at night.
  10. clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    I decided it's time to update this thread.... Some of the original clones didn't make it.... Some live some don't that's how things work..... Most of the clones are still alive but I don't think they are rooted in just yet.... When I took the clones the weather was nice and over night lows were in the low 50's it has since cooled off and over night lows are in the 40's so even in the cabinet in the garage the low temps are still a bit low for cloning... But they are survivors.... Have a look..... The two cups on the left are seeds that popped, the other 4 are the clones I took they don't look much different than when I took the cuttings... The moms of the clones are getting as big as they were when the clones were taken... Another seed that popped and still alive but not doing much... High temps in the closet are in the 80's lows in the 40's so as the low temps come up they should start to take off...
  11. Cannabis seed producers, seed growers

    Jack434, Most of the growers that make seeds on this site don't make seeds to sell but for their own use... This use to be a thriving community that traded genetics freely... I know I've spread my share of the genetics I made and others genetics. This site has declined from it's hay day.. But still some great growers on here to help a person out if they can be patient enough...
  12. Masculinized seed?

    Unregistered, I've been at this for a day or two.... I don't trust anyone's genetics but my own.... I have grown other people's genetics... Usually test to see if their genetics are stable before I get serious with them.... I do a lot of reveging to test the strains... One of the most stressful things you can do to a plant is revege. Many will hermi in flower after reveging if the strain isn't stable.... Those get thrown out.... I can't believe all of the "Feminized" seeds out there.... They are hermi seeds that produce mostly females... Due to female pollen doing the pollination... But mess with the light or revege those and your whole crop is seeded..... Peace...
  13. Masculinized seed?

    Have to agree Lab.... I've been selectively breeding specific strains, crossing and back crossing to stabalize the strain... The T-Rex is fairly stable seed form of the clone only Mendo Purple... THC levels in the high teens to low twenty's. Now I crossed it with some AC/DC with 20+ % CBD hoping for a good blend of 10+ CBD and THC to make an oil strain that is an equal strain. So I don't have to make a high THC oil and a high CBD oil.... But this cross is highly aromatic.... Can smell this cured stuff a long way away.... It smells like the kind....hahahaha.... I haven't got around to testing it yet.... intend to do that soon...
  14. Masculinized seed?

    Just for information purposes..... Now have to clean off the keyboard..... Was taking a drink of juice when I read this..... Shot juice out of my nose all over the keyboard.... Thanks Lab..... hahahahahahaha But I have to agree with you in the Kill all hermies....... I don't like weak genetics...... But screwing with the light cycle will increase your chances of hermi.... By 10000000% or close....
  15. Masculinized seed?

    Exactly, if you could get a female flower to root up and reveg would it remain female or would it revert back to male.... Be interesting to see what the seeds of those flowers do.... Even with LabRat's comments....