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  1. buddahlovah

    Back at it again

    Thanks weedmen and ha thatbis true I couldn't imagine it either, it's a long story but I wasn't in the right place to grow to put it simply but the time and place did come! Patience is a Virtue
  2. buddahlovah

    Show Your Grow in CC magazine!

    Batch of Girl Scout Cookies, grown in Southern California
  3. buddahlovah

    CC Forums Monthly picture contest

    Accidently double posted a pic, here's the one
  4. buddahlovah

    CC Forums Monthly picture contest

    Got a Top growing Upside Down!
  5. buddahlovah

    Back at it again

    Been too long! almost a year since I had my last grow, but here I go again, popped some White fire, OG, SFV Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Bubba Kush and a few Sour Grape seeds.... Under the T5 [/URL Got the 1st tent set up!
  6. buddahlovah

    Past and Present...

    Awesome grow! You definately know what your doing respect. How is that Trainwreck and Grape LA? What kind of nutes do you use? Thats some crazy resin production props
  7. buddahlovah

    Girl Scout Cookies

    Heres some pics from my last batch of cookies two GSC plants diagnal in middle
  8. Thanks bro yeah I know, hella frosty!! and haha yeah they are, they been hanging since yesterday
  9. Harvested 2 more plants ..Man some nice super frosty buds, enjoy Purple Dream Strawberry Frost x Mikado pheno #1
  10. Harvested a Mikado x Strawberry Frost pheno 3 nights ago, heres some of the pics Had to sample some buds
  11. Yeah StealthBush, man I don't' blame you there also some of my friends favorites ha, had to take some clones of the best phenos forsure!. It was a limited edition from DNA Genetics but you can get them from Cannazon where I usually go through but seedsman has them also.. http://dnagenetics.com/hitman-og-limited-collection
  12. Haha Thanks Grow Wizard..I been waiting for your post ha, glad to hear from you again and yea they smell pretty dank, harvested the Mikado x strawberry Frost pheno last night .. not a big yielder but some nice smoke and I can let the rest go 2-3 more weeks..
  13. Thanks Doobie Brother, I was waiting for them to show sex I had like 5 males turn up but I was also really low on money and took me a while to get cubes and good rooting gel, I got a big 50 cube bag now so Im ready to take clones anytime for awhile. I always try to take clones during veg tho. Gona harvest one of the Mikado x Strawberry Frost plants in a few days I'll post some pics of that soon
  14. Mikado x Strawberry Frost pheno #2 Hitman OG pheno Hitman OG, half way trough flower [/url]
  15. Almost harvest time! Took some nice shots of the ladies enjoy Purple Dream (Sour Grape x Goo x Northern Lights) Mikado x Strawberry Frost pheno #3 Mikado x Strawber Frost pheno #2 Mikado x Strawber Frost pheno #1 Hitman OG pheno

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