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  1. TY LAB, I remembered that when i only had like 2 clones from my 1st batch root lol, And Shadey I got it off Amazon
  2. Had some Issues but seems to be leveling off, Under the LED u see 9 Panama RED 4 kush cuttings just taken, now moved to floresant 6 Early pearls and a few clones that have rooted and are starting to grow. Also close up of JTR 1leaf, the Kust mass and JTR1. The kush Mass was fem and showing signs that its female, JTR! is female and im pretty sure JTR2 is male
  3. OK so time for update, Tent Filling up got my new light
  4. Yea It helps to keep some type of log that way you know how long each strain will take if u regrow or want o set up a rotating harvest, Also I's pick up a magnifier I got one for like $15 at radio shack 6 years ago but you can always check amazon.
  5. i dont think u need that lamp shade on and you may wanna organize those wires
  6. Yeah its sad I'm trying to get some new blood in here
  7. pretty sure this is a pic from around when i started with the feedings, you can also go by what the plant is telling you, if its real light green than a lil food might help. Pics help A lot too
  8. some more pics, All 3 together the mutant #2 close up i tied it down plucked a cpl leafs and tucked some lots of growth shooting out of it, and Kush Mass thinking of taking the 1st clone off of it cutting to the left of the yellow line what do u think?
  9. keep the CFL bulb close to them to prevent stretching you will have to transplant at some point and figure out if they are female also you'll need to have food for them
  10. I would hope too much for those old ones sry. i started some seeds the 28th at like 10pm all 3 were up this morning
  11. Did any of them end up coming up?
  12. What were your seeds, dont feel bad i killed my 1st batch of seeds when i 1st started by planting them in dirt from outside my house
  13. well you shouldn't need the light till they come thru the soil, I've been having the same problem with my old seeds they will spit out a very small root but never come thru the soil. the fresh seeds that did come up was like 2-3 days after i put them in dirt. as far as digging for them i did the same thing and it never looked like they did anything
  14. The Kush Mass 1st day of grow big
  15. Jack 1 looks good jack 2 is still twisted as fuck and the kush mass is looking good a bit of a curl to one leaf