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  1. Especially when I haven't even had my morning coffee yet.
  2. The prices are nuts for sure. How does the gov't expect to impact the black market when they expect prices like that to bolster their dreams of tax windfalls for re-legalized pot? 5 - $6g should be the max for real fire and way less for midgrade crap like what's on the streets these days. I got some GSC from a compassion club last summer in BC but it wasn't very good medicinally for me but the buzz was nice. The Sweet Skunk CBD at 12%CBD, 7%THC was the bomb for my arthritis and pretty good for the depression too. Even better once I made some cocobudder from the extra 10g I bought to make it with. I've got some hi-CBD plants going now from seeds Doobie sent me a while back. Cannatonic x Otto#1 he calls GoldFish so looking forward to trying those. Getting testers from dispensaries would be nice so a guy can find strains that work well then grow those out instead of growing out strains to find out they suck. I've wasted years doing that.
  3. Looking good for now and considering the lower light level I'd keep them at the same ppm for now. They are barely eating up any nutes at this stage so what's in there will do for a while yet. I assume that the air that goes into the grow area is from your house so the nute temps won't go lower unless cooler air can be supplied or a chiller is employed but it's not too bad. 65 would be better and if we used a scale that looked like a traffic light you're in the amber zone with red starting around 75 and green being 64 - 69. Their colour is certainly looking a lot better and should get even greener as they get more roots going. Really dark green can mean too much N so we don't want that.
  4. Pretty much going to remove you altogether just for flogging your syndicate stuff with the links in your signature. Not cool.
  5. A brand new one might leach some plasticizer chem into the soil but an older one should be OK I'd think.
  6. High Colin21 I'm not much of an organic grower but you want to go easy on the phosphate like what's in the bone meal. I'm going to be using a bit of much the same things you're using to keep some hi-CBD plants going for a month while I'm away for August. Hopefully the wife can keep them alive with just water while I'm gone, Wish I could advise more but I'm more of a hydro grower than a dirt farmer. Good luck!
  7. I find something like a vitamin A deficiency being the cause of a serious lung disease like COPD hard to fathom. I have COPD at a low level now and I'll bet it's from smoking a pack of cigs a day for almost 50 years. I take quite a few supplements to help maintain my health and good old cod liver oil that's rich in vit D and A is one of them. I think most people are deficient in all sorts of vitamins and minerals and that it is the cause behind numerous maladies common to many of us. Especially if they eat the S.A.D., (Standard American Diet). I wonder if they tested those same people for other deficiencies like magnesium, zinc, selenium, chromium to name a few minerals most are lacking. Or Vitamins D3 B-complex, C etc. I wouldn't mind reading that article if you have a link.
  8. Smoking wastes the most herb. Edibles are the way to go if you want to get every last bit of what you're paying for and the best way to get the most out of it's medicinal properties.
  9. You won't get the growth rates under the T-5s that you will under the CMH but if it will help with temps then could be better for now. 75 is a tad too warm for sure so I would make sure to get some food-grade peroxide from a hydro or health food store in case you run into root problems. A lot of guys use beneficial bacteria to help prevent rot but I've seen a lot it didn't help too and have never used it myself. Should time applications for 24 hours after adding any fresh nutes and use 2x a week for prevention. With the 35% I used 0.5ml/L and never had problems. The only time I got root rot was when I used clones that had been rooted in real dirt and I figure the bacteria that caused it came from the dirt. I upped the dose to 2ml/L every 2nd day and beat it back both times with minimal damage to the roots that grew back fine. I had temps up to 80 back then, Add some salt to the pop bottles then they get colder and stay frozen longer. A Tbsp in a 500ml bottle would do it. Also wrap the pails in something to insulate them. A couple of layers of that silver bubble-wrap insulation would work good and won't look too bad if put on neatly and maybe secured with silver duct tape. A couple of pieces of styrofoam insulation for the pails to sit on would help too. Once the plants have grown up a bit they should shade the tops of the pails and then the CMH won't heat things up but keep it high at first to prevent burn when going to a more powerful light like you did with the little ones. Another month and it should start cooling off. What are the air temps in the room? Insulated pails will help stop them absorbing heat from the air too.
  10. High Chelle and welcome to the CC forums. If it's only CBD you shouldn't have any problems with anxiety. It's THC that brings that on and I've had it myself many times with a strong Sativa dominant. I've taken quite large doses of cannabis infused coconut oil that was high CBD and been really well medicated without a hint of panic anywhere. Not knowing the strength of the CBD oil you have I can't really advise on dosage other than to say to start at a very low dose and work up waiting at least an hour or more until taking any more. If it is just CBD then you may not feel any effect at all other than maybe calmer and some reduction of pain that's caused by inflammation. Pure CBD won't make you high at all. Take care and I hope it does what you want it to do.
  11. No experience but the Shiatsu looks exactly like the OG#18 I just cropped. No huge colas but lots of big, round, solid buds that gum up the scissors real fast. Tried using the trimmer with them but the bud leaves just glued themselves to the buds and made it harder to trim with scissors so did it all by hand. Saved a cutting from those and plan to try growing it in DWC to see how it likes that. Should be great to ScroG. At twice the price of the Shiatsu it better be God's Gift. Prices in US dollars too so pretty damn pricey. I'm liking the Bubba God they got. Bubba Kush x BC God Bud. Looking to try some new genetics heavy on the Indica. Just noticed they have CBD God with some phenos up to 16% CBD and some with pink pistils. Sounds yummy. They got a forum too with discussion of the various strains.
  12. How the hell do you survive in those temps Wiz? I'd be slinging up my dad's old navy hammock in the basement and hiding out down there all day. It rarely hits 90 here and all I can do is sit, sweat and curse the heat. I'd take -40C over +40C any day. -40 is the same at C or F but +40C is 104F and we've only gone over 40 to 42.6C/108F once back in '07 according to my weather station records. -37C in '09 was the coldest in the last 10 years. I thought you lived in a more secluded area so you didn't have to worry about eyeballs on your plants so much. I keep meaning to plant some autos out in my north woods and run a cheap garden hose thru the woods out there for easier watering. If I planted them in the ground near my septic tank outlet I wouldn't have to water or feed them but the thistles and stinging nettles are thick in that area and huge too. At least our chickens don't wander out into those woods but wee had a small herd of 4 deer out there yesterday. Almost grabbed my rifle and got me some fresh venison but the wife didn't think it was a good idea. lol
  13. 380 should be fine. You are going to want to draw out some nutes and feed it through the hydroton at the top to keep the roots moist until they start showing out the bottom of the pots. I use my 60cc syringe to do that but a turkey baster works well and they're pretty cheap. I would cut an inspection hole in the lids on those pails so you can draw out samples and add nutes or water when needed. Do you have to lift the lids to do any of that? Those two are separate from each other aren't they? They should start to get greener real soon. That nute calculator is total crap. I've written them about it but never heard back. I've never followed it. With DWC I go by the ppm. 300 - 400 to start small plants then bump up to around 600 once they have roots and are showing some new growth then increasing as the growth gets more vigorous. I'm pretty sure if you fed like they say you would burn the plants badly. And they want you to toss out those nutes every week and mix up fresh ones. How much do you think those little plants will eat in a week? Hardly anything at all so changing every week is like tossing your cash down the drain. With 15 liters you just multiply each one by 15 to know how much of each to use to get around the 380ppm you got using 1L. If you wanted double that ppm then you would multiply by 30. To be precise you could put 1ml of each into a liter of water to see how much the ppm rises then you know exactly how much of each to use to go up maybe 100ppm and still use the same ratio but I always guesstimate it and get pretty close to what I'm aiming for. Like put in one ml of Micro, mix well and test ppm. Then add 1ml of Grow to the same sol'n and check that then the same for the Bloom. For you with 15L knowing that 3-2-1mls/L get you almost 400 ppm and if you wanted to go up another 100 then you would just divide by 4 each amount what you would give them to get the 380. So 3mls Grow × 15L is 45ml / 4 = 11.25ml. Same with the others. 2mls Micro × 15L / 4 = 7.5 then 1ml Bloom × 15L / 4 = 3.75. Adding those amounts will increase the nutes by 100 or very close to it. It really doesn't have to be dead on so I just figure out how much to add in my head and it's close enough. Start feeding them thru the pots right away a couple times a day so the roots don't dry out. Should be no more than a few days but will likely take longer with the runt. The water level should be about an inch below the net pots once the roots are out of the pots.
  14. She's looking pretty sexay!
  15. Cute girls tho.