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  1. the "old skool" rollcall....

    I worked in a machine shop for 4 years with an old German guy. Me and him. Actually he was younger by 9 years than I am now but I was only 29 then. He taught me tons. Took a welding course but never wrote my exams. Everything but. Went back to school in my mid 30s for chemistry but wish I'd become a millwright like my bro-in-law. He works half the year and makes over 100G now and he took his courses at the same school a couple years after I graduated. Oh well. I really liked working in the shop too. Learned to operate all the machines and actually helped install them. Was a small shop that was just an old garage with a workshop area. Had a 6' lathe, old WWII milling machine, metal shaper and a huge hydraulic drill press. We built rebar bending machines that he had designed back in the 60s when he had a big shop in Vancouver with 60 employees. A lot of the work was refurbishing the older machines. Satisfying work. I've never heard of Rick and Morty but miss out on a lot of shows. If I can't get it on my basic satellite TV service I don't see it. Our connection here is too slow to stream shows off the web and I'm not paying for other services like Netflix etc. Hope it goes good for ya!
  2. Lab's latest efforts

    The seedlings are for breeding and maybe finding decent moms. I got my DWC cloner running now and will take cuttings from the 3 CBD girls and the OG#18. Four each maybe and those cuttings will go into DWC if they root OK with one each of the first 3 kept for moms. Hoping in 3 weeks I can have 2 - 4 tubs going. Still way behind schedule and got to get shit happening. Turns out the wife has used my lumber for other projects so now have to come up with $100 or so to build my new room. Might just throw up that 8x4 tent and get it going. Can hang the light rail in there easy.
  3. the "old skool" rollcall....

    You're more old skool than me. Long time no see! How goes the battle? If more would come back we could get this place hoppin' again. Drop by the short bus and gab a bit.
  4. Lab's latest efforts

    Finally got around to transplanting my sickly sprouts into 1L pots last night, The seed starter pot was filled with screened ProMix HP 50/50 with ProMix potting soil a few months back and stored moist in a big ziplock freezer bag a few months ago. Smelled OK when I got around to using it for these seeds but I can't think of anything else that could account for how poorly they are doing. 14 days since they came up. All tucked into their new homes with straight ProMix HP and watered with 1.5ml/L of all 3 base nutes, 2ml/4L Rhino Skin and 2ml/4L CalMag. Forgot to add a dash of SuperThrive but will do that when they next need water. 2 - AK47 fem on the left, 2 - BlueBerry in the middle and the 3 - Original Skunk on the right. I dug out the unsprouted BB seed, scuffed it up and replanted it in the little black pot with the same stuff the rest are in to see if it will come up yet. All I found of the un-sprouted AK seed was half a seed shell. No idea what happened to the rest of it but it must have sprouted. Out of the 7 plants I got gifted a while back all covered in mites I culled them back to 3 plants and hacked the 3 back to nubs and set them to reveg as I sprayed for bugs. One of the 3 a larger Critical Kush plant didn't make it so tossed it out. They all had small buds so I took those off and paper-bagged them in separate bags for testing later. So far I've only tried the buds off the bushier plant which is an unknown sativa from 30 year old seeds buddy sprouted. Excellent buzz so glad I saved her. I haven't sampled the other one yet which is Chem Dawg on the right but will do that tonight. Both are revegging now so as soon as I can get cuttings off them they go down in the basement to get flowered with the CBD plants after I get cuttings off them too.
  5. They've stopped growing.

    I've decided to just run lower ppm nutes rather than screw around with trying to keep the RH up. I got a real nice humidifier years back from the thrift store but it went through a gallon of RO every day and the RH in the room would go back to ambient every time the exhaust fan ran so it's up and down all the time and that's not good. It died. Would need a better unit that fed into the intakes to even get close to a steady RH. Need a heat exchanger that I can recover most of the lost water from as it's blown out of the room. Have plans for that too.
  6. They've stopped growing.

    Fungus gnats can cause growth to stall too. The larvae eat the root tips so the damage goes on out of sight. The adults just fly around and mate then the female lays the eggs in the dirt and dies. They don't feed on the leaves so no clues there. Yellow sticky strips will snag the adults and I always keep a strip in one of the pots so I'll know if they show up. None at the moment but still dealing with mites and thrips I got along with some gifted plants. Don't worry about CO2. Those plants are way too small yet. Fresh air has plenty of CO2 to grow large healthy plants. If you have a room full of big, fast growing plants and little air exchange then CO2 will help but it's not going to do squat with those. I have very low RH too. Just checked on my repotted sprouts from last night and it's only 22% in there. Need a couple of good humidifiers but short on $$. None at the thrift store lately. What's the brand of your water filter and I'll let you know if it's worth the effort. I use RO water only and hope to sell my Polar Bear distiller to buy an RO unit to save some $$. Previous owner of my house had it installed over 20 years ago and it cost almost $3000 back then so If I can get 500 I'll get a nice RO unit for that.
  7. Seedlings advice

    Distilled water should be Zero. The stuff I get at the drug store for making colloidal silver with reads zero on the new ppm pen I bought just for that purpose as my old Hanna pen only reads X10 and the new one does X1. 42ppm for tap water is damn good. What's it's pH? Still good to get a water report so you can tell what's in it. The RO water we buy lots of jugs of is usually below 10ppm. I wouldn't bother with the Bud Candy. It's just expensive sugar and is more for feeding the microbes in soil grows. Can cause stuff to bloom in your nutes with hydro systems and screw everything up royally. Get some RS and feed 1/4 dose. Goes bad after a year or so so just get a 250ml jug. I hate not having Big Bud and highly recommend that! I buy the powdered one as it lasts for years. I got a 500g can last year for $80 but you can get much smaller ones to try out. I add that and bloom nutes a week before flipping to 12/12 to "prime the pump". Get buds popping out in a week. A few guys swear by the Bud Factor X so looking forward to finding out for myself. Don't bother with OverDrive. It's nothing but very expensive magnesium and I've used it many times for no noticeable increase in resin. Got a 2nd liter for half price a couple years ago but should have had a couple beers instead.
  8. Seedlings advice

    You don't really need any other supplements right now. I wouldn't use that final flush stuff until the very end if at all. Seen a few growers screw up their plants bad using it between changes. Other than the 3 base nutes I use Rhino Skin for silica and Big Bud for a flowering booster. I just have some Growtech CalMag and add a dash of Epsom Salts once in a while. I got a free 500ml bottle of Bud Factor X that I'm going to use when I have clones from the same mom to use it on one and see if there's a difference. You could even use just 1ml/L to get them going. They need something to eat. Once they are in the DWC don't change the nutes every week. There's no need when they are small and you just throw away perfectly good nutes. I check the ppm and add small amounts of each nute to either boost up the ppm as they get bigger or keep them at a specific level as they eat them down. I only use RO water so if you are using tap water you'd want to change nutes once you have added back as much water as the system holds. Minerals from tap water build up so if you start with 300ppm tap water you'll have 600ppm of minerals from the water once you need to change. I usually only do one change after the stretch but have gone the whole grow without a change and the plants do fine. You do have a ppm pen right? If not, get one. An essential tool for any hydro grow. You can skip the pH pen but it is handy to have to check tap water if using that. If using tap water then call your supplier for a water analysis report. Should be free and tell them you're gonna brew beer or raise fish if they ask why you want a copy. I got a copy in town sent to me in my email years back for nothing. My water here comes from my dugout and is not suitable for growing with. Or drinking.
  9. Seedlings advice

    Still have shells on? I had a lot of those my last grow when I put 76 seeds in dirt to sprout. I use the tip of my little swiss army knife. Slip the point between the little leaves with the blade edge pointed out. Then just put the tip of a finger on the back of the shell so the stem doesn't move and gently wiggle the blade out toward the shell. Easy-peasy need no tweezy. They need nutes right away in rockwool or any soilless mix that has no nutes of it's own. I'm sitting here transplanting my little sprouts into 1L pots and they are all watered in with the same nutes as you at 1.5ml/L of each. I put 1ml of Rhino Skin in the 4L milk jug first then the Micro. Grow and Bloom can go in any order. Gave them a 2.5ml CalMag and that's it. 3 Original Skunk and 2 BlueBerry from Crop King and 2 AK47 fems from CanukSeeds. Should have been 3 each but 2 didn't come up.
  10. MM grow licence

    Piss test for pot usage? Should be in the chat.
  11. MM grow licence

    I got a year on each of my two doctor's permits so far. Do you have to pay for yours or does your medical cover it? HC sux!
  12. First time grower ... help

    Can always make oil out of it. I use lab filters to make sure any mold spores are removed. When we were kids we used to bury pot to make it get moldy as we thought it made it stronger. Nobody died.
  13. Lab's latest efforts

    I was going to leave the covers off to save weight but it can't weigh more than 6 - 8 lbs with them and it does look better tho the reflective surface doesn't make any real difference. I'll be using it in the upstairs bedroom so don't need any extra heat in there.
  14. Lab's latest efforts

    I gotta get my sprouts into decent pots and a warmer space ASAP. Two weeks and they look like crap. Got my DIY LED light fixture all done and it's ready to rock. Passed it's smoke test this afternoon and fired all 11 bulbs. Like looking at the 1000W MH it's so bright! I had bought a half dozen new vanity light fixtures from a thrift store years ago and was going to use two of the 4 bulb units woth CFLs to make a light box for vegging smaller plants with but glad I procrastinated on that one. LEDs have come in big time and lots of folks are tearing the globes off and mounting them on things to grow plants with. Recently there was a promotion so I bought 3 dozen 9W bulbs for a buck each. 24 - 5000K and 12 - 2700K. Then to build my unit. Here's the layout. All the bulbs are on 6" centers so I arranged the 3-bulb center one to be 6" from all the rest then bolted the three fixtures into one. All bolted together and wired up. Planning to put a nice cover over all the wires on the back but it's not really needed. It's all properly grounded and I use the kind of marettes, (wire connectors), that have a brass collar that has a screw to secure the wires then screws into the plastic cap. Details of wiring. Flipped over with flashy chrome covers and bulbs installed for the smoke test. Houston, we have lift-off! See the two 2700K in the middle row? Took a few hours to build but I got more time than money so . I had the cord and male plug along with all the other bits and pieces so my total cost was $11 for the bulbs and $8 for the fixtures I bought at the thrift store. Not bad for under $20. Dying to get some plants under it like the 7 of my poor struggling sprouts. Each bulb is 800 lumens but that's with the globes on so I wonder what that is really when they are beaming straight down on the plants. Even if it is just 800 that gives me 8800 lumens which is about 1/4 of what my 400W MH gives off but uses only 1/4 of the power at 99W so that seems pretty decent. Ought to work great for smaller plants until they are big enough to have a canopy that can absorb all the light a 400 gives off. Very economical. If anyone has any questions just go ahead and ask. Love finding a use for some of the stuff I have lying around gathering dust.
  15. Free Pot Books etc.

    That's all I know about. Beggars can't be choosers.