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  1. High Weed Advisor and Welcome to CC. Whatcha growing?
  2. As a Weed Advisor you should know. That's the date they said it would be legal by but passing laws as involved as making pot legal and still pleasing their corporate puppet masters doesn't always go as planned. Just a different form of prohibition as I see it.
  3. Do u know of any lawyers on here for advice? Just wondering

  4. I haven't been on a plane in five years I guess. What a horrible way to travel these days tho got to be better than the bus. I can't believe that 100% of any pot in luggage is going to be found if it's properly stored in an airtight container. You're giving security way too much credit for competence when they've proven to be much less competent than that. Governments have their populations terrified of terrorists so they can pretty much do what they want these days everyone just goes along with it. Very unlikely to change for the better.
  5. I went out to BC last August and had to take the local bus service down to Edmonton to get the bus to Kelowna as there is no Greyhound service in our area anymore. Talk about a crappy new bus depot in Edmonton! In the middle of nowhere, no restaurant, no lockers and no one who knows anything about what's going on. I was supposed to connect with a 1am bus headed west but it was sold out and they kick everyone out after the last bus so I had to take a cab to where I could get a room for the night then catch the bus in the morning. $200 later I got on the bus. No carry-on check or anything like security and I left all my pot at home in case security was bad. Luckily family in BC grows their own so I didn't have to do without. Neither one of them has a clue about how to properly dry and cure their pot so it wasn't top shelf but did the trick. I got my medcard signed for by a nice doc in BC and then picked up some decent pot at a local compassion club. Calgary's depot is almost as bad as Edmonton's as it's on the outskirts of downtown now but at least has a restaurant and stores. Lady at the restaurant has cigs behind the counter so I was saved there from a nicotine fit.
  6. I'll tell you what to do. Just don't go to the states. Lots of great Canadian places to visit so why go to a 3rd world country which is what the states have become in recent years. Wannabee tough guys packing guns everywhere, corrupt cops, the NSA and border guards only working there because Walmart and the NSA refused to hire them. We should be the ones building a f'n wall and Trump can pay for it! If you're clueless enough to admit to something at the border for which you haven't been convicted for then it's no wonder they turned you back. They're all full up with stupid down there and don't need any more. If I never see the south side of the 49th again it'll be too soon.
  7. I use pot to keep off anti-depressants and anti-inflammatory meds for my arthritis. Both which caused serious side effects that I don't get from pot. For the depression something leaning to the sativa side works great with just a small puff in the pipe and for the arthritis something higher in CBD than THC is most effective in a coconut oil extraction taken later in the evening. Morning pain is greatly reduced and the effects last all day without feeling high at all. I've cut my booze intake to almost nothing but I'm not sure if that's because of pot or that I get gastritis when I drink too much. Either way I'm glad I don't crave booze like I used to as it really gets me depressed too. For sure Big Pharma has fought against the legalization of pot and spent lots of money trying to prevent medical cannabis becoming reality back in the day.
  8. It really is different than a prescription tho. For one thing it's not a prescription. It's a recommendation from your doctor that you be allowed to use cannabis to treat what ails you. It also doesn't have a Drug Identification Number, DIN, so is treated much differently than drugs that do. Getting a doctor up here to sign off has been impossible so I either have to pay an outrageous price to get some Skype doc to do it or travel out of province like I did last year to get one to sign and just bill my medical for the two visits needed to get it done. Name another drug that makes you jump through so many hoops to acquire. It still boggles my mind that my family doctor feels qualified enough to prescribe me any number of mind bending drugs to treat my depression. Something I don't think an MD is any where's near qualified to do. But when I ask about getting him to sign he claims he doesn't know enough about pot to feel qualified to give me the OK. Even when I tell him I've been self-medicating with it for years and just want that piece of paper so I don't get busted if caught with a small bag of bud. Talk about hypocrisy. The new penalties being brought in with recreational legality are just to keep the cops, lawyers and corporate assholes that are trying to corner the pot market happy. Still going to be handing out criminal records to anyone that doesn't toe the line and that means a lot of people getting busted for a plant. Until pot is as free to grow and consume as tomatoes it's all just smoke and mirrors to make sure the Libtards get voted in again by the same suckers that fell for the legal pot song the first time. And what if the Libs don't get in and we get another Harper running the country? We all know what that can mean. I'm probably just being paranoid but I don't trust those bastards as far as I could throw them.
  9. What really irks me is this yearly renewal for both the doc's recommendation then renewing your grow permit. With the wait times at Hellth Canada it's so easy to have a lapse of legality for a month or more waiting for HC's approval. Not to mention that should they decide to do more inspections it would be just like them to inspect when they know you are waiting for that approval. By there rules you have to dispose of all your plants and any pot you have in storage until all the permits are in place. Like anyone will do that but then they face the chance they could get busted in the interim. Once you apply with HC you are on the federal gov'ts hit list and that is something I don't want to be on in case things go sideways.
  10. It is the only system we have at the moment and Trudeau the Younger says there are no plans to change it for the foreseeable future so it's go with what we have or, like me, stay in the grow closet and risk arrest and all that goes with it. The part of the system I hate and for sure will never be part of is buying pot from LPs or any corporate weed dealers. If they don't allow smaller growers to participate the war on drugs will just keep going as it did with bootleggers back in the day and to a much smaller extent still continues. Illegal tobacco is getting bigger all the time as they keep raising the "sin" taxes and I'd be getting that if I knew someone dealing it. I think I'll wait until I get a renewal for my medpot then file to grow. Maybe the wait times will be reduced by the fall.
  11. High bfaulkner and Welcome to CC. Sorry to hear about your mom. Mine turns 90 in Aug if she makes it. She isn't suffering like yours tho just old age catching up. Other than maybe taking her dose just before she goes to sleep might work but I've never heard of anything that you can take with it to lessen the high. Something made with CBD should help or taking CBD caps with the RSO to tone it down. I got some pot that was 2:1 CBD/THC and it was great for my arthritis and depression when made into a coconut oil extraction. Has all the same stuff as RSO plus the CBD. The high is a lot like being a bit drunk and I really liked it. What is the dose per cap? Anything over 10mg is going to get a rookie pretty messed up. Hopefully someone else has an idea or two for you.
  12. I'm not big on using oils and lotions on myself either but it doesn't leave that oily feel and just a tiny dab rubbed in disappears and there is almost no resin to clean off when you're done. For the scissors I cut a piece of paper towel about 4 x 1" and fold it twice then put a bit of coconut oil in the fold. I have an old, small pocket knife that I use to scrape the goo off the blades to save for toking then wipe the blades down with the oiled paper towel then wipe with the dry part of the pad to remove any excess. Stuff works like a no-stick frying pan and is a great solvent for the resin so no scrubbing required. My 20 year old fiskars still work great tho the newer ones are nicer. The Trimpro I got is the hand cranked version of their original powered model and unfortunately beats the crap out of the buds but they get trimmed up pretty good. The original owner cut 4 big holes in the bottom of the catch pan so it could sit on a pail for larger amounts of trim to fall thru into a pail. I checked the website and a new pan is $200 for crying out loud and it's just a bowl made out of fiberglass or carbon fiber. Stupid machine doesn't fit properly on a 5 gal pail so I'm not sure what the guy was thinking and you'd have to do a pounds worth of bud to fill the pan. He traded it in at the hydro store for a $3000 powered trimmer as it wasn't fast enough for his liking. Oh well his loss was my gain as I got it for 1/2 price and it's like new other than the pan. $600 retail so $300 to me. My hands cramp up so bad from the arthritis when I do fussy jobs like tie my shoelaces so you can imagine what trimming does to them. Worth every penny to me. Just snip the bigger leaves off the buds and separate them from the stems breaking up the colas then put about 2 cups worth of shaggy buds in, crank for about a minute first one direction then the other and they are done. With the crop I have coming up it'll pay for itself right away. The last crop only yielded about half a pound and I expect 4x that at least this time. If I want bag appeal I'll hand trim some but the buds look OK to me out of the machine.
  13. Cool methodology Eugene! I have most of that gear except the fractionating column. Sneider column was it? I built a still using a large glass jar that holds about 4L to make EverClear, purify camp stove fuel for naphtha, cooking off solvents from oil extractions for reuse and stuff like that. Distill butane with two 1L flat bottomed boiling balls and a roll of copper tubing in the deep freeze to get my BHO and reuse the butane. Got a diploma in chemistry almost 30 years ago and that's about all I still do is extractions with minimal gear. Got me going Hmmmm . . .
  14. Good to know. Found out a couple years ago that my birth mother died the year before I found her after a 10 year slide into dementia at age 75. I've been smoking a little daily for the last 45 years so I should be good.
  15. High Flexitech and Welcome to CC. Too early to tell yet. For me at least. Should have a better idea in a week or so tho sometimes those little nubs just stay like that for a long time. If it's a girl it will most likely stay as one where males tend to pop up little ones around the first one. If it just gets bigger then starts to hang down that's a boy and it will stay mostly round where the girl pre-flower will get longer and pointier like a teardrop shape.