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  1. LabRat


    At the top right of your screen on a PC there's a letter looking icon. Click on that to see the title of the message then click that to see it. If you're using a phone there's a menu at the top right to open and find the message link.
  2. LabRat

    Crossing the line

    More reason not to buy commercially produced schwag weed and remain loyal to your local grower!
  3. LabRat

    Soil Moisture

    RO or Distilled water for my plants and us! Never have to pH it or worry about crap in my water causing problems with my plants. We use dugout water in the taps and it's pH 8 and 400ppm. Got little fish and frogs living in there. Our pets drink it and my dog lived to 17 so so it's not toxic even tho the asshole farmer sprays who knows what on his GMO crops right next to us. If you test it you will find almost all treated water is pH7 - 8+. If the water supply comes in below 7 something like calcium carbonate is added to it to raise the pH above 7 as acidic water will corrode parts of the system and remove the bio-film lining the pipes and if cast iron leach all sorts of toxic metals into the water. Remember Flint, MI? That's what happened there.
  4. LabRat


    Take them where? Is it difficult for you to go out?
  5. LabRat


    I sent you a PM about what I can do. If you can get on a handidart you should be able to escape couldn't you?
  6. LabRat


    I could try and see if I can make contact with him.
  7. I would suggest an agricultural university course then as that kind of stuff isn't easy to learn on your own. I've spent thousands of hours growing and reading about pot and still have tons to learn. Diploma in chemistry too and I don't want to make my own nutes or mix my hydro stuff from basic salts. Advanced Nutrients does that stuff very well so I buy their stuff and grow my pot easily. Why re-invent the wheel.
  8. I just did a search, "hydroponic nutrient salts ratios for tomatoes" and there's tons of stuff I don't have the time or desire to sift through. This place has online courses. https://university.upstartfarmers.com/blog/the-beginners-guide-to-mixing-hydroponic-nutrients
  9. Might take me days to find that recipe list and I don't have a lot time to look for it right now. Got tobacco leaves to wash so we can start curing them today.
  10. Clover helps add nitrogen to the soil but most plants just take nutrients.
  11. My first forays into hydro in '82 I used base salts and somewhere I have the recipe sheet the guy gave me and tomatoes are on it. Told me to use that for pot as they have very similar needs. Saw it not that long ago so will have a look around and see if I can find it.
  12. Do you have any particular brand of nutes in mind or want to make your own from base salts?
  13. There are lots of gardening forums that grow veggies in hydro. I'd look there.
  14. What ratios you talking about? What are you using for nutes? Haven't been asking here before. We deal with pot growth but tomatoes like pretty much the same. Make sure a buddy gets video of that jump and posts it here eh. :)
  15. Of course all us criminals know where to get our pot. ;)

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