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  1. MH and its Imact on Trich Development

    I recently found an old, 2012, Skunk magazine that I'd never read and there is an article by The Rev in there about using a particular type of MH light bulb for the whole grow. They run off a 400w magnetic ballast and are called the EYE Clean-Arc MT400D/HOR. Check out the spectrum diagram for that bulb. Full light right across the board and not a bunch of different spikes. I wish they made them in 1000w as I have that ballast and only one 400w MH magnetic. Got 3 - 400w HPS ballasts too with lights for them. The Eye Hortilux conversion bulb I bought for flowering with my 1000MH was $170 and I bet that EYE would be less than half that. EYE Lighting and EYE Hortilux are different companies now I believe. Ceramic Metal Halide bulbs have a similar spectrum and some, if not all, run off of HPS magnetic ballasts or digital. Leaving your veg light on during the stretch helps to limit the stretch but won't make any difference to trichome production at that stage if you switch to HPS for the balance of flowering. May help to switch back to MH for the last couple weeks tho but I'm not sure.
  2. GLR Interruption Question

    The T-5s will do the job just fine, A couple of CFLs would work too. Just has to be bright enough to keep them in veg. Like Grow Wiz said it's hard on the HID system to be flipped on and off like that.
  3. Hydro Nutrients Question

    High Farang Hydro nutes can go in right away. Don't mix them up until you're ready to water your plants tho. And if you're still going to use tea you should be careful about how much you use. Which nutes did you get? And what kind of soilless mix have you using?
  4. The Gro-Files & Gro-Offs forum would be a good place Argo.
  5. I found a great spot to download FREE POT BOOKS . I downloaded a grow bible first and got lots more. Books looks great and complete like the real ones I have here. No web site but just a page of links. Just right click on what you want and then "Save Link As" to download so they don't open first as many are 50+ megs. They got lots. Enjoy.
  6. Rick Simpson Oil

    High Miranda There was a link in my signature to a thread I started about how I did my cocobudder but signatures seem to have disappeared when the recent update to the forums was done. You can find it here. Lab's Cocobudder method.
  7. Aeroponic - Aquaponic grow room

    I've been reading a bit about those COBs. Do you buy them ready to go or have to build them like a lot of growers are doing? All sorts of cool stuff going on for growing these days and you got most of it.
  8. 15 watt LED outshines 40 watt florescent tubes

    There's a whole thread in here all about LEDs but it's been a long while since I looked at it. Fluoros are good for vegging but don't produce much in the way of buds. I'm using my 16 year old bank of 4' tubes to veg plants right now but my flowering plants are under HID. I figure I'll get 8 - 10 oz off the four plants grown in pots of ProMix with Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect nutes for feed. On another forum the big thing now is LED COB lights. Supposed to be the next thing in LEDs but they seem to be building them themselves so lots of talk about wiring and stuff I'm not into much. They seem to grow really big plants with them. Lot of money to gt decent LEDs tho I guess you get that back in energy savings over a period of a few years. I got most of my HIDs for free and some are well over 20 years old and still work fine. Looking forward to cropping mine soon and recently got a trim machine to save my hands from days of hand trimming. Get really bad cramps because of arthritis which is one of the main reasons I grow my own pot. This is one of a dozen colas that size and dozens more half that size. Another two weeks I think until that's ready to crop and it's in it's 8th week now.
  9. Another Newbie Looking for Advice

    I'm going to have to get back to you. Way late and I spent a lot of time in my grow room setting up the charcoal filter, watering, defoliating etc. Keep the 18 hours for now and 8 - 900ppm sounds good but hard to tell without seeing them. Plants make the ppm drop as the y eat the nutes. RO water that low in ppm has no real pH so ignore it and don't test until you've added nutes. Don't leave your ppm pen in it for too long as it will ruin the probe. Calibrate your pH pen as it shouldn't read over 8 in RO but they can act funny in pure water. Bed is calling.
  10. I'd love to be there sparking up a fatty! Haven't been to any decent protests since the early Easter B-In days in Vancouver 40 years ago.
  11. Crackin some old crosses.....?????

    Free cow pies to add to your compost! Don't want those critter invading your garden tho. Surprised the rancher doesn't have that fenced off. Should see if you can get him to split the cost.
  12. Crackin some old crosses.....?????

    Good water in your creek? Sounds nice. Going to have to toss a few pictures up when you get going. Happy harvests!
  13. Crackin some old crosses.....?????

    I'd be afraid of mold Wiz. A dash of peroxide in the water you soak the sponge with might be a good idea. Likely won't be a problem tho and good luck to ya. Not liking this new format much since the upgrade. Shit don't work like it used to. Had a newer member in the chat last night started hitting me up for pot. Warned him but he kept it up so flagged him as a spammer and he was still able to use the chat. Went into the AdminCP, banned him and deleted the account and he was still able to piss me off in chat. Guess until he logged off he was able to do stuff. Wasn't like that before and I went thru all the settings to see but nothing I could find to shut someone down right away. I'll hang in for now but if Budder and I quit it's on you pal.
  14. Crackin some old crosses.....?????

    Last time I grew some Lone Star Blue Heaven, (L.S.D. x Blueberry both from Barney's farms 8 years ago). I had 13 seeds and just tossed 4 in some water like usual. They were 5 years old. They cracked but the tips of the tails just turned brown. Never had that happen before. I skip the paper towel and put them in small pots once they crack in water and get a little tail. Tried 4 more, same thing. Lined a pill jar with 150 grit, put in the last 5 and shook gently for a full minute then put them in fine ProMix and 4 sprouted and grew fine. Do all my seeds like that now and about to sprout a bunch. Made a smoothie a couple hours ago and tossed in a level Tbsp of old left-over trim that I'd made dry sift with a year ago. Glad I only drank half of it!