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  1. Nice setup Jahworks and welcome to CC! I'm just getting settled in for the deep freeze here. Again. Good excuse to stay inside and tend my plants and dream of living someplace like Hawaii I guess. Someday . . .
  2. Mmmp outdoor emegency

    I'd spray it down with something basic like even baking soda. Might not be PM but obviously some sort of mold/fungus and none of them like an alkaline environment. I use some of my Rhino Skin to fight off PM. Very little is needed and any potassium silicate supplement will do the same plus strengthen the plants cells to help fight off further intrusion by similar foes. I feed Rhino to my soilless or hydro plants from start to finish and rarely have mold problems. Some clones I got from a buddy last Xmas had PM and I kept it at bay with some Rhino sprays. That was indoor tho and a lot easier. For outdoor plants you'll have to spray them right after a rain to maintain the protection as all rain is below pH 7 and will help fungus grow. If you haven't got one already invest in a good bulk sprayer to save your crop. $10 got me a nice half gallon pump sprayer from Canuckian Tire tho I suspect you'll need more than that. I got a nice sprayer that rides on the back of a quad and pumps 15gals of whatever with 12V power for sale cheap. Good luck and a good harvest!
  3. How the heck do you get away with all this farming Sassy? Boggles my mind somewhat. Tho it's not that hard to Boggle what mind I've got left! Makes my best indoor grown plant look like a branch off one of yours fer crying out loud. lol Hoping you get a long summer and lots of time to crop each as they mature!
  4. By gov't logic the price of booze ought to at least double to keep it even with bootlegger prices. Pricing pot close to street level prices goes to show the gov't is full of shit about trying to eliminate the black market. All things being equal I'd buy my pot from a local grower before I'd spend half my dollars on the taxes needed to support a new bureaucracy/cartel. The gov't is the biggest cartel going so can demand high prohibition prices for it's dope and has armed members in every neighbourhood in the country to force any contenders to bide by it's demands. I implore everyone that uses cannabis whether medicinally or recreationally to find a doctor to sign them up for medical pot as the next fight will be to force Hellth Cananda to recognize pot as a legitimate medicinal drug and pay for patients prescriptions like they do for so many other useless and harmful pharmaceuticals. If the BC gov't were to propose the same gov't run scheme that ON is planning there would be an all out war on drugs for sure. As I've said all along, it's going to be decades before the plant is finally free and legal as it ought to be.
  5. Paul N

    I wouldn't want to use it from what I've heard about it over the years. My dad had some kind of chemical pot pills when he had cancer and I tried one. Zonked me out for about 4 hours then I just felt all disoriented and dizzy for 4 more. Not a fun ride at all.
  6. It's a small community but welcoming so welcome to our community.
  7. Grow_Wizzard's 2017 Outdoor

    I will if you will.
  8. seeds

    High hwh and welcome to the forums! The only way your buds could be full of seeds is if it were exposed to male pollen from either a male plant growing nearby or 'nanners growing on the same plant. 'nanners are male flowers that pop up in otherwise female plants. Different from the male flowers that can show up early in flowering and look like normal male flowers as they don't have an outer shell that splits open when ripe and just show the inner parts. To have mature seeds at harvest time your plants must have been exposed early in the flowering stage as it takes 4 - 7 weeks for seeds to mature. Makes me suspect that your fems went hermie and any plants grown from those seeds have a high likelihood of being hermie as well. That doesn't mean that all is lost if you really like the strain. I had a bunch of hermie seeds that a friend gave me and grew out 30 or so plants then bred a couple of good females with healthy males and let the parents flower out fully to make sure they didn't herm tho that's a good thing at the end. The resulting seeds were predominantly female and friends I sent seeds to never had hermies. If you want a project to do like I did you got the beans. Maybe they won't grow to be hermies and you now have lots of great seeds for free. I've been doing stuff like this for a lot of years and it's a trip. Get on the Short Bus and go for a ride or not. It can be fun or frustrating depending on your attitude but it's almost always been fun for me and I've found a couple of crosses I've made that hit me great and others have loved too so I even get a little gratification out of it.
  9. Grow_Wizzard's 2017 Outdoor

    Coming along nice Wiz! Just got home from 3 weeks in Kelowna, BC where it was about 90 the whole time and it's getting damn chilly up here at night. No frost yet but the nip is in the air. They got flooded out last spring and surrounded with forest fires the whole time I was there. My sister's house overlooks the valley and you couldn't see across for the smoke. I blew another grand on grow gear and seeds so will be styling with a new CO2 controller and other toys. Wife kept my 4 plants alive and they are growing great but loaded with thrips to get rid of before I flip them. 3 Crop King 5 packs. Original Skunk, Afghani, and good old Blueberry. 1 - 10 pack of Green Spirit from Jordan of the Islands. All regular seeds so some interesting crosses in my future. I'm thinking Blueberry X Otto#1 = Blotto
  10. Michigan medical marijuana outdoor

    High Winkis Outdoors you shouldn't really need to worry about lollipopping. The sun will get all those lower branches. I haven't grown any of those strains so can't help you there. Good harvest!
  11. You just got to stop flogging your wares here. Did you really read the rules when you signed up? I think not as it's in big cap letters No Sales of any kind. Or something like that that I added some time ago before you signed up. I'm likely going to be deleting this thread and you but the cocobudder is kicking in so we'll see in the morning.
  12. Hey homies

    Glad to have you and hope you find the info you need and if not, ask. In my signature is a link to my cocobudder method which is pretty easy and I find very effective. Smear it on a cookie or eat it by the spoon. I've been following another method on a different forum where you take the pot right off the plant and make a similar product in a big pot with oil and water so you catch all the terpenes and other things that can be lost in processing pot to dry and cure it first before making edibles.
  13. Hey homies

    You might want to try some high CBD strains for pain management. I use mine in edible forms like cocobudder or baked goods mostly and have near 24 pain reduction from arthritis and past joint injuries. Supposedly works well to fight cancer too as the patient can tolerate larger doses without the side effects of too much THC. I wish your mother good luck. Mine just turned 90 and we're throwing a big party with lots of family here this Saturday.
  14. Cannabis Culture Members' Strain Library

    That's the funkiest looking pot plant I ever saw! What strain is it?
  15. I.L.G.M seeds

    I've never heard of that Seed site so don't know what to tell you.