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  1. Seed sprout

    Depends how you want to grow your plants. Most folks top after the 4th node to keep the plants shorter and get them to bush out. Then the side branches have time to catch up in height to the main colas. When you top, two main grow tips come up and then they can be topped once they have a couple nodes under them to become four tops. By then the lower branches should be about even with the new tops and the plant can be flowered with a nice even canopy to make the best use of the light. Lots of smaller colas on a short, bushy plant instead of one great big one on a tall thinner plant.
  2. That's what they plan to put forward as legislation but whether it will pass is another thing altogether. Four plants sucks unless they make it four flowering plants then you could plant two every month and after a few months be harvesting two each month. They didn't say anything about registered medical patients either and if they will be stuck with four maximum because that won't fly. It's still just scuttlebutt and we'll have to wait and see what happens as it wends it way through the different levels of gov't to become law.
  3. Are my baby ready for harvest ?

    High FdMa and welcome to CC! They look like they have a couple weeks yet. Did you mark down the date when you flipped to flowering or maybe took pics that would have the date on the image or file on your computer? That bottom one is still almost all white hairs so should be about the longest to finish. There should be almost no white hairs left when they are ripe. Not that pricey to pick up a magnifier or scope at a hobby shop. 10x is about the minimum you'd want and what I mostly use tho I have a cheap 30x scope I got at Radio Shack about 15 years ago. I think it still has the same batteries in it. It has an 8x magnifying glass that pulls out at the other end and works well enough to check out the trichs.
  4. Where do I send samples and how much just for THC and CBD levels!
  5. outdoor growers beware: chemtrails

    Sockeye won't be hitting the rivers until August/September. I fished the west coast in BC for most of my life. The amounts of radiation found in last year's runs was barely above normal background levels so no cause for alarm yet tho the horror show in Japan is far from over. Ever notice you never hear anything about it in the lame-stream media? Wonder why eh. Not sure about the shifting axis but the magnetic poles are going to swap ends in the near future. It's happened many times in the past but not in recorded history. Should be fun. Or maybe not.
  6. Our governments should be imprisoned for giving them our water for less than a penny a gallon.
  7. Seed sprout

    I use the same stuff Smokey8 and a couple days is fine. If kept cool a week would likely be OK but you don't want to dump cold nutes into your soil. Can always heat up a bit of water in the microwave and add that to the nutes to warm them up. 65F+ is fine for watering tho.
  8. Takes time, education and practice to grow decent pot. Helps if you start with good genetics but that's just a piece of the puzzle. I've never heard anything about anyone getting a tax refund on their medical pot but I don't participate in the system so haven't looked into it. Sounds bogus to me. On another board I do participate in there are a few threads dealing with our system and not a one has mentioned a tax refund. Just bitch about the lousy pot and the hoops they have to jump through to get it all together. ALL the legal providers use approved pesticides and fungicides even if they don't have bugs or fungus. They use them almost right up to harvest time too so there is going to be residue in everything they sell. A couple of them have recently had to recall a million dollars worth of pot because they used an un-approved fungicide that turns into poison when burned and inhaled. The authorities basically set any chemical allowed to be used on tobacco plants as OK for pot too so that's what buyers get. Then they irradiate it before it's packaged up for shipping. Not my idea of medicine.
  9. Spend more than $600 on what? Paperwork or pot? I knew that you had to go thru the LPs to get seeds but there wasn't much on offer and they stole the genetics from breeders to start with. Plenty of good seeds for sale all over the place anyways. Hope it works out.
  10. I'm not a fan but the wife is and she says that they have gone to shit now. All hard as a rock instead of soft and chewy. Come to think of it maybe that's why my "toffee" doesn't get chewed on no more. It's not soft and chewy.
  11. Israel about to decriminalize marijuana Saturday, March 11, 2017 by: Daniel Barker Tags: Cannabis Legislation, decriminalization, Israeli government, marijuana laws (Natural News) On Sunday, March 5, Israel’s government voted to support legislation decriminalizing recreational marijuana use. The new policy, which still requires the Israeli parliament’s ratification, would eliminate criminal charges for those caught smoking cannabis or with a small amount in their possession. The selling and cultivation of marijuana would still be considered criminal offenses, but those who smoke occasionally – as many Israelis do – would no longer be subject to the stigma of having a criminal record. Those caught with small amounts would be fined rather than face arrest and prosecution. Criminal charges would only apply to those caught repeatedly. “Israel cannot shut its eyes to the changes being made across the world in respect to marijuana consumption and its effects,” said Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked. Passing such legislation would put Israel on a par with some U.S. states, European countries and the South American nation of Uruguay in terms of marijuana policy. “On the one hand we are opening ourselves up to the future,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an address to his cabinet. “On the other hand, we understand the dangers and will try to balance the two.” Shaked said that authorities would now be able to direct their energies towards drug abuse education and treatment. Many Israelis smoke marijuana – reports indicate that nearly nine percent of the population uses cannabis but some estimate the numbers to be higher. Among Israeli teens, according to authorities, the rate of marijuana use has doubled in recent years – 2015 statistics showed that 10.2 percent of teens in Israel were smoking cannabis. Apparently, Israeli police already have become rather lenient with recreational weed smokers. From Yahoo! News: “Israeli police figures showed only 188 people were arrested in 2015 for recreational use of marijuana, a 56 percent drop since 2010, and many of those apprehended in that time were never charged.” Somewhat surprisingly, the new legislation proposal received strong support from anti-drug factions within the government. Israeli Anti-Drug Authority chief scientist Yossi Harel-Frisch said: “We are not decriminalizing cannabis. What we are trying to do, on the one hand, is to reduce the amount of people using it because we know the drug is dangerous, especially for children and youths whose brains are developing and are vulnerable to damage both cognitively and behaviorally.” On the other hand, said Harel-Frisch, “We don’t want to criminalize every young person who happens to be at a party and tries using cannabis once or twice for leisure.” Young Israelis with drug abuse charges on their criminal records “won’t have the same range of options in the army and in jobs,” he said, and the new policy is intended to “reduce this negative outcome.” Israel has been a pioneer in more than one way regarding marijuana – medical cannabis has been legal in Israel since the early 1990s, and in recent years the nation has also become one of the world’s leaders in cannabis research. In 2016, the Israeli government announced that it plans to begin exporting medical cannabis within the next few years. If that happens, Israeli farmers could benefit enormously, along with companies that manufacture various medical marijuana products, such as edibles. Israel’s decriminalization policy is another step in the right direction in terms of international acknowledgement that marijuana is not a dangerous drug that should be outlawed, but rather a very powerful natural healing tool that should be made available to every person who can benefit from it. Let’s hope the Trump administration takes notice of Israel’s sane approach to the marijuana issue. If the White House makes good on its threats to begin pursuing the enforcement of federal marijuana laws, then the entire nation loses. Sources:
  12. High Shadey and that was a great post to open up with. Welcome to CC! That was the kind of scam I was talking about alright. Next time you see your regular doctor ask him how much of a kickback he gets from the pot doc. Maybe not if you want to keep him as your main practitioner. lol If they've already sent off your paperwork to Cannimed there could be hassles getting the original papers for you to apply for a grow license. In the meantime they will try to sell you "starting materials" so look for that question on your grow application. Some people are waiting more than 3 months to have their application dealt with and the slightest mistake will have it sent back to be fixed then more waiting. It's really not that hard a form to fill out and I'm sure you'll be able to handle it. I could have used a Skype doc or something similar over a decade ago but refused out of principle. It was $400+ to get the medpot form filled out and the same or more for the grow app. Hell, in Alberta here it's $160 to get the doc to fill out the little bit needed to apply for provincial disability and like in my case you can still be refused. Trying to come up with that $160 is hard when you have zero income. The federal disability is limited to paying the doc $65 but at least they do the paying and the patient pays nothing out of pocket. I got approved for the federal but not the provincial. Hopefully once they roll out recreational they use some of the tax money to supplement the medicinal users so they get it at minimal cost or free like most of the pharma drugs you can get on your medical. Good luck with yours!
  13. Number of Days to Flush Nutrients

    I've grown a lot of DWC and never flush. I just reduce the ppm to about 300 for the last week before starting to crop beginning with the large colas then letting the ones below that ripen up for 10 days or so before chopping the rest. Very slow dry of up to 5 weeks before putting in jars for burping another month. Burns clean, smokes smooth. Dry too fast and it tastes like crap and harshes your throat.
  14. When are fresh seeds ready to put down?

    High MacGyver and Welcome to CC! Generally seeds need some drying time before they are ready to sprout. Supposedly about a month so. If I want to use fresh seeds sooner I'll store them for a couple weeks with drying crystals and they seem to sprout OK but I don't often need them all that soon. When I do use seeds I rough them up a bit by shaking them for a full minute in a pill jar lined with sandpaper then straight into soil. Try to never touch the seeds with your fingers as skin oils can prevent the seed from absorbing water then it won't sprout. I use tweezer to handle all mine. I put little rubber boots on the end of the tweezers with small pieces of shrink-fit tubing. Works good.
  15. Canadian Farmers Say Government Regulation Of Hemp Crops Costing Millions Of Dollars