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  1. starting seeds

    High Sikymssa and Welcome to the CC forums. By clay rock do you mean those Hydroton clay balls with some sort of hydro drip system? And the batting, what is that? Something like Rockwool? Untreated rockwool needs to be soaked in pH 5.5 or so water as it's quite alkaline otherwise. Some comes pre-pHed and doesn't need that. You can germinate fine in something like rockwool or fiberglass. I use a pill jar lined with 150 grit sandpaper to shake my seeds in for a couple minutes to rough up or "scarify" the surface of the seeds then plant into ProMix, a soilless, peat based grow medium. Lots of folks soak in water until the seeds crack then plant into their medium of choice whether it be rockwool, soilless or real dirt. How do you plan to grow once your seed is sprouted? With a bit more info about your plans it's easier to help you along.
  2. Most efficient setup for 15 plants

    I really have no other opinion on LED lights other than it's a wild wild west out there and it takes a lot of research and fairly deep pockets to get the ones that will get you the best bang for your buck. The best ones I've seen so far are the COB LEDs. Most of those are DIY systems and geared toward the same kind of geeks that grok Linux. I was one of those back in the DOS days but my fondness for geekdom seems to fade as the days of my life do. Loving my HIDs!
  3. Got a clone plant

    By natural light I mean lighting up your grow space with regular light. Even going in just after the grow lights shut off or before they come on and taking pics under a flash looks a lot better. For my pot pics I use a Nikon CoolPix L32 20.1 digital camera that has a manual White Balance feature so I can calibrate the camera and get natural looking pics under HPS light. It would work the same under any lights like burple LEDs. My dumb phone also has a lot of different light settings but no way to calibrate them so I'd have to play around to find the right one. Easier with the camera and it doesn't try to embed GPS data into the pics.
  4. Got a clone plant

    Natural light would be nice but they look healthy enough. Mine are getting too damn tall and need hacking back and flowering soon too.
  5. Household LEDs vs CFLs

    Normal light pic wold be better and one of the whole plant too. If it's only on a couple of the bottom leaves it could be too humid there and just a bit of fungus growing but if all over the plant on the same type of leaves, (eg older fan leaves), could be a deficiency of some kind. If from splashed nutrients I'd expect to see larger, all brown spots and mostly in spots where the water can pool up and sit for an extended time and those spots don't fit that criteria. I want to say low Ca but that tends to affect newer growth first as it's an immobile nutrient and once in a leaf it can't be moved by the plant like N,P,K, Mg and Zn can. Everything else shows up in mid and new growth first as it's not available to the plant when it needs it. When pH is out of whack, especially too high, it locks out mainly micro-nutrients and they can quickly slow down veg growth with various symptoms or worse stop bud production at critical stages of flowering. Need more info and a couple of pics to nail it down.
  6. clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    How much does it cost to get samples tested Wiz? I'd like to get some done here to if I can but I think I need to get my permit to grow first. The lab I know about wants $75 per sample for just THC/CBD levels but that's all I rally need to know at first. Could add up with all the crosses I want to make with my CBD girl the Otto#1. I don't even know how much CBD she has so I'm flying blind atm. Just finished cropping and curing the CBD girls so next step is to make some cocobudder out of each and see how they work. I have clones of all 3 so can keep going with the best. Yields sucked but the plants had been abused and neglected their whole, too long, lives so I'll be seeing how they go in DWC if they ever root and start growing decently. Hope you get good growing conditions this year!
  7. Do You Know the Significance of 420?

    Just Google the origins of 420. It is attributed to the Merry Pranksters when they were in high school and would get out of detention at 4:20 and meet behind the gym to blaze a fatty or some such. Another origin story or two out there as well but can't recall them atm.
  8. Afghani Milk Strain

    I for one have never heard of it. Is it going to be a problem for those with lactose intolerance?
  9. Household LEDs vs CFLs

    No need to separate them just keep an eye out for any male flowers on any of them. If just a couple pick them off but if a plant starts popping them out all over the place then it's got to be removed. Either flower it somewhere else or kill it and feed it to the pigs.
  10. Dark web drugs

    Other way around. Bayer with it's Nazi roots acquired Mon$atan for a merger made in hell.
  11. Cannabis seed producers, seed growers

    Follow the money. All the big players are trying to monopolize their corner of the green market. So many lobbied hard to get personal growing off the table but that was at least one thing that Justin got right IF it gets through the senate and the final vote for re-legalization isn't until sometime in April I believe. Harper set up all his cronies to run most of the Legal Producers so the Conservative faction of the senate may hold out on passing the bill unless personal grows are taken off the table. A lot more lobbied to prevent re-legalization as they were afraid of their perceived losses. Cops losing jobs and money for new toys. Has gone totally the other way now with lots of extra cops getting hired on and trained up to enforce the new, repressive laws that will go on the books the minute the bill passes. Even the black market growers tried to prevent it as they stand to lose a lot of money. Seed merchants have got so greedy these days too. Seeing F1 seeds going for up to $30 each is nuts. They just cross a couple of famous strains, slap a new name on the cross and sell the unstable mess to suckers for stable strain prices. Thinking of starting my own seed business doing that but only charge a couple bucks a seed. Could make a lot more money per plant doing that than selling the pot you'd get. With any luck the price of pot will be forced down to rock-bottom prices and the greedy LPs will fold up and disappear.
  12. Cannabis seed producers, seed growers

    They claim they haven't made any GMO pot seeds so I take them at their word don't you.
  13. Vertical Grow for Maximum Yeild

    It's growing in leaps and bounds. The feds are changing hemp farming laws to make it a lot easier for small farmers to get into the hemp growing business so how you think it's dying is beyond me. I order Hemp Hearts and protein powder from here that is grown in southern Alberta. Get a case of 9 - 1lb cans of de-shelled hemp seed for under $100 plus $10 delivery. Order two cases and get free delivery to my place in northern Alberta. When hemp is being harvested for fiber the plants are cut down and left lying in the fields in rows to "ret". This allows moisture and bacterial action to break down the pectin so the stalks can be broken up to recover the fiber and hurds. Chemical retting can be used too but costs a lot more than mother nature.
  14. Underwater in a swamp in Alberta

    They're building a huge pot facility on airport lands in Calgary or Edmonton that will have a glass roof to use sunlight instead of all artificial light. I'm not sure how you figure no heating or cooling costs. Reduced cooling for sure but when the lights are out heat will be needed. It's cold underground in northern Alberta. I know because I live here and have been growing underground for the last 16 years. Small scale but same principle. My grow room takes up about a 1/4 of the concrete bunker under my house and I draw my fresh air in from the rest of it so I need my HID lights to keep the heater off. Once the lights go out the heater has to kick on and off to maintain the temp I set the thermostat at. Everbody says, get LEDs they are cheaper to run and cooler. If I did that then my heater would have to run even when the lights are on and heat doesn't grow plants, light does so I'd rather heat with hot lights and get better growth. I couldn't afford the upfront costs for decent LED setups anyway to replace my HIDs. Moving upstairs plants down there tomorrow and firing up the 1000W MH.
  15. Consumer Reports is using a recommendation from the criminal organization the CDC which is aligned with the other two big criminal organizations the FDA and the FTC who's pockets get regularly filled by the drug companies. I read reports years ago that older people like myself, 63, who had real chicken pox as a child rarely get shingles and it's only those who had the chicken pox vaccine instead of the real infection get shingles often. They claim 60% efficacy for the flu vaccine, (when they actually make one that fits for the current strain of flu going around for that season). With people who don't take the vaccine there is an infection rate of 1.6 people per 100 and with it there's a rate of 1.0 per 100. They just twist the numbers around and claim 60% when it really is the right vaccine and it rarely hits the mark. There's lies, damn lies and statistics and they use all three to sell us useless drugs that never heal but just manage symptoms but give you other symptoms that need to be managed with more drugs and so on. Avoid pharma drugs and over-the-counter meds of all kinds to stay healthier. Cannabis is only one of hundreds of plants that can heal what ails you tho avoiding chemical infused, man-made franken foods will go a long way to making sure you don't get sick in the first place. The old adage, You are what you eat, is true and most of us are walking toxic chemical factories because of the garbage we are fed since birth and the addictive properties of processed foods. It's all junk food if it comes from a food factory.