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  1. I'd use it if it all looks normal. The base nutes shouldn't go bad but stuff containing organics which some do might be off tho not likely to hurt anything. I've got some 17 yo Bloom we used on the wife's tomatoes and it worked OK. The ones we gave it to grew lots more and bigger tomatoes. That pisses me off that they don't at least have a date of manufacture on them.
  2. Better off with a 6" inline fan. Most will do 440cfm and that's overkill for a tent as it is but with a speed controller can be turned down to half that which is lots and runs a lot quieter too. Most squirrel cage fans won't work with controllers. I've seen ones with a built in speed controller for around $100CAN. A Temp/RH controller is good to have as well so the fan only kicks in when the temp or RH gets higher than your settings. Helps keep your environment nice and stable for better plant growth.
  3. LabRat

    Noob experiment

    How the plant grows has a lot to do with it's genetics too. Sativas grown in the hot African sun still grow tall and lanky compared to how your Afghan would grow right next to it. It would still grow short and bushy in comparison. I use a variety of syringes to measure my nutes. Everything from a 1cc to a 60cc. A cc is the same as a ml. Should always rinse between different bottles of nutes too to prevent cross-contamination.
  4. Gotta watch those edibles! I heard about GBA many years ago but never bothered trying it. Will have to get a bit.
  5. LabRat

    Noob experiment

    No problem about the language barrier. Just ask for clarification if you're not sure about something. Do you have EC pens? It's the same thing really but just a different way of expressing it and I have a handy conversion chart. Can be printed out if you want one. I'm not sure how you are working the math but the GH and AN 3 part are almost identical in strength and I'm not sure about the GH feeding schedule but it is likely very similar. They both want to sell you nutes so tell you to use more and change nutes more often than is really needed. To start off I'd use 2ml/L of each as I said above then you can add more as you go along to keep the same level or raise it up. You really should get an EC or ppm pen to do DWC or any hydro grow. What is your humidity, (RH), like there? How the plant uses water and nutes is dependent on that quite a bit too. I have low RH most of the time so run lower levels of nutes to prevent my plants burning as they use much more water at low RH and will pull up more nutes than they can use if the ppm is too high. At high RH the reverse is true so higher ppm works better. Enough for now.
  6. LabRat

    Noob experiment

    Do not go to full strength! You will for sure burn your plants. With DWC I go by ppm and rarely exceed 1000ppm 1ml/L of each of the 3 comes out to around 300ppm so you would be over 1200ppm using 4ml/L. I would start at 2ml/L and add more if the plants seem to need it. I'm assuming you have a ppm pen? You'll need to subtract the ppm of your water from your total ppm to know the actual ppm of the nutes in sol'n. As you add more water it will raise the ppm in proportion to the amount added and can be calculated. With tap water over 200ppm you should keep track of how much water is used to top up and once you have added back as much as your pail holds its getting time to change nutes as the ppm from your tap water will be doubled and the more the minerals from your water build up the more likely things will go wrong.
  7. Did you buy that expensive bubbler tub? I wouldn't. No need for top feeding and the pump will just heat up the water. I make my own from Rubbermaid tubs with a couple of 12" airstones and a dual outlet aquarium pump to get lots of air thru the stones. Only need to top feed until roots from the plants grow thru the net pots and that usually takes 2 - 4 days and can be done with a turkey baster or large syringe. Looks like a 4x4' tent and if it is a 400W is just barely enough to light it up well enough. A 600 would be better but should get decent results with a 400. I don't use a tent so adjust my lights to fit my growing area. I just have 400s and a couple of 1000W setups. 1 - MH 400 and 3 - HPS. Also have a light rail to move the light back and forth almost doubling the area that can be lit with whatever light I use.
  8. LabRat

    Noob experiment

    High George Your plant should already have roots hanging out of it's net pot doesn't it? The water level should be about 1"/2.54cm below the bottom of the net pot. Even a bit lower is fine as when bubbles from the airstone pop they spray little droplets of water all over the pot and lid in there. I've often never changed my nutes for the whole grow but I've done about 50 of them so have had some practice at it. I always grew mine in RubberMaid tubs and would top up the water every 3 or 4 days then check the ppm and add small amounts of nutes to replace what the plants had used since the last top up. I always used RO or distilled water too so depending on your water you may not get away with doing no changes. Should be able to fo until time to flower then change to a flower based mixed for the stretch then change again using a lower nitrogen mix, (Lucas Formula), and ride out the rest of the grow with that. Can fill in more details later.
  9. The fluoros have to be real close like an inch or two away from the tops but work fine for plants up to about a foot tall during veg. Leaves do burn if they have contact with the tubes tho. I wired quick connects to the power line for each ballast so I can run 2, 4, 6 or all 8 tubes but by the time I'm using 8 it sucks up 360W so might as well fire up my 400MH and give them much better and stronger light for faster growth at little extra cost. I'd like to get a HO T-5 unit with some of those Hortilux T-5 tubes for that job. Really decent light with those compared to standard tubes. Interesting video. Going to have to get me some of that to try on some 10+ yo beans I have.
  10. LabRat

    Your Guide to Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Cannabis

    Most rec stoners just want to get wasted so go for the highest THC strains they can get but those are all sold out now in Canada's shitty roll-out of 'legal' cannabis. Good thing the black market is still there to pick up the slack. No shortage of 'illegal' pot just no dispensaries in most places to sell it anymore so it's back to hunting for pot in the shady corners of cities where you can pick up all sorts of other drugs to numb the pain of no 'legal' pot. LOL
  11. Carpenoctum's Curly Cue Cannabis. Has a ring to it. :) I don't know about certain ppm to crack certain seeds. Sounds like mumbo-jumbo to me. Stick 'em in the dirt and watch them grow like nature intended! I don't much like kush or at least the Afghani Kush I grew out before. Good yields but neither myself or friends thought much of the buzz. Shop lights still work OK for starting small plants and I still use my 8 - tube bank of T-12s I built 17 years ago. Hard to find the good tubes I used to get tho. Getting a little sway-backed so need to bolt a piece of light angle iron down the middle to stiffen it up.
  12. They all play on F**kBook and other social media sites now. This place used to be a hotbed of activism when the owners, Marc and Jodie Emery, used to frequent the site but they haven't been active here for years. The main reason to be active used to be to make pot legal but now that that's done all the fighting will be in the courts when people get busted under the new and stricter laws that have been passed to protect the government monopoly on pot and keep all the ex-cops and politicos rolling in profits selling 'legal' pot.
  13. LabRat

    Trichome magnifier

    I like to have backups myself but usually 1 will do. Getting four is definitely a sign of something. Was Santa mean to you as a child?
  14. LabRat

    Trichome magnifier

    I still use my old Radio Shack 30x scope to check out my trichs but even my little 10x loupe is good enough. Bought a 40-1000x digital scope with a wifi box for under $50 that lets me get a real close look at stuff but hard to use without a tripod so I McGyvered the base of my scope to be able to mount it on my tripod. Much easier. Wrote a little thread up about it. Fun with a USB Scope.
  15. Bit of deja vu here. but Welcome back to CC!

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