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  1. LabRat

    Shout back to 2000-2002

    Changed for the worse imo and got real slow. Mikey chased off all the good old guys.
  2. LabRat

    LED light burn?

    Looking good! I use short pieces of twist tie to loosely lash the grow tips to the screen. As soon as a tip has an inch or so standing up I tie the bitch down! Any side branches trying to stand up get tied down too. The fuller you get the screen the more pot you're going to harvest. If you could lower the screen more and gently bend the larger branches over you'd have more budsites exposed at flowering time. As they go through the stretch I tie them down too so when that's over just the end colas are standing up and the height above the screen is pretty even and only about a foot over the screen.
  3. LabRat

    The Grateful Grower

    I found a great spot to download FREE POT BOOKS. I downloaded a grow bible first and got lots more. Books look great and complete like the real ones I have here. No web site but just a page of links. Just right click on what you want and then "Save Link As" to download so they don't open first as some are 50+ megs. They got lots. Enjoy.
  4. LabRat

    File attached of grow problem

    The plants are flowering so won't likely get much bigger except for the buds. Are they autos?
  5. LabRat

    Welcome to our American friends!

    Because most cannabis users are just stoner sheeple and don't have a f'n clue.
  6. If they were extracting essential oils from young plants then there wouldn't be much CBD in in that for sure. I'm growing a hemp variety specially bred for higher CBD called Otto#1. Supposed to be less than 1%THC and up to 27% CBD tho I have no idea how much mine gives me. Really small yields but I'm breeding it with my fave regular strains to get some CBD into them. I saw recently there is an Otto#2 available for commercial farmers but it's sold in multi-kilo lots for a lot of money. Hemp derived CBD is still illegal in Canada but that's about to change. Hemp farmers will be able to sell the flowers and leaves to licensed producers for CBD extraction. The future of hemp-based CBD in Canada Hemp is a much richer source of CBD than cannabis, and it makes economic sense to extract CBD from this abundant crop. Currently, Canadian farmers are forced to destroy the leaves and flowers of their hemp plants. But this will all change when the Cannabis Act comes into effect, likely in the late summer or fall of 2018. Once enacted, hemp farmers will be able to sell their crops to licensed producers for CBD extraction. For consumers like Crawford, regulating both hemp and cannabis-based CBD under the same set of rules will provide some much-needed clarity. “It’s my hope that younger and older generations can have access to medicines that will allow them to live their lives and not get stuck on the couch from opioid-based medications,” says Crawford. “Cannabis can help a lot of people, the legal way, without them getting duped.” That's some good news right there and should make CBD oils much cheaper if the gov't doesn't tax the hell out of it. More needed money for hemp farmers crops will encourage more farmers to get involved. As long as Mon$anto doesn't get their greedy hooks into it that is and you can bet they already have their GMO seeds ready to roll out once legal.
  7. Damn Stubble-jumpers always harshing peoples buzz.
  8. AmeriKa is rapidly devolving into a 3rd world country under Trump's rule so better to be refused entry than locked up in one of FEMA's summer camps. :)
  9. I think if you looked into it you'll find it's the sugar in the juice that helps as pot causes blood sugar levels to drop. That's why it gives us the munchies too as most people feel hungry when levels drop. As a hypoglycemic I feel the effects of low blood sugar earlier than most people. While testing my levels over a couple of months I found that I would be feeling shaky and a bit nauseous around 4.5 when normal fasting levels are 4 - 7. The diabetic nurse I was dealing with said it was because I was a bit hypoglycemic. She also said I had no worries about developing diabetes as I had a strong insulin response to high sugar levels. Good thing as I have a strong sweet tooth. Especially after a toke! :)
  10. It's about bloody time! Up 'til now the hemp farmers have had to destroy all the oils recovered from their hemp processing. Wasting tonnes of perfectly good CBD and other helpful cannabinoids. If standard supply/demand forces are allowed to work CBD could be delivered for pennies per dose compared to the dollars per dose it sells for now. This is not going to make the big money players happy and that's one of the reasons it has taken so long for pot to finally achieve some level of acceptance. They have heavily lobbied the gov't to repress such changes as a way to keep cannabis more highly profitable.
  11. Who the hell is smoking the seeds tho? Toaster boy up there is just baking his to eat them but nobody is/should be smoking them. Taste like crap and blow up like little hand grenades. :)
  12. LabRat

    Noob experiment

    Meant to mention that spraying a rotting bud with anything isn't going to help. Good for powdery mildew but not bud rot.
  13. LabRat

    Noob experiment

    The pic you show with the dark area in the bud is flowering. Bud rot turns the interior of the bud into powder so you could check by pushing a probe into it and see it it's gone to dust. I've had buds get dark areas from natural blue colouring but that is as solid as the rest of the bud. Do the test away from the other plants. A toothpick or bamboo skewer would work fine. If it is all soft just leave the toothpick in so you don't spread the spores and put a bag over the bud, seal around the stem then chop the bud off the plant. Best to toss it. Good luck!
  14. LabRat

    CBD oil

    I got all these seeds now from my fuckup so if you want any of these you're more than welcome to some. When I get some new genetics I like to pass them around. I certainly don't have enough time to develop all of them into stable strains and many seeds are being sold for way too much money as they are often just F1 crosses exactly the same as the ones I make. That's just a rip-off as far as I'm concerned. If I could sell them I'd ask $2 each max. 20 for $15 maybe. There are so many pollen-chuckers out there ripping off good genetics then charging an arm and a leg for the privilege of growing wildly diverse plants. When I ship out seeds I make sure they aren't from hermies but you're going to get a full spectrum of both parents and it's up to the gifted to select what they think is the best to develop into the plants they want. The big money for the little guy is in seed sales. Way too much pot on the market and that's only going to get worse as re-legalization rolls out. Prices are already headed down and the gov't is refusing to see that yet hanging on to the stupid idea that they're going to stop the black market. Or prevent kids from getting pot. Ridiculous. I'd like to get rich from pot but that ship has sailed and if I was really serious about making money from it I should have carried on back in my 20s when I'd buy a brick of mex-pot for $200, clean most of the seeds and stems out of it then sell 'lids' for $20 and end up with 2 lids free. When good hash hit the scene it was a whole new game. :) Talking 1977 or so in Calgary.

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