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  1. When To Harvest

    The top two pics look all cloudy now so should be flushing those tho I consider that to be ready to crop if almost all of the hairs have gone red. The others look all clear so need some more time. I never seem to get amber other than a few here and there so don't wait for much amber. The trichs age and go amber after harvest too so tying up the grow room waiting for them doesn't make sense to me. When I do DWC I cut the nutes back to about 300ppm when It's getting near the end as I generally crop the big tops first then give the lower down stuff a week or more to ripen up better. Often the ones not exposed to the light are still all clear compared to the tops. Some of my favorite smoke right now has been sitting in a jar at room temp for 6 years and was harvested at about 50/50 clear/cloudy so I tend to crop once I'm sure the colas aren't going to get any fatter and the THC is at it's peak. Amber means the THC is breaking down to CBN and CBN isn't as much fun.
  2. Another Newbie Looking for Advice

    Finally off to the races eh. Best to sit in your grow space during it's dark period when it's light outside it and look for light leaks. Hard to tell from the pic how close it is to finishing but 2 or 3 weeks more sounds good. I use a 10x to tell if clear or cloudy. It's pretty easy to tell with the 8x pop-up one on the end of my 30x Radio Shack scope too. Cost me $13 about 16 years ago. Hopefully the skunk will be well worth the wait.
  3. Ted Smith Farewell. Hempology101

    So what's Ted going to do now? Maybe write a bio about his years in the movement. I'd buy one if he'll sign it like my copy of Hempology 101. Thanks Seabc.
  4. My 1st Jack the Ripper grow

    It shouldn't. They usually will sprout roots around the buried stem. When mine first come up I flick them around with my finger tip to toughen up the stem. Having an oscillating fan blowing them around works too but tends to dry the soil out really fast. A fan blowing steady right at them is not a good idea. Bet you're eager to see that tent full of greenery eh.
  5. My 1st Jack the Ripper grow

    When you repot those little seedlings bury the stems an inch as they have stretched out too much and won't want to stand up on their own. Going to need more to fill up that nice new tent.
  6. I'll see if there is some way I can change the upload limit for pics Sassy but I don't think there is. That's always been a PITA here as they don't have much room for uploading directly to the site and to get more pics in you need to resize them to smaller file sizes as the limit goes by megabytes and not the number of pics. There has been nothing done with the site since this crappy upgrade was done. Signatures got lost and none of the graphics or formatting have been completed and those I can't fix. The webmaster has to beg for budget money to do anything in the forums and Marc and Jodie don't seem to care about the forums at all. I've thought about seeing if they will let me become the webmaster but it's a lot of work and my skills need serious upgrading. Not like I'd get paid any more than I do for being Admin which is zero.
  7. Another Newbie Looking for Advice

    That looks a lot better. The flowering one looks real good for a couple of weeks in. Hopefully the other one will burst out in buds once it gets going. Watch out for burn from the light with the extra power and being closer. LRDs may run cooler but thier light can burn as bad as HID lights if too close.
  8. Another Newbie Looking for Advice

    High Auquachick and sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Would help a lot if you took the plant pics under normal light. Can't see nothing useful other than the shape of the plants with that blurple goo all over. My digi cam has a manual white balance function so I can take normal looking pics under any light source or just use the flash in the dark after the lights go out or before they come on. 1) I would use both the Grow and Bloom with your light. Lot more energy for the plants and it's the hours of light per day that tell the plant to flower and not the light spectrum. Having the bluer light that you get from the Grow one can help limit stretch too. I often use both MH and HPS light when starting my plants off in flowering. 2) Very odd that one plant is flowering and not the other. There isn't maybe something in there with a little indicator light on during their dark period that's right beside the one not flowering is there? Or a small light leak affecting the one plant. Males usually flower before females so it not flowering doesn't indicate it might be male. 3) Skunks are sativa dominant and can be slower to finish flowering but should have started to show flowers withing a week - 10 days after flipping. 4) That's about right. Time to crop is best determined by the condition of the trichs and hairs than a set number of days. All sorts of factors can affect the actual time it takes to finish flowering. 5) No problem to pinch off a lower bud as long as you don't do it all the time and denude the plant. I'd put it somewhere warm and let it air dry for a day before vaping it but I've taken them right off the plant and tried in the pipe by holding the flame above the bud so I basically heat it enough to "vape" it. Works OK and gives you a good idea what it'll be like when it's done.
  9. My 1st Jack the Ripper grow

    Your soil is really wet and I'm wondering how warm and humid you are keeping them. Too much heat and humidity can cause damping off and they look like that. I use the same pots and promix to root mine in. It does look like a goner tho.
  10. My 1st Jack the Ripper grow

    It's a delicate operation but you can carefully take it off if you have steady hands and good eyesight. Just make sure not to lift it at all or you will tear all the fine root hairs off and stunt or maybe kill the sprout. I hold it gently with one hand then use a dental pick to pry the clamshell apart. Spritzing it with water softens the join and that may be enough for it to shed the shell on it's own and at least will make it easier to pry it apart. I just sprouted 50 beans and had to help 15 or more get open. Good luck!
  11. Tyson is a bought and paid for corporate shill. His science shows about the universe are for the most part scientifically valid, very educating and quite entertaining. His little video about how he equates modern foods derived by selective breeding over centuries to GE foods is showing of his true nature. For sale to the highest bidder! Neil DeGrasse Tyson on gmo food.
  12. Pot profits for Pot Heroes

    The vast majority of "dispensaries" are just started by street dealers getting in out of the rain and don't give a flying fuck about pot other than how much money they can make from it. How compassionate are "compassion clubs" that charge $14/g for supposed organic pot. Grow your own and make your own hash if that's what you like to smoke. I take over 90% of my pot in edible form as my poor old lungs are shot from the legal weed, tobacco.
  13. MH and its Imact on Trich Development

    Not all lights have a well balanced spectrum so generally you do better by using MH until the stretch is over then switching to HPS. Ceramic metal halides have good PAR values right across the spectrum and a lot of people are using them these days for the whole grow. Those MH bulbs I listed a ways back in this thread would do the trick as well.
  14. Rick Simpson Oil

    Where did you get the idea you need 60g/day WeedMen? The RSO videos I've watched with Rick Simpson say to ingest 60 grams over a 2 month period or more if you can tolerate it. I think with 60 grams you're going to miss a few doses cause it would put you in a coma for a week. Would me. I'm trying to figure out if using cannabis that hasn't been activated works as well so you could take much larger doses without getting knocked out. Some stuff I've found says it does and others say it doesn't so it's hard to figure out what's true. I'm pretty sure tho that the extracts I make with coconut oil are every bit as good as RSO so I'm using it that way. Sometimes I just eat buds and those get me pretty high but not like they would if I smoked them.