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  1. Free Pot Books etc.

    How you grow some monsters with all that knowledge.
  2. Upcoming Legal Grow Laws (Canada)

    High Lentils From what I've heard so far you'll still have to register to be able to grow your four legal plants Government of Canada website about Legalization I still haven't filed for a legal medical grow for mainly the same things you mentioned. Worried about being on the hit list but starting to think I might as well do it. I have 8g/day so could be legal for 39 plants indoors and have had that many or more going at once on occasion. But then I've been doing under the table for 17 years here now so why bother registering. Decisions, decisions.
  3. Grinder recommendations

    High Blue Skies! It has no name or any markings on it anywhere. Really weird. There's always something. Just check on wish.com for spice grinder I guess or google that and see what pops up. More a novelty item than a tool for processing pot. Good to see you again. Hope things are going well for you!
  4. LED lighting on trial

    Plants are looking pretty good so far.
  5. Another useless post dude. Wrong forum as well. Explain yourself or face the BanHammer. What's the story?
  6. Advice for Newbie

    Should read my stuff in my, Lab's Latest Efforts, thread in my signature for tips on how to make cheap CO2 tho you really don't need any while they are yet small. Even just being in there with the plants for 10 min will boost up the CO2 a lot. Keeping a kitty in a cage would help the plants but not the kitty.
  7. Advice for Newbie

    I run older magnetic HIDs and probably will forever as I need the extra heat they give off in my cold basement. I'm 63 and they will probably outlive me. Have to go out for a while but will be back in a couple hours.
  8. Advice for Newbie

    High Slimo and welcome to CC! Nice rig you have there. Those COB LEDs on some sort of light mover system? Your ppm seems a little on the high side but not by much as indicas are heavier feeders than the sativa dominants I usually grow. With DWC I'll start the clones around 300ppm and by the time they look like yours will be up around 500. I wouldn't go any higher than the 600 you are at now for a while and if you see the bit of burn getting worse would drain about 25% of your rez and replace with RO water if you use RO. I recommend RO and I use AN pH Perfect nutes so I only change my nutes once per grow right after the stretch. Never having to worry about pH is a big plus to me. It often takes a little while for the plants to get used to their new home but it's the new growth that tells you how well they are taking it and you should be seeing lots of that real quick.
  9. Lab's latest efforts

    A Happy New Year to you too Ganja! I was thinking they are pretty thin looking leaves for AKs myself but my first go with them so didn't really know what to expect. Sure not growing much compared to the BBs and all those plants are getting the same feed and got topped at the same time. Pushing out some nice side branches so should be able to get clones pretty soon and see how they do in DWC. They are Fems from CanukSeeds I gave my buddy $20 each for and only 2 of 3 sprouted so $30 each. Better be some killer pot!
  10. Got my Xmas present from mom last Wednesday. 1/2 oz of Critical Mass CBD sent in a vacuum sealed bag in 1/8ths. Some of that for sure but 10g is going to make cocobudder with. I'm sure I'll be toking some of this OG#18 as well as whatever else I have on hand like Blue Heaven, Northern Mist, Purple Kush etc etc. lol Pot rich, cash poor. Everybody have fun and stay safe tonight!
  11. Lab's latest efforts

    So much for my Zinc deficiency theory. No real change to the CBD girls so decided it's probably the peat based soilless mix has used up all the dolomite it came with so pulverized 12g of dolomitic lime and mixed that into 3L of water and gave all 3 a L each and another liter of RO to wash it in. Only a couple days so far and no real difference. The Otto#1 looks like it's going hermie so may have to chop it out. It's not budding up hardly at all so will try it's clones in a DWC tub and hope it's stress related with the mom and the clones won't hermie but not going to bet on it. The other two CBD girls are starting to bud up nice but not as well as other strains do. I tried rubbing a couple of small buds to check how they smell and they sure are different. One is very sweet and fruity smelling while the other is fruity but more of a musky odor to it. Looking forward to trying out the mature buds in 6 weeks or so. None of the 9 cuts from the big sativa or the OG18 took. Most of the ones from the CBD girls seem to have rooted but still not showing roots out the bottom of the pots. I re-potted the big girls in 15L/3.3gal pots and will get healthier cuts from the top of the plants as they are 40" tall now. Give the cuts time to root then flower the moms. Group shot. The biggest two BBs are 15" tall now and the one runt Skunk plant is only 7". BBs on the left then Skunks with the AKs on the right. The front big girl is the sativa with the OG in the back. The BBs are the nicest and most robust of the bunch. The Skunks sure show their sativa side with those spider-like leaves. The AKs sure look different for expensive female seeds. Nobody sells nice stable seeds anymore but want lots of money for beans. No problem keeping the CO2 levels up in there. Just sitting in the room for an hour re-potting and fussing with the plants got it up to 1500ppm just from my breathing the same air. half hour with the alcohol lamp twice a day keeps it way over ambient so doesn't have to burn long. Window is closed and heat vent blocked off so it's like a sealed grow room in there now. Installing the tent in there and proper exhaust fan this week I hope.
  12. There should be an investigation into what seems to be insider trading to me. Herr Harper set this up to make his corporate bum buddies rich and Trudeau the 2nd is keeping the ball in play. With any luck they'll all fail!
  13. My dream now is to start a small lab for testing THC and CBD for starters then gearing up for terpenes and pesticide testing as profits allow. I'm thinking 50G should be enough to start with but have just started looking into it. Have an old diploma in chemistry and would just need training on the test equipment for certification I hope.
  14. White Widow. Timelapse ganja growing

    Don't worry about your English. You are easier to understand than many native English writers on some boards. Nice plants so you obviously know what you're doing. Bummer about the bust. I've been very lucky not to have been busted after 50 years of messing with pot. Had pot seized by cops but never a charge laid. Knock wood!
  15. White Widow. Timelapse ganja growing