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  1. LabRat

    List of recommended seed banks

    I see that now and changed my post to clear things up.
  2. LabRat

    List of recommended seed banks

    To avoid confusion RoyalSeedBank is not a seed bank per se but list seeds from various breeders and directs you to them for your purchases. Anybody else ever hear of them or better yet, deal with them?
  3. LabRat

    Three fingers??

    All the stuff I've read about those lights is to run both veg and flower when flowering. Even when vegging for more light. It all goes to growing the plant. My HID flowering lights have a decent amount of blue light to go with the red and that is good for the plants. Should try to get a picture or two up Siky.
  4. LabRat

    Three fingers??

    High Siky and welcome to CC! It's normal for buds to start showing less fingered leaves and it'll likely have single ones before it's done. Hopefully your light is on a timer and it's pitch dark in there when it's lights out. At 4 and a half weeks they should have decent sized buds on them by now. Are you only using the bloom portion of the nutes? Should be using some Micro too but can skip the Grow bottle during flower as excess N inhibits bud growth. What are you growing in that needs timed feedings? I grow in pots of soilless and water fully every few days when the pots get really light. If you need some grow info download some of these. I found a great spot to download FREE POT BOOKS. I downloaded a grow bible first and got lots more. Books look great and complete like the real ones I have here. No web site but just a page of links. Just right click on what you want and then "Save Link As" to download so they don't open first as some are 50+ megs. They got lots. Enjoy.
  5. LabRat

    LED light burn?

    High ueedlover and welcome to CC! That tallest plant looks like it has nute burn so just give it water only for a while. If you've been feeding them all the same I'd just give plain water to them too. Spraying water on it won't help and may hurt. The light may have been a little too close too making the burning worse. In fact that may have been the problem rather than the soil. If you're not adding extra nutrients then that soil is too "hot" for young plants and should have been cut down with something that has little or no nutrients in it. Your soil looks like it could use some perlite as well to loosen it up so roots can grow easier and also allow more air in to the root zone where oxygen is needed. Make sure you have something to add to the soil when it's time to transplant to bigger pots. As long as the tall plant's leaves don't continue to burn as it grows it should be OK. Sometimes it takes a plant a while to get used to high nute levels then they grow great. When watering you should let the pots dry out until pretty light then soak them good. Pot likes a wet/dry cycle to allow air to get in to the roots. Keeping it wet all the time can lead to root rot and you don't want that. Check out some of the grow books in this link. Lots of good stuff. I found a great spot to download FREE POT BOOKS. I downloaded a grow bible first and got lots more. Books look great and complete like the real ones I have here. No web site but just a page of links. Just right click on what you want and then "Save Link As" to download so they don't open first as some are 50+ megs. They got lots. Enjoy.
  6. Long time no see Sassy! Hope things are going well. I just posted a few pics of my little grow.
  7. LabRat

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Sure look different all staked down like that but stealthy as hell Wiz! I see you got some watering pipes in. Were they in before? Hot here already and no rain to speak of. Wife has a lot of the veggies planted already and working on a new raised flower garden in front of the house. Ripped old roof tin length-wise for the walls of the raised bed all by herself using the air chisel. Pretty handy with tools. Here's hoping for a great growing season for all!
  8. LabRat

    Lab's latest efforts

    Man oh man talk about getting behind. The DWC failed badly. After a month there was still no root growth in either tub and a couple of the little ones died so I rescued the survivors and they are vegging fine in pots of Promix upstairs. All plants in the flowering room got flipped on 4/20 so the following pics were taken at the end of day 21. I used one of my new Light EnerG 1000W Super HPS that are fairly high in blue light as well as red so seemed to help limit the stretch as none stretched more than 4" or so. Multiple tops helps with that too. Thursday I switched it out for my old, thought it was dead after 1-1/2 grows 15 years ago, SunMaster Warm Deluxe conversion bulb. Tempted to use the Hortilux 940w one as it's way more intense but it's a lot hotter too and today it was summer temps but the basement is still cool. Stopped using the CO2 now that stretch is done and keeping the temps down to 75 max dropping to 65 at night. The 85F temp and 65% RH was good but also making conditions perfect for the damn borg. Now that buds are packing on some weight it's time to get the RH down to 40 or so. At the lower temp setting the exhaust fan is kicking on often so they get lots of fresh air. First off the AK47 fems from seed. The smaller one, 'B' seems to be making buds faster and bigger. Both raised the same so got some different genotypes here. Smaller one got mites from Patient Zero bad and she's been lollipopped and fairly harshly defoliated to make it easier to hunt them down and squish their sorry asses! Schwazzing or something it's called and not my usual MO. 44 and 37" tall from dirt to top. After dark with the flash the smaller AK. Next up are the Critical Mass. 29 and 26" Near identical clones from the same mother. Smaller one was put into the grow room about 2 weeks later than the larger one so got less veg time in the 4gal pot. Again the smaller one seems to be budding up better. Go figure eh. She had mites pretty bad too so got a crew cut as well. Spent an hour hunting bugs yesterday and didn't find many so I seem to have them under control but will be killing as many as I can find and I'll be looking often. The other plants seem clean but will be getting regular inspections. Little one in the flash. Bigger one. She got a touch of burn a while back and was closer to the light so has some permanently turned up leaf edges but is doing fine now. Those four are the stars of the show as far as bud formation and way ahead of the two Blueberry and OG#18. The BB are from Crop King and I'm not impressed so far. Maybe they are late bloomers and will pull ahead in the final stretch but I don't think so. The male BB has re-vegged and I have the pollen collected and ready to dust a few buds on each of the girls. Hopefully he has the best genes of the three . . . but I don't think so. Promised the wife I'd help outside for a bit today so will get some more pics up later if I can but don't hold your breath. :D
  9. LabRat

    Light advice

    Boise, for a ScroG the size you mention you could do it with one plant if it has legs on it. Heavy indicas can be too squat and bushy making them poor candidates for a ScroG. I've done quite a few and DWC ScroG kicks ass. Half pound with one plant and almost the same in popcorn and sugar trim. Did a real long veg time tho. If those plants you want to try in ScroG are bushy I'd space one at each side of the tent and one in the middle. After they've shown their growth pattern you can decide to ScroG or not. I use metal sheep fencing for my screens, (don't use chicken wire as the holes are to small), and no frame. Either support legs at each corner of a tub or suspend the screen from the top hanging on light twisted link chain and S hooks. I also use pieces of twist tie to hold the growing tops to the screen rather than tuck in and out. Makes it easier to harvest and if you want to re-position a branch it's real easy to do. My whole thing since getting into forums has been to help other growers thru their problems and hang out with like-minded people. I live a pretty secluded life up here in the north with just a few friends and no family around and don't do social media so it's a good outlet. It's pretty slow around here so I hang out at RIU under a different name too. Used to be big at 420 mag but they started blocking TOR so can rarely log in and get booted after a while when TOR switches IPs to a banned one. Shadey and I are the only ones keeping the doors open here and we never hear from the owners, Marc and Jodi Emery, or the webmaster. Expect to try to log in one day and find the place shut down but so far it keeps chugging along. What forum do you moderate on? Maybe send a PM. Wish we could get this emoji problem figured out. Have to post the peace sign from my attachments. :(
  10. LabRat

    My tolerance is getting way, way too low

    Good attitude. I'm looking to get some 'shrooms myself. Been ages. Used to pick lots around the Vancouver airport and up the Fraser Valley. Buckets full. Take up e-cigs if you feel the need to smoke something. I got some CBD vape juice that is nice for taking the edge off the arthritis pain and is great for long drives. Relaxing but no real buzz. Got to run. Busy in the chatbox. :peace:
  11. LabRat

    My tolerance is getting way, way too low

    High Flameangel and welcome to CC! Join the club! Like you I was a heavy hitter in my younger years and get messed up easy now. By messed up I mean if I get just a bit too high I feel crappy and do not enjoy the ride. I had a small stroke about 5 years ago and it seemed to begin there tho I wasn't smoking lots at a time for long before that. I always had a film canister full of bud and my tiny pipe tucked into the bottom of my little digi camera bag that went everywhere with me. I was driving Super-B oil tankers going to leases out in the middle of nowhere and once hooked up and loading I'd have a pinch in the pipe to pass the time and by the time I was ready to leave still feel relaxed and a bit buzzed but not high like right after the hit. On a hot day it made me feel cooler and on cold days warmed me up. The wonders of pot eh. :) I consume a lot of my pot as cocobudder now and am into hi-CBD strains as they help more with my arthritis and depression and last a lot longer. Teaspoon or so a couple hours before bed and I got a nice buzz to fall asleep with and wake up in much less pain in the morning which is when my pain is the worst. No pharma or OTC drugs for me thanks and I'm 63 now. Maybe it's time to take up a new hobby like growing your own pot. Endless hours can be put behind you fiddling with all the grow gear and the plants themselves. I speak from decades of experience. :) Speaking of growing I was just on my way to check on my flowering girls and hand kill some nasty bugs. The Borg! Spider mites that snuck in on some cuttings a buddy gave me. Never again! TTUL :peace:
  12. LabRat

    Light advice

    How late in flowering are you now Boise? After the stretch is over the plants need less N and P with more K so by week 4 you want to be backing off on the first two. If it's in the MG soil still it's a bit of a crap shoot as I have no idea what all they put in it or how much if it is still left at this stage. Some extra sulfur is good for boosting resin production and is the "secret" ingredient in most bloom boosters. I use AN's Big Bud and have since they invented it. It's 0-15-35, 10%S, 20 aminos with citric and ascorbic acids. The last being vit. C. I've grown without it and there was a big difference in bud size and resin production. They make an organic version of it too if that's a concern but I'm not sure if the FF Trio is all organic or not. I've never used MG anything but was experimenting with Promix Veg and Herb blend mixed 50:50 with the Promix HP that has no nutes and ran in to problems I've seen posted all over about using the MG. The Veg and Herb has time release nutes too but at least they are organic but sometimes it seems they react with added nutes and let go rapidly burning the hell out of more sensitive plants. What are you planning to use for grow media the next round? With the nutes you have now you could go with soilless and have better control of what your plants get to eat. The HP is loaded with perlite and can be used right out of the bag/bale which is what I'm using now and for all my plants grown in pots for the foreseeable future. Other soilless blends like Sunshine Mix usually need added perlite up to 20% to get them where pot likes in terms of porosity tho can be used without it. :peace:
  13. A Tbsp in a gallon should be good and that's just a regular dose I'd give a plant I suspected was running low on Mg during veg. Just about the perfect time to do it. I don't know what all you have been feeding up to now so if you haven't been adding CalMag or the like I'd go 2 Tbsp. Really hard to OD on Mg or S. A lot of N right now would retard flowering but a bit of extra p and K would be good. Preferably twice as much K as P this late in flowering. Big Bud is 0-15-35, NPK, 10% S, 20 aminos with citric and ascorbic acid. If you have some vit. C/ascorbic acid tablets crush up a couple of grams and add that to the water too. It's used in all sorts of fruiting plants to grow bigger fruits. I also boost with zinc, b-complex, selenium and iron supplements I eat myself. I do it in veg once and just before flipping and will do it again real soon. Some of that MSM too now that I know for sure it's good for plants. :peace:
  14. I use Big Bud for my bud booster and it has 10% S in it. Seems to work pretty good. Epsom salts are another cheap source of sulfur and I give them a good dose of that too but not too much. Something I've tried but not enough to know if it makes a big different because of the first two is MSM. Sold as a supplement that's supposed to be good for arthritis. I wanted to try it for that so bought a pound of it at the health food store to make my own '00' capsules with it. Cheaper than buying the 1000mg caps from the same store by lots. It's full name is MethylSulfonylMethane. Sounds like something you should eat but is considered an organic form of sulfur that is easily absorbed. It's crystals like sugar and easily dissolved in water too. Some day I'll have to do a side by side comparison to see what happens. I could maybe google it in relation to plant use too I guess. I took a look and here's an article, and place to buy in the US, about how it's safe for plants. Health food stores should have it too. Epsom salts should help too and are cheap and readily available at any drug store in various quantities. Get magnesium with that too and I'd give them one good dose of at a tsp/L. Even a bit more if you want. Hard to OD with it unless you do way too much or too often.
  15. They finish on their own time. If you come up with a way to make them finish faster slap a patent on it and get rich! :) I'd just let her finish up and not feed it anything more. Maybe something with some sulfur tho if you have it. Sulfur is the "secret" to help make trichs fatter.

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