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  1. TheGuy_Eh

    Hunting for rare seeds

    Have you ordered from there? Reeferman says his seeds aren't for sale until he is provided a license and that someone else is using his old name to sell seeds. It may be actual reeferman seed stock though. I've been tempted to grab some love potion there.
  2. I'm stocking up on the couple of strains I want before shit gets hairy.
  3. TheGuy_Eh

    Any of the old folks still around?

    I've been without my internets for quite some time. I lost my seed collection and the only thing I have that didn't come from labby are Island Sweet Skunk x Blueberry (djshort), Auto Affie. Missed you all! Hit me up if you like ISSxBB, I open pollinated 5 females with 3 males, i have beans coming out my wazoo. The Auto Affie are next, open pollinating and probably crossing with the ISSxBB.
  4. TheGuy_Eh

    Disposable Pen

    That was the only humorous thing Robin ever said, the rest all angered me to say the least. A fellow was asking about his friend in the chat, saying he had eaten to many mushrooms, that was Sir. Robins response. Still makes me laugh.
  5. TheGuy_Eh

    Disposable Pen

    Could be dirt or liquid between the battery and whatever is connected to it. What kind of pen is it? The battery is full or it is full of vape material?
  6. TheGuy_Eh

    I need Island Sweet Skunk!

    They went out of business years ago though. Next Generation would be a former business partner who split and started his own company before Federation stopped breeding. I hear Next Generation's is more of an indica leaning strain now and lacks the pungent sweet taste and smell that Federation's had. The leaf looks different from the giant gorilla fingers mine had. I'm basically stuck with that or nothing. Chimera has a couple of different skunks that are supposedly bred from the original Island Sweet Skunk from Federation but I can't find their beans anywhere other than those bay sites. I'm going to try Next Gen From Attitude and see how it goes.
  7. Does anyone know a reliable source for Federation's Island Sweet Skunk? I might try out Next Gen's but have read it is not the same. Any thoughts or experience would be helpful.
  8. TheGuy_Eh

    Purple Jems

    This isn't my image/plant but it is a Purple Jem. It better shows the color showing in my lighter colored Jems.
  9. TheGuy_Eh

    Purple Jems

    "Had to" would put it quite well. We had to wait a week to fix our wood stove, so temps dropped to 10C with the light off. It was only for a week but it really brought the colors out. Only feeding them Botanicare nutes and some B1, occasional splash of Fulvic Acid. Flush mode activated! I started a bit prematurely, I think, an extra week of flush shouldn't hurt though. I'm trying to find pictures of L3v3r's Jem run (I'm not sure on the spelling he used in his name), his plants were much larger than mine but the buds were not as tight as mine. His photos show the color of my lighter colored buds much better, they're more of a blood red than purple. My ipod camera and it's user are not that great, I may need to wait another week to harvest and get better bud shots. They are the most visibly appealing plants I've grown yet. They smell amazing. I fully pollinated one of the dark purple ones, so seeds should not be an issue. First day of week 12 today, just waiting for those last white hairs that popped out to turn color, watching for signs of amber. More pics to come.
  10. TheGuy_Eh

    Christmas Contest !!

    Good job buddy, contests like this should help our community stand out from others.
  11. TheGuy_Eh

    Recent Downtime

    There was a "down for maintenance" page but it wasn't connected to the Forums button on the home page for some reason.
  12. TheGuy_Eh

    light distribution method for HID

    My art work is terrible but it might help?
  13. TheGuy_Eh

    light distribution method for HID

    It depends on the tent, the way mine is setup, it has intake around the lower part of the tent. The exhaust hangs at the top of the tent, pulling air out, which at the same time draws fresh air in at the bottom. The fan under the bulb is only to create air current to both move the plants around (strengthen stems) and to create a tunnel of air over the bulb. The air flowing over the bulb constantly, stops heat from building up. The exhaust/intake are responsible for bringing in fresh air, the fan under the bulb moves it. Although it probably does help bring air in at the same time. If the intakes are manufactured right, there will be a slight negative pressure in the tent, so that when the exhaust pulls, air will draw through the intake. Like sucking the air out of a pop bottle, the bottle will collapse in on itself because of negative pressure. The trick is that your intake should be (if I'm remembering right) 1/4 the size of your exhaust and I think there is some math involving the size of the grow area and the CFM rating of the fan used. Long story short though, if you cut holes in the bottom of that pop bottle and draw air though it in such a fashion that negative pressure is achieved without creating so much negative pressure that everything collapses in on itself, the air in the bottle will be completely removed and replaced with fresh air constantly. That would be ideal but tents are fabric and breath reasonably well. With a 400w hanging in a 4'x4' with a 4" exhaust running on the low setting on the speed controller, I achieve enough pull to both scrub the air through the filter and bring fresh air into the tent while pushing the used air out. In a 2'x4' tent this will be easier to achieve.
  14. TheGuy_Eh

    light distribution method for HID

    Apartment grows are scary. Personally, I'd do a cylindrical screen around the bulb. Bulb hung vertically in the center of the tent with a small fan, like this, pointed straight up at the bulb. This will cause an air tunnel over the bulb, the bulb won't heat up, bleaching actually becomes a problem before burning. With your filter hung and exhaust running constantly on a lowered setting, your temperatures will be a joke to control. The air from the fan shooting upwards will move the plants as it passes by initially but will also hit the ceiling of the tent, flow back down the walls, giving excellent air flow through the entire tent and on both sides of the screen. This is the most efficient use of your light source as none of the light is being reflected back at the plant, usable light is lost as it travels from its sources. This is not only more efficient in the sense that it uses the entire bulb but also in the sense that light penetration is much less with a 400w as opposed to a 600w or a 1000w, where more light will penetrate though the plant canopy. This setup will keep your bud sites and foliage at the optimum distance from the bulb to absorb the usable light. Light penetration and reflecting usable light back towards the plant, is no longer an issue.

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