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  1. ideas for a drying setup

    Guess the thread isn't dead...What PROOF do you need to know that trichs are super-delicate and break during contact with any surface??? Are you denying that fact?? There might be 10 ways to do something, but only one way to do it right. I've attempted all methods, working in a facility that produces lbs daily- both screen-drying and hang drying, machine trimming and hand trimming, trimming directly after harvest and "dry trimming". The ideal way to trim/dry is by hanging and hand trimming. Sure, a machine can hack your buds up, a screen will allow them to dry quickly, and you'll have your trimmed dry flowers, congrats...but if you want it done PROPERLY you will take steps to preserve the trich heads and the cannabinoids they contain, to produce proper medicine. Get with it.
  2. ideas for a drying setup

    Sorry, should have included: if you are physically incapable of hand-trimming/hang-drying or just pulling down a massive harvest for profit, machine trimming/screen drying might be ideal. (but if you're striving for intact trichs, hand trim.) Thread's dead.
  3. ideas for a drying setup

    "I won't ever go back to leaving my trichs intact after harvest" is all I'm hearing. Fuck trimming machines- don't be lazy! If you have a large harvest hire a friend or two. Don't let the quality of the medicine suffer because of your laziness and sprint towards the almighty dollar. "If anything's worth doing, it's worth doing right." -Hunter S. Thompson
  4. ideas for a drying setup

    It might be a "process" but is it the best way to process? You know how delicate mature trichomes are, right? Laying the flowers down on ANYTHING will destroy some trichs, thus leading to an inferior product. The flowers aren't preserved to their full potential- that's why I say FAIL. Don't be lazy, and take no shortcuts, to produce the highest quality product.
  5. ideas for a drying setup

    Ozone generator = fail....screens = fail, imo. Harvest early a.m., trim fresh, hang branches & use a dehumidifier if needed. When drying, conditions should be kept at a constant...heat spikes, ozone etc all degrade the product you've worked for months to produce.
  6. The White - tons more Incoming!

    Been seeing more of The White around in CO lately- its fire and makes great extracts. C4 as well, can never get enough Chem...good genetics, look forward to seeing these progress..
  7. seedbanks

    FIRST, visit www.seedbankupdate.com -This is a simple site maintained by a third party and has been known as accurate and a reliable source of info for years. Personally, I have seen orders from Attitude & Gypsy Nirvana come through with no problems. Attitude is the most popular and more widely used by far...best selection, customer service, quick shipping, shirt, freebies, etc. Especially if ordering from a non-med state, you might want to have a safe address-(one other than your grow location) such as a P.O. box, in line before ordering. Good luck!
  8. Made this video in 2009, and its crazy to watch today. Enjoy!
  9. Sparring Room

    You wasted way too much thought on my post. Get a fuckin life, Cleanscreens.
  10. Sparring Room

    Damn, Cleanscreens, you're pathetic Pry your fucking hands off the keyboard every once in awhile and step outside, its crazy out there...
  11. Never thought I'd listen to a Sean Kingston song all the way through, lmao