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  1. blueberrychronic


    Organic gardeners pantry has good mykos for weed. I have used it many times successfully
  2. blueberrychronic

    Sassy's 2015 organic greenhouse

    Looking good sassy
  3. Big pharma is shitting themselves because cheap effective cannabis is on its way to curing cancer. Their 20000.00 a dose chemo will not sell very well in the future.
  4. blueberrychronic

    Nute def?

    It could be ph . It looks like a nitrogen deficiency to me.
  5. blueberrychronic

    Who nows what strain this is.???

    Cannot tell a strain by just looking at it. But it is a male or hermi both are a waste of time growing
  6. blueberrychronic

    blending your flowers

    I have been mixing several strains together for the treatment of my epilepsy for about ten years now. I use mixture of bc mango , blueberry and one of my own strains with high cbd in it. I find this mixture kills my headaches real good too.
  7. blueberrychronic

    First time grow, outdoors how do they look so far?

    Looking ok just need more light.
  8. It definitely works for epilepsy . I have been using it to treat my epilepsy for 38 years . It works while pharmas have never worked for me
  9. blueberrychronic

    Sassy's 2015 organic greenhouse

    Looking good sassy
  10. blueberrychronic

    First Plant, Fingers Crossed for a Female

    The photos are not clear enough to see the nodes clearly. However the one looks like it could be female. Your plants really need some light. A qwick count puts you at the sixth node. Most strains will show their sex by the seventh node. Most seedling grown under sunlight would only be four inches tall by the sixth node.
  11. The mmar is not available anymore. You must try for a mmpr but with a mmpr you cannot grow your own you must purchase it from an liecenced producer and that is very costly.
  12. blueberrychronic

    CBC: pot dispensaries vs. Ottawa

    Rona ambrose is a loser and appears to be brain dead. In numerous court cases across canada experts have proven that cannabis is medicine. The federal courts have proven time after time that cannabis works. That is why the mmar was created. It blows my mind that anyone can be such a partisan pig that she cannot take one moment of her time to investigate the thousands of studies available.
  13. blueberrychronic

    Minister of (ill)Health beaks off about legalization

    Any study by the canadian gov led by the pc party is probally bullshit. Harper and his crew are masters of bullshit. Any message by them is always screwed up. Last week they thought that legalizing might be good this week its devil weed.
  14. I think thirty thousand for a liecence fee is a big rip off. I think if a dispensary needs to pay thirty thousand then all alcohol outlets should pay at least 100000.00 And pharmacies should pay 200000.00 hopefully they leave everyone alone.
  15. I glad to see that there is some sensible people out there yet. It is hard to believe that the usa is way ahead of canada when it comes to drug reforms. After our federal eldction this fall weay be on the way to legalization.

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