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  1. MR2high

    Fox Farm Ocean Forest Coco Pearl mix

    Great point. Plus the guys at AN support will blow your brain with knowledge as well.
  2. Running the lights at night could help as well
  3. MR2high

    Fox Farm Ocean Forest Coco Pearl mix

    I actually found a post on grass city by a user named ASKED who is supposedly the resident coco expert. He said to treat the mix as a soil base. The coco makes for better drainage and helps act ad a pH buffer. When reading on Canna nutrients they say any type of mix that has a amended soil to use the soil line. So I am debating between canna Terra Vega with rhizotonic or AN 3 part with rhino skin and make the pH meet the 6.3-6.5
  4. I feel like the only American left Wish I could get to a legal state but I have responsibilities that tie me down here for now. We get medical soon but for some reason that doesn't feel like a relief. Cheers to any Americans left
  5. This didn't seem to fit in organics or hydroponics So what would you PH your water to feed a 50/50 blend of FFOF and Coco Pearl?
  6. MR2high

    First time grower ... help

    They sell humidity packs that you can put in your jars to help with that. Good luck next year!
  7. MR2high

    First time grower ... help

    So you can't spray the flowers with tea tree oil or peroxide and then wash the flowers?
  8. MR2high

    First time grower ... help

    @BesterHow long did you dry them and what method? Where did you dry them? Have you though about a hygrometer that will fit inside your jars? Depending on the amount of jars maybe two that you can rotate to get some idea. @Waldo420 What can you do if the bud already has mold?
  9. MR2high

    First time grower ... help

    If she does come back; Jorge Cervantes has a great chart that shows pot size in correlation to length of life cycle. It is on page 59 of his growing bible.
  10. MR2high

    First time grower ... help

    What size pot? I would think a 10gal would be ok
  11. MR2high

    First time grower ... help

    My question is; Why all of a sudden? Did you change anything? Why all of a sudden did it start drowning or locking out nutrients? If you didn't have drainage issues the whole grow and now all of a sudden...why?
  12. MR2high

    Garden bed

    Thanks for the tips. I need to read more on compost teas. Isabella is in soil. I know she doesn't need light but she is outside with the kids and I right now. I will keep you updated
  13. MR2high

    Garden bed

    I can't afford the garden right now but tonight I will be planting my seed in some foxfarm ocEan forest. I'm going to bless my single GG seed and start. I have one cfl and I will add more as the growth starts. I am using the subcools-super-soil-improved recipe and I have almost everything. I need to track down some dolomite lime and some azomite. I won't be able to cook it long enough social will have to add some Mycorrhizae. I will keep you updated!
  14. MR2high

    I.L.G.M seeds

    First off I did search for this and found nothing so if I missed a thread on this it wasn't out of laziness. I put some extra tags in so that maybe this can be found in the future I am about to buy my first beans this week. For a long time I was looking at gyo.green but I can't find reviewsthat make me comfortable with them I love grow marijuana on the other hand, it seems the seeds Bergman offers are legit. Can someone who has used them weigh in for me? I'm looking at their SSH, trainwreck or Jack herer. This is my first grow and height isn't a major factor. I plan on letting these ladies grow naturally. I'm leaning toward SSH because it is said to be mold resistant and any problem I can eliminate pre-grow is a plus. Thanks!
  15. MR2high

    Garden bed

    The recipe I have says two weeks but yeah I am accounting for that time. I will order the seeds and make the soil the same day.

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