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  1. Garden bed

    Thanks for the tips. I need to read more on compost teas. Isabella is in soil. I know she doesn't need light but she is outside with the kids and I right now. I will keep you updated
  2. Garden bed

    I can't afford the garden right now but tonight I will be planting my seed in some foxfarm ocEan forest. I'm going to bless my single GG seed and start. I have one cfl and I will add more as the growth starts. I am using the subcools-super-soil-improved recipe and I have almost everything. I need to track down some dolomite lime and some azomite. I won't be able to cook it long enough social will have to add some Mycorrhizae. I will keep you updated!
  3. I.L.G.M seeds

    First off I did search for this and found nothing so if I missed a thread on this it wasn't out of laziness. I put some extra tags in so that maybe this can be found in the future I am about to buy my first beans this week. For a long time I was looking at gyo.green but I can't find reviewsthat make me comfortable with them I love grow marijuana on the other hand, it seems the seeds Bergman offers are legit. Can someone who has used them weigh in for me? I'm looking at their SSH, trainwreck or Jack herer. This is my first grow and height isn't a major factor. I plan on letting these ladies grow naturally. I'm leaning toward SSH because it is said to be mold resistant and any problem I can eliminate pre-grow is a plus. Thanks!
  4. Garden bed

    The recipe I have says two weeks but yeah I am accounting for that time. I will order the seeds and make the soil the same day.
  5. Garden bed

    I agree but hopefully by summer months I will have LEDs. I still need to figure out my exhaust situation. I have a general plan and a soil recipe. First thing first I will have the beans in a couple of weeks and I need to germinate them and prepare the soil. If I try to solve the whole puzzle at one time it will overwhelm me Its weird. I am excited and scared all at the same time. This have been a dream for 12 years now its a goal!
  6. Garden bed

    They are HID. I eventually want LED but I can't afford them now. I'm buying lights off Craigslist at this point. If I had a little post for the cfl, raise it up 6"-12" would that still be too much heat for the cover crop? I have heard people talk about a cover crop package with a bunch of different cover crops. Know anything about that?
  7. Garden bed

    Well I am planning two flowering beds that are 2x6 each. I was thinking 2 600w per bed. I was also thinking of a way to put cfl bulb in the rails of the bed. If I could get a bulb in each corner and then one on both sides of the bed in between the plants. I am not sure how it will be done or if the cfl will hurt the soil/cover crops (and worms) but that is my thought process right now.
  8. Garden bed

    And thanks for the boobs and the worm dirty talk
  9. Garden bed

    Thank you for the tip Fmrgrl. I will feed with organics such as tea and you have convinced me to add worms and worm poop It will be indoors. Today I will be putting together a soil recipe along with cover crops. I recently watched a video from Mendo dope and he has on a grow in Minnesota where the grower tried to replicate the redwood forest floor with his soil. I like that
  10. Garden bed

    I plan on adding cover crops such as clover. I'm not sure about the worms yet. I understand they are good for the soil but I would like to go out and sit with the ladies without worrying about worms climbing on me. I don't have a soil recipe yet. I have to get the beans and build the room. I am going to germ and veg for a bit in a dresser with a cfl and by the time they need more room I will transplant them into the beds. I'm not growing for commercial, I just want the pure organic flower the way Gaia intended. I had some ISS recently and I am almost certain it was outdoor and I could taste and feel the extra love. Call me crazy Thanks for the tips. I will check this guy out. I would really like to grow in a greenhouse eventually but right now that isn't an option.
  11. Garden bed

    Thanks Shadey. The pvc tent I saw worked great but it was also 2x2. I was worried about the pvc holding the weight of the lights as well so I probably should use wood for the frame. There will be no feeding. Soil amendments and water. I don't need to move the beds but I am considering putting the on a drain tray and maybe building some kind of timed irrigation system. I haven't nailed down the details but I would rather have beds for the ladies instead of pots. I want then to grow as they would in nature.
  12. Garden bed

    Hey all, I'm preparing my first grow and it will be using organic soil. Is there any reason I can't do a Garden bed? I'm thinking about a raised garden bed. My flower "tent" will be 8'x6'x10'. I was planning to use pvc as the frame and panda film to wrap it. I would rather have two garden beds each 6'x2' and each would have 3 ladies. No scrog or lst this grow. If I can use the garden bed; what should my depth be? M.R.
  13. TesT 2 Holy Grail Kush

    She is absolutely beautiful. Well done
  14. How to make the garage work!

    Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a first time grower. The only available space for me to grow right now is my garage. The garage is 8' wide and about 16' long. I would guess the ceiling are 9-10'. I can use any and all of this space. My house is brick so two walls are brick and the other wall leads to my kitchen and living room. I am worried about temperatures and how to ventilate. The attic is directly above the garage. I have two outlets to work with out there. I am not trying to grow 20 plants. If I could have 6 plants going and perhaps a spot for 2 mothers that would be awesome for me. I could even settle on 4 plants but I would really like to have two mothers. I want a daytime smoke and a relaxing night time smoke. The last question is kinda off topic but I would love strain recommendations. I get anxious with too much of a head high(You guys probably know what I'm talking about) but I want something uplifting and energetic for the days. I would like something calm and relaxing at night. I will have some blue dream and grape ape next week. I am hoping that is the magical combination. My budget is no more than $500. Thanks for any thoughts you can lend. Peace MR
  15. Recent score

    Those are some beautiful nugs. I caught myself drooling a bit...