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  1. Originally Posted By: JodieGR Wow, thanks! But boy, now we're hard-pressed to make an even better issue... ulp! Your very welcome! The effort, time, cost, and thought to produce that issue had to be huge. I am an older man myself (late 40s) and have read just about every pot mag. on the market for sometime. Most articles are kinda the same, less face it after 10,000 bongs things due tend to blurrrrr, if you can feel the love, so to open up this issue and be totally blown away was such an unexpected pleasure. THen to have Mr. Chong with his new ax playing around in it. What more could anyone expect?? As you may have notice I am a huge fan of his old movies,no one could ever do them like that again. Its almost more than one old HIPPIE CAN STAND!! I must admit though your grace and beauty do add some charm to the article, yes I caught the nice dress and heels all 10s I might add( and being the man I am, you sure are easier to look at than your hubby! LOL! No offence intended, just a poke at some fun and truth. So to wrap this up so you dont think I am just kissing ass, Thanks and this is one person who really is impressed with The Cannabis Culture Team, Marcs and your dedication to trying to educate our society on the positive uses of marijuana. I hope one day soon to visit your offices and see Vancouver in all its glory. Thanks again, Major Tom
  2. about the best article I have read in a mag. for sometime. Very interesting and what a dream set up.Thanks for bringing me into a place that I would never have had the chance to go. THat will be hard to top with all the other info in this addition. The chong man styling with his new getar , how cool is that thing? Jodie of course always jumps off the page with her beauty(your lucky to have such a beautiful woman) I can see in tommys eyes what he is thinking(watch him,he may be 70 but he aint dead!! LOL!!) Anyhow cool article and Thanks for putting all this stuff together for us, your work is outstanding. Fuk the naysayers, full speed ahead!You Rock and I would love to visit your place one day, Thanks again.

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