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  1. Organic Gardener

    advance nutes nirvanna

    Insect frass. . . .check that out.
  2. Organic Gardener

    Wow....what happened to this place ?!!

    Hey doober how ya been homeslice? for chat it opens an whole other window in a pop up, so you might need to enable pop ups.
  3. Organic Gardener

    Scotts Miracle-Gro Marijuana Industry Takeover

    Welp all the more reason to buy my cheap organic solids. only couple of brands of bottles I use. none of which is from GH, won't use Gavita as I don't have the head space, and fuck the rest of the shit from the shit companies that they have.
  4. I know this is an old(er) thread. couple things. Tap water: bad. maybe too strong nute solution: burned leaf tips maybe nutes being mixed in the wrong order: wrong order will bind up the solution also why doesn't the "grow" solution have more nitrogen in it? usually it should have more nitrogen than phosphorous.
  5. Organic Gardener

    Best light and reflector?

    I hope you have like 12 foot ceilings for those double ended bulbs trichy. I've read they throw out the heat like crazy.
  6. Organic Gardener

    Crackin some old crosses.....?????

    since i'm new to the outdoor thing. when is safe for us to put them out GW?
  7. Organic Gardener

    Crackin some old crosses.....?????

    These are the little stinkers. Bring them in at night.
  8. Organic Gardener

    Buds on a budget

    Get a ph meter. Test liquid going in and coming out. I like a good built soil. Ewc, kelp, guano, greensand, insect frass, those will do you well.
  9. Organic Gardener

    What Happened to American Cannabis Activists?

    Social media like facebook, and lack of upkeep. IMO was a big factor. that and the total lack of owner interaction. just sayin'.
  10. Organic Gardener

    Old news

    always wondered that myself.
  11. Organic Gardener

    Kratky grow

    the guy said in the video the reason it works (with leafy greens and such) is the short grow period. I would definitely NOT try this with a sativa/sativa dom strain. maybe a very short flowering indica.
  12. good stuff Sass. I got some grape valley kush clones that I'm gonna do outti this year. bringing them in when they are out of direct sunlight and giving them some built up rain water. I'm gonna do a log with them soon.
  13. Organic Gardener

    New Grower: What should I do here?

    PH? I didn't see anything about PH? also, stop feeding if you are still feeding. that newer growth has some burning going on with with the tips. Also as Lab said, don't clip leaves if they are going yellow. your plant is pulling nutrients from it for a reason just let it do it.
  14. everything is looking on point ma'am.

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