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  1. krazykanuk

    Looking for med clones

    I have a prescription for medical cannabis here in Canada and I have been out of the loop for many years here. I am looking for a couple of clones with a 1:1 ratio THC/CBD. I have searched the net and have not found anywhere to order any. Something with elevated CBD level is best for my conditions. I would rather pay for clones then chancing seeds. Any direction would be greatly appreciated! KK
  2. If you can get your family doctor to diagnose you, in writing, then try http://greenleafmc.ca/ KK
  3. krazykanuk

    where should i go to get the card?

    If you are in Canada try here: http://greenleafmc.ca/ KK
  4. It's fear mongering to hide the facts and treason! Don't let it bother you. And don't believe lawyers either! If you stand your ground and fight they will withdraw. They fear the truth, and the truth sets you free! Ken
  5. Finally someone who understands! Yeeeehhhhh!! I showed you my withdraw Jacob Hunter, so how much more proof do you need? LOL WhyDontWeKnow.ca Ken
  6. Canadian's are to stupid to realize that they want to amend legislation that has been struck down by two of the highest courts in Canada. Also the whole federal drug prohibition should die soon because of this case in the Supreme Court of Canada: A.G. v. PHS http://www.ccldr.net/ag-v-phs.php Lets all worry about nothing. Lets tell the Cons to stop spend our money on retardation! Ken
  7. krazykanuk

    Post your favorite online videos here

    Serious yet very funny! IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT ENERGY SAVER LIGHT BULBS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-LOtKIIKcg KK

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