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  1. This is hilarious, people debating over a bought out government as if we still operated under the Constitution. You are all wasting tons of time and not gaining intelligence. What part of central banking isn't understood
  2. ineffable420


    Post your pic of yours bro
  3. ineffable420

    Sparring Room

    Man, what happened to the sparring room lmao!!! How about fuck stupid fucktards who don't have a fucking clue of actual fucking facts but still fucking think they have a fucking opinion. Fuck you ya fuckin fucks for bein so fuckin stupid and a waste of a fucking life, fucking time, and fucking space. If you would fucking learn something for fucking once, and fucking continue that fucking knowledge, fucking maybe you wouldn't fucking be so fucking stupid. ~Applies to all fucktards. No time wasted.
  4. I think more like since 1913, defeated prior in the War of 1812.
  5. ineffable420

    List of Traitors

    Holy shit are you fucking serious?....
  6. ineffable420


    And gotta love those 33rd magazines lol
  7. ineffable420


    Throw up a pic bro! First off placement is everything, and I'm an EXCELLENT shot lol. You would be surprised what a hollow point 9mm can do. Remember velocity is speed times mass, which the 9mm travels fastest of the handguns, giving the HPJ almost equal stopping power to a .40, and does more damage to brick and also penetrating it.
  8. ineffable420


    The Second Amendment should be up there with breathing, food, water, and weed. What's your favorite to carry, or rig, and upgrades? Mine is a Glock 17. Make mine lean. Make mine mean. Make mine 9 X 19. Upgrades: Fulcrum Trigger system Titanium Firing pin Custom spring set Custom back-plate Steel Guide-rod Guide-rod Buffer Titanium safety pin Titanium frame pins Steel Sights Only thing that would make it better now is a fun-switch... Smooth as silk.
  9. ineffable420

    List of Traitors

    You have no clue do you... Let's tax you on money that's printed out of thin air and backed by your debt! A debt you can never pay off, how's that sound? Work under austerity, the rich buying our government into plutocracy. There was a war in 1812 by Thomas Jefferson and George Washington who waged on centralized banking, the corruption from it, among the British coming for firearms, and the federalists. Centralized banking is the reason wars are continued. America has been at war for over 200 years because owners of corporations manufacture these goods and make a lot of money making people argue. Did you think the federal reserve had something to do with the government? It's privately owned. Wake the fuck up and smell the Cannabis.
  10. ineffable420


  11. ineffable420

    How to increase root mass ?

    Check your soil temp too
  12. ineffable420

    light green leaves

    You need Nitrogen. Get some Black Strap Molasses, 1 TBSP per Gallon H2O.
  13. ineffable420


    It's the dumbing down of America. Imagine if they were awake enough to realize the direction things are going...
  14. ineffable420

    List of Traitors

    Central banking owns all of the media and the government. Bottom line is this country is of the people, by the people, and for the people. Time to take our country back and lay the second amendment down Boondock Saints style.

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