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  1. geppetto

    Noob experiment

    1971 so he would be pretty young if it was him.... so I listened again then I realized that I haven't watched TV since probably 1971.... I've no idea what Robin Williams sounds like lol. Still get a kick out of this album though.
  2. geppetto

    Noob experiment

    Your personal mantra starts a 19:12
  3. no nutes until you see roots. .... I think? lol ... Lab you there? No nutes to start seems to be what Ive been reading anyway. ph should be 5.8 for hydro according to this chart. I found it somewhere here I believe. I could be wrong but a lower ph should help with the algae as well, it won't eliminate it just help suppress it somewhat.
  4. geppetto

    How to Purify Water?

    Rain water? River water? well water or tap water? Rain/snow water for instance, would a healthy dose of H202 (peroxide) work? How much h202 would it take for say a 20 liter bucket? Let it sit for a couple of days and strain it through some cloth or something before using? I'm not telling I'm asking...
  5. geppetto

    LED light burn?

    Alternately you could put something under the smaller plant (a sturdy box, a pail or footstool) to bring it up closer to the light. On the other hand that could lead to tipping it over as well, good to keep that in mind if you're prone to that sort of thing.
  6. geppetto

    PotHead or Anti-PotHead what are you

    This is something I wrote a few years back after an argument in an online forum. You may enjoy it.... or not. I really should edit this someday.... It's A Dire Situation With all the money wasted on regulation, registration, documentation, reservation, acclimation, agglomeration, cogitation, pagination, application, cessation, compensation, cancellation, consultation, condemnation, classification, sensation, congregation and discrimination. It all leads to a continuation of contamination and degradation with accumulation, caused by corporations with self adoration and very little inspiration, which leaves us with no reason for celebration but instead moving us closer to starvation and elimination. I hope that a little stimulation will lead to collaboration and communication to bring us to elevation, transformation, deregulation, transpiration and toleration. With determination and perspiration perhaps there is a chance for civilization, and that's no exaggeration. How much contemplation does it take for the realization that we just want to be free to use God's creation as it is and without interpretation? It's time to Free The Tree and give us back our Food
  7. That's what I was thinking while I was writing that. Could be many reasons as I'm sure they gathered info as well plus not only that but they also got paid to get that info as in permits, permits and more permits... not? I'm sure that there are many that benefited from the info gathered.
  8. Wow up to 27% CBD in certain hemp varieties who would have thunk... even with a low yielding variety the shear volume would make up for that in a heartbeat. Yes you are right in that " farmers are forced to destroy the leaves and flowers of their hemp plants " we were only allowed to use the steams and leaves thus the reason we had to cut within the certain timeframe. Side note; Did I read somewhere that the only other place that CBD is found is in human breast milk? (just read an article where the USA is blocking a WHO resolution promoting breastfeeding worldwide) Essential oil is very different, I have no idea if it is a viable source for CBD, even if it was there are too many others uses for it competition wise. That said baling hemp and selling to processors would open up a lot of interest for sure. Trying to stuff it into a baler might be impossible though. I did cut and bale a hemp field once but that was after we had already combined it so all the buds and half the stocks were gone first. We had 2 fiber processing plants within 30 miles of where I live - neither lasted very long. I know that the strawboard processing plant couldn't make it work because of the roundup residue left in the wheat straw. Apparently the wheat straw that was treated with roundup would keep the boards from sticking together, when they tried untreated wheat straw the boards stuck together and worked fine... had to shut down because there is not enough untreated straw available. Bunch of grain bins there now. The flax and hemp processing facility was.... well it was a complete nightmare, from plugging up solid to major shive pile fires, these fibers are really really hard to deal with. FWIW some of the flax fiber went into making interior panels in cars, not sure where the hemp fiber went to, not sure where they got the hemp from or how much they actually did but my buddy was telling me that it plugged them up solid = cut it out by hand and change the knives. At least that one lasted a few years. MONasshole has everything under wraps here - I don't foresee any changes in that coming anytime soon.
  9. Just had a second thought here, I don't believe we were allowed to let the crop mature. We had to cut it within a certain timeframe. I assume that is so we would not be able to produce anything that might be thought of as ? ... not sure how to word it but worthy? I guess it was so we couldn't possibly produce anything that may somehow or someway get anyone high.... but we were using hemp with a guaranteed low thc content to begin with and it was essential oil so who knows maybe I was totally wrong in my thinking that it may not be as easy I we think. That said the fact that we couldn't let the plants mature I'm sure had a gigantic effect on the outcome so who knows how else it all may have turned out. However when we did cut hemp for it's seed I remember it smelled nice but I don't recall seeing a lot of trichomes. Either way it's all food for thought.
  10. Ummm I did work for a hemp farmer about 15 years ago... and we did make essential hemp oil on a truly massive scale. Like renting the biggest possible boiler on wheels and going for weeks and processing tons and tons of hemp type of farming. I've lots of pics and videos to prove it. It was all done with federal permits that allowed us to do this. The largest in the world by far.... way way more than ever tried before. The line here - large crew - bigger inputs - many bosses. The first year we had about 6 or 8 45gallon barrels to try to fill... I doubt we got 1/3 of one barrel. Second year same as the first and by then the investors were not getting along very well... no money/product = no wonder. My personal research at the time, I did find some essential hemp oil online - the price was $7,000/liter.... ya my boss didn't believe it either... not sure how true that was but I did find it for sale online somewhere. Essential oil is not the same oil that we are used to and I'm not sure there's anything to do with the CBD content here or not. Bottom line here is that it's not always as easy as we think it may be, lots to be learned. FWIW essential hemp oil is more akin to gasoline than anything else I can think of. I was told that the little bit we did produce went into the making of 3 different flavors of Cognac... I think I got a t shirt or a hat or something plus my wages of course, they did treat me well though and that's all that really matters. First pic is me doing my favorite thing - swathing. second pic is the setup, extractor and boiler in center, biodiesel on the flatdeck to the right of the boiler, yellow trailer is power source, far right and left are the 2 product tanks where we put the product into with a forage harvester you can see the forage harvester and tractor on the left heading out for a load. Unusual that we did not have a tank hooked up and cooking when I took this pic... this session was done on irrigated land (boom to the far right.) Twas not all fun and games and some serious permits and input went into it with very little outcome/payout. I wouldn't be holding my breath on cheaper CBD oil, I'm not sure that much would even be available in hemp. Believe it or not I believe I was the only smoker in the crew.
  11. geppetto

    Outdoor pest control

    Mixing molasses with some water and spraying with that will help to attract ladybugs/birds. While I was working for an organic farmer several years back we sprayed our alfalfa fields with an organic certified solution of....? Hmmm off the top of my head it was (I think) 400 gal water, 40/gal molasses, 40/gal fish meal and 3.3/Liters neem oil. Like I said this is off the top of my head so amounts may be somewhat skewed. The molasses was to attract ladybugs/birds, the fish meal was a foliage feed and the neem oil was to eradicate the lagus bugs. We should all realize by now that the neem does more than just the lagus bugs. That's what we did anyway. I just wanted to point out that molasses and water is great for attracting ladybugs. would be a good thing for any garden. On the ladybug thing I also noticed that they like to leave there eggs around our homemade bee hives, (leafcutter bees) between two 2 X 4's or under a tarp covered 2 X 4. I've been spraying the base of my deck with molasses in an effort to attract them.
  12. geppetto

    Monsanto joind Maximum Yield Magazine

    I live in Saskatchewan, farming is all we do. When I was young we used to drive around the country side a lot, and stopping along side a slough was always an event. The life and noise was something special to say the least. Never a dull moment and always a whirlwind of activity near any body of water no matter the size. It really was like a movie right in front of your eyes. Today there is not a sound to be heard and not an animal to be seen. All water is totally void of life and left with a green scum over the top. Sure is quiet out there now, not a peep. Funny I don't remember it that way. I ask my friends.... most don't notice at all... or at least they won't admit it. My favorite comment is "How do you create a dessert?... Carry on." The last farmer I tried to work for payed $655 for 1 bag of seed but yet thought I would be happy to take $450 to be on call for six months so I could come and shovel his bins out and tear out his bathroom floor whenever he had the urge. He would pick me up though because I couldn't afford insurance on my car.... or my house for that matter. Cheap food came with a price, some did not get paid or they got paid very very little. In my case I have many many years of work in for basically zero... I got $200 once a long time ago, this was after many years of "helping out" Sustainable living?.... ya sure. Do I blame monsanto..... ya, mostly anyway. It starts at the top, we can not let these corporations buy their way through our lives. Who the hell takes a job and then says I need funding FFS, political funding has been/is killing us and I wouldn't say slowly anymore this needs to stop. Off the top of my head one solution would be maybe give each party the exact same predetermined funds and go to work you fools. The one who does the best may or may not be chosen by the people to do OUR work. Get caught cheating and go to jail just like everyone else not?
  13. geppetto

    Vertical Grow for Maximum Yeild

    If you leave all the seeds you will have nothing as there will be too much and the crop will just choke itself out. If you combine it there will be enough seed dropped to make a decent volunteer crop, however there will be the old stubble to deal with which does not break down readily. We cut and baled the stubble and yes we did process the volunteer crop the next year.
  14. geppetto

    Vertical Grow for Maximum Yeild

    You can run a 12' crop through a normal combine, a swather type header is best (belt as opposed to an auger) straight cut. Run the header right up top and go. I have gone behind and swathed and baled a finished crop (combined), we did have a market for the fiber... in Quebec... we are in Saskatchewan. Trucking killed the sale and 2 or 3 years later we burnt the bales. FWIW there was a fiber processing plant 2 miles away and another less than 30 miles away. lol. The plant 2 miles away was trying to make strawboard from wheat straw.... I dunno they tried for a few years now it's gone completely. The problem was roundup - the boards would not stick together, after 2 or 3 years they tried a stack of bales that wern't sprayed with roundup - it worked = time to shut down as there is not enough product. All of our food is sprayed with this stuff.
  15. From what I've read in the past. Hemp cleans the air 5 times faster (more efficient?) than trees. 1 acre of trees or 1 acre of hemp will produce the same amount of paper, the hemp takes 6 months the trees take 20 years. Just those 2 facts alone should be enough to open some eyes one would think......? global warming anyone? There is no waste from hemp, the final waste product can be used to make superconductors. Just google superconductors from hemp waste to see what I mean. There is so much to be learned from this plant that it is enough to frighten the powerful into keeping it out of our reach. After all it was the rich and powerful who started the reefer madness and they are still the ones promoting all the hatred towards it. Lets not forget what started all of this nonsense, nylon was invented, that industry along with paper, media and the government shut down hemp for victory and started reefer madness to enhance their own personal profits. As long as we allow people with vested interests to run our government offices we will always be fighting for our freedoms. It seems wonderful that our Canadian government is opening their eyes towards legalization and I'm ecstatic really, but the reality is probably not what I (we?) were hoping for. Either way I do see it as one step in the right direction, it may be 2 or 3 steps back but at least we've started to move. FWIW I have worked for an organic farmer in the past, we did grow hemp here's a link to a video I posted years ago, This variety of hemp only grows to a max of 4 feet...oh man this is bringing back some fond memories, what a beautiful morning this was.

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