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  1. tic, tic , tic ..every second feels like an hour at this time of yr ..lol..great season slwly coming to an end ..congrats on such an awesome season sassy..now we exspect a weight report on all that beautiful bud..and a smoke report to follow..lol..so glad you are having such a great season ..after being ripped i no we all were cheering for you ..
  2. Any of the old folks still around?

    i think we were refering to old timers that were still here on this site .. but yes i have to agree , weed growing has changed alot from our younger days of growing ..some better but some worse ..to be honest i wouldnt smoke anything synthetic.. i grow only organic , the way the ganja gods intended it to be ..the taste , the high , are what its all about for me ..i prefer not to always be locked to my couch but i have strains that will do that . i also have some nice strains of sativa that give you a nice all day head high .alot of the older strains i remember have all been altered to a point they are not what they used to be ..a good columbian gold , red bud , hell even some of the mexican we we used to smoke was not to shabby..we all long for the old days or old school strains .. i bought some stuff called old skool and was told it was as close as i,d get to columbian gold and it was so far from the mark ..well enough taking this thread off topic..but i hear what your saying scooby..
  3. great job sassy..those look wonderful..loving the colors and sugar ..that one with the cola as big as my thigh is awesome ..the finish line is just up a head ..you are going to be well rewarded for your labors..your stash is going to be large and sweet smelling ..congrats lady ..
  4. Sativa lover?

    welcome to cc..i have a few sativas running now ..for some reason the last batch of beans i bought had some long winded thin leaf strains i wasnt exspecting ..lol..i do love the buzz from a good grown sativa ..nice heady high ..not my favorite to grow indoors . they tend to take a very long time to flower out .. and my outdoor season is to short to grow them ...i got some hash bombs and some lemon skunk that i just threw into flower today ..i already have a few in flowering of the lemon . which when i bought them i was told were like a 60 %indica and 40 % sativa..but they are mostly sative.. fast growing and very stretchy ..i think it was a weak cross or unstable strain ..anyhow i am forcing myself to finish them ..the buds are very stringy and thin ..next order may have to go for the heavy indicas .. but i do love a good grown sativa and the high is just better for a start to the day ..lol again , welcome to cc ..
  5. Grow_Wizzard's 2017 Outdoor

    hey wiz .. jump stopped by to say hey ..lol..cant believe things have beefed up so much since my last visit ..looking great buddy ..stay safe and keep those eyes red.. labby , sounds like the type of vaccas i have ..the place goes up in smoke and ruines the veiw ..atleast you score some new toys and gear ..
  6. Grow_Wizzard's 2017 Outdoor

    hey wiz ..lookinmg great ..sorry i havent been around much ..i should be geting that out to you soon ..had some major medical stuff go on with my wife ..she had neck surgery a few months back but got real sick and had to be flown out to a big city hospital.. she also had a siesure and its just been real troubling here ..you dont relise how tight you get to someone till you see them being taken away by helicoopter on a gurny..but we are back home now ..i'll try and get that out to you soon .. gardens ooking great from here ..glad to hear you guys are getting a little releaf from the heat ..dog days of summer ..they can make or break us.. stay happy and red in the eyes..
  7. they have really jumped up there sassy..any bud sites showing yet ..i forgot you had two spots running ..looking sweet ..you have done an awesome job on this yrs run ..looks real professionel...your harvest should be over whelming ...lol..but who would complain about that ..lol the finish lines approaching ..the golden rod here in ny is starting to get its yellow flowers .. a sure sign that it wont be long .. cant wait to see them in another month.. stay safe ...
  8. lot of sissor work coming your way ..well at least you will have plenty of meds for the carpol tunel you'll have .lol .you may want to invest into one of those trim machines ... looking great sassy..cant wait to see the harvest this yr .. stay safe ..
  9. Grow_Wizzard's 2017 Outdoor

    looking good buddy ..bud sites starting to show nicely..i was just telling a buddy about how you bury the main stalk and get a bunch of main colas to grow ..he was talking about how to bend them over to do the same and i told hin you went a step farther by burying the stalks ...and that you get what looks like a bunch of plants all in a row ..lol.. "last female standing " your not saying those chickens killed off all your girls i hope ..i loved my birds when i had them , but they would be heading to freezer camp if they wiped out my garden ..lol hope the temps come back down for you guys soon ..my ol lady was just telling me , we are suppost to have a very cool aug and even said we should dig out our coats ..what ever happen to all those awesome summers we had as kids that lasted for ever ..lol..its like once the 4th of july is past us , summers about over ..this getting old shits gotta slow way the hell down ..a week used to be 7 days , you blink your red eyes now and a weeks is here and gone ..lol stay safe my friend ..the worlds gone crazy ..
  10. New Cloner

    i have the same cloner but has 36 sites in it ..i put mine in my vegg area. its stays the right temps all yr with the lights[4 ft shoplites]running above it ..and my room i have a/c for summer so my temps are always about 75 or cooler ..one of the best things i bought for growing ..i paid 80 bucks for mine tho ..you can get bigger or smaller units to fit your needs..i always make extra cuttings and sell them to other growers for ten bucks each..so i am always running it or cleaning it to set up for a new run ..lol..its paid for its self already many times over ..easyest way to clone in my opinion..
  11. Grow_Wizzard's 2017 Outdoor

    shoot me a pm ..i.ll send a cpl others as well...
  12. Grow_Wizzard's 2017 Outdoor

    dam , i dont no how you guys do it ..temps in triple digits,, flames roaring all around ya's.and yet you guys still put out the bud winners ..looking good buddy ..as always ..those girls gunna jump right up and be nothing but buds..glad to see you are staying out of the flames and the temps not kicking your ass to bad ..i watched the news last week and thought you were a goner for sure ..that chicken wire seems to be helping pretty well..keeps the chickens out atleast ..lol.. i am just getting ready to harvest some old skooll thats suppost to be a cross of the columbian gold and acapulco gold from the 70's..it looked like it had more indica in it then anything ..its about a week or so away from finished but i tried a bud l.ast night with wifey and she and i both thought it has a close taste ..the buzz was very close to the stuff we used to get back in the day..let me no ..i'll send ya a cpl beans ..i owe you so its no big deal.. hope all is well with you and yours .. stay safe buddy ..
  13. that is a beuatiful site ..i love you garden ..set up perfect.. plenty of space for everyone ..cant wait to see that landrace [asad] when shes finished..looks like you are having a great season ..good luck to you ..still alot of growing season to go ..we have had alot of rain here this yr ..you guys having a wet summer..i no you said you are setting up a water catch for them ..it takes alot of water to keep this many girls hydrated..lol;.. my favorite pics are the ones of the whole field ..really shows the work you have put into your garden ..blood sweat and tears..and a lot of sleepless nights as you near harvest time .. awesome job ...kick ass and take no prisoners ..
  14. Best way to keep track of a grow?

    i see old recipes and how often i would visit my outdoor grows ..feeding reg and pest control..some are outdoors and some are both..crazy ideas in some of the ferts i used ..teabags and coffee grounds ..lol..i used to spay bugs with shampoo with cig butts juice ...must have work somewhat ..i see the next entry as saying the long rain we had made them jump up ..i used to clean out attics and take all the bat guano from them for tea ..lol..
  15. Best way to keep track of a grow?

    i write everything in a calander..i have them from some pretty old grows going back 20 yrs or more..