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  1. welcome to cc..hope you can find what you are looking for ..you are the first person i no that has come to join us from china..again welcome ..
  2. welcome to cc ..the wife and i just got our passports ..not sure i could get her on a plane ride that long ..but the fields of green look wounderful..i always dreams of a field full of weed ..and i always love the smell and taste of hash ..but then who doesnt ..lol
  3. once your seedlings break the top of the soil and have round leafs ..put a light blowing fan on them to keep the air moving around them so they wont damp off ..when moving plants from one type of lighting or from indoors to outdoors , you want to harden them up by slowly introducing them to the new areas ..so if you are moving them outdoors .. set them in a shady place the first couple days and bring them in at night ..on about the 2 or 3rd day you can leave them out all night ..but make sure they have something to protect them from cool night air or frost ..nothing goes outdoors till after last frost .. it sounds like the trouble you had was with damping off ..so a fan must be used to move air .. just guess here ..
  4. you should harden the plants up when moving from indoors to outdoors..that means you should put them out a cpl days durring the day and bring them in at night unless you can cover them at night outdoors to protect them..this gets them used to being outdoors and makes them hearty ..it cuts back on the stress as well .. i agree with both statements made above by gw and sassy..both are very good outdoor growers and you should take any advice they give ..
  5. pictures would help ..alot more info is needed..are they budding and the buds to heavy ..what type of grow is it ..hydro, soil /soilless...you could put stakes in and tye them to the stakes to hold them up ..
  6. now thats how you farm christmas tree size mj plants ..you break out the heavy equiptment to do the work .lol..looking great sassy...wont be long they will look like a christmas tree farm ..love checking my mail and seeing you have updates ..someday i hope to have a legal garden and a plot of trees like you are doing .. we are just starting our outdoor season here in wny ..you all must be about a month behind us .. june i am guessing is the soonest you can plant outside ..sure cuts alot of growing season down ..but you always seem to be right on top of things .. hope you have a great season and a bountiful harvest .. stay safe ...
  7. so sorry to hear about your mom ..its never easy to deal with and when its mom , it can be as hard as it gets ..hang in there ..stay strong and just let her know you are just trying to help and that you are there for her know matter what .. as far as geting mom to try it again .i would try something that has just cbd's in it ..its much more relaxing and its kind of like taking a valium.. just a nice plesant feeling ... i make my own rso.. i only use a dose about the size of a grain of rice at a time ..the idea behind rso is to slowly increase the amount of the dose over time ..till you hit a certain level ..the capsols may have been ment for someone at a very high level . as already mentioned cbd levels should be high to help with calming and the benefits of high cbd is really were the medical benefit of the oil is ..you can get just cbd oil without thc in it ..a higher level cbd then thc will give a more relaxed feeling as lab mentioned and a little sleepy or drunk feeling should be what you would feel ..they sell candys and other edibles with just cbd in them and alot of them i beleive are made from hemp which has very little to know thc in it as a plant.. i agree there should be more warning on some of the stuff out there made at high potency and should be taken with that in mind ..no one wants to punish someone who is already suffering from cancer or any other medical problum ..alot of whats out there as far as rso and edibles are made with the idea of the high being the wanted effects and just like any person chasing a high they want the stuff that gets you as high as possible ..which isnt even that great for a person who uses mj at a high level and believes they can handle most edibles or high levels of thc strains that are availible these days . .the problum with making a good oil is that we want to get the benefits from all the availible cbd's and thc that will help as meds..so i use 3 diffrent strains to get a good level . what i mean is each strain has a diffrent level of certain cbds or thc that another strain maybe lacking in . so to make sure my oil has all the cbd's that you would want in a med , i make my oil from 3 diffrent strains ..i think alot of folks out there that are making oil for sale in shops are using what they would use to make edibles that a person wanting the high would be looking for and not the person just wanting them as meds and not really concerned with the high ..so the strains they are using are much higher in thc . .get mom to try a cbd only gummy bear and she may feel a lot diffrent about it . .rso as a cure for cancer has to be taken in small doses and brought to a higher level over a period of time and is very taxing on a person once they get to a high level . this is because they have to maintain the high level for a period of time ..it will make even the person who can handle high amounts of thc very tired and even bed ridden durring the period of high levels ..the psycho active thc part is also needed as part of the cure and alot of folks just cant handle that for long periods , so most stop before they get there ..its a shame , but i believe they will figure out soon away so it can be used and not be so hard on a person who is already dealing with cancer . now that it has been made legal to a p[oint that real studys can be done on it .. good luck , i hope you can get mom some releaf . god bless you and your mom ..
  8. welcome andrew..alot of med users here on cc..the ailments range is very large ..lets just say we are or were a bunch of sick folks around here ..lol..ask and i am sure someone on here can relate to what ever you are dealing with ..good luck and i hope you start feeling better soon ..
  9. nice .. thanks always looking for updated info on helping growers ..
  10. i wounder the effects on tomato blight.. this seems to help with late season pm. we in wny are or have been dealing with blite the last few yrs in our toms . i grow mostly heirloom and tend to loose a most plants to this ..i have stopped putting potato skin and onion skins in my compost as told by folks at cornell extension..and i burn the tom plants instead of composting them at the end of season..i also have started to increase my calcium to slow black spot and stop blosom end . which tend to also be a problum due to high levels of nitragin in my soil ..i use chicken manure . well its an old chicken run thats been made into a veg garden .. do you think by just crushing up shrimp shells and putting that in the holes when planting would give me the benefits of it . or do you think its better to put it in a tea and use as you mention at intervals of 2 or 3 times a week in tea form .. hope ya dont mind me picking your brain .. weedmen
  11. welcome to cc dave..i also look forward to seeing some of your methods . ..you seem more in touch then alot of new growers or should i say younger growers ..theres alot of old timers on this site . but never say you cant teach an old dog new tricks ...lol we to are always looking for better methods and ideas.. again welcome ..
  12. i am with frmrgrl on this..clean room as stuff happens .. if you spill clean it up . a good schedule cleaning goes along way ..most people dont relise just walking threw their lawn then visiting there indoor grow can bring in pest ..i know from past exsperance that once you start battling those little basterds it can distroy a complete grow if not tended to right away ..organic sprays will work to keep them under control , but a complete shut down maybe what stops them from causing more trouble in the next run ..and shuting down then means i set off a flea bomb to kill them all ..then wiping everything down ..also you should clean your pots after each run or if you are hydro then cleaning all you rez and net pots with a hot soapy water ..you dont want to keep having the same issues at each grow or run .. also battling pest durring flower or budding can cause your finish product to be low in yeild as well as a less desired meds..i never spay anything on my buds .. as far as mold goes . a good gentle breeze from a fan works wounders ..when i harvest , i cut all leafs off so the air can get to the meat of the buds , where the good stuff is ..rotating if they are sitting in a screen or better to just hang them when drying .. i dont allow my animals in my grow area because they do go outdoors and i dont care to find hair in my meds ..i cook with most of my grow , so hair is not something i want in my buds ..my one cat loves big fan leafs , so i do give him some once in awhile ..he was very sick one time and the vet said he was dieing ..i gave give fan leafs and he is as good as new now ..infact he is gone back to being a pain in the ass..lol.. so a clean grow , no entering the grow after being outdoors, a good spray with organic pesticide..i use capt jacks . it knocks down most pest , works great on mites and thrip..mold control a good fan and rotate the buds if they are setting on screens.. good luck ..i no i just said the samething everyone else has .so it must be what works for them as well..lol
  13. funny how that works ..lol..i cant imagine going a yr between grows ..they say pots not addicting . well its not really ..its the growing it that is addicting ..lol.. nice set up ...
  14. you have alot to consider before you need to worry about male or female ..lol..take the link labrat gave you above and find a grow bible..it will give you answers to alot of the questions you have ...you'll find it better to spend your time reading now while you wait for your tent and beans to get there ..
  15. yeah you have to give a little trust when ordering seeds ..but do your homework when it comes to things like that ..make sure you are ordering from a place others have given good reveiws to ..i use msnl ..they have shipped my orders everytime ..i drop about a 130 bucks there twice and have gotten my orders..and they send freebies with most orders ..not that that should make you want to order from them ..but its nice to see them when they come to ya .. a good rule of thumb is to have order sent to a diffrent address then where your grow is ..and there is always a chance the law finds them in the shipping .but most have pretty stealthy ways of sending them..and from what i have read in most cases when the law finds them they send you a letter stating they have them , but they dont come kicking in your door or atleast i have never read that they have .but there is always a first time for everything.. ..another reason why to have them sent to a diffrent address then were you grow ..just in case its the one time they do show up .. make sure what ever site you choose to order from that you read all the info on that site that has to do with how your money is to be sent . how they ship , and how long it should take ..and make sure if there is some issues , you have away to contact them if issues do arise..also make sure they ship worldwide as well ..read the faq section..its your money and you want to protect your self and your money ..cant stress enough about doing your homework when it comes to this ..also just because a site advertises on a weed site like this , doesnt make them trustworthy...talk to others and find out who they are buying seeds from .. but like anything when it comes to being safe do the homework ... good luck ..hope this helps ..and stay safe ..