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  1. yeah i'd be intrested in that info as well ..

    yeah i run a tent indoors as well ..sounds like you have a handle on things so far .. not sure when you say your lites are blue and red . you must be talking about spectrum and not that you are running a blue light bulb and a red light bulb ..right ..lol other then that , its like everything should be ok ..you might want to invest in a better lighting system but cfl's will work ..you just might not get the results you are hoping for in your finished product.. not that it will effect the potantcy but it may effect the yield..you will want to get as much light to them as you can ..never skimp on their sunshine ..exspecialy when growing indoors..i use cfl's ..400 watts to veg under till they are 18 inches tall then i put them in my tent and they get a 1000 watts of hps or mh ..at 12/12 .. that means they are getting 12 hrs with the light on and 12 with it off.. they will stretch till they are about 36 inches tall as they start the budding process.. huh .. i am growing critical right now ..i just threw my mom plant of it in to bud ..i just received a new order of beans so the old strains i have had the last yr are on their way out..criticals a good strain ..alot of commercial growers growthat strain .. well good luck ..if you have any questions for me by all means ask away ..i'll try and help ya if i can .. weedmen
  3. sorry i had no idea about the water troubles you guys are going threw ..we have a goverment thats in charge now trying to defund the very deptments of our goverment that makes sure we have clean water and air to breath ..and they are cutting programs that feed the poor and elderly.. it seems russia has taken hold in our goverment and is now running the show now ..taxes are going up on the poor so they can give tax breaks to the richest people in our country ..all the while building up our military that has the biggerbudget then any other military in the world . and in fact has a bigger budget then the next five militarys have in the world ..we are going to have a military that can protect our polluted countrys sewers and landfill, opps i mean water ways and land .... i guess i just figured it was an american owned bussiness because of the change ..lol
  4. Seed sprout

    i would think it would keep ..i am not the best person to ask about chem nutes ..i grow strictly orangic ..
  5. thanks guys i new i could depend of you..i remember a diffrent style of plaid wrapper , but this must be the stuff ..i guess if the recipe has changed the wrapper must have as well..as far as your toffie lab , not sure i have anything to say except if your wife likes these taffies maybe you could just wrap yours in mackintosh..lol thanks shaughnny ..i no these buggers would pull your teeth right out of your head if you had any loose ones..i see nestles makes them now ..prolly why they went to shit as labs wife said ..you want to fuck something up , let americans get our hands on it ..lol...i think i will try and order some . i see amazon sells them by the case ..if i dont like them i'll just hand them out to the kids .. thanks again guys ..
  6. when i was a kid and lived in niagra falls ny ..we used to go to a boyscout camp called northern lights..i am the youngest of 8 kids and my family was very into scouting ..my folks would load up our statianwagon with all us kids and make the trip , which took hours to drive ..we used to stop along the way and my folks would always go into this little store and buy all us kids this carmel or toffie bars that were butter scotch .. and very chewy ..i mean it would lock your jaws up it was so chewy ..it had a plad wrapper on it ..i finally figured out why they always goty all uus kids this toffie bars ..with that many kids in the car it must have drove our parents nuts having us all talking at once ..well to get to what i need to know is any one familur with this toffie bar ..i cant remember the name or anything much about it but it was very tasty ..if anyone can help this would be great ..also any info about the name or if they still make it ..we dont seem to have on this side of the boarder so i figured it must be something that is sold just in canada any help would be great ..sure would love to set my teeth in to another bar of that..thanks again ..
  7. Crackin some old crosses.....?????

    glad to hear the rain stopped ..we are waiting on a late winter snow storm here ..gunna get a cpl feet of snow the next day or two.. with all that rain an high temps ,it gunna be a muggy grow season for ya ..hope you have tons of sun .. yeah you need some tall plants to lay down ..you are going to have to put the stretch on ..lol..how many strains you growing this yr ..i bet its like walking threw a candie shop.. i have some hash bomb and strawberry cough i am waiting to sex ..i finally took a cpl cutings yesterday and will throw them under 12/12 to sex them ..they are already 2 ft tall and no signs yet ..i was hoping to take a bunch of cutting from them by now but they are real slow for some reason ..guess it maybe time to change out my bulbs..
  8. Good seed sites?

    i use msnl.. i am waiting on a order now ..i have bought from them a few times now and they have come threw with great genetics for me ..a stealthy mailing, and lots of great pricing and specials ..and they ship everywere....
  9. Number of Days to Flush Nutrients

    i use to grow dwc and flushed for ten days ..
  10. Crackin some old crosses.....?????

    i was going threw some beans i had and found some juan xkush that sb gave me that went hermie . and those are the seeds i had left from that run ..i am not sure they would throw anything but more herms but hey ya never know ..i'll have to try a few outdoors and see ..if i get any that dont herm i'll let ya know ..atleast they would still have some juan in them and the kush cross was a good cross strain anyhow ..
  11. Seed sprout

    good rule of thumb when it comes to feeding babys..when the little round leafs are starting to die off ..those are the first leafs that come on after the plant sheds its seed shell and it is a seedling at that stage ..the little round leafs are what feeds the plant the first part of their life ..i never feed mine till those leafs are dieing ..and when you start feeding them for the first time , you are going to want to go slow and make the nutes you use real weak or you'll burn them up..do you know what ferts or nutes you are going to use ..if on the package it says to use a tbl spoon , then your going to want to use like a half a tbl spoon..and then over a cpl feedings you will raise that to what the instructions say on the package ..
  12. Seed sprout

    a fan blowing over them real lite would be a good idea..and remember mj likes a wet /dry cycle..to much water and no fan will cause them to get damping off..thats a disease , mold that causes the stem to become thin and the plant to die..so let the soil dry out a little between waterings..sounds like you have a handle on this now..
  13. Crackin some old crosses.....?????

    i also have a cbd queen strain i ordered ..its ratio is suppost to be 2:1 thc to cbds..if you want any let me know ..i'll send ya some ..i owe ya , so its no problum ..
  14. Old school roll call

    are you the same farmboy i first talked to when i joined back in the day .you went by just farmboy then ..if so nice to see you still kicking it ..
  15. Crackin some old crosses.....?????

    man .. those dbl prpl doja had that awesome concord grape flavor..hope you get them to pop for ya buddy..i see you guys have been geting some water from the sky this yr ..glad to see you are moving out of drought state.. are you have any luck with those ism strains ..i wished i had done better with storing and making more seeds with them when i did ..i guess i took it for granted that they would just always be availible ..cant find those strains anywere on the net ..i've checked at a ton of diffrent seed places ..they never heard of most of them .. good luck you guys ..hope ya can bring back some of those strains ..if you do make as many beans as possible ..i found a old cross of columbian gold . i am waiting for delivery on ..i am not holding my breath that it will be anything like what we had in the 70;s tho..