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  1. funny how that works ..lol..i cant imagine going a yr between grows ..they say pots not addicting . well its not really ..its the growing it that is addicting ..lol.. nice set up ...
  2. you have alot to consider before you need to worry about male or female ..lol..take the link labrat gave you above and find a grow bible..it will give you answers to alot of the questions you have ...you'll find it better to spend your time reading now while you wait for your tent and beans to get there ..
  3. yeah you have to give a little trust when ordering seeds ..but do your homework when it comes to things like that ..make sure you are ordering from a place others have given good reveiws to ..i use msnl ..they have shipped my orders everytime ..i drop about a 130 bucks there twice and have gotten my orders..and they send freebies with most orders ..not that that should make you want to order from them ..but its nice to see them when they come to ya .. a good rule of thumb is to have order sent to a diffrent address then where your grow is ..and there is always a chance the law finds them in the shipping .but most have pretty stealthy ways of sending them..and from what i have read in most cases when the law finds them they send you a letter stating they have them , but they dont come kicking in your door or atleast i have never read that they have .but there is always a first time for everything.. ..another reason why to have them sent to a diffrent address then were you grow ..just in case its the one time they do show up .. make sure what ever site you choose to order from that you read all the info on that site that has to do with how your money is to be sent . how they ship , and how long it should take ..and make sure if there is some issues , you have away to contact them if issues do arise..also make sure they ship worldwide as well ..read the faq section..its your money and you want to protect your self and your money ..cant stress enough about doing your homework when it comes to this ..also just because a site advertises on a weed site like this , doesnt make them trustworthy...talk to others and find out who they are buying seeds from .. but like anything when it comes to being safe do the homework ... good luck ..hope this helps ..and stay safe ..
  4. yeah ..i agree..it maybe a week before you see the change from vegging to flowering.. and another 8 weeks or so to finish ..those are just on average guess's to when they finish ..i would tell you to find access to a grow bible and start reading ..you can find them on line for free...labrat had posted this link the other day .. http://catnews.org/FREE Pot Books/ alot of good ones here..try the jorge cervantes grow bible.. i think labrat said to right click it then hit save as or its uses up alot of space on your computer..
  5. welcome rob ..it seems like you may have stumbled on this cluster of old farts here on cc just in time ..i live in ny ..a little better for med users but still not what we want as far as laws go...alot of us still stay in the shadows as not to try the laws yet ..i guess we would call it a gray area..lol like frmgirl said , just ask if you have any questions..theres someone here most of the time to get back to you.. theres a ton of great reading on here .. good luck
  6. welcome to cc..always good to have new folks coming around and artist are some of the best...any examples of your work ..or pleasure ..lol i always worked better high , but then i was never tating someone either tho ..lol.. welcome again .. weedmen
  7. hey bb2 .. nice to see you buddy ..hope all's been well for you ..
  8. agreed ..dont prune any leafs till they are dead and yellow .the large fan leafs are what sends the light to the plant .. i cant spell the name of the process .but here goes ..its called photosynthesis..lol..i think i got that right ..thanks to my wife ..lol anyhow thats how the plants use the light ..i no its like 7th grade science class....which when i learned it in school i never thought i would ever use again ..how wrong was i ..lol .flowering nutes are needed from the start of budding ..or as soon as you flip on them .. they should stretch a bit and then you will start seeing bud sites start to pop up every where ..most will stretch about 8 inchers to a foot if lighting is not to far away ..also remember when adding bigger lights [hps or mh] that they can be hotter then cfl's or leds..and they would need to be a little farther from the canopy to keep them from burning the plants.. it looks like you have a nice tent there , so you could get a larger light or put together a light rail with a bunch of lights hanging from it ..cfl's or leds ..maybe check out agros grow . he has a nice homemade set up you could copy..or if you can buy a bigger hps or mh light ..400 watt would be good or a 600 watt ..a little more cost in running those tho and you would need to have a good air circulation going on ..and that means an exhuast running to replace the hot air in the tent with fresh air..but you should already be running a exhuast anyways that does that.. ..
  9. i wouldnt top them now that you have them in flowering ..it should take around 8 weeks depending on strain and the amount of lite they get while the lights are on ..you may want to add more lites to them now ..you dont want to skimp on sunshine when growing indoors ..the more lite they get the better the buds should be in thickness and potancy ..i see you have leds running and a couple bulbs running ..cfl's or led lites will work but you want to give them alot of lumens ...the more the better ..
  10. DWC

    like lab said nute burn will be seen in burnt tips and edges of the leafs ..ph swing will be seen in twisting and pinching in the leafs ..a pictures worth a thousand words.. when growing in dwc you want to go slow with everything ..a ph level should be in range and not have big swings in it ..how often are you changing out your rez and how high are your nutes ..the thing to keep in mind when growing dwc is that any little change has to be done over a period of time ..if you ph your buckets and deside they are to high or to low , you need to change them slowly or you'll have trouble ..the same is true with feedings ..you dont want to jump to high on nutes . its a slow process and should be done slow over time ..dwc the plants are taking everything in from the water and it takes everything in fast . so we need to slow that down by giving lighter nute mixes until they can handle them .. a good ph pen is a must ..a good ppm pen isd also best to have on hand ..you are the keeper of all the plants needs ..unlike soil growing were the plants take everything as needed ..in water its all availible right away .. hope that wasnt to confuising..lol..
  11. looking great sassy..with them growing fast and with so much time before you can put them outdoors. maybe a good time to top and start the cuttings ..also a bigger yeild at the harvest ..start super croping now and you should be able to have them huge by harvest ..by the time you get them outdoors they will be 5 ft tall at this rate ..lol keep your lights close to slow the stretching . but i would bet you'll still have alot of growing outdoors ..hope none of them start flowering on you before you get them outdoors ..some auto flowers may once they get so tall ..i've had seedlings grown indoors go straight to flowering that were auto's ..they can be touchy... i would be intrested in seeing how that landrace grows ..i was just looking up landrace vids that the cannabis king had on vice ..also known as the strainhunters..they show grows of landrace with 40 to 50 thousand plants in them ..really makes me wounder how many more strains of mj there are out there that folks like us have never heard of before .. i had been looking for some old strains we used to get back in the 70's .columbian gold, panama red ..seeds from those older strains are hard to find that can be sent to the usa..i did finds some outlets in ontario just over the boarder from me in niagra falls ..i may have to make a trip to cananda and mail some to my self .. this time of yr when everyones started their grows and waiting to get them outdoors , can be alot like the old ketchup commercial ..anticipation is keeping us waiting ..lol good luck ..stay safe .. weedmen
  12. i agree with lab ..its up to you ..take in to consideration the space you have and ability to get enough light to all areas..it sounds like a big deal to new growers but its just a way of making more from a plant that normal growth makes it look like a christmas tree ..when you start lsting or toping or fiming you change the growth patterns of the plant ..causing them to grow more branches that in turn causes more bud sites ..and who doesnt want more buds ..lol
  13. yeah i'd be intrested in that info as well ..
  14. welcome ..you'll find tons of great growing info here ..i have some critical growing right now ..been a yr growing that strain and a few others ..you should really enjoy the flavor and the buzz.. good luck.. weedmen
  15. yeah i run a tent indoors as well ..sounds like you have a handle on things so far .. not sure when you say your lites are blue and red . you must be talking about spectrum and not that you are running a blue light bulb and a red light bulb ..right ..lol other then that , its like everything should be ok ..you might want to invest in a better lighting system but cfl's will work ..you just might not get the results you are hoping for in your finished product.. not that it will effect the potantcy but it may effect the yield..you will want to get as much light to them as you can ..never skimp on their sunshine ..exspecialy when growing indoors..i use cfl's ..400 watts to veg under till they are 18 inches tall then i put them in my tent and they get a 1000 watts of hps or mh ..at 12/12 .. that means they are getting 12 hrs with the light on and 12 with it off.. they will stretch till they are about 36 inches tall as they start the budding process.. huh .. i am growing critical right now ..i just threw my mom plant of it in to bud ..i just received a new order of beans so the old strains i have had the last yr are on their way out..criticals a good strain ..alot of commercial growers grow that strain .. well good luck ..if you have any questions for me by all means ask away ..i'll try and help ya if i can .. weedmen