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  1. i see old recipes and how often i would visit my outdoor grows ..feeding reg and pest control..some are outdoors and some are both..crazy ideas in some of the ferts i used ..teabags and coffee grounds ..lol..i used to spay bugs with shampoo with cig butts juice ...must have work somewhat ..i see the next entry as saying the long rain we had made them jump up ..i used to clean out attics and take all the bat guano from them for tea ..lol..
  2. i write everything in a calander..i have them from some pretty old grows going back 20 yrs or more..
  3. i hear ya ..remember the days when you would have 3 pages of comments or post of folks coming by ..every day there was new folks showing up and starting their own grows , asking questions and dreaming of a huge harvest ..lol..sorry a little melancholy these days ..haha... looking forward to see your updates ..
  4. funny how the yrs catch up to us ..one day we are just young in every way , the next we are just young in mind..stay young in mind .. i think its all we have left ..lol i'll be watching for your updates ..
  5. i see the west side is drenched in high temps ..you and the girls stay hydrated..oh how we long for the dog days of summer in dec and feb ..lol..looking good buddy ..i am always just over here and peeking in to see how you are doing ..stay safe and red in the eyes ..
  6. great job sassy ..looks like a pro came in and did it ..oh wait , you are a pro ..keep up the great work ..as always a pleasure to see your grows ..
  7. almost july already ..looks like another wonderful season on grow-wizzard farm..always keeping true to the craft of growing ..way to go bro ..the girls are all looking great ..
  8. nice to see you are still at it ..ics..slow but still kicking this place is ..not many of us left ..the worlds changing about cannabis and who would have thought we would ever see legal weed in our life time ..stay healthy grow old with red eyes brother ..
  9. all eyes buddy ..liking the fence added this yr ..i seen you mention you had trouble witrh some animals getting after them ..ground scrog .. lol.. stay happy and high my old friend .. always a pleasure watching you do your thing in the great outdoors..
  10. i have to admit my recipe is much better for outdoor growing then indoors ..i do tend to see a little early yellowing when in budding indoors...my yields are no were near were i would hope either ...i have noticed some leathery leafs the last few runs, but started to change my additives to add tomatoe nute that i seen frmgirl had been using and am just on my first run with it ..jobes organic tomatoe i think its called .. my bud sizes are much larger at this stage then in the past ..i had better yields when using the guano and much larger bud size as well ..and less yellowing early on in flowering.. the guano i used was a box set of 4 diffrent guanos ..it had two for flowering and 2 for vegging..i never used anything in replacement of the guano when i stopped using it ..i no i should have , but i just went with a tea of the additives i used in the soil and bubbled it for 24 hrs before use..i did use a little more of the bone meal as a top dressing about 2 weeks into budding .. my buds are dense just not large as you would think .. i no others on here use the biochar . i just havent gone that way yet my self ..i should makes some and use it in my mix . my wife took sick after a car accident and i have been pretty busy tending to her so i havent been as attentive to things as i should lately ..dont let anyone tell you growing old is easy ..lol..it kiicks the shit out of ya every day ..lol.. urine i used to put around my gorilla grows back in the day . but it was more to keep deer away ..not sure how the smell would be in my house as a growing mix or tea.. i really have know exsperance with coco other then what i mentioned above ..but it does seem the mix of the two as a growing medium would make sense in a large grow or commercial setting ..i dont no anyone who uses ground soil indoors anymore ... thanks for the info as always ..
  11. always great info in your posted ..i too use sunshine mix#4..i do amend with bloodmeal,bone meal, castings, kelp meal and have just started adding the crustacean meal ...as per one of your earlyer post ..so far so good everything seems to be running well with this recipe ..i was shown this by an old hippie back in the 70's and have used it ever since ..just tweeked in amounts of additives to fit my indoor grows..i have used alot of guanos teas in the past but the dust from that stuff really messed with my breathing even with using a mask .. sunshine mix is a peat based soiless mix with , dolomite,paralit,vermiculite ..its very common in greenhouse use .. the coco coir , there used to be a few folks on here that used it. i was talking to my guy at the green house i go to and he was telling me that peat moss is starting to run out and that there is a limit on how much would be availible in the future and that was why folks were switching over to coco coir ..i never new there was a chance peat would ever run out . i just assumed it was dead trees that has just broken down over time ..anyways it turns out that canada has more peatmoss then the world could ever use ..but the switch to coco coir was born out of the idea that peat moss was not a renewable resource ..lol.. sorry hope i didnt take everyone off topic.. i think the recipe looks great ..the amount of money it would take to use in a greenhouse setting is bit much for most but then most of us are not filling greenhouses and we are just personel growers ..i am sure this could be brought into range for a small growers in amounts bought of each ammendment... this being made on a commercial size grow it would be a great super soil mix .. i always learn something new from your post...i always have to look stuff up to know what a certain thing is , like neem cake meal ..thats the first time i've ever heard of it ..thanks for teaching this old dog ..sometime i have to dust off that part of my brain..lol
  12. welcome to cc..hope you can find what you are looking for ..you are the first person i no that has come to join us from china..again welcome ..
  13. welcome to cc ..the wife and i just got our passports ..not sure i could get her on a plane ride that long ..but the fields of green look wounderful..i always dreams of a field full of weed ..and i always love the smell and taste of hash ..but then who doesnt ..lol
  14. once your seedlings break the top of the soil and have round leafs ..put a light blowing fan on them to keep the air moving around them so they wont damp off ..when moving plants from one type of lighting or from indoors to outdoors , you want to harden them up by slowly introducing them to the new areas ..so if you are moving them outdoors .. set them in a shady place the first couple days and bring them in at night ..on about the 2 or 3rd day you can leave them out all night ..but make sure they have something to protect them from cool night air or frost ..nothing goes outdoors till after last frost .. it sounds like the trouble you had was with damping off ..so a fan must be used to move air .. just guess here ..
  15. you should harden the plants up when moving from indoors to outdoors..that means you should put them out a cpl days durring the day and bring them in at night unless you can cover them at night outdoors to protect them..this gets them used to being outdoors and makes them hearty ..it cuts back on the stress as well .. i agree with both statements made above by gw and sassy..both are very good outdoor growers and you should take any advice they give ..