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  1. https://www.thestar.com/news/cannabis/2018/07/26/doug-ford-set-to-privatize-legal-cannabis-sales-reports-say.html This seems like a good thing.
  2. Well it appears as tho Toronto and the rest of Ontario will be allowed to sell cannabis through private dispensaries. Premier Doug Ford to dispose of former Premier Kathleen Wynes plan of LCBO run monopoly of Cannabis stores. Although it will most likely only be legally sourced cannabis from licensed producers. Here is the article https://www.thestar.com/news/cannabis/2018/07/26/doug-ford-set-to-privatize-legal-cannabis-sales-reports-say.html
  3. Or just do what I do and just don't go to the states ever. Conservatives are out of touch with the wants of the people.
  4. Agreed Shadey lol I just wanna see someone compete with these big Canadian companies. May seem un Canadian but these big LP growers are not like you and I. And in many ways have lobbied govt for a restriction to our freedoms. Especially in the realm of home growing and designated growing many of these large producers lobbied to have home growing shut down which resulted in the Allard case and the resulting ACMPR. I personally I am wanting to see competition for these licensed producers. They should not have an easy ride in Canada nor on the world stage. Id personally like to see more than a few of them go bankrupt when the bubble bursts and people find out their stocks are not worth jack shit.
  5. True but I have heard that Holland is in the midst of a grow trial. To figure out if the country will allow large grows to supply coffee shops. I believe if these large dutch greenhouse growers ever get licenses to grow for export Canada may have some competition. Not to mention Columbia's ambition to supply the rest of the world. It will come down to quality and price.
  6. With grows that size all these LPs are on a race to the bottom. They will tank the industry flood the market with low quality inferior mass produced bud and prices will plummet. And at the end of the day the mom and pop growers will come out on top as the true champions of this industry.
  7. This makes no sense to go after Gypsy Nirvana seeds are legal in his country. The only way they can extradite him is the seeds must be illegal in both countries. At least that is what I gathered from the article Marc did on cannabisculture.com about the legality of seeds in Canada. Besides the USA has many seed companies so going after the foreign seed sellers really makes a lot of sense.It makes for bigger headlines to bring down an international seed seller rather then the seed companies in your own country operating right under your own nose. This only goes to show how hostile that USA govt is against cannabis and soon enough they will be targeting their own cannabis industry. I hope not I hope they just drop this tyrannical war on cannabis! Heres hoping that Gypsy Nirvana can beat these ludicrous charges.
  8. highroller

    Dark web drugs

    Shadey not to mention big ag. Didn't GW pharmaceuticals recently sell to Bayer? Bayer of course being owned by Monsanto.
  9. I was inspired by Dana Larsens book green buds and hash. And although Christmas has passed I thought this would be fun and inspiring for the people of Toronto and Ontario. The Ballad Of Mayor Grinch Tory: There once was a Grinch Mayor named John Tory Although it is 2018 and Justin Trudeau seeks legalization glory In Toronto there is another story, the story of Mayor Grinch Tory He learned of TAX Dollars and things to be had like a new transit system and bike lanes on Bloor Every night his head would swirl with greed! All we must do is steal the weed industry indeed He said with a Hiss Once we legalize it all others will see that all other weed is not from LPs, Proceeds of crime not for patients in need I must shutdown the bud tenders and growers for I need TAX dollars not peaceful pot lovers He called on Bill Blair and Chief Mark Saunders and Judges We'll send the Toronto PD to shut down these peaceful pot sellers. All across the city police they kept sending Dispensaries would close down and then would re-open I DO NOT UNDERSTAND said Mayor Grinch Tory I stole their edibles, their Budders their Hashes Their Distillate Flowers and Waxes Shatter, Chrontella and cash stashes Still 420 is coming the people will gather! Legalization is a SCAM their voices are shouting! Lets help the Mayors Grinch heart grow a few sizes this 420 MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD! SAY NO TO THE ONTARIO GOVERNMENTS POT MONOPOLY!!!! Tell your Ontario MP and government officials: Dispensaries Growers/Suppliers and Lounges have a place in the city of Toronto and in the Province of Ontario
  10. Shadey I will have to check out your GrowFile. I will check out Otto as well LabRat.
  11. Well I am soon gonna be growing Candida a 20:1 cbd to thc strain and I plan on making CBD oil as well as edibles with it. And 100% agree the doctors don't fix anything they band aid and only further health problems. I know because Im only 32 and with the shit Ive been through with doctors shit man Im telling you they can turn into MAD scientists pretty quick with the amount of pharmaceutical cocktails they wanna put you on. They can get out of hand quick if ya let em. Then next thing ya know your sitting in the corner drooling watching re runs of the price is right day in day out. LOL! Not to mention the bonus doctors get from signing prescriptions all the time. Many doctors make big bucks off your illness sad but true!
  12. True I have heard of that as well. But from what Im hearing if the chem trails and Monsanto dont git ya the Ai robots will. The future looks unfriendly.
  13. Well said lab rat! I myself have been on a quest for good health for over a year now. Going as far as drinking Kombucha a natural health drink and drinking milk keefer smoothies those two things have made my acid reflux go away on its own no need for acid reflux medication anymore. Also grow two large veggie gardens every summer over 4000 sq feet and am growing micro greens they are very healthy. Right now I am working on taking a daily CBD regiment of CBD oil for my Bi-polar and feel like I finally have my life back no anxiety anymore and no mood swings or delusions. I want to get off these horrible anti psychotic injections I am on but I am still waiting to hear more studies on CBD as a full replacement for anti psychotics. Current studies are now proving CBD efficacy for treating Bi-Polar and Schizophrenia as well as PTSD. As for THC affecting mental health I simply do not believe that as I smoke it all the time and have seen no adverse effects other than the positive. This article seems like the doctors last ditch effort to save their paychecks. I must read the books you mentioned.
  14. 100% Agree with you Shadey growing your own is so much more empowering. Therapeutic as well.

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