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  1. Too bad we can't legally prevent anyone who opposed cannabis under prohibition from now profiting from our efforts to end prohibition and the risks we took to keep cannabis cultivated and developing during prohibition. Seriously, they should NOT get to pad their nests both by locking us up AND then by selling to us. I know this is beyond the energy of your typical stoner (some might argue, but I find trying to rouse this particular crowd into action is a bit like pulling teeth, most of the progress seems to come from a few very active individuals), but any new cannabis business should be investigated and then boycotted very publicly if anyone involved with it used to profit by persecuting us.
  2. spectralmagic

    Anybody know what type of insects these are?

    No wings or wing cases or even vestigial ones, so probably not a beetle... weevil was my first thought too but I spent two hours searching last night and came up with nothing. It looks more mite-like... absolutely convinced I've seen this critter in the nature documentaries Life in the Undergrowth or perhaps Micro Monsters... πŸ˜„ I'd almost say squash bug, but the thorax is flatter and not as jointed, ditto for the head... Probably a pest and not a hunter, would be my guess. Safest bet anyway. The leaf damage looks like it's from a sucking insect, not a chewing one. If I hadn't seen the bugs I'd almost say the damage looked like it was from thrips... almost... not quite track-like enough. Perhaps a lot of piercing by mouth parts in a pattern close together made those patches. Although, yeah, as Grow_Wizzard suggests, *could* be unseen mites underneath those leaves... best to check.
  3. spectralmagic

    Help! Male or female plants?

    I've infused butter using males. Medically useful, but if you're looking for a high, there's not so much. Could also just be the males I've tried, I've heard THC concentrations can range from under 1% to 4% in the leaves. There's CBD too but can't recall stats. I would sometimes bake brownies, replacing entire cups of flour with cannabis leaf flour (a super fine grind powder) for a 1:1 ratio of cannabis flour to wheat flour (about as high a ratio you can have and still have the texture of a brownie), 2-3 squares of that would see me through the day, heh... πŸ™‚
  4. My favourite cafe uses two approaches... 1. Weekdays after 5PM and weekends, the health inspector is off the clock soooo, light up, but cannabis only, even blunt wraps are kind of frowned upon a bit these days... about 2-3 years ago we could still vaporize before 5PM but then they put a stop to that too. At least, the health inspector being off the clock was how it was once explained to me, I don't know if that's really what's going on. 2. Weekdays before 5PM, head downstairs to their "private club" (membership costs $5 for the hour, heh). Apparently somewhat different rules apply in that situation, so combustion is allowed all day, any day. That cafe keeps adapting to stay afloat, I find its history somewhat fascinating... prior to 2005 I don't really know much about it, I first started going there then. The downstairs hadn't been opened up yet for customer use, the vapor bar on the main floor didn't exist yet, there was a full kitchen in the back, and there was a smoking room / fishbowl for tobacco smoking or for smoking cannabis before 4:20PM on weekdays... and the front of the cafe was seating instead of empty space... one by one all those things changed... first they took out the smoking room due to changing health codes and made it into more retail space, bumped the ash-trays-out time to 5PM, took out most of the kitchen to make room for the vapour bar (people weren't ordering much real food anyway), took the seating out from the front of the cafe because the city didn't like how visible the cannabis consumption was to the public, and then finally opened up the downstairs, made quite a nice lounge down there, but recently took out the couches to put in tables, higher-density seating with rising demand. As most people only buy the $2 minimum to stay there, and some don't even do that despite the rules, I've often wondered how they keep the place so well maintained and updated.
  5. My stress level doubled every time I brought cannabis into Alberta with me when visiting relatives, because I'd heard sooo many horror stories about how they discriminate against cannabis users in particular there, and now this? Wow. If only those relatives hadn't entirely cut themselves off from the extended family back in 2017, I might have had an excuse to go to Alberta and check this out... (they actually started by cutting me off, nobody could understand why so assumed I'd done something wrong and it wasn't just that couple going strange in the sticks, but then in 2017 they topped what they did to me, big-time terrorized other relatives of mine, people who hear the story can't quite believe it, what is it about everyone I know who's moved to Alberta, they eventually alienate everyone they used to know in BC and make friends with thugs with vicious dogs? Is it fumes from the tar patch or just the insane winters? And before Albertans get on my case, this seems to be mostly a problem for BCers who move there, people who are used to Alberta actually seem rather nice, so long as I hide certain aspects of myself anyway) Anyway, now with legal weed in their own local stores, those relatives have one less reason to consider me a degenerate, heh... it's now just like the booze they love! πŸ˜„
  6. Anyone heard of perovskite semiconductors? They get their name from perovskite crystals that have a specific cage-like structure, but aren't made from that actual mineral, they just borrow that structure. They're making leaps and bounds with them, and I mention them here because we might one day be using them for lighting, whereas current LED technology maxes out at around 50% efficiency (and the most efficient brands are close to that, 43% say), perovskite light emitters could reach 60-80%. So, in practical terms, double the lumens per watt of today's best cutting-edge LEDs. That'll probably be it though in terms of new developments (unless different/cheaper materials are found that can do the same job), there are practical limits to how many lumens you can get out of a watt and perovskite light emitters would come very close. So far they're mostly focusing on the light-harvesting aspect, perovskite solar cells. They're up to 22% efficiency already, remarkable as they've only been working on them for a fraction of the time that silicon solar cells have been in production. A single layer, on its own, could reach 31%... but in tandem with silicon it could get even higher, the idea being that the perovskite layer harvests the wavelengths it can most efficiently harvest, and the bottom silicon layer harvests the longer wavelengths it can most efficiently harvest. They have this working at 23%... only 1% better than perovskite alone but still early stages. And I love how they describe these.... "metal halide perovskite semiconductor" heh heh... although it's not the same metal as in our MH lights, it's lead... that's the one big drawback, we don't yet live in a world where every last one of these would get recycled fully at end of life... another drawback is if any moisture gets in somehow, game over. But there are sensors in smartphones that have the same sensitivity and they found a way to protect those despite being in sweaty shaky pockets. Anyway, anyone who wants to kill some time on a Google birdwalk, more here πŸ™‚ : https://www.google.ca/search?q=Perovskite+semiconductors
  7. spectralmagic

    What direction to head in now?

    That 4-plant limit, if I had to flower after only two months of veg, I think I'm looking at less than an ounce per month... want to get as close to 2oz/mo as I can. πŸ˜‰ I guess I'd be implementing something like a rotating SCROG (rotation of place, not actual physical rotation, heh)... I'm getting some ideas too from that link perhaps, thanks.
  8. spectralmagic

    Help! Male or female plants?

    In all but one of the photos there aren't any visible flowers, what you're seeing on the nodes are... bracts? I think they're called bracts. Not-quite-leaves. In the third photo is an immature flower, hardly able to distinguish yet, but I'd almost be willing to bet it's male... has that ballsy look to it... female flowers, even when that small, can already have that vase look to them. Edit: Oh right, LabRat says as much and more. πŸ™‚ You have a few days at least before any males are a risk, they'll become a lot more obvious in that time.
  9. Anecdotal, but my mother is still alive, and still motoring along. She did inherit her father's Type II diabetes but is so far controlling it through diet and exercise alone (her doctor wouldn't believe it at first, had her on about 3 different meds, threatened to stop seeing her if she didn't comply but after several months it became apparent that a patient *can* change their lifestyle instead of using pills, it wasn't a fluke). Despite a number of physical issues that date back decades, she was somehow in better shape than my Dad for the last several years, and I think it's all the gardening that does it. Exercise, fresh veggies, and D vitamins. Oh, and how many 75-year-olds are still learning new computer tricks (remember that she'd only seen electricity for about 10 years before marrying)? She sometimes awes her friends. πŸ™‚
  10. Ah, the ol' squamous cell carcinoma... I have to get another one of those removed I think... legs too, eh? Why the legs, mine are always covered with pants, well almost... I don't burn though. Just keep tanning until autumn arrives... I read somewhere that even at UK latitudes (it was a UK magazine) a Caucasian gets enough D through face and forearms after about 20 minutes. Can't recall if that was an average or in summer... My father died through a series of unfortunate events, the end result of treating patients like assembly-line parts instead of actually listening to them... one thing that turned up shortly before his death, because his ribs kept rebreaking after his heart valve replacement, was he was deficient in D. And you know, his mind was kind of going too... definite signs of early Alzheimer's so maybe it was a mercy that pancreatic cancer got him, I dunno, he thought so (well... technically it was suffocation from rocuronium, our government legalized euthanasia and allows suffocation from paralysis as the way out? seriously? I tried to warn him what he was in for, but he didn't want to rock the boat... when my time comes it's gonna be inert gas, breathe free and easy right until the heart stops, survivors of accidents involving inert gas say it's like the ultimate booze-up).
  11. I wonder if they get something added to them to make D3, like how D1 and D2 are made from cholesterol? And, yeah, D3 tablets are cheap, but don't include the other Ds (although I can't find a definitive answer on whether or not a healthy person needs all three or can the body adapt the one to the others), or cholesterol sulphate. Although D1 and D2 tablets exist too I think, heh... Fascinating find on that MCT oil. I need to look into that. But I'm still going to be keeping an eye out for sources a little closer to home... πŸ˜‰
  12. Nice original write-up. πŸ™‚ Method of ingestion can affect the ratios... I've heard tell that CBD can partially convert to THC in the digestive tract (like 1-2%), vaping/smoking would avoid that. Heh, or hooping... Every time I get my hands on something high-CBD I seem to benefit, but haven't had consistent access to it yet...
  13. It's checking blood levels via saliva, so yeah, eaten, smoked, hooped... I kind of want one of those gadgets to play around with. THC in the blood is mostly bound to proteins... and we all know it loves fat... I wonder if one could game the gadget through diet in the hours preceding... ...conversely it could read falsely high levels (whatever "true" levels would be) through circumstance of diet or exercise. What a mess. And this completely ignores tolerance.
  14. spectralmagic

    LED light burn?

    Yep, and I don't know if leaves actually take in much elemental sulphur. Soil guarantees it.
  15. My understanding is that the medium-chain fatty acids aren't unique to coconuts, they just have a higher concentration than normal. I'm searching to see what else does too... besides sea life... olives seem to on first search, might partly explain the benefits of the Mediterranean diet... D3 isn't found in plants (unless I'm totally missing it, if you know for sure can you link me?)... seeing it listed in all sorts of animals... even mushrooms... no plant sources though. Are you sure the omega-3s aren't actually precursors to D3? Like how beta-carotene is a precursor to vitamin A?

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