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  1. rootbound

    Cannabis culture, how I've missed thee!

    Excellent leads frmrgrl. Thank you very much! I remember you from days apparently past. Always concise, informative information. Botanist if I remember correctly?
  2. rootbound


    I agree with the others on probable nute burn, however I thought it worth mentioning, I have had issues before in dwc where the leaves appeared bubbly (to plump if that makes any since) and it turned out my res level was to high. Contrary to logic, the root system needs air to, and the easiest way to provide it is keeping your res level in the sweet spot. To get it there I would always run the res with bubblers and mark the spot on the side where my water level was. Come back later and see where the moisture stops on the side of the res and then I would know how far above the water level was getting wet. The bubbles from the bubblers pop at the top of the res and send a nice airy shower farther than you would expect and that's plenty of moisture as far as the plants are concerned, and it helps avoid the oversaturation issues. Just a little jewel of info I wish someone would have given me when I first started dwc.
  3. rootbound

    Cannabis culture, how I've missed thee!

    I see, well that's quite a buzz KILL. We used to have such an awesome community. Any ideas where the green grass of these other pastures is currently growing? Lol. Seems as though I might have to look into getting some decent beans via mail order. Anyone have any suggestions of reputable vendors that will ship to the states?... I have been looking at nirvana (I use to grow a lot of white widow hybrids with awesome results) and am fairly interested in their papaya. Anyone have any insight?... want a fairly couch lock indica Also, need a source for soma seeds. Always wanted to try a cross with their rock bud, but never could find a source for legit soma beans that would ship to me
  4. rootbound

    Any of the old folks still around?

    I feel you guys. Been a long time for me as well, however, I plan on being back for a while. Don't see any of my old click in here unfortunately, although, I do remember a couple of you.
  5. Hello all, I've been away from the forums for quite a while due to life changing events and whatnot (marriage, children, purchasing a house, work, etc. etc.). But, man, I missed it horribly! Also miss the grow!!! Would like to get back in the game now that I have a suitable location. Was gonna see if any of my old friends are still lurking around and could help a brother out with some genetics... or at least point me to some good ones. Haven't kept up with my strains throughout my leave unfortunately.
  6. rootbound

    Trimming Fan Leaves While flowering

    My experience has shown the same. Also, I could be mistaken, but I always thought trichrome production was more influenced by humidity changes. Lower humidity produces more trichromes...
  7. rootbound

    Lights Going Out ...

    After thinking about it, my biggest concern with this is that it would mess up the times on your timer. Mine have a battery in them that helps them keep current time, so I don't have to worry about it as much. But, if you are running the cheap timers that don't have this, keep in mind that the timer it's self is dropping back everytime the lights go out. If that is the case, you definately need to correct it back everytime this happens, otherwise your light cycle will slowly migrate to later and later in the day.
  8. rootbound

    Lights Going Out ...

    I could be wrong, but I don't believe interupting the light cycle with darkness is going to hurt you. Especially if it's only ten minutes at a time. Interupting the dark cycle with light, on the other hand, will cause hermies. I definately wouldnt leave the lights out until the next light cycle if the power only went out for ten minutes, if it were me anyways. I imagine in the wild plants get extra darkness all the time because of thick cloud cover and such. All that being said, I could be wrong. I haven't had the chance to experiment with light and dark cycles as much as I should or even want to in quite some time. So, a second opinion wouldn't hurt. This is just what makes since to me.
  9. rootbound

    LED lighting on trial

    Yeah, you say that.....but you aren't sittin in the middle of the floor looking at 1000 uv leds that all have to be hand soldered. God Loki, this is gonna take for ever. I think I'm gonna make 8 panels. 4 for each tent. 1 for each wall of each tent. 125 leds per panel.
  10. rootbound

    LED lighting on trial

    yeah I meant LEDs.....I'm an idiot....
  11. rootbound

    LED lighting on trial

    Wow, that's turning out pretty nice cali......where did you get the diamond plastic stuff? And what kind of leads are those?....they look huge
  12. rootbound

    LED lighting on trial

    Originally Posted By: SweetBabyLeaf This post is stupid just let everyone make their own... waist of time reading nothing. exactly the type of post I was refering to....
  13. rootbound

    LED lighting on trial

    I am really interested in where this thread will take us. The only problem I foresee is that I have yet to see a post about a LED grow where someone didn't pop in just to tell the grower or those having a discussion that you can't grow plants with LEDs or that LEDs are for retards or some stupid crap like that. This is a thread for those that DO grow with leds and are experimenting with the LEDs to come and show their progress and to exchange ideas. Let's let those people do so while keeping the BS to a minimum please.

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