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  1. Its fucking bullshit. I was so happy when they dropped the price. Then I got my first order after the price drop. Tiny shake sized buds and now a shipping fee.
  2. I bet Bedrocans Price drop was directly related to this. I have a bad feeling.
  3. http://www.ctvnews.ca/health/judge-to-decide-if-medical-marijuana-patients-can-grow-their-own-1.2790438
  4. Bradleyson

    first time smoking Weed ruined my life

    Might be sugar related? After you smoke weed your sugar levels drop. If you work out a lot maybe you should eat after a workout and then wait an hour or so and then smoke? Or just dont smoke weed if you think its related. But you should go to your doctor and ask him cause none of us are doctors Good Luck dude!

    1. LabRat


      About figgin' time eh!

  6. http://www.straight.com/news/433456/new-group-conservative-politicians-ignores-stephen-harper-and-pushes-marijuana
  7. https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/savesunnyvale?source=feed_text&story_id=834047783341601 The Nova Scotia government is cutting the film industry tax credit. This will end filming for the Trailer Park Boys in Nova Scotia. PLEASE Email [email protected] [email protected] and tell them not to cut the film industry tax credit!!!! PLEASE!!!! Save Sunnyvale!!
  8. Bradleyson

    mmar patient

    I had similar questions and called the number on my lisence. I was told that i was still legal and my lisence was still valid. I could move and my lisence would still be valid. I doubt very much that you would be aloud to change DG's tho because the address AND name would be different. I would stay with your current DG. You can always call the # on the lisence and ask. They were very helpful to me and took away any fears i had. Bradleyson
  9. Poor guy. Marijuana is generally safe but i have seen people with underlying mental illness deteriorate with marijuana use. It sucks that he didn't read the label and ate way too much. For me, eating Marijuana results in a much stronger more intense high that is different than if i had smoked it. Its was a psychological high and I hated it. I felt very anxious and disconnected. I could only imagine if i ate 5 times what i did... It's sad his mother is blaming marijuana and not the gun laws or the fact that he didn't read the label. I hope this results in edibles being sold individually or information on the affect of eating it, with information on the front. If you use pot and you can feel your personality is changing or have psychotic episodes, please stop. Marijuana is not for everyone.
  10. Bradleyson

    First time smoking weed bad trip!

    How dare I leave my opinion and piss agains the wind of the all mighty right?? my apologies your royalty... Gee wonder why nobody likes posting here anymore......?
  11. Bradleyson

    First time smoking weed bad trip!

    I mean the high is different. Its usually more calm and clear headed than the bud it was made from. I chose to say different cannabinoid makeup because thats what it is... different things make cannabiniods change. Heat, water, age, curing as a concentrate.. just as it ages it oxidieses and thc turns into cbn. not too sure how i was wrong seeing how its just my opinion but i know i can always rely on doobie giving me his in every single comment or post i make...
  12. Bradleyson

    First time smoking weed bad trip!

    Yes. in short, hash has a different cannabinoid makeup than weed. Most kush is hybrid and has a quick sativa rush before you mellow out on the indica. unfortunatly, the sativa also can cause anxiety and panic attacks to people not used to that weed. I dont think it was the weed that did that directly, i would say you got really stoned and had a panic attack or "greened out" as i have heard it called. You will get used to it. The bong prolly didnt help either.
  13. Looging for a cheap broken volcano digit for parts. I know this is a long shot because they dont break but whatever.

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