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  1. What Happened to American Cannabis Activists?

    there is still a lot of activism here in oregon. people like madeline martinez and paul stanford are still working hard to make cannabis legal at the federal level.
  2. the "old skool" rollcall....

    life is good. started taking some machine shop classes at the local community college for personal enrichment. working full time, school part time. i'm half way through the first year's course work. (it took me 2 years to get here) :-) man it's been fun. i don't ever remember having this much fun in a class. the shop work is my favorite. the smell of the oil, the powder soap in the huge sink reminds me of grade school shop class. i'm entertaining the idea of some part time work in a machine shop during the summer. my guidance councilor thinks i will have no trouble getting a spot somewhere. it would be nice to get some real hands on experience. the work would bring the stuff i'm reading about to life. we'll see. i will have to quit smoking for a while before summer time. some shops still require a pre-employment drug screen. even here in Oregon there are some shops still drug testing. it won't be a big deal, i don't smoke very often anyway. i just recently binge watched Rick and Morty. holy cow that show is good. i was looking for a new show to watch since i finished all the futurama episodes on netflix. in a nutshell that's what's happening here. hope things are well with you labrat. take care man.
  3. New Member

    i wish i could out myself. but even where i live, recreational/medical legal state, it is too risky for me to come out.
  4. i hear some crazy stories regarding edibles. some people have some intense anxiety attacks. it is why i never tried them. i want to enjoy myself not wonder if my heart will stop beating.
  5. the "old skool" rollcall....

    not sure if i am eligible to call myself "old school" just wanted to say hello to you all here on the forums. i'm still around..... life just gets busy. i hope to post more in the near future. this was once a busy forum. i hope to see it come back again.
  6. hp lovecraft film festival

    this weekend is the 2016 HPLovecraft film festival!! woohoo!
  7. Weed and Meditating

    porn is okay from time to time but.... i feel excessive porn viewing destroys the imagination.
  8. Weed and Meditating

    i've always had a tough time meditating. i can never "clear" my mind enough to get to the meditative state.
  9. How goes???

    i was hoping there would be an uptick in member posts when the state legalization began to happen. i've visited other websites. high times pot heads skunk this forum and the cannabis culture organization is still the top of the bunch.
  10. blending your flowers

    crap i typed that out wrong. i meant to write... my idea for a recipe for a 1 gram mixture of flower. i must have had ounce on my mind.
  11. this online quiz aligns your answers to the candidate that best represents your point of view. http://www.isidewith.com/ mine ended up: Bernie Sanders 82% Jill Stein 79% the rest dropped off dramatically i'm surprised by the bernie sanders result but not surprised by the jill stein result.
  12. Welcome to our American friends!

    try starting a thread in socializing lounge. see how it goes. if the interest is there.... who knows? i'm not a moderator or anything but the idea seems good enough to try. welcome to cannabis culture.
  13. david gilmour =purple rain

    damn! the guy can play.
  14. ozone generator

    the room i blasted still smells fresh. man i am happy i picked up the ozone generator. amazing little device.
  15. Meanwhile, smoking a bowl after vaping for 3 weeks..!

    for me, soda was the toughest for me to quit. i used to drink a two liter or more a day. (mountain dew) the first week was head ache city the second was bad but not quite as bad as the first the third week was much better. by week four my body felt normal again. now the rare time i drink a soda (8oz) it's a treat. for me, flowers are still more enjoyable than vaporizing. i like the feel of the buds, the smell of the jar when i open it, the look of the nuggets, the socializing is also more fun with flowers. perfection would be 1:1 CBD:THC.