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  1. blue skies

    Cleaning hand pipes

    boiling works but be careful, the kitchen will smell like old yucky weed residue. you still have to use a cotton swab or pipe cleaner to get the inside clean. i get long stem swabs and pipe cleaner from amazon.
  2. blue skies

    Custom bong with name on it

    i had the same thought. i didn't realize we could get them engraved. good info, going to have to look into it locally.
  3. i'd love to try a full spectrum cartridge. i own two of this style of "pen vapes". they are convenient and clean to use. the ones that have a heating coil where you place the wax is messy and time consuming when compared to the vape pen. i like the Co2 extracted oils. they just seem cleaner. i don't have any evidence to back this opinion up. the taste and clarity of the Co2 oil is very nice. i'm always on the look out for CBD:THC oils. for me, the holy grail of pen vape oil is an indica 1:1 extract. dream inducing smoke. :-)
  4. blue skies

    Grinder recommendations

    Gbuds: life just gets busy sometimes. i still read here from time to time. just not as active a poster as i once was. labrat: thanks for the info man. i bet i can find that grinder at bed, bath and beyond. maybe even use the 25% coupon too. :-)
  5. blue skies

    Grinder recommendations

    hi labrat, what is the name of the grinder? i wouldn't mind picking one up. it looks like fun
  6. until legalization is made at the federal level, we will continue to experience events like this.
  7. https://www.leafly.com/news/politics/surrender-your-guns-police-tell-hawaiian-medical-marijuana-patients http://www.civilbeat.org/2017/11/honolulu-police-tell-medical-marijuana-patients-to-give-up-their-guns/ Honolulu Police Tell Medical Marijuana Patients To Give Up Their Guns The Honolulu Police Department is sending letters to medical marijuana patients asking them to surrender their guns. “If you currently own or have firearms, you have 30 days upon receipt of this letter to voluntarily surrender your firearms, permit, and ammunition to the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) or otherwise transfer ownership,” says one letter dated Nov. 13 and signed by new Police Chief Susan Ballard. While the city has denied gun permits to medical marijuana patients for years, the state revised the permit application this month to specifically ask about medical marijuana licenses, HPD spokeswoman Michelle Yu said in an email. From 2013 to 2016, 67 patients were denied gun permits, and the HPD has sent letters to 30 patients in the last year. Bill Richter, president of Lessons in Firearm Education Hawaii, sees the letters as an escalation of the policy. “Now they have progressed from simply saying, ‘OK you can’t buy a handgun,’ to going, ‘Hey we are going to send these letters and we are going to confiscate all your guns,'” Richter said. Yu did not respond to Civil Beat requests for an interview with Ballard. Yu also did not respond to questions about whether the letters were sent only to gun permit applicants or to people with existing permits or both. Hawaii legalized medical marijuana in 2000 but dispensaries selling the drug didn’t open until this year. The state is one of the few that requires potential gun owners to apply for permits. Federal law prohibits medical marijuana users from owning guns, but enforcement variesacross the states. “Why be so concerned about complying with this part of federal law, when the whole program violates it?” asked Carl Bergquist, executive director of the Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii, an organization that supports legalizing marijuana. Yu said that the HPD gained access to the state’s database of medical marijuana patients in September 2016. “Checking the database is now part of the department’s standard background verification for all gun applicants,” Yu wrote. A spokeswoman for the state Department of Health said the HPD has had access to the list of medical marijuana patients since the program started in 2000, because it was originally administered by the state Department of Public Safety. Medical marijuana patients who want to own guns have to wait a year after their cards expire before they can successfully apply for a firearm permit, according to a report by the state attorney general. State Sen. Will Espero said it doesn’t make sense to take guns away from medical marijuana patients. “They should be going after the real hardcore criminals and bad guys versus patients who need some assistance with their health care needs,” Espero said. Harvey Gerwig, head of the Hawaii Rifle Association, partially agreed, saying, “A person who is taking medicine shouldn’t be deprived of their Second Amendment rights.” But Gerwig also said he considers the state’s medical marijuana program “a fraud on many levels.” “You’ve got people who are using it for drug purposes, not for medicine,” he said. “In those cases I don’t think they should have a firearm.” Gerwig credited the police department for giving people 30 days to give up their guns instead of seizing the weapons immediately. But he said it might still be hard for people to sell their firearms within that time frame, noting handguns take at least two weeks to transfer ownership. A U.S. court decision last year affirmed federal law denying firearms to medical marijuana patients. A 2011 memo from the U.S. Department of Justice said there’s no exception for states where medical marijuana is legal. That’s good news to local residents like Willis Moore, a member of the neighborhood board for downtown Honolulu and Chinatown. “I think any limitation or restriction on firearms is commendable,” said Moore, who teaches political science at Chaminade University. Richter said HPD’s push to get patients to surrender their guns is unnecessary. “I don’t see why at this point these particular people are being targeted for what has to be a fairly expensive and resource intensive effort to deny people their Second Amendment rights,” Richter said. “Seems to be a bit extreme that once they start using medical marijuana that somehow they become ineligible to exercise a constitutional right.”
  8. blue skies

    What Happened to American Cannabis Activists?

    there is still a lot of activism here in oregon. people like madeline martinez and paul stanford are still working hard to make cannabis legal at the federal level.
  9. blue skies

    the "old skool" rollcall....

    life is good. started taking some machine shop classes at the local community college for personal enrichment. working full time, school part time. i'm half way through the first year's course work. (it took me 2 years to get here) :-) man it's been fun. i don't ever remember having this much fun in a class. the shop work is my favorite. the smell of the oil, the powder soap in the huge sink reminds me of grade school shop class. i'm entertaining the idea of some part time work in a machine shop during the summer. my guidance councilor thinks i will have no trouble getting a spot somewhere. it would be nice to get some real hands on experience. the work would bring the stuff i'm reading about to life. we'll see. i will have to quit smoking for a while before summer time. some shops still require a pre-employment drug screen. even here in Oregon there are some shops still drug testing. it won't be a big deal, i don't smoke very often anyway. i just recently binge watched Rick and Morty. holy cow that show is good. i was looking for a new show to watch since i finished all the futurama episodes on netflix. in a nutshell that's what's happening here. hope things are well with you labrat. take care man.
  10. blue skies

    New Member

    i wish i could out myself. but even where i live, recreational/medical legal state, it is too risky for me to come out.
  11. i hear some crazy stories regarding edibles. some people have some intense anxiety attacks. it is why i never tried them. i want to enjoy myself not wonder if my heart will stop beating.
  12. blue skies

    the "old skool" rollcall....

    not sure if i am eligible to call myself "old school" just wanted to say hello to you all here on the forums. i'm still around..... life just gets busy. i hope to post more in the near future. this was once a busy forum. i hope to see it come back again.
  13. blue skies

    hp lovecraft film festival

    this weekend is the 2016 HPLovecraft film festival!! woohoo!
  14. blue skies

    Weed and Meditating

    porn is okay from time to time but.... i feel excessive porn viewing destroys the imagination.
  15. blue skies

    Weed and Meditating

    i've always had a tough time meditating. i can never "clear" my mind enough to get to the meditative state.

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