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  1. honestly i was expecting something different. ha ha ha indeed very informative.
  2. https://www.upi.com/Mexicos-Supreme-Court-legalizes-cannabis-for-recreational-use/9621541024238/ Mexico's Supreme Court legalizes cannabis for recreational use MEXICO CITY, Oct. 31 (UPI) -- Drug policy reformers claimed victory in Mexico City Wednesday after the country's Supreme Court handed down two rulings legalizing cannabis for all forms of non-commercial adult use. "The rulings pave the way for adults to use marijuana in any way they see fit. We aren't just talking about recreational use," Froylán Enciso, a drug policy researcher at Mexico's social sciences institute, the CIDE, told UPI. In the first case, a plaintiff wanting to grow his own marijuana applied to the court for an "amparo," a form of constitutional protection from prosecution, so that he can plant, cultivate, harvest, prepare, possess and transport marijuana. In the second case, another plaintiff also applied for an amparo to consume marijuana for recreational purposes. The two different plaintiffs aimed to declare unconstitutional Mexico's federal health and penal laws concerning the use of marijuana for non-medical purposes. "The court has found that marijuana can be used for rituals, for recreational use, for medical use, at work, for scientific investigations. For any adult use and that it cannot be penalized," Enciso said. The drug policy researcher said most people in prison in Mexico for drug crimes are incarcerated for possessing marijuana. "The Mexican government has not put violent criminals in prison but people who smoke small quantities on street corners or outside," Enciso said, "so these decisions will benefit many small consumers." The rulings come after years of strategic litigation by Mexican drug policy activists starting in 2015. Unlike the United States, Mexican federal law requires five consecutive rulings on the same issue and in the same direction to create jurisprudence eventually declaring a law unconstitutional. The next step toward legalization of cannabis for non-commercial purposes is that the Supreme Court must inform Mexico's Congress within 90 days that prohibiting adult use is unconstitutional. Congress then has to reform the laws the court found unconstitutional. If Congress does not act, every adult prosecuted for using marijuana can also apply for protection from the judicial system. "The rulings create jurisprudence but they do not in themselves amount to changes in legislation," Enciso said. "Even so they are very important not just for Mexico but for the United States." "When Congress declares marijuana prohibition unconstitutional in Mexico," the drug policy researcher said, "the federal government of the United States will be the only prohibitionist jurisdiction left in North America. Canada now has legal marijuana. More than 30 states in the U.S. have some form of marijuana legalization. And now with Mexico legalizing consumption and production, the only drug warriors remaining in North America are President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions." In both cases decided Wednesday the Supreme Court's justices ruled 4-1 in favor of granting adults the right to use marijuana for non-commercial purposes. The one justice who ruled against the plaintiffs argued adult use must not infringe upon the rights of others.
  3. i never tried edibles. from what i understand, the high is very intense. example: if you are feeling anxious your anxiety will increase as the edible takes effect. the effect will last 6 to 10 hours. but you are not going to die or be hurt by the experience. if you are feeling anxious and use just a little bit of edible, you have a relaxed effect, a calm effect.... enjoyable if the above is true, then perhaps what is happening is people are not using the edibles in a controlled manner. the high is much more than what the person expected and they panic. no threat of death, just a long lasting intense high.
  4. when my kids were small, i spoke with them many times about medicine and toxic items under the sink like bleach, ammonia, bug spray, etc. they never ate any of the stuff. it is repetition and constant surveillance that i never had to call the poison control center. they are all grown now. my oldest will be 28 this year. i was lucky, i never had a problem with them getting into something they weren't suppose to be into. kind of a thread jack: i did the same with firearms. i instructed them about what they were and how dangerous they are. i took them out to the gun range when they were old enough and let them shoot my ruger 10.22. over time, they had no interest in getting into my gun cabinet. the mystery was taken away. a parent who is active participant in their children's life is way more effective than any legislation could ever hope for.
  5. blue skies

    Do I have to cure dry ice hash?

    ahhh now i get it. interesting method of extracting trichomes.
  6. blue skies

    Do I have to cure dry ice hash?

    i'm going to have to look up dry ice hash. never heard of that before.
  7. Amsterdam is a beautiful city. the dutch are smart, if there is a fair way to handle the influx of people, they will find it.
  8. blue skies

    stove top stuffing conspiracy

    i was going to mention the mandela effect, but didn't want to scare people away. link to the thread that got me thinking: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1213306/pg1
  9. i read a thread on another site that asked a simple question. - who made stove top stuffing? the person who posted this remembers stouffers making the box stuffing. i remember it too. but according to google stouffers never made stove top stuffing....... ever! i decided to test this one. i began by asking co-workers. all eight people remember stouffers too. i asked my girlfriend. she remembers stouffers too. i asked 10 people in all. and everyone of them remember stouffers making the stuffing. i find it weird that all of us, remember the same thing, and it's wrong. what do you remember? i can link the thread here if that helps.
  10. blue skies

    Seagram Whisky Heiresses Funded Cult

    that's some weird, strange and sad stuff
  11. Welcome back blue skies.... Good seeing you again.... Peace..


    1. blue skies

      blue skies

      peace to you too man. 


      let's hope more people remember how cool this site is and come back

  12. funny a guy i know said the same thing to me about CBD. he thinks CBD makes cannabis less potent. i believe the chemicals are in the plant for a reason. CBD and THC are both great. i find i prefer lower levels of THC/CBD. the most recent one i tried was a wonderful indica strain called "CBD the church." it had 7% THC and 11.5% CBD. the high is mellow and relaxing. i went back to the dispensary to get more, i only bought a gram, but they were out. not sure when they will get more. since they didn't have this strain, i picked up one called, "stephen hawking kush". 9%THC and 6% CBD. it is also a wonderful strain. so for me the CBD only makes the cannabis better. i am finding that i enjoy the strains with a smaller percentage of THC/CBD. ......... though i won't turn down a 18% hit of bubblegum. 🙂
  13. blue skies

    Unhinged Liberals

    it doesn't take much for that guy to become unhinged. gee whiz
  14. CBD is nice to use for this too. a tea with CBD tincture in it helps balance out the high. or place drops under your tongue. or have CBD strain of flower to smoke along with your high THC herb. cannatonic is a high CBD strain that smells good and tastes good too. vape some CBD oil too. i really like CBD.
  15. blue skies

    What Happened to American Cannabis Activists?

    one big hurdle is that a person can still lose their job or be refused a job with a failed urine analysis. dispensaries all over the place here. but no one talks much about using cannabis. i don't talk about it.

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