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  1. That's why Alcohol,Pills and Cocaine are huge and abused in Law enforcement.. Free the WEED F the Man
  2. Americans are not safe. Even so called legal states have so many rules it may be impossible to be "Legal"
  3. Man, Do all Presidents go through this charade of Legal proceeding? Waste of time. Guy is 70 years old and will be dead in the ground before all his shady dealings are uncovered. Better to Vote, and especially vote local. FTM Sharky
  4. Living the Dream Tim. My wife and I are looking in that area come fall. I figured you would be loving Mr drumph. 115 here. Hot Hot Hot FTM Sharki.
  5. Missed you Tim.. Weed Nerds are out there really helping our people. Its a Weed Nerd nation. Our power is in local voting. Get out there and vote people.Less then 10 per cent turnout here for last llocal election. No one to blame but ourselves.. Sharki
  6. Hey Tim, Glad you are doing well. I am married to a great girl and am in Vegas. Although we struggle with cash flow we are still growing our own and happy to be in a legal state. We are trying to find a little land up north so we can grow some trees outside. I am still as active as I can be, but the M.S. is getting a little rough. I am always on you tube these days with Hash Church and The Weed Nerds. Check em out. As always, FTM Sharki
  7. With the new administration its a good guess that activist still need to keep interacting. Don't think we are safe yet. FTM Sharki
  8. Sharki

    How To Get Bud In Las Vegas?

    High If you are a legal patient in Brazil I can help. After the 1st Cannabis will be legal in Nevada.Send me a Message and I will point you in the right direction.Be careful of the delivery services on Craigslist because most are pretty iffy.. Ken
  9. Yes Hash Church is great, but A lot of Social networks have people that are not really a good face for Cannabis. But, I guess that is what legalization and freedom are all about. FTM Sharki
  10. Heck, It is a shame to let the site die.. I first checked in bout 14 years ago. I guess I can go save The Whales now.. FTM Sharki
  11. Where has everyone gone? I move to Vegas, and this site has died since I have been on break. We got trouble in Washington. Are they gonna march west with the military to stop our new found freedom? Is the War over? Keep this site alive. Come back Tim. We need to keep Legalization alive. Fuck the Man Sharki
  12. Sharki

    How To Get Bud In Las Vegas?

    Glad to help.
  13. Sharki

    How To Get Bud In Las Vegas?

    If any C.C.member comes to Vegas, and are a patient who needs Meds, I can help point you in the right direction. Sharki
  14. Sharki

    How To Get Bud In Las Vegas?

    I live in Vegas. If you have medical paperwork any dispensary will provide for you. The delivery services can be iffy but most don't check any paperwork if you are staying on the strip. Leave a contact number: if you are a patient: and I can help you out. FYI not cheap here.

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