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  1. 100 posts?

    What contest??
  2. why does this shatter look like this?!

    Also looks like you got things a little too warm
  3. why does this shatter look like this?!

    never made it so couldn't really tell you My guess would be the solvent you used
  4. The old posts?

    Lots of the older members who have contributed to the forums in it's hayday that have left for over ten years plus are starting to come back and are disappointed that some or all of their posts and are are gone. Do you guys think that time was going to stand still while you were gone? Time moves on There have been a few upgrades over the years and every time we have lost a little of the old posts Most of what has been lost is from the oldtimers mainly due to those posts and forums being inactive due to members not coming on and keeping THEIR posts and forums active. To come back after years after your last post and thinking that they are still relevant is a bit naive To lose all that info is sad but decisions are made much farther up the ladder and all we can do is deal with what we have
  5. looks like underwatering but isn't

    looks over watered the roots must be drowning How often are you watering? Do you let your soil get dry before watering?
  6. Seeking Electrican in Vancouver BC

    would like to help you but your a little too far away I think that is a little too much money for what you want
  7. Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide in Hydroponics

    Why not post your grow on here?
  8. What do you pay for electricity?

    step1 is 7.9cents and step 2 is 11.95 cents
  9. Don Hoots Recipes.

    welcome to the forums Don sure like your recipe your going to fit in
  10. Garden Greenhouse Idea for Growing

    nothing wrong with a portable one I have been considering one of those myself until I get more of my property cleared so I can determine where to put a permanent one Got 2.2 acres with just over a 1/2 acre cleared so got lots of work ahead of me
  11. Garden Greenhouse Idea for Growing

    frmrgrl the link went to his store where he would sell you the plans thats why it was removed
  12. Grow Ops around Toronto

    a newbie with only 9 posts Hmmmm Only a narc would think that people would give up their grow just by asking Regular folks would never ask
  13. Another newbie here--any classes to take?

    why does he have to pm you drgrthum? I think if he has questions or problems and posts them in the forums, He will get the benefit of all the members expertise and experiences not just your
  14. Christmas Contest !!

    I don't bite hard! just nip a bit