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  1. So I used to be a frequent user of the forums but haven't been on for a while but I thought it would be a good place to get some advice. I recently had a serious traumatic experience in which I got seriously injured. One of my injuries was a lung contusion so I've been trying not to smoke so much. I figure a vaporizer is the best choice for me. Im looking for a portable vaporizer that I can use for herbs and extracts (mostly hash oil, budder) most of the vapes I've found are used for on or the other, my friend was saying that you can use the g pen for both as long as you have separate chambers although the website says differently Please answer whether that is true or any other vapes you may suggest fir my needs
  2. I went to several art and other stores in my area and could not find screens anywhere. I went to thc and saw a wicca box (sifting box) and immediately bought it, i am going to use it today see how it works, It doesn't say whaht size the screen is but I think it should work.
  3. mattmontycohen

    Grinder recommendations

    You ever get any good kief with thte magic bullet?
  4. mattmontycohen

    How the hell do you smoke hash?

    I break up my hash and mix it together with a little bit of tobacco if I have any and a little wed
  5. mattmontycohen

    Grinder recommendations

    Yah my grinder has 2 screens, take long for the kief but the kief is amazing. I always want to save some but it makes only enough that I smoke it all.
  6. mattmontycohen

    Grinder recommendations

    does the kief sifter on the space case work well, I have a mix'n'ball grinder that has a kief sifter but it takes way too long to collect.
  7. mattmontycohen


    Where did you get that slinger? Very awesome, would love to get one.
  8. I saw an ad I believe on this site for burn paper, flavoured clear papers. Are these any different from the regular clear ones?
  9. mattmontycohen


    That is nice as hell! I would love to hit something like that.
  10. mattmontycohen

    Grinder recommendations

    I have a mix n ball with a screen. It takes so long to get any kief. I wish I bought the sweetleaf which I was thinking of first.
  11. mattmontycohen

    What do you like to roll with?

    I have already posted on this thread but that was before I saw all the good reviews on Raw. I decided to pick up a pack and they are great. I love the fact that they are so thin and have so little of a taste letting the flavour of the weed to be tasted. I also grabbed a pack of aleda's. Everyone likes them but I really don't although they are kind of cool. I have noticed that older people usually use thicker papers. (Rizla blue, zig zag blue, export)
  12. mattmontycohen


    That bong looks amazing. With all that trippy art, it must have costed you quite a bit
  13. mattmontycohen

    Grinder recommendations

    I have the mix n ball with a screen which works well for me
  14. mattmontycohen

    #1Bartenders Family thread

    I would love to be invited for 4/20. Maybe I should do the same thing, I better start making my collection bigger.

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