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  1. Captain Cannabis 40th Preview

    A quick video preview of the Captain Cannabis 40th Anniversary comic book ...
  2. A recent article Culture Magazine did on our 40th anniversary. http://ireadculture.com/captain-cannabis-celebrates-its-40th-anniversary/
  3. PRESS RELEASE "Captain Cannabis No. 1 Teleports Into The 21st Century" For Immediate Release Date: July 24, 2017 Contact: Verne Andru - [email protected] VANCOUVER, BC – Canadian comic book artist Verne Andru kicks off his epic fantasy series with a 40th Anniversary edition of his original 1970’s Captain Cannabis No. 1 comic book. Squarely in the fantasy camp, Captain Cannabis is a rich blend of dark comedy and gritty realism artfully bound with a potent romance thread. The story tracks laze-about Hal Lighter as he gets swallowed up in an extra-dimensional turf war over planet Earth while trying to rescue sweetheart Marion Jones from evil’s clutches. Intragalactic ‘herb’ transforms him into ‘Captain Cannabis,’ Hal’s superhero alter ego that boldly takes him where he never dared go before! ‘Coming up with the Captain Cannabis name and character was the easy part. Crafting a compelling story world with engaging characters that commands attention is really tough,’ Verne continues, ‘I’ve seen too many projects go sideways because story work wasn’t done to let that happen here. I’ve always felt Captain Cannabis deserves the best and doing that takes time.’ For the 40th Anniversary Verne wanted more than a re-issue. Starting with scans of his 1977 ‘Captain Cannabis – Roll Me Another One’ comic book, he digitally cleaned and polished each panel before breathing life into the new edition with airbrush shading. ‘When I revisited the originals after all this time I found they had this great energy, so I kept as true to that spark as possible while bringing them up to pro standards,’ said Verne. For mature audiences, Captain Cannabis No.1 40th Anniversary is now available around the world through a growing list of sellers. ‘With today’s technology it’s almost like I can teleport the book into readers hands virtually anywhere in the world,’ exudes Verne. ‘This was impossible when I created it in the seventies.’ For pricing and availability visit www.CaptainCannabis.com and www.oKee.com. - 30 - "Captain Cannabis No. 1 40th Anniversary" Details: Book Type: Paperback Publisher: oKee.comX (April 20 2017) (www.okee.com | www.captaincannabis.com) Writer/Illustrator: Verne Andru (www.verneandru.com) Language: English ISBN-10: 0973885157 ISBN-13: 978-0973885156 Product Dimensions: 16.8 x 0.1 x 26 cm Shipping Weight: 64 g Availability: The book is available in the following markets at the indicated MSP: Canada - 8.40 CAD United Kingdom - 8.40 GBP European Union - 8.40 EUR Australia - 12.00 AUD Brazil - 8.40 USD Germany - 8.40 USD Russia - 8.40 USD South Korea - 8.40 USD Poland - 8.40 USD China - 8.40 USD India - 8.40 USD Italy - 8.40 USD About Verne Verne’s career spans more than 40 years in the entertainment and marketing sectors as writer, designer, illustrator and animator/film-maker. A self-taught artist, Verne pushes the next-level with the help of the many great people he’s worked with, particularly animation masters Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson, two of Walt Disney's wise men, during production of Nelvana’s ‘Rock & Rule’ animated feature. Credits include the likes of Captain Canuck, Marvel and Charleton in comics as well as the National Film Board, Ikea, Hanna-Barbera, Universal and Nelvana for the screen. Verne’s marketing and advertising work is equally impressive. For Bedford Software he created the ‘Simply Accounting’ name that he used to launch one of the most successful software brands in its class. For an encore, he branded and launched the highly successful Pigtronix musical instrument effects brand that is still innovating today. Honors graduate in Systems Analysis and Design, Verne has taught computer, art and film related subjects at Humber College in Toronto and the prestigious Vancouver Film School in his West Coast hometown. Verne has remained an innovator always seeking new ways of applying technology in novel ways; desktop publishing replaced traditional typesetting and pre-press, he helped pioneer digital paint for location and character colour styling on animated series work, and his desktop animation system continues producing a range of content for web and broadcast, including the highly successful Kid’s Club spots for Swedish furniture retailer, IKEA. Verne resides in beautiful Vancouver, BC where he enjoys family, music and the great outdoors. For more information, please visit: www.VerneAndru.com www.imdb.com/name/nm3252989/ Where to purchase Captain Cannabis No. 1 40th Anniversary: The following is a list of some resellers. For the most current listing visit www.CaptainCannabis.com or www.oKee.com. Cannabis Culture's Hastings and Davie Street stores in Vancouver. The Comic Shop, 8th Dimension Comics in Vancouver. Hempyz in Langley BC. Global - Book Depository: https://www.bookdepository.com/Captain-Cannabis-Andru-Verne/9780973885156 Global - Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Captain-Cannabis-Anniversary-Andru-Verne/dp/0973885157 Canada - Amazon: https://www.amazon.ca/Captain-Cannabis-Anniversary-Andru-Verne/dp/0973885157 United Kingdom - Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Captain-Cannabis-Anniversary-Andru-Verne/dp/0973885157 France - Amazon: https://www.amazon.fr/Captain-Cannabis-Anniversary-Andru-Verne/dp/0973885157 Australia - Booktopia: http://www.booktopia.com.au/captain-cannabis/prod9780973885156.html Australia - Fishpond: http://www.fishpond.com.au/Books/Captain-Cannabis-Andru-Verne/9780973885156 New Zealand - Fishpond: http://www.fishpond.co.nz/Books/Captain-Cannabis-Andru-Verne/9780973885156 Netherlands - Amazon: http://www.hugendubel.de/de/taschenbuch/andru_verne-captain_cannabis-29136296-produkt-details.html;jsessionid=3C1A1948C1B810D04A2280CA7ED47C2E.www01 Netherlands - Picclick: https://picclick.nl/Verne-Andru-Captain-Cannabis-352064531098.html Denmark - Saxo: https://www.saxo.com/dk/soeg/bog?query=Captain+Cannabis+Anniversary+0973885157 Denmark - Saxo: https://www.saxo.com/dk/captain-cannabis-40th-anniversary_andru-verne_haeftet_9780973885156 Sweden - Adlibris: http://www.adlibris.com/se/bok/captain-cannabis-9780973885156 Finland - Adlibris: http://www.adlibris.com/fi/kirja/captain-cannabis-9780973885156 Germany - Amazon: https://www.amazon.de/Captain-Cannabis-Anniversary-Andru-Verne/dp/0973885157 Germany - fairmondo: https://www.fairmondo.de/articles/andru-verne-captain-cannabis-taschenbuch-ean-9780973885156 Russia - helikon: https://www.helikon.bg/importbooks/10365/--captain-cannabis---40th-anniversary_9780973885156.html
  4. True origins of Captain Cannabis and 420

    Captain Cannabis No. 1 [ISBN 9780973885156] is now shipping and available from: Marc Emery's Cannabis Culture Headquarters 307 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H6 Cannabis Culture West End 1674 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1V9 8th Dimension 2418 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3E2 The Comicshop 3518 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 1N8
  5. True origins of Captain Cannabis and 420

    To keep current be sure to drop by and follow the Captain Cannabis Facebook page
  6. True origins of Captain Cannabis and 420

    As we approach the 40th anniversary of the creation of Captain Cannabis, I thought I'd give this a bit of a bump. If anyone wonders why it is so difficult to get a project like this off the ground, this thread should put you right - trolls, trolls everywhere. For those of you that asked, I'm readying the 40th Anniversary Reissue of Captain Cannabis #1. I've been targeting a release date of April 20th - hopefully to coincide with the end of prohibition in Canada - but some trolls are keeping me busy on other fronts. It is getting done and will get released, just can't commit to a date at this point. As far as the feature film goes, trolls have been busy trying to stop things there as well. But I can say that with the help of Hollywood A-List script consultant Linda Seger, it's going to be well worth the wait. Here is the original cover and first page from back in '77:
  7. True origins of Captain Cannabis and 420

    Happy 420 [2015] everybody!
  8. True origins of Captain Cannabis and 420

    On a more upbeat note, now that I've completed the script rewrite I've uploaded the animatic I built from the first draft. An animatic is a "rough sketch" of a film that lets writers/directors/etc. see what works and what doesn't. It was invaluable when it came to cutting the script back from 160 pages to 96. An HD render coming in at 2 hours 7.5 minutes, be sure to have plenty of popcorn ready. Some parts work, some don't - but that's the whole point of doing it. It lets me make it as good as it can be before spending a ton on production.
  9. Welcome Home

    Yes, a big welcome back Marc. Must have been a horrible experience but you did learn to play bass, so we'll have to get together for a jam once you get settled back in.
  10. True origins of Captain Cannabis and 420

    Now that I've finished the script rewrite - if any of you think it's easy writing an awesome story I look forward to seeing you give it a try - I thought it time to tell a part of the Captain Cannabis story I, creator Verne Andru, wish I didn't have to pen. But, alas, this must be told in the interests of completeness, if for no other reason. It is the story of how Canadian and American government agents have been working behind the scenes, for years, to keep this project from gaining any traction. As chronicled elsewhere, I grew up during the 1950's and 60's in Western Canada and was very much influenced by what was going on around me. During the 1970's there was a movement to legalize pot with support from the Canadian government of P.E. Trudeau. Consistent with the times, I created the first Captain Cannabis comic book and distributed a small print run locally. I applied for, and received, a Canadian government copyright certificate dated April 20, 1977 [that's the one getting some people so upset here]. Confident it was a winner, I then set out to learn the tools of the storytelling craft to make sure I could do the concept justice. In the 1990's I began developing the Captain Cannabis character into a comic book series, feature animated film, computer games, etc. and secured the www.captaincannabis.com domain name. I completed a feature film screenplay titled "420" telling the Captain Cannabis origin story and proceeded to storyboard and illustrate the script for both film and books around 2005. In 2007 I published the first in what was to be a series of 420 comic books. The response was great. The book and Captain Cannabis received fabulous write-ups in magazines like High Times and Skunk, I was interviewed on radio shows and a special guest at comic conventions. Sales of the book were strong through local comic shops and Amazon.com. Things were looking wonderful... Then everything came to a sudden stop! Bookshops stopped carrying the books. The Captain Cannabis page was attacked on Wikipedia; the editors did a pile-on and killed the page for no reason other than they could. I wasn't invited back to conventions and media weren't returning calls. Like most "sensitive artists" I looked inwards to find the "flaw" that was causing such a backlash. The answers came in 2011 after receiving numerous reports from various Canadian government agencies pursuant to multiple Freedom Of Information requests. Here are a few of the highlights from hundreds of pages of government agents diary entries: - Shortly after Stephen Harper got a majority government in 2007, federal agents started targeted me specifically because I am the registered owner of www.captaincannabis.com and related properties. - From what I can tell they had upwards to 6 agents employed full-time tasked with taking me and the project down. - Government agents relished in sharing details on how they harassed book sellers, convention organizers, they even bullied the manager of a radio station who ran an interview on me. - Government agents knowingly and purposefully fabricated falsehoods about me then entered those falsehoods into Canadian government computer systems they use to financially harass citizens. - Contrary to what they say, the Canadian government uses the tax department as a political weapon. They maintain "lists" of people they don't like [i'm on a number of them according to the reports] and agents use these lists "maintained in Ottawa" for the people their political masters choose to take out. Subsequent FOI for copies of those lists came back with the response that "they no longer exist." Old news you say? Just last week [september 2014] I had Health and Welfare Canada [the umbrella portfolio responsible for coordinating Harper's war on drugs], NCTC [uS National Counterterrorism Center], United States Air Forces Central Command trolling through my websites. My crime? I'm a cartoonist. This should lead any rational human being to ask, why exactly is the Canadian government spending so much time, energy and money on this? At this point all I can speculate is I'm guilty of some horrible "thought crime" the state feels to be an imminent threat to the safety and welfare of Canadians and the world. But isn't freedom of thought and expression one of the cornerstones to The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms embedded as part of the Constitution Act, 1982? For some strange reason, respecting our fundamental rights doesn't seem to be an activity government sees worth putting any resources toward. Here are a few others - I'll keep adding to the list as I remember them/they come up. - Denial of Service Attack - Our websites sustained a nasty Denial of Service attack that was traced to a US Marine communication squad operating out of Guam. An email to that company's C.O. went unanswered. - Facebook - Facebook refused to allow any promotion of the Captain Cannabis fan page saying it was "illegal." They only relented after we ran a promotion featuring the Captain Cannabis Canadian Copyright Certificate showing there's nothing illegal about what we're doing. - LinkedIn - Canadian government agents accessed Verne Andru's LinkedIn account and used that information for harassment purposes against him and third-parties. - BWE - Perhaps the most bizarre, Canadian government agents found an internet link to a company [let's call them BWE] using Verne Andru's name, without his permission, to promote a project of theirs. Without any due-diligence at all, agents descended on BWE's registered place of business with the expressed intent of harassing them over their connection to Mr. Andru. In this case agents came up empty handed as the internet page was out of date and the company no longer a going concern. But the main point here is the government shouldn't have been going after BWE in the first place! - Equifax - Someone in either with a Canadian financial institution or an agent of the Canadian government purposefully changed Verne Andru's name on his Equifax credit reporting file making it impossible for him to do simple things like open a bank account. Equifax only agreed to correct the situation on threat of the matter being taken to the media, but they refuse to divulge who made the change and on what authority. Documents and prior credit reports show the only entity making access to Mr. Andru's account at the time of the change to be Canadian government agents. - Bank accounts and financial records ceased without explanation. - Not recording recording - Strange as it may sound there is a transcription of a recorded telephone conversation between a Canadian government agent and Mr. Andru in which the agent categorically claims the Canadian government does not record telephone conversations. Think about that for a minute.
  11. True origins of Captain Cannabis and 420

    LOL - nice to see you have a sense of humor.
  12. True origins of Captain Cannabis and 420

    While he is one of my fave actors, posting that picture is copyright infringement.
  13. True origins of Captain Cannabis and 420

    Thanks for this. Love ya! LOL.
  14. True origins of Captain Cannabis and 420

    Thank you for sharing this.
  15. True origins of Captain Cannabis and 420

    Well, I don't tolerate liars either. Nor do I fancy internet trolls who choose to read things into posts that are not there. What I do has a very legitimate connection to the culture, moreso than most, and there's nothing unjust in me posting it on a forum like this. In fact, I was hoping to run into you here and have this very discussion because it demonstrates how a vocal minority is trying to keep an entire culture in a myopic and dogmatic straight-jacket. The culture is bigger than me, you, Waldo, 420, etc. You are entitled to not like what I do, goodness knows one can't be all things to all people. You've made your opinion abundantly clear and dragging the discussion into the muck is doing yourself a disservice.