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  1. Captain Cannabis

    Happy Cannabis Day Canada!

    History in the making!
  2. Captain Cannabis

    Captain Cannabis 2 give-away on Amazon!

    Captain Cannabis No. 2 give-away winners are in. The first part of our contest ended on Sep 24 and the confirmed winners are: - Thelma H. - Lisa W. Congratulations! Thanks to everyone who entered. Still more to giveaway so stay tuned.
  3. Captain Cannabis

    Captain Cannabis 2 give-away on Amazon!

  4. To celebrate the release of my new Captain Cannabis comic book, I'm giving away 4 copies through Amazon.com. Enter now and enjoy! Captain Cannabis No. 2 give-away on Amazon. I'll have a table at Fan Expo in Vancouver during October - drop by and say high and get signed copies of Captain Cannabis No. 1 and 2. Check out www.CaptainCannabis.com for the latest.
  5. Captain Cannabis

    Captain Cannabis 2 hits the street!

    Enter to win a copy of Captain Cannabis No. 2! Captain Cannabis No. 2 give-away!
  6. Captain Cannabis

    Captain Cannabis 2 hits the street!

    Press Kit now available for download: http://www.CaptainCannabis.com/WebApp/Downloads/CC-02/CaptainCannabis-02-PressKit.pdf
  7. Captain Cannabis

    Captain Cannabis 2 hits the street!

    For signed copies, drop by Fan Expo Oct 12th to the 14th and say high!
  8. Captain Cannabis

    Captain Cannabis 2 hits the street!

    It's starting to show up online at Indigo and Amazon - here are a few links: https://www.amazon.com/Captain-Cannabis-No-40th-Anniversary/dp/0973885173 https://www.chapters.indigo.ca/en-ca/books/captain-cannabis-no-2-40th/9780973885170-item.html
  9. My Captain Cannabis No. 2 is finished and now available from: Cannabis Culture store on Hastings St in Vansterdam Cannabis Culture store on Davie St in Vancouver The Comic Shop on W. 4th Ave in Vancouver 8th Dimension Comics on Main St in Vancouver Lots more coming - stayed tuned...
  10. Captain Cannabis

    Captain Cannabis No. 1 Now Shipping

    Thanks Labrat - I know they're in good hands. No. 2 is close behind - here's the press release and cover http://www.CaptainCannabis.com/WebApp/Downloads/CC-2-40th-PressRelease.pdf
  11. Be there or be square - Lift Cannabis Expo January 13 & 14 2018. Featuring nearly 200 exhibitors from across North America and Europe, main stage talks by cannabis thought leaders, live cooking and growing demos, a vape lounge and a cannabis career fair, the expo is your chance to learn about medical and recreational cannabis, and to meet BC’s current and future brands. The Lift Expo is Canada’s biggest and best-attended cannabis tradeshow, and we’re proud to be hosting our first event of 2018 in the city and province that paved the way for a flourishing cannabis culture in Canada. http://liftexpo.ca/expovancouver18/
  12. Captain Cannabis

    Captain Cannabis at FanExpo Vancouver

    Here's a few links with some background and info: 1 minute Vimeo video - Captain Cannabis 40th Anniversary preview Review on Culture Magazine - Captain Cannabis Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary And a super-sweet overview by writer Jason T. Davis - Captain Cannabis series
  13. Captain Cannabis

    Captain Cannabis at FanExpo Vancouver

    Yes - I got that you were kidding. Sorry if my response came across a bit terse, but I'm dealing with these issues in the real-world and may be a bit hyper-sensitive. Many people don't understand IP laws so part of that post was sharing some of what I've learned. Copyright in the Great White North includes "derivative and moral" rights so changing things 20% wouldn't fly up here. The U.S. is another story. As an aside, I sat in on Minister Joly's fireside chat at the recent VIFF when she announced the government is making major changes to IP laws in Canada to shift the focus from protecting the distributors to protecting creators rights. I applaud the announcement but it will be interesting to see if the rubber actually hits the road. Sorry about the short notice on FanExpo but I only received confirmation about the show recently and didn't want to put anything out until things were firm. I do remember you posting that jacket image before and think it's tres cool. Get me an addy (or some similar way - I'm in Vansterdam) and I'll get a copy (signed if you wish) to you.
  14. Captain Cannabis

    Captain Cannabis at FanExpo Vancouver

    Why can't you make it to the show? PM me and we can discuss... A lot of people have made a claim to the name over the years, but coming up with a name is the easy part. Creating realistic characters and a compelling story-world is another thing altogether. Making it into an actual book takes it to another level and trying to put something like this into the marketplace, given the McCarthyism going on in some places, has been one of the most challenging tasks I've undertaken. (PS - Laws don't allow copyrights for names or ideas only a tangible expression as in a book, etc. and trademarks only come into play when the name is used in commerce associated with a certain class of goods such as books, etc. A one-off embroidery on a jacket, while very cool and worthy of a free copy of the book if you PM me, won't get very far in front of any judges I'm aware of.)
  15. Mark your calendar and join Captain Cannabis creator Verne Andru in Vancouver Canada for a celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Captain Cannabis No. 1! While meeting Verne be sure to get your book signed by the guy that started it all over forty years ago. FanExpo Show Special Putting together a batch of Captain Cannabis No. 1s for the show, Verne decided to do something special - while stapling the books, he slipped a rolling paper in the middle of 40 copies (the story is titled "Roll Me Another One"). This limited edition will be available for the first time at FanExpo to the first to come by the booth, so mark your calendar (Nov 10-12 Vancouver Convention Center) and get there early 'cause these won't last. PS - We just found out that Facebook considers stapling a rolling paper (which renders it useless) into a comic book qualifies as "paraphernalia" - can you believe that? This is a Canadian product by a Canadian creator being sold at a Canadian convention to Canadian customers yet Facebook is enforcing draconian U.S. laws and standards. As a consequence of this, these 40 will be the only ones done like this, so if you want one you know what to do.

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