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  1. Shaughnny

    Wow....what happened to this place ?!!

    Doobie Brother great to see you again Labby is always around and is usually found in the chat room. Good to have you back.
  2. Let us know when they arrive if they are any good.... Glad to help buddy.
  3. When I was a kid we always had these toffee bars, they were made by a company named Mackintosh's. You remember the plaid design and because of this I am pretty sure I got the right candy bar. It can in either a wrapper or a small box, both with the same plaid type design.
  4. Shaughnny

    My First Mite Experience

    Hey Weedmen! how you doing buddy? Thanks for dropping in.... I have been looking online for those repellent strips and have not found them yet. There's a Home Depot about 200 miles from here Sounds like you have had your run in with these nasty little critters too. My room is now on a new regimen of cleaning.
  5. Shaughnny

    My First Mite Experience

    Definitely not going to drop my guard at all. I have another round waiting to go into that same flowering room...so I need these little bastards to be gone for good. Once I do my harvest I will bleach the entire room....and hit the room with a big time fogging of the "Knock down" spray. Then when the new round begins I will have to be very diligent in keeping an eye for any sign of mites. At least this time I know what to do. I also want to give a shout out to Labby...When I first realized I had mites I contacted you and right away you were offering ideas and suggestions on treatment. I appreciate that very much...in that time where I needed help, you helped thanks for that.
  6. Shaughnny

    My First Mite Experience

    Been a week or two and no sight of any mites at all. Every 4 days I have been looking closely at the leaves with my usb microscope...not a single mite! For now I claim VICTORY
  7. Shaughnny

    My First Mite Experience

    Since I did not have any mite killer like Safer's "end all" I decided to go with the alcohol and water recipe and spray the underside of the leaves. Mixed with water at a rate of 50/50 it did kill most of the adults off. Finally was able to source a decent mite killer called Knock Down Spider Mite Killer and this stuff worked better than I could have imagined. Here they are before I blasted them... Feeding/drinking sites... Here a dead one... looks like little raisins. Wasteland of the dead. Here you can see how they suck the green right out of the leaves
  8. Shaughnny

    My First Mite Experience

    Hello, In all the years that I have grown Cannabis I have never had mites...that is till about 2 weeks ago. I always try to keep a clean grow space so this did come as a bit of a shock. Got a total of 21 plants with 4 of them getting the worst of it. Here are some photos from when I first noticed the invasive little bastards!! to be continued.
  9. Shaughnny

    Transplanting Questions

    lol yeah that site is "google image search", several bad examples of root bound but what do I know....
  10. Shaughnny

    Negative Effects of Light Leaks

    I have heard of and even done a period of dark at the end of flower.......then harvested after a few days, I have never heard of a period of dark between the veg and flower cycle. That's just a recipe for hermaphrodites. Anybody else here do a period of dark between cycles?
  11. Looks good Sassy, very nice to have you back doing your thing How did the beans pop? Thinking by now you must have them in starter cups.
  12. Shaughnny

    MH and its Imact on Trich Development

    Basically if your plants are too far from the light source they will stretch. During the first few weeks of flower your plants will naturally stretch and reach. The idea of the trichomes purpose being that they are generated to protect the plant/calyxes from the blue end of the spectrum....never heard that before my friend. From the reading that I have done over the last 15+ years is that the trichomes provide a sticky protection to help protect against disease and undesirable insects. Also it has been suggested that some of the reason for all that oooey gooey goodness is to help the female cannabis plant capture the males pollen.
  13. Shaughnny

    Heat as a Negative Factor

    I have to disagree here, cannabis does not require a cool place to grow. Where did you read that? Of course there is a happy medium here. Anything too hot or too cold is not good. I grow a lot in the winter time indoors. When the veg room is too cool the plants lack vigor and become stunted and have little new growth. When the room is too hot you will have other issues arise, none of them good. I find that if I can keep my plants at around 75-80 degrees during lights on and within ten degrees when lights are out they are very happy.
  14. Shaughnny

    The Downside to Feminized Seeds

    Farang, what you can do when using regular beans is wait until they show their sex and kill the males, then continue to veg the females until you can take an adequate number of clones. Then vegetate the clones until they are ready to be flowered. Now you can fill your grow space with known female plants.

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