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  1. It would seem that a number of tourists (as well as staff) have been stupid enough to transport drugs onto U.S. Capitol grounds and managed to get themselves arrested. Unfortunately I can't see an easy way to point to a web page for you to see the article at, so I'll leave that for the more industrious. If you read the articles, the drugs (of all types) were found during security screening that was certainly no surprise to those going to the US Capitol. This is unfortunate publicity at a time when it isn't needed..
  2. Not a major victory, IMO, and Congress may yet nullify the Council's action.
  3. SteveK

    Stoner Kids

    Actually there is a lot of research on the treatment of the elderly going on in Israel. They've been doing research at nursing homes and it's much more than the official research I've seen elsewhere.
  4. Nullification will not be ruled Constitutional by the Supreme Court, IMO.
  5. You're so called profit driven economy is currently redistributing the wealth to the wealthy, who are learning how to use that framework to control the political machines and reinforce their wealth further. Some think a trickle down economy will help raise the standards of the poor, but most at the bottom are just tired of getting pissed on.
  6. I believe that "marijuana possession" charges are the tip of the proverbial iceberg and blacks are more likely to be charged with many crimes, at least in the U.S. Blacks are more likely to be stopped in a traffic check, in many parts of the U.S., and we all know how the police like to pile on charges (when they can) and let the Judge sort them out. Racism is still a problem in the world, and the U.S. is no exception.
  7. SteveK

    Buying seeds safely online in the U.S.

    To be clear, I believe the risk is very low, and I also have ordered seeds that we're shipped to my address. But I understood the risks and if I was a target, I was likely screwed. Having hydroponic supplies shipped to you home would likely bring more interest from investigators, but hopefully the times are changing.
  8. SteveK

    Buying seeds safely online in the U.S.

    Be very careful in your dealings, but I wouldn't get too paranoid about the NSA coming after you. What you propose is, of course, illegal. Sending any contraband through the mail is already a Federal offense, and working with someone to ship something from out of the Country would add smuggling and conspiracy to the mix. It depends on how much effort they want to put into the case. All this being said, the risk is likely small and there are millions of letters and packages flowing through the system each day. Seed dealers know how to package their product for non-detection (or they don't remain in business long), so the risk is minimal. But you have to weigh the risks with the rewards and decide how you want to proceed.
  9. I had the opportunity to try the original "Budder" that was sold in 2005 and it was very powerful, as advertised. But it didn't leave me lying on the floor watching the world go by, as some had claimed. If the goal is to develop the powerful concentrate of THC, then this may be the best method. But I'm not sure it's efficient in it's use of marijuana.
  10. Not exactly the statements made, but I understand the emotion involved.
  11. I wouldn't read too much into this, and the public attitude is still beginning to tilt toward legalization. There have drugs to make alcohol intolerable, but their use has been limited and rare, and there's a problem that causes injury and death. I've seen this mentioned her, but the media seems to be generally ignoring it. A lot depends on the legalization now underway in Colorado and Washington, and if there are no major problems I suspect there will be more States jumping on that tax wagon. If they want sales, they won't want this new drug screwing it up.
  12. It's not really over until it's over. Kicking the can six weeks down the pike gets right to the Holiday Season with the Government in crisis again.
  13. Exactly. And if you have to boot out your representative to get someone who supports your view, there's an election coming up next year that might help. But, are you comfortable with a few high rollers that can sink Millions into elections to sway the outcome? Not to mention the Millions sunk into conservative talk radio, and the strong personalities that help to guide the conversation. This is done by both sides, but it's central to the cohesiveness of the Tea Party, along with social media.
  14. SteveK

    Ovomit-care is a fraud

    NIH is actually attempting to accommodate those who have travelled to Washington for treatment and were caught in the shutdown, but another group was scheduled for next week and that has been put off for now. I find it somewhat self-serving for the conservatives to hold this up as a criticism while they have fought to defund or reduce money for Head Start and Food Stamps, which arguably has a far more detrimental impact on children. I sense that cracks are beginning to appear in the unified front that the GOP in the House have been able to maintain. IMO, once it starts to crumble, it will force Boehner to act.
  15. Has there been any movement towards a traffic checkpoint system by the States surrounding Colorado, such as California has set up to check travelers for plants that are illegal to transport across the border? I would not be surprised to see this, as well as surveillance of businesses in Colorado to watch for customers that have cars from out of State. I don't believe either will be long term as other State's see the light, but as this ramps up I can imagine a lot of efforts will be underway to prevent transport and shipping of Colorado's legal marijuana to States that have not yet legalized it. If nothing else, any arrests will be held up as proof of the danger that (in their opinion) has been unleashed.

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