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  1. ΘℏΙℊℏο ☞

    Orange worms

    Look into chitinase based products like Nuke Em. Not sure if it will work on worms but it's good to know about. It's food safe.
  2. ΘℏΙℊℏο ☞

    Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome

    If I dab too quick I can up chuck.
  3. Surprise Trip to the MI Cannabis Cup Tomorrow!

    1. LabRat


      You lucky bugger you! Have fun OH!

    2. Cappy


      Is that the cannabis Holy Grail, hope you have a blast.

    3. Cappy


      Is that the cannabis Holy Grail, hope you have a blast.

  4. ΘℏΙℊℏο ☞

    Ohio Voters Will Get To Decide On Legalizing Marijuana

  5. ΘℏΙℊℏο ☞

    HPS and MH at the same time...

    Yes, you can totally run an MH and HPS. I have. It's not novel. I'd go with higher HPS wattage and some LEDs myself for extended spectrum.
  6. ΘℏΙℊℏο ☞

    20 year old bong

    I have an electric pipe sitting around. They made it out of a keyboard vacuum.
  7. ΘℏΙℊℏο ☞

    Good weed from bunk seeds?

    You can take some poorly grown bud and take the seeds and maximize its genetic potential. It's potential is the ceiling, everything else is about taking it there. So yes, you can do good things with seed from bunk pot but not with bunk seed.
  8. ΘℏΙℊℏο ☞

    The anti-hemp, pro-pot interests

    So I've gotten to know some folks in the pacific north west who are forming political action committees to limit hemp production in regions where medical and recreational cannabis grows...basically keep it down wind. They state that while hemp has lots of benefits that it does have some draw backs when it comes to threatening genetic lines for patients and grow ops who may grow outdoors or in gardens that do not have filters and air locks. The reasoning is that an acre of hemp can produce a lot of biomass but it also can make 57 lbs of pollen that can travel 200 miles. Thoughts? Debate? Death threats?
  9. ΘℏΙℊℏο ☞

    The Surprising State That Could Be the Next to Legalize Weed

    Yup. Very accurate article. Thanks for posting.
  10. Hopefully it drops further. I was told by people there that the name of the game now is cost reduction.
  11. Christie is just another statist.
  12. ΘℏΙℊℏο ☞

    Can you roll a Cannagar?

    Now the trick for a true as in the most cigar like canna cigar would be finding out how and where to actually ferment the fan leaves. Also cubans. Need to hire a cuban.
  13. ΘℏΙℊℏο ☞

    Freezer Tincturing

    Personally I don't agree with the necessity of any steeping.
  14. ΘℏΙℊℏο ☞

    Freezer Tincturing

    Ok, I think you mean "winterizing" and yes freezing both the cannabis and alcohol is essential. It's winterized to reduce the amount of water soluble contaminants, such as chlorophyll, that will leach into whatever water content in the alcohol which is not a pleasant taste, What sort of alcohol are you using? I imagine some grain alcohol? I will have to say that this "day 2" thing and "shaking" is worrying. It seems that you may be the victim of bad information. The active chemicals in cannabis are found within the trichomes which are the resin crystals that grow on the surface of the leaf. Key word being "surface". For a better product the alcohol should simply be poured over the cannabis and the liquid filtered. At most, a quick 20 second shake in jar and then filtering. The trichs dissolve in the alcohol nearly instantly. Your just getting more and more green stuff in your tincture which won't make it pleasant and wont do anything in terms of active effect except dilute it.
  15. ΘℏΙℊℏο ☞

    Eating Raw Hash Non-Decarb

    Don't forget that pressure creates heat if it was pressed.

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