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  1. Thank you progressives for your extraordinary efforts to bring ethics and common sense back to Canada. As an Albertan I understand the highs and lows, the personal sacrifices you've endured in recent years. Despite our best efforts to make the NDP a party brave enough to embrace real change they chose to run a wishy washy campaign and mince words on this important issue. Allowing the Liberals to run on what should have been our platform with some rich people tax increases. NDP in Alberta cons in only a few provinces and Trudeau at the helm. So do we reinvigorate the NDP with radical leftists or should us orange blend with the red to create something powerfull and new? I tend to think we should allow some of the younger NDP to move up and an ideologically strong but small left may keep the liberals honest in a new electoral system. I would sincerely like to hear from the rest of the Cannabis activist community on this. It's been a hell of a ride. What intractable problem should we solve next.
  2. Marc Emery Lethbridge Mar. 14-15

    Sat. March 14 2015: Owl Acoustic Lounge 411 3rd Ave S. Lethbridge 12:30- 2:00 pm Second speaking appearance Tickets available at "Bob's" 1401 5th st. S Moose Hall 1401 5th Ave N Lethbridge 7:00 pm
  3. New leonard Cohen some clever insights, better than his last couple albums. Good stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1N7RuMsvqE
  4. Marc Emery Lethbridge Mar. 14-15

    From Marc Emery Facebook. "Jodie and I will be in LETHBRIDGE, ALBERTA on the weekend of March 14 & 15 to say thank you to the cannabis community there for all their wonderful, wonderful financial support and great wishes they sent our way over the entire period of my incarceration. I love Vancouver, but no community in Canada was more helpful to us than the cannabis culture in Lethbridge (I'm sure with some folks from the Calgary area too). See you March 14, Lethbridge!"

    Fascism. Capitalist, grossly unequal wealth distribution, oligarchy, hereditary wealth and therefore access to justice and power. Communism is different. Both are police states both are authoritarian but the developing NWO is far more fascist than communist. Compelling citizens to disclose personal information on a regular basis where the police can access it, constitutes warrantless surveilance and should constitute a charter violation. Smart meters should be meta data only, or there must be a power providing alternative licensed for people to opt out of smart meters.
  6. new species of cannabis found

    Talk about an amazing reason to go hiking in Australia!
  7. Here is the list today, I have know Idea if they have all made deliveries to patients or are just starting to take orders. h http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/dhp-mps/marihuana/info/list-eng.php
  8. Election strategy

    all good points Egzoset I'm not convinced by Trudeau's sudden turnaround, if anyone can do it half assed and make things worse it's the liberals. I don't mind showing a driver's license or gov. id to confirm age but of course oppose the government attempting to keep records of who uses what. I can't imagine many non-voters read many political threads.
  9. Welcome Home

    Figured someone would have already started a thread for this, so I will. Welcome back to Canada Mr. Emery from the millions of Canadians behind you. I look forward to hearing more about your upcoming campaigns.
  10. Election strategy

    LabRat, i'm in the same boat. Lifelong NDP, well I voted Marxist lenninist a couple weeks after I turned 18 but Chretien won anyway. I scrutineered in an actual 3 way race in Strathcona Edmonton, there was con and NDP scrutineers but no libs. But I went and moved back to rural Alberta. So there is a greater chance of the moon falling from the sky and landing on Harper's cabinet than my riding not going blue. There's currently a bi election here so I have only a few weeks to decide, but will, like you, probably vote NDP because no strategic voting will make the two parties combined tally beat the cons. Next year the question will be less cut and dried for many ridings. Thanks I guess there is still a lot to consider Layton, Quebec, etc.
  11. Steven harpers teen years .

    Warren Kinsella has also written a good deal about Harper's early years, and he has a website you can contact him through, if he responds he likely knows where you can look to find out more about that period. www.warrenkinsella.com has a contact link on the left side of the page.
  12. Steven harpers teen years .

    Perhaps you could track down and e-mail the author of Passionate Intensity by Trevor Harrison a book about Harper's early years in the Reform party. He may be able to point you towards some sources.
  13. Help FIRE DEA Agent - Michele Leonhart

    Wow, she's a moron. How does being a police officer some how remove her from the human species that live in the real world where a fact is a fact? She's typical of Obama's two faced stance during his first campaign when he told crowds that marijuana policy would be determined by facts and the science, the facts show he lied. I signed, although I don't believe Change.org petitions change much. I do suspect however, that the sites records will serve in years to come as a fascinating data set to study societies discontent and changing opinions.
  14. Should be able to pass a state courts tests, if referendum can't address what is legal in 15 or 17 states with supreme court approval, then the signature count is moot. Since it's the hurdle set it must be the criteria. It would be an interesting case to read the transcripsts from. Oh and if you think she's knowingly harming people, or wasteing money by opposing this referendum question, then write an angry letter. (It would help if you're Floridian but what the hay). state Attorney General Pam Bondi complaints page. http://myfloridalegal.com/pages.nsf/Main/E3EB45228E9229DD85257B05006E32EC
  15. Migraine from Smoking Weed

    I'm not a Yankee, so sorry about not having socialized medicine, nor am I a lawyer, but negative reprocussions caused by a Dr. disclosing information you revealed violates a number of the fundamental pillars of western medicne and Law. You could check with a local law society first. But in most first world nations cancelled insurance because a patient disclosed something would lead to a malpractice lawsuit.