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  1. topcat1666

    leave america?

    Well I think he's got to go to a place that will let him keep all his guns so I'm interested in where he's going.
  2. topcat1666

    leave america?

    We seem to have drifted of the first question without answering it. When is Ted Nugent goig to keep his word and leave America? In FACT lots of right wing shits said it was their way or they'd hit the highway I suggest we ask them when they are leaving.
  3. topcat1666

    ACLU to Examine SWAT, Police Militarization

    I think the average person will be blown away by how much of a miltary force we have in our police. It's every bit as bad as say China just hidden better.
  4. NEITHER party is really serving the working middle class.
  5. topcat1666

    leave america?

    They did kill inocent people by mistake etc. but my point is not about the good or bad of drones it's about our govt. being able to find a legal pressadent to clear their minds and wiggle out to use any powers they want. And that is no fallacy.
  6. topcat1666

    leave america?

    You cam almost laugh at them. Debating about Drones. We had drones in the 1880s and we called them bounty hunters, without courts wanted dead or alive poster were sent out. Followed by the drones[read that bounty hunters, caring missles[read that bullits] I promise when some pres. wants an excuse to kill an American ON OUR That will be used. AND PASS COURT MUSTER
  7. What blows my mind is that if they hate abortion so much why are they trying to cut birth control and cause increased abortion. They say their ok with same sex but these are the same people that boo an active duty combat soilderless than a year ago.
  8. topcat1666

    leave america?

    Had I not had to go back in the hospital for a few weeks this last spring I could have made about $100,000.00 over the summer running used RVs up to Kansas , and places needing housing.
  9. topcat1666

    leave america?

    Hell you can use those skills to get jobs at places of our own oil booms S. Dakota, Kanas, or Montana and stay here.
  10. topcat1666

    leave america?

    Say didn't Ted Nuegent say if Obama got elected he'd move out of the U.S.? Well? I guess he's proving himself just another big mouth full of hot air shit that no-one should beleive.
  11. NOTto mention that they've voted themselves full retirement pay after just 2 years. Most workers work 30 years for less than 1/2 pay as retirement.
  12. topcat1666


    Cell phones with carama functions migth do more to open peoples eyes than any words ever have.
  13. That's good think on the Rep.s part and I bet they keep thinking that right through the next election. Then it will be what? huh?
  14. I love it " nothing out of the ordinary------". Just another everyday political quid for quo.
  15. topcat1666

    leave america?

    Love it but there is a problem 1/2 of us don't beleive in science or at least that's what I thought the Rep.s said.

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