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  1. Vancouver weed.

    I've had "poison" street weed before. Hopefully people have upped their game. Legal or otherwise.
  2. Vancouver weed.

    I was recently on the West coast and I hit up a couple of dispensaries. For 10-12$/gram I was expecting better. I said I had "hellish" tolerance, he brings out the Gorilla glue. I grade it 7.5/10. I said give me the flavour bomb, out comes the Girl Scout Cookie. 7/10.
  3. Medical grower.

    I live amongst Jesus freaks and I don't want to risk some pious asshole ratting me out. Fuck them, I'll soon be "pious asshole" proof.
  4. Mmas.ca will get you where you need to be. Cost you, though.
  5. Got my application in to Health Canada for my licence to produce medical cannabis. This could change my life. Being a legal grower is a lifetime dream.
  6. I went with mmas.ca. I have no supporting medical documents but I did have a pocket full of money. I'll be a legal motherfucker by spring.
  7. Just made a batch. 3 lbs. unsalted butter, an ounce of bud x 3 strains plus an ounce of already used stuff. Used method #1. Just at the cooling stage.....
  8. Job in Cannabis Industry

    I'm looking for something related to production or promotion.....
  9. Energy is by far the largest input in an indoor grow, and costs virtually nothing in a greenhouse grow. It works best in a sunny location but anywhere corn and beans grow will grow good weed and you supplement the weak winter sunlight with lights if you are far enough south.
  10. How To Get Bud In Las Vegas?

    Try asking the Mexicans handing out flyers on every street corner.
  11. Best light and reflector?

    Ordered a couple of double ended 1000 watt kits. I like the idea of CMH bulbs to supplement the spectrum.
  12. Best light and reflector?

    Thinking of upping my game, seeing double ended HPS bulbs and fixtures. Anybody have experience with these lights?
  13. Looking for med clones

    Clones are come pre installed with mites......IME. Seeds are bug free.
  14. When to start seeds for outdoor grow

    If you start your plants early they will grow to enourmous size. Mine do but im north of 50 too.