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  1. Dry fresh bud, quick.

    I had issues with fires starting at the floret/stem junction on earlier attempts. But I..... - reduced time - avoided centre of microwave - try not to grow stressed weeds
  2. So if I need to sample a freshly harvested bud? I usually take a smallish bud, 2 or 3 joints worth and put it between at least 4 paper towels. Pop that in the microwave for 23 seconds. Give it a minute to cool, move the bud to a dry spot on the towels and give it another 23 seconds.... let it cool, move to a dry spot another 23 seconds. It might be ready to smoke now it might need another 23 seconds. Notes: My microwave is a low power unit. It feels wet still when it comes out after the 3rd or 4th time, let it cool and get hard before making the call to smoke or re-nuke. Avoid the centre of the microwave and keep your shit on the outside perimeter or fires can happen.
  3. Bud boosters are dirty

    The appalling thing to me is the ingredients are not listed. Fuckers. From the High Times article. “The two compounds of concern in the cannabis world are paclobutrazol and daminozide. These chemicals were found as unlisted, unregistered ingredients in the following cannabis fertilizers: Bushmaster, Gravity, Flower Dragon, TopLoad, PhosphoLoad and BushLoad. Most of these fertilizers have been banned in California mainly due to the fact that the PGR’s were not listed in the bottle, a requirement by law.”
  4. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/hightimes.com/grow/what-are-pgrs-and-why-are-they-in-my-weed/amp/
  5. hi everyone!

    I don't know about cats but dogs get higher than fuck.
  6. pistils got burn

    Getting pregnant does this too.
  7. Unknown outdoor strains Alberta

    At the end of July start covering them to give them at least 12 hours of darkness. Do this for a week, once flowering has started you can stop covering them and they will keep on flowering.
  8. Havent tried it yet but looks promising. https://cannapedia.me/Citric+Acid+Extraction
  9. In Canada it seems to be ok.
  10. I just applied for my PAL and I'm medical.
  11. I was reading about Poloz buying guns in Vegas and that's what the article said.
  12. Can't buy a gun in the states if you use drugs.