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  1. Is marijuana halal?

    I’ve never tried it earlier in the year.
  2. Unknown outdoor strains Alberta

    At the end of July start covering them to give them at least 12 hours of darkness. Do this for a week, once flowering has started you can stop covering them and they will keep on flowering.
  3. Havent tried it yet but looks promising. https://cannapedia.me/Citric+Acid+Extraction
  4. In Canada it seems to be ok.
  5. I just applied for my PAL and I'm medical.
  6. I was reading about Poloz buying guns in Vegas and that's what the article said.
  7. Can't buy a gun in the states if you use drugs.
  8. Paul N

    I can fly domestic with 150 grams.
  9. MM grow licence

    I'm legal. Living the dream.
  10. Re-wired my room.

    I've wired it up with the intention of having to pass an inspection but I'm not gonna get a permit.......The new arc fault breakers are $130 a piece so I won't put those in until someone makes me. I've passed inspections before, though. My grow isn't in my house.
  11. Re-wired my room.

    High resistance caused by a poor connection. Look for loose wires.
  12. Re-wired my room.

    An unintended side effect of growing weed has been to learn how to do good electrical work. I should do it for a living.
  13. Re-wired my room.

    Just finished getting my electrical system up to code now that I'm legal and all. Not gonna lie........it was fun.