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  1. frmrgrl

    A new start

    Thanks, guys. LabRat - Thanks for the validation on the VivoSun tent. Turns out my brother also has one, and loves his as well. The 4x4ft tents have 3 bars across the top (according to the ad), and support 110 lbs, so it sounds pretty sturdy. I'm stoked to have a room with no light leaks; it'll be a first for me. The vortex fan definitely looks nicer, with its jet turbine-like design, and I'm all about long warrantees indicating a mfr's faith in their products, but $250 might be too pricey given that I'd need to buy the speed controller and filter separately. That'll shoot the cost for the fan/controller/filter to near $300. I was hoping to keep my total expenditure to around $300. I grew some of High Grade's gear in the early 2000's. It was high grade, for sure. I have hundreds of non-feminized seeds of 2 strains, but I've been growing nothing but these 2 strains for a long, long time. I want a change of pace. My preference is non-manipulated beans, because my goal is to do this as naturally as possible, but feminized beans are efficient. High Grade offers free seeds with the order, one of those will be 10 Malawi Gold non-feminized beans. I'll be making more of them. Love the S. African sats. I like a higher CBD strain, but I Iike it to be higher THC as well. It sure does; thankfully, I stopped buying it in '99. My stash at our house was kept in a fire proof safe. Unfortunately, it wasn't flood proof. Fortunately, I have a drill and reciprocating saw. There was about 3/4 lb in it. It's gettin' low, but I'm gonna make it last til my first harvest. Primo bud goes for $350+ per oz on the street here. No fn way. Shadey - I have seen the fans attached to the overhead poles with zip-ties or light hangers. Does that sound feasible? Do I understand that you're using felt on the tent poles as "casters" to protect the tent floor? Yes, I'll be using my existing LED arrays. They've been in climate controlled storage for the last year. Two Platinum LED P300 arrays. 600W LED, 360W actual power consumption. My vision is 1 plant, an organic grow medium, a 20 gal smart pot, and a 3.5ft x 3.5ft screen.
  2. frmrgrl

    A new start

    Hi guys. I will soon be in a position to set up a garden again. We'll be renting, so a tent is probably the easiest way to set up a "stealth" garden in a spare bedroom. "Stealth", because how stealthy can a big black tent with an exhaust fan blowing in a spare bedroom be, lol? This is my plan, please critique: I've never grown in a tent, so I don't know brands. I like this 4ft x 4ft x 6.5ft VivoSun tent. I've been going back and forth between a 440 CFM Apollo Horticulture fan/filter, and this 440 CFM VivoSun fan/filter. The VivoSun fan is a bit quieter than the Apollo Horticulture fan, and I'm sure I'll be able to run it at half speed to prolong life and further cut down on noise. The tent is only 104 cu. ft., surely ~ 200 CFM flow will keep the heat down. The tent comes with hanging straps for the filter, do I need to buy mounting hardware for the fan? A standard hygrometer, light hangers, and fancy glasses to protect my vision round out the growroom set up. Anyone grown/growing any of High Grade's gear? He was very reliable, and had primo stuff back in the day. Thinking about giving him a try again. All input is appreciated.
  3. Thanks, notsofasteddie I'm anxious to see recreational pot become legal here. I'm not so sure it will happen before I stop punching a clock, but changes to the workplace are a huge concern for me, it's good to see progress toward helping instead of hindering weed's migration to mainstream. In my profession, being not sober at work is just not acceptable, but it disturbs me a little that employers are left to their own techniques for determining stoned-ness in the workplace......why is a pizza box square when the pie is round and all the pieces are small triangles? Which munchie do you prefer, doritos or cookie dough? We need to overgrow the northern border, MJ's a healing cash cow.
  4. frmrgrl

    PotHead or Anti-PotHead what are you

    or genetic modification.
  5. I'm an outlaw, so I always think of things from that perspective. Even if I could legally grow x number of plants in my backyard, I doubt that I would. Seems like it would invite scrutiny. You don't need clones to sex the plants, just cuttings. If a cut branch has no roots, how can it be classified a plant? Moreover, if the cuttings are in a glass of water indoors under 12/12, sequestered from prying eyes, how is "the man" gonna find them??
  6. frmrgrl

    PotHead or Anti-PotHead what are you

    Thanks, Shadey As odd as it may seem after such a disaster (hurricane Harvey), things are better than they've ever been. We came out of this house-less, but debt-free plus a large 5 figure sum of cash which went into an investment vehicle for the next few years til retirement comes round...at which time we'll say later to floodville and move north. (north TX, LOL) I'm happy the garden is going again, I had to ration my stash to make sure it lasted!!
  7. frmrgrl

    PotHead or Anti-PotHead what are you

    Leave it to politicians and the government to screw up a good thing. One of my concerns is that stipulations go into place that prohibit employers from discriminating against pot users. My bro in FL (which recently approved MMJ) said his employer immediately instituted random drug testing, and they've found a way to ID fake urine. Half a dozen people were fired in the first 3 months after MMJ became "legal". Here in the Yellow Rose, possession of less than a QP has been decriminalized, but they still F**k one's life up majorly with mandated community service and rehab which often results in loss of employment as well. Good news is I'm near retirement, bad news is I'm not already there.
  8. Many, if not most, hybrids will display pre flowers after 6-8 weeks of veg time. Look at the nodes where the stipules (green spikey things) appear for either white "hairs" or green "balls". You can also take some cuttings, place them in a glass of water inside, under 12/12 lighting. In 10-15 days, the cuts will begin to develop flowers, then you'll know ahead of time which of your outdoor plants are going to be bud producers (provided you labeled the cuts and the parent plants so you can match them up). ....If you're using feminized beans, the plants will all be female, that's the beauty of feminization....
  9. frmrgrl

    Question on how to harvest.

    Unless there has been real data published in the year or so that I've been away, leaving the plants in an extended period of complete darkness before harvest is a stoner myth. THC biosynthesis requires light, and water is life. In these last days, the changes are mostly biochemical. But do harvest at the beginning of the "day". Presuming it takes 3-4 days for the wet to dry cycle to complete, I'd water the plants tomorrow, then time the harvest to happen when they need water again, even though that will be beyond your proposed harvest date...which is based on what? (breeder's stated flowering time, look of the trichs??)
  10. frmrgrl

    PotHead or Anti-PotHead what are you

    I'm 100% pothead. While I'm all for legalized and regulated MJ, I don't know what that looks like in real practice. Who knows, maybe I will soon, thanks to my Canadian neighbors. But if it means having to register my garden, I'll remain an outlaw forever. I'm not about to open myself up to gov't oversight. ...been away for quite a while. It seemed the CC forums was a ghost town, but now it appears to be coming back to life. Good to see! Hello again, fellow stoners
  11. frmrgrl

    A seedling in need

    Looks hungry to me, too. I just turn the rooters flat side down, bore a hole in the rounded end, and plant. Don't measure the pH of plain RO water, it'll shorten the life span of your pH meter; only pH after adding all the goodies. Just an observation...the pH of the organic rooter is probably in the 6.5 range while the pH of RW strongly trends toward 7. I don't know for sure, but I think nutrient uptake might be difficult in this situation (at least at the beginning) because weed likes a pH in the 6.2 - 6.8 range in soil(less) media, but 5.5 - 5.8 in RW. What's the end game: hydro or not hydro? Is the same strain that Shadey is/was growing? Good luck!
  12. frmrgrl

    New to LED's Best color spectrums?

    If the myth of global warming continues on its current track, we're gonna have to change the myth of Santa Claus to include a yacht pulled by flying porpoises instead of a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer. (smiling pile o' poo emoji that isn't available here) But whatever the story, gotta love Santa Claus You nailed my brother's personality. Him: "if it's a POS, I only spent a hundred bucks." Me: "you spent several hundred on the tent, multi site RDWC system and all the utensils needed for hydro growing, air filtration and exhaust fan, but you spent a hundred bucks on the thing that matters most in terms of growth and development." Think I'll schedule a week off and move my lights from storage to his tent.
  13. frmrgrl

    New to LED's Best color spectrums?

    Hey Shadey, I have questions. Due to my situation, my little bro has become the "designated grower", and against my vehement caution he bought a no-name Chinese "600 watt full spectrum" grow array for about $110. The light came with documents claiming stout PAR numbers, but no spectral distribution graph, nor any documentation about the actual electricity consumed. From what I've seen of his grow so far, my only comment is "you get what you pay for". Have you seen a bargain basement Chinese full spectrum LED light in action throughout the grow? Are you considering adding to yours just to extend the coverage area, or improve plant performance?
  14. frmrgrl

    New to LED's Best color spectrums?

    Before we get into that, let me respond to the info LabRat laid on you. Mostly - LEDs are compared to HIDs because HIDs are the gold standard to measure against -, which is absolutely true. He also mentioned that the colas would look better had they been flowered under 400 - 600 watts of HID, and that is personal preference. I used an EYE Hortilux 400W HPS for 15 yrs before switching to LED. Some immediate observations: growth during the veg cycle is more brisk, and foliage is more dense. The flowers produced by the LEDs look smaller and possibly less developed than those produced under a 400W EYE Hortilux, but overall production as measured by weight is higher, and trichome coverage is more dense. The quality of the crop is higher. HIDs are comparatively cheap on the front end. You can buy a primo 1kw ballast/reflector/bulb ~ $300. And the ballast may last a lifetime. My Sun Systems magnetic ballast from 1999 is still in use at a friend's house. Says it has fired lamps flawlessly every day, and it's 18 yrs old. The reflector should last a lifetime. But the bulb needs to be replaced at least every year. And quality horticultural bulbs cost around $70. So in a 7 year period you'll spend ~ $500 on light bulbs. HIDs are hot (the inside of a 400W EYE Hortilux is ~ 650ºF), unless your grow space has an ambient temp in the 50s - 60s, you'll need cooling for the light. An oscillating fan can do it, but a dedicated circuit that blows cool air over the lamp and pushes hot air outside the room is ideal. My "300W" LED array is only warm to touch...but there are UV LEDs, so touching is not advised... LEDs are going to cost you more up front. There's a lot of homework that goes with choosing an LED grow light. The marketing is stoopidly misleading, so you have to be a well informed shopper. Length of warranty - the longer the warranty the higher the quality. If a manufacturer is willing to offer a 3 - 5 year warranty, it means they feel their product is going to outlive the warranty. Actual electricity consumed - this is an extremely important number since efficiency is generally measured in terms of grams per watt...a "600W" LED panel that actually consumes 300W is not going to be as productive as a "600W" panel that actually consumes 360W. If you can't know the actual electricity the panel consumes, move on to the next. Spectrum - if it's "full spectrum", how is that achieved? Are there LEDs of specific wavelengths, or are there a bunch of "white" LEDs, that are way less productive than those of specific wavelengths? Typically, this will be listed as a number of "bands". The more the better. Look for a spectral distribution graph. If the array doesn't have one, move on the the next. High quality LED arrays will cover the spectrum from UV to IR. Mars hydro and KIND LED make decent LED grow lights. Platinum LED Grow Lights, and Black Dog LED make damn good LED grow lights with long warranties. Platinum LED shows a video on their site comparing theirs with other leading brands as measured by PAR output, actual electricity consumed, and actual spectral output. Never seen Black Dog LEDs in a comparison. Their 400W HID "replacement" array is $1,000+, and that's too rich for me. ***I have the wattages for LED arrays in quotes because the marketing is very misleading. A "600W" LED array contains LEDs totaling 600 watts if powered at full power, but no one does that because the life span of the lamp would be too short. Resistors are inline to limit the amount of electricity that drives the lamp(s). This actual consumption number can be as much as 50% of the rated capacity, so it's important to know how much electricity the unit is actually using to get a real idea of what you can expect it to produce in terms of grams per watt.***
  15. frmrgrl

    New to LED's Best color spectrums?

    Hi EmilyTaylor . Only consider full spectrum arrays in your lineup, and keep in mind that you get what you pay for. That is, there is something to be said for well respected brands....which usually cost more. Many of the lower quality, and all of the higher quality LED grow arrays have "veg" and "bloom" switches on them. The "Veg" switch activates bluer light which corresponds to what is known as the action spectrum, and when both "Veg" and "Bloom" are on, the output corresponds to the absorption spectrum. The action spectrum refers to the chlorophyll synthesis curve, with a major peak in the blue-violet region, and a minor peak in the red region. The absorption spectrum is the entire visible spectrum. Seedlings and rooted cuttings that are establishing themselves..."young" plants respond best to the action spectrum, and established plants..."adolescents" or "adults" respond best to the absorption spectrum. In this graph, the light green, green, and tan lines correspond to the action spectrum, and the bold line that changes color according to where it lies in the spectrum corresponds to the absorption spectrum. The McCree curve illustrates that the plant uses the entire visible spectrum, and is in a state of high energy (70-90%) throughout the green-yellow-orange-red spectrum. I personally run my LEDs in the "Veg" mode until seedlings have 5 - 6 developed nodes, then I add the "bloom" spectrum to the mix. They stay in that configuration til harvest. Two Platinum LED P300 arrays, ~ 3ft x 3ft space.

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