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  1. I've had repetitive good luck with Hemp Depot in CA and Gypsy Nirvana's Seed Boutique in the Netherlands. Check out Seedbay, there are breeders/vendors within our borders. I have no experience with them, but they have pretty steady ads in the auctions...for whatever that's worth. Seed Boutique has Soma's goodies. Hemp Depot has DJ Short and Bros. Grimm gear.
  2. Is this is an illegal undertaking? Read up on what you might be facing should the po-po come knocking. I'm not sure that I would grow weed in an apartment. Hmm. I'm not so sure that's the best choice, given the situation. Sats are good mood elevators and energizers, indicas and indica dominant hybrids are better pain relievers. In my opinion. Sats also get huge while indicas tend to be a lot more compact. What size is the overall reservoir the cups sit in? The volume of the root mass has a lot to do with how much bud the plant produces. Yes, the plants stay in the same cup from start to finish. Yes, only females produce sticky bud. In a multi-site hydro setup like this, planting 4 non feminized seeds might net you 4 female plants, or it might net you 4 male plants. In all probability you'd get at least 2 female plants, but that will leave you with 2 non productive spots in what needs to be a mondo productive set up. And you won't be able to tell what sex they are for several weeks down the road. In your situation, I highly suggest that you order feminized seeds. That way you'll know that every seed you plant will produce a female plant. But I really suggest you think this through and through and through before setting up a grow in your apartment.
  3. Yep, as weedmen says, it's a leap of faith when you order the seeds. Been there, so we can empathize. Just one more risk you have to take to grow your own. Where did you order from? Check out seedbay, there are distributors within our borders. I don't have any experience with them, but it was nice to see some 'locals' in the mix. I have ordered from Hemp Depot in Canada and Seedboutique in the Netherlands and found them reliable....and Marc Emery back in the 90s... I waited [pessimistically] 4 - 6 weeks to receive the goods, but they arrived intact on each occasion. What did you order (strain)? Seems reasonable; ya won't need a tent unless you have seeds. While you're waiting on seeds, you should spend the time reading a grow guide and planning your grow, if you haven't already. If you've ever successfully grown fruits and veggies, growing MJ will be a piece of cake. Just a few things: 1. Security. If this is an outlaw endeavor, ideally, no one except you should know about it. If the circumstances require that other people be in on the secret you need to be certain that they will never reveal it. Ever. Odor control is of prime importance. A carbon filter at the exit point is most desirable, but there are other effective methods, dependent upon how much MJ you're growing. 2. What method are you going to use to grow your medicine, i.e. soil, soilless, organic, hydro? Of all the methods, hydro costs more up front...unless you go with soilless media in buckets and hand watering. That's pretty cheap. So are soil and organic. What's your availability, i.e. can you consistently tend the garden daily? I have times when I don't see my plants for 3 days, so I need a method that's low maintenance. 3. How much medicine do you want to harvest? 4. How big is the tent you're considering? 5. How much and what kind of lighting? This deserves quite a bit of attention because it represents a large portion of the money spent to get started. The answer to question #3 will help you out here. If you're serious about growing your own, and harvests of 1/4 - 1/2 pound are what you're looking for, then in my humble opinion, get nothing less than 400w HID or 300w LED and confine it to 8 sq. ft or less. HID is cheaper, but if you can afford a quality horticultural LED array, you won't be disappointed (as long as you keep the actual wattage consumed in the 300 - 400 watt range). 6. Good air flow encourages rapid growth and discourages mold/mildew. 7. Good nutrition is a must.
  4. I think you're misunderstanding folks. If you're growing non auto flowering pot, it'll take a week or so for them to switch gears from veggie growth to budding, then 6 - 10 weeks or more to finish budding, depending upon the strain. The large majority of hybrids take 8 - 10 weeks to finish. Auto flowering pot behaves differently, with numerous strains going from sprout to harvest in about 10 weeks. There are also environmental variables that play into finishing time, so knowing when to harvest requires inspecting the resin in the trichs with a magnifier (like 50X). Only use the calendar (day count) as a very rough guide; unless your conditions match the breeder's, your results will vary.
  5. Some people use a green "safe" light to tend budding plants during the dark period. I say treat darkness during the bud cycle as sacred time. Don't interrupt it. To be perfectly honest, a one time interruption probably won't do a thing, but you won't know for weeks. Repetitive interruptions are known to trigger hermie expression. It's known as light poisoning.
  6. Hi RHUMP. Each morning, listening to my ankles, knees and hips snap*crackle*pop as I walk out of the bedroom, I think 'it's good to be old!'. You created an acct, and made this post, so I'm not buying the computer/tech unsavvy. I have advanced arthritis, and also live in a "not ok" state. I joined the Outlaw Gardeners Assn. If you're looking for info and knowledge, ask some questions.
  7. Absolutely not. Neither are the ratios. A balanced 1:1:1 fert plus secondary and micro nutes and trace elements works very well. Phosphorous is necessary for a robust and healthy root system, so I feed my plants a "bloom" formula from start to finish.
  8. There's a lot to be said for convenience. Can't get much simpler than open bag, fill container, plant seed/cutting, water. Do get some supplemental nutrition, whether it's solid or liquid...or both. I'd like to try that, but my dog snatches clippings as soon as I make the cut. He sure likes 'em!
  9. Where are you going to grow, i.e. how much space do you have? Is it a single family dwelling on acres of property, a single family dwelling in a suburban neighborhood, an apartment/condo? The more dense the population, the more you have to consider odor control because 4 lbs of budding weed reeks. Soil? Soilless? Hydro? Harvesting 4 lbs per crop will require at least a couple kilowatts of lighting, is the budget at least several hundred dollars?
  10. ?1.5 cu. ft. bags (~ 42L)? Promix HP goes for $45 per 3.8 cu. ft. bale here. I switched to FF OF a while back, it goes for $18 per 1.5 cu. ft.bag, although the store owner gives me a $2 per bag break if I buy at least 3. The biggest difference between Promix HP and this Sohum soil is Promix provides an inert root substrate, and Sohum provides and living mixm teeming with microbial life to encourage and support healthy root growth. Using chemical ferts in Sohum soil will work, but it'd be a shame because the end result will be better if you work with your soil instead of against it. I've never used Sohum, but it's made of great stuff. Big shout out for rock dusts and paramagnetic sands. This mix will give you the basis for a really good organic grow, but as LabRat mentioned, you'll need some supplemental nutrition. I use Jobe's Organic Tomato and Vegetable Food granular formula as the base of my nutritional program. It's an organic 2 - 5 - 3 blend of meals, manures, minerals, and 16 species of beneficial microbes. An application lasts about 6-8 weeks, but I also keep a tea (1.5 - 2.2 - 1.5) on the shelf and apply it once a week. If you keep the microherd happy, they'll make your plants grow crazy!
  11. Thanks, man. Had a 'Doh! moment a few secs after I posted that, and found your other thread, lol. ...and that's why they look so good! Can't say that I know a thing about your grow medium and nutritional program. Simple organic principles in my garden. Lots of composted poo and plant material mixed with small amounts of volcanic and mineral sands, a butt load of perlite, and a modest amount of a blended and microbial fortified organic fert. If they need a quick pick-me-up, it's a fermented compost tea. Do you need the humidifier? In my experience the only measurable consequence of a low RH (40% or less) is increased water consumption, while a generous RH can lead to mold and loss of foliage. The foliage is dense, which alone raises the local humidity between the leaves where it is important. Hygrometer? pH monitoring tool?
  12. Welcome to cc, Trip. As the others mentioned, it'll take some cash to set up a good indoor grow space. You bought a 150W LED fixture, you must be fairly serious about moving indoors. I have to tell ya, the weather indoors is a whole lot more consistently conducive to growing high quality MJ. And the chance that an unkind person finds the treasure is much less. Supplemental side lighting as LabRat described will go a long way toward producing more compact plants, and being able to measure pH like OG mentions will go a long long way in helping you determine how to handle nutritional problems. Just my $.02 here... It depends on what your goals are, but with 5 plants and a 150W LED fixture, I presume you're at least a moderately serious grower looking for at least a QP per harvest, which is possible with 150W full spectrum LED. Most of the 150s I've seen list their core (flowering) coverage at about 2-3ft x 1.5ft. In order to fit 5 plants in that space, they're going to have to be in small containers, like a gallon or so which limits yield to some degree. I personally think you'd produce more this time around without spending a cent for lighting if you pared the plant count down to 1 or 2, and train the branches to expose more bud sites to high energy light. The individual buds are smaller, but overall yield goes way up. I transitioned from 400W HID to 300W full spectrum LED a while back, and as a rule, flowered 4-5 plants in 3 gal containers. From my short-lived experience so far, it is my humble opinion that 300W is marginal for that situation. Does the grow space have good air flow?
  13. Roundup and Roundup Ready seeds come from the same co. ... what do you think they'll come up with for the frankenweeds?
  14. Looking pretty, Beanosk! Whatcha growing? Is that a cool mist humidifier? What's the air flow like? What's that awesome looking grow medium? Nutrition? Lighting? Where are they in the cycle of life? Keep 'em green!
  15. Two opposing stereotypes in one statement. Nice! When these folks stuck their neck out, the most they risked was loss of freedom, money, and property if they became jailed. The "war" is being fought in a court room by people wearing designer suits, the activists who have indeed gone the extra mile to advance MJ in our society are simply exercising civil disobedience. While they are definitely heroes, they're only war heroes in the strictest sense of the word. I personally reserve that term for folks who, when they stuck their neck out for a cause, risked decapitation in a literal sense.