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  1. While it's true that vitamin A can help rejuvenate lung tissue, let's not forget that the info is coming to us via the seller of a vitamin A supplement, and that it is well known that quality control in the nutritional supplement industry is nonexistent. As you noted, the info states that the study participants were receiving pharmaceutical grade trans retinoic acid, not an OTC vitamin pill. Most folks will gloss right over that to the "buy now" button. I would caution people to be tested for vitamin A level before they start taking supplements that are almost 10X the RDA because it's a fat soluble vitamin, and toxicity (which usually occurs from taking huge doses daily) doesn't paint a pretty picture: Vitamin A may cause bleeding in the lungs, blurry vision, bone pain, breathing difficulty, changes in immune function, chronic inflammation of the liver, cirrhosis (scarring of liver), cough, cracked fingernails, cracked lips, death, decreased thyroid function, depression, diarrhea, feeling of fullness, fever, fluid around heart, hair loss, high cholesterol, increased pressure in the brain, increased risk of HIV transmission (through breastfeeding), increased risk of lung cancer, increased risk of heart disease, increased white blood cells, indigestion, inflammation of the conjunctiva (conjunctivitis), injection site pain, irritability, joint pain, mouth ulcers, muscle pain, psoriasis flare-ups, pain, perisinusoidal fibrosis (in the liver), redness (from skin use), respiratory infection, seizure, skin irritation, sore eyes, steatosis (fatty change), stomach and intestine adverse effects, and suicidal thoughts.
  2. That's what makes growing weed fun . I personally think, given the decades that Cannabis has been grown indoors (and at least casually studied), if there were any magic hidden in photoperiod manipulation, we'd already know about it. I can understand your stance on big agribusiness; just keep an open mind, you might find some good practices that can be adapted to your situation.
  3. That's very true. Most strains today developed for indoor growing are very hybridized and acclimatized to accepted standards for indoor production which includes a 12/12 photoperiod for the bud cycle (I doubt many of the large scale growers and breeders are playing around with light cycles). I think attempting to match the environment the parents were grown and bred in would help me max potential better than trying to match the environment to their genetic lineage. But that's just me.
  4. Just throwin this out there... In MJ Botany, RC Clarke references research from the '70s that shows almost twice as much THC is produced under 12/12 as compared to a 10/14 photoperiod, which was being tested as a way to speed up finishing. The trials started the bud cycle under 12/12 and approximately 2 weeks before the projected harvest, the cycle was flipped to 10/14. The 10/14 trials did finish earlier than the 12/12 controls by a few days to a week, with lighter yields and lower THC content. There was a discussion here a loooong time ago, the title of the thread was 'photoperiod on planet ito'. In an effort to boost yield the grower would at some point during 12/12 (I think around the 4-5 week mark), flip the cycle to 24/7 for 3 days, then go back to 12/12. As I remember, he did end up with somewhat heavier harvests. What RC Clarke wrote seems a pretty good reason not to stray from 12/12. Use techniques other than changing the light cycle to boost yield (imo), altering it just sends the plant confusing cues.
  5. I get the low profile approach, but what about fall when you've got 5+ pounds of sticky bud growing? Seems like that might stink a bit.
  6. Hi Grow_Wizzard. The pvc thing looks like a real good away to max a single plant's potential. We usually have at least a few triple digit days here, but high 90s with heat indexes in the 110 range are the norm between June and August or Sept. So I can relate to your 100+ days...on end. But 110+, I'm sure, is one of those things you have to live through to understand. I have questions, if you don't mind, about MJ and the heat. I presume the weather you're experiencing is a yearly occurrence, not a freak year, and you choose not to move indoors, so your plants must tolerate the heat pretty damn well. What do you see in terms of plant performance during weather like that? Does the heat rev up metabolism? Does it stunt or stall growth? (I presume not since you said they're gonna be monsters) I also presume ample water is key. It's probably not that hot when buds are developing, right? In my experience, flowering in 95+ temps produces dismal results. I'm wondering if the indoor grower's mission to keep the temps in the 70s is unnecessary. At least during veg.
  7. I have no confidence in the elected. They're professional liars, it happens to be the nature of the "game" as you call it. Make whatever promise will net the sector of the vote the candidate is pushing for. You're obviously a dem, you ripped the repubs a new one, but forgot to mention the democratic agenda to repeal the 2nd Amendment. And this is the problem with politics today. People have swung so far to the right or left that they can't even fathom the other side might just be the tiniest bit okay. The elected officials potentiate the contempt, and the emotionally charged in the population then do stupid things in an effort to alleviate their political frustration. I personally find the middle of the road a good place to be. I can see both sides of the street and appreciate the need to coexist with people on both sides. Guess what? We'd have been screwed with Clinton or Sanders, too. A different kind of screwed than we are now, but screwed nonetheless. The presidential electoral process pretty much guarantees that only a democrat or republican can win. How can one have confidence in a system like that??
  8. Shadey - made you look . ics - good to see you posting again
  9. Indicas and mostly indica hybrids will typically double in size during 12/12. Sativas tend to grow almost the whole cycle, sometimes they'll triple in size. Mostly sativa hybrids are somewhere in between, leaning closer to the double mark rather than the triple mark. Under my full spectrum LEDs, I still see the same amount of stretch (rapid, compact growth, not lengthening internode intervals)....and this is under 50+ DLI.
  10. Every time I turn the news on, all I hear about is how our elected officials are moving their chess pieces in order to win this political match. Guess what? It's not a game. Maybe the SC can set the idiots straight...but even they don't seem to be able to see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues. I have zero confidence in our fed.
  11. Hi. I tried salvia years ago; if it was the euphoriant I had heard it was, and it was legal, I had to try it. Don't try it alone. Plenty of people have stood up, lost their balance and banged their head seriously. I tried a 12X extract and hated it. The smoke was harsh and tasted like charcoal. The effects were extremely disorienting, and not euphoric at all. As mentioned, I felt the need to walk, but when I stood up, I found that stumbling aimlessly this way and that was the best I could do. The effects only last for about 20 min. (Thank God)
  12. America is on its way to divorce court Tolerance for one another is what we lack, and the yahoos in DC perpetuate it. Until we solve that, America will not move forward. We need Trump to succeed in order for America to succeed.
  13. I get that. I was a fruit and veggie gardener, in my opinion being able to consistently get good results from various strains of MJ is much harder than getting consistently good results with varied strains of vegetables. From what I can see, you've got good skills. I may understand the 'I'm not much of a gardener'... I find growing fruits and veggies outside not fun. Ma nature is kind of a heinous bitch here. It's hot and humid from mid April through November, and from December through mid April it's warm and humid. Occasionally we'll see temps in the high 30s for a couple of hours in the middle of the night in January and February, but much of the winter starts the day in the 40s - 50s and ends it in the 70s - 80s. Relative humidity less than 60% is like a Godsend, 70 - 90% is the norm. Bugs love the environment, so you're always battling some kind of infestation in the garden. And then it rains. Sometimes for an hour or less, sometimes all day, sometimes all week, sometimes for 2 weeks, and sometimes at a rate of 4 - 6 inches per hour for multiple hours. Beats the ever loving crap out of the plants if they don't float away first. I only have room indoors for my MJ garden which starts with 4 plants and ends with 1, so I'm also 'not much of a gardener'.
  14. Unless the grow is legal, consulting professional pest exterminators seems, well.....dumb. I personally like botanical pyrethrins because it kills bugs on contact, it can be applied at weekly intervals, and is biodegraded quickly and approved for use on harvest day. Once the crop is harvested, the grow room should be fumigated with a miticide, and all the surfaces swept/wiped/mopped clean before replanting. TDDave offers good info. If you tend plants outdoors, change clothes and wash your hands before tending plants indoors. If you buy a clone or seedling from someone, spray it with pyrethrins or insecticidal soap, unpot it, and shake off as much of the old grow medium as possible before repotting and introducing into your garden. A regular schedule of cleaning goes a long long way toward staving off critter infestations, in my experience.
  15. I think you'll be pleased with the results. The warranty and the data provided by the mfr were the deciding factors for me. You can achieve crazy DLI with these things.