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    Thanks, man. Had a 'Doh! moment a few secs after I posted that, and found your other thread, lol. ...and that's why they look so good! Can't say that I know a thing about your grow medium and nutritional program. Simple organic principles in my garden. Lots of composted poo and plant material mixed with small amounts of volcanic and mineral sands, a butt load of perlite, and a modest amount of a blended and microbial fortified organic fert. If they need a quick pick-me-up, it's a fermented compost tea. Do you need the humidifier? In my experience the only measurable consequence of a low RH (40% or less) is increased water consumption, while a generous RH can lead to mold and loss of foliage. The foliage is dense, which aloneraises the local humidity between the leaves where it is important. Hygrometer? pH monitoring tool?
  2. Buds on a budget

    Welcome to cc, Trip. As the others mentioned, it'll take some cash to set up a good indoor grow space. You bought a 150W LED fixture, you must be fairly serious about moving indoors. I have to tell ya, the weather indoors is a whole lot more consistently conducive to growing high quality MJ. And the chancethatan unkind person findsthe treasure ismuch less. Supplemental side lighting as LabRat described will go a long way toward producing more compact plants, and being able to measure pH like OG mentions will go a long long way in helping you determine how to handle nutritional problems. Just my $.02 here...It depends on what your goals are, but with 5 plants and a 150W LED fixture, I presume you're at least a moderatelyserious grower looking for at least a QP per harvest, which is possible with 150W full spectrum LED. Most of the 150s I've seen list their core (flowering) coverage at about 2-3ft x 1.5ft. In orderto fit 5 plants in that space, they're going to have to be in small containers, like a gallon or so which limits yield to some degree. I personally think you'd produce more this time around without spending a cent for lighting if you pared the plant count down to 1 or 2, and train the branchesto expose more bud sites to high energy light. The individual buds are smaller, but overall yieldgoes way up. I transitioned from 400W HID to 300W full spectrum LED a while back, and as a rule, flowered 4-5 plants in 3 gal containers. From my short-lived experience so far, it ismy humble opinion that300W is marginal for that situation. Does the grow space have good air flow?
  3. Roundup and Roundup Ready seeds come from the same co. ... what do you think they'll come up with for the frankenweeds?

    Looking pretty, Beanosk! Whatcha growing? Is that a cool mist humidifier? What's the air flow like? What's that awesome looking grow medium? Nutrition? Lighting? Where are they in the cycle of life? Keep 'em green!
  5. Pot profits for Pot Heroes

    Two opposing stereotypes in one statement. Nice! When these folks stuck their neck out, the most they risked was loss of freedom, money, and propertyif they becamejailed. The "war" is being fought in a court room by people wearing designer suits, the activists who have indeed gone the extra mile to advance MJ in our society are simplyexercising civil disobedience. While they are definitely heroes, they're only war heroes in the strictest sense of the word. I personally reserve that term for folks who, when they stuck their neck out for a cause, risked decapitation in a literal sense.
  6. Pot profits for Pot Heroes

    Medicaland evenlegal MJ may be headed my way, but I'm not so sure when...our mayor recently decriminalized simple possession of a QP or still have to perform community service and attend rehab, and you may lose your job. But at least you don't go to jail. Hmm.. As an outsider looking in, the biggest problem I see with MMJ and legal MJ programs is that it's still illegal on a federal level, so large scale growers still assume HUGE risk, it's going to be reflected in the price at the counter. Surely you're not suggesting that a pot activist is a War Hero.
  7. Thanks, notsofaststeddie. Nice to know a little more about what's in that little brown bottle in the fridge.... I'm curious why the author found it "interesting" that finely ground green resulted in a more potent extraction, it maximizes the molecular surface area contacted by the solvent. Roots? Folks at home should also decarb their green before performing an extraction. It makes a world of difference in potency. ...and finely ground vs whole or notsofinely ground makes a big difference once again...
  8. CHiPs F2

    Hi Aqualungs! CHiPs is a Bros. Grimm C99 (m) x MMSC Hash Plant (f) hybrid I made in '04. It's a medium sized plant- about 4 ft tall when flowered at 14-18". Loves to be tied down. Finishes in 7-8 weeks. It inducesa dreamy, narcotized state with vivid closed-eye visuals.
  9. CHiPs F2

    Thanks, Shaughnny!
  10. CHiPs F2

    35 days...
  11. First grow - A few yellow spots see the yellow spots, lol. If the rest of the plant looks as healthy as the 99.99% of the pictured part of this leaf, I believe this probably falls into the category of "sometimes leaves get spots for no apparent reason". You don't mention whether these are cuttings or seedlings. If they are seedlings, and your grow space is reasonably clean, given the nature of soilless media the likelihood of mites is low. If they are cuttings, or the grow space is not real clean, the likelihood is much higher. In which case, rather than take the time to identify the bugs (unless they look like good photo material), I just grab the bottle of botanical pyrethrins and give the plants a shower. It kills just about any bug on contact, and is OMRI certified. It biodegrades in about a week, so in the case of heavy infestation, it may need multiple applications at weekly intervals to win the battle. ****Let the plants dry before placing under HIDs to reduce the chance of scorching the foliage****
  12. Premature Bud Porn

  13. CHiPs F2

    Thanks, guys! LabRat, they're growing in pots. It's just my usual organic mix. It's the lighting. imho. Day 21
  14. CHiPs F2

    13 days from sprout 3 weeks... 6 weeks out, 12/12 begins... 5 females Day 7 Day 12
  15. Vanished posts, threads and pics.....

    This place is a mere skeleton of the place it was even 4 years ago, much less when I joined. Some years ago, there was a huge update to the cc forums. I thought I had read that threads 10 years old and older had been archived, but I'm old and a stoner, so I may be mistaken. At any rate, the archived stuff is still accessible, but you have to get at it via google or a similar web search.