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  1. Paul N

    The problem with dronabinol is twofold. One, it is synthetic THC; and two, there are no other cannabinoids in the pill. Having worked with numerous patients over the years who used both dronabinol and raw Cannabis, the patient who preferred marinol over true, natural Cannabis was nonexistent in my experience. My suggestion for air travel - medibles. They work, and the effects linger for hours and hours and hours.
  2. Dammit, I welcomed spammers with open arms. I love the alterations made to their profiles! Keep up the good work!! I feel a little foolish; now I see this thread was started way back in May by a spammer, and resurrected today by another spammer...hope they're both very unsuccessful in their endeavors. Maybe I can hijack this POS and turn it into a productive conversation.... dr_weed - whatcha growin under that LED array? I used two Platinum LED P300s to light my grow space. Check out my little scrog in the grow files forum....last grow for me in who knows how long.
  3. Grow_Wizzard's 2017 Outdoor

    Looking great, Wizzard! I love the stealthiness of your technique - buds blending in with the other foliage just feet away from ?a trampoline? ...I long for temps of 70s during the day and 60s at night, we're still in the mid 90s during the day and low 80s at night...and flash flood warnings at least weekly. Hope the hurricanes stay out of the gulf for the rest of the season!
  4. Welcome to cc, noobs! If you grow indoors, the climate is perfect for any strain you want to grow, no matter where you live. One of the major points to learn is: don't skimp on lighting. It's hard to provide too much, and the targeted spectrum of full spectrum LEDs is hard to beat (imho). What is the information you require?? I use a V2 Pro series 7, but I vape dry herb mostly.
  5. seeds

    No sweat. It should probably be on the shelf of anyone who grows feminized seeds....looking at the marketplace today, feminized auto flowering pot dominates. True breeding non feminized non auto flowering strains are practically nonexistent. Make sure to read the label and use as directed, else the actual results might not equal the expected.
  6. Hi, and welcome to cc! There is no need to resurrect a 3 yr old conversation to ask a new question. Start your own new thread. As far as solving a puzzle to earn money => if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  7. seeds

    A note for new growers, or anyone new to growing feminized seeds: All female Cannabis plants have the ability to produce male flowers. It's a survival mechanism built into the genome. The makers of feminized seeds treat a female plant with a chemical (typically a colloidal silver solution) that triggers the genetic change, and that female plant begins to produce male flowers. I've seen female plants stop producing buds altogether, and only produce hermie male flowers. The pollen from those hermie male flowers is then collected and used to pollinate another female plant. The pollen is not "female" as is often stated. It is hermaphroditic because it is produced by a hermaphroditic male flower. Genetically speaking, feminized seeds can only produce females and hermies; a true male cannot occur. When reputable breeders perform the feminization process, they use a female which has been stressed to the max, using numerous stressors, and has shown herself to be stable (i.e., not sprout hermie male flowers). When a process like this is used, better than 90% of the seeds produce female plants, and the ~ 10% that produce hermies, sprout hermie male flowers so late in the bud cycle that it's a nonissue. So if you plant 1 feminized seed and it goes hermie and produces seeds, it's within in the realm of expectation....and a feminized auto flowering Cannabis plant has a highly manipulated genome to begin with. Are the seeds any good to grow? Of course. Just know they will likely be hermaphroditic, so do not breed with them because you'll perpetuate the issue. Also, know that seeds born from self pollination can have a high rate of nonviability (in my experience). I'm not big on auto flowering pot or feminized seeds because I like things natural, but Dutch Master makes a product called Reverse that is a "male knockdown" agent. Sprayed on the plant when male flowers are noted, it will stop the production cold and preserve a *mostly* sinsemilla harvest.
  8. Garden bed

    You're welcome. Also check out Teaming With Microbes. It's well worth its price, and a pretty easy read. Lighting, how much (wattage) and what type? Success and quality are largely dependent upon lighting.
  9. Garden bed

    Hi MR2high! The beds should be at least 12" deep, otherwise it can stunt growth. Earthworms will crawl around or under you before they'll crawl on you. Do add them to the beds, they'll eat up organic matter, and poop out incredibly nutritious plant food that also improves the soil. The worms also help to keep the medium loose and airy as they burrow their way around. Add several, even though they're hermaphroditic, it still takes 2 to get it on I appreciate the simplicity of stoking the grow medium with all the necessary nutrition in slow release form, then just giving the crop water. But I personally feel my crop performs better if I do that and supplement it with a tea. Home brewing is easy and all you need are a couple buckets, the organic matter, some water, and time. If your plants are outdoors in a tent, foliars of compost tea have been shown to improve resistance to pests and disease. Why put forth the effort of building a tent and beds, and not give the crop its best shot at reaching genetic potential? Chitin. If you're not familiar, check it out. Also volcanic and glacial sands.
  10. COPD

    While it's true that vitamin A can help rejuvenate lung tissue, let's not forget that the info is coming to us via the seller of a vitamin A supplement, and that it is well known that quality control in the nutritional supplement industry is nonexistent. As you noted, the info states that the study participants were receiving pharmaceutical grade trans retinoic acid, not an OTC vitamin pill. Most folks will gloss right over that to the "buy now" button. I would caution people to be tested for vitamin A level before they start taking supplements that are almost 10X the RDA because it's a fat soluble vitamin, and toxicity (which usually occurs from taking huge doses daily) doesn't paint a pretty picture: Vitamin A may cause bleeding in the lungs, blurry vision, bone pain, breathing difficulty, changes in immune function, chronic inflammation of the liver, cirrhosis (scarring of liver), cough, cracked fingernails, cracked lips, death, decreased thyroid function, depression, diarrhea, feeling of fullness, fever, fluid around heart, hair loss, high cholesterol, increased pressure in the brain, increased risk of HIV transmission (through breastfeeding), increased risk of lung cancer, increased risk of heart disease, increased white blood cells, indigestion, inflammation of the conjunctiva (conjunctivitis), injection site pain, irritability, joint pain, mouth ulcers, muscle pain, psoriasis flare-ups, pain, perisinusoidal fibrosis (in the liver), redness (from skin use), respiratory infection, seizure, skin irritation, sore eyes, steatosis (fatty change), stomach and intestine adverse effects, and suicidal thoughts.
  11. Crowded and too tall

    That's what makes growing weed fun . I personally think, given the decades that Cannabis has been grown indoors (and at least casually studied), if there were any magic hidden in photoperiod manipulation, we'd already know about it. I can understand your stance on big agribusiness; just keep an open mind, you might find some good practices that can be adapted to your situation.
  12. Crowded and too tall

    That's very true. Most strains today developed for indoor growing are very hybridized and acclimatized to accepted standards for indoor production which includes a 12/12 photoperiod for the bud cycle (I doubt many of the large scale growers and breeders are playing around with light cycles). I think attempting to match the environment the parents were grown and bred in would help me max potential better than trying to match the environment to their genetic lineage. But that's just me.
  13. Crowded and too tall

    Just throwin this out there... In MJ Botany, RC Clarke references research from the '70s that shows almost twice as much THC is produced under 12/12 as compared to a 10/14 photoperiod, which was being tested as a way to speed up finishing. The trials started the bud cycle under 12/12 and approximately 2 weeks before the projected harvest, the cycle was flipped to 10/14. The 10/14 trials did finish earlier than the 12/12 controls by a few days to a week, with lighter yields and lower THC content. There was a discussion here a loooong time ago, the title of the thread was 'photoperiod on planet ito'. In an effort to boost yield the grower would at some point during 12/12 (I think around the 4-5 week mark), flip the cycle to 24/7 for 3 days, then go back to 12/12. As I remember, he did end up with somewhat heavier harvests. What RC Clarke wrote seems a pretty good reason not to stray from 12/12. Use techniques other than changing the light cycle to boost yield (imo), altering it just sends the plant confusing cues.
  14. Grow_Wizzard's 2017 Outdoor

    I get the low profile approach, but what about fall when you've got 5+ pounds of sticky bud growing? Seems like that might stink a bit.
  15. Grow_Wizzard's 2017 Outdoor

    Hi Grow_Wizzard. The pvc thing looks like a real good away to max a single plant's potential. We usually have at least a few triple digit days here, but high 90s with heat indexes in the 110 range are the norm between June and August or Sept. So I can relate to your 100+ days...on end. But 110+, I'm sure, is one of those things you have to live through to understand. I have questions, if you don't mind, about MJ and the heat. I presume the weather you're experiencing is a yearly occurrence, not a freak year, and you choose not to move indoors, so your plants must tolerate the heat pretty damn well. What do you see in terms of plant performance during weather like that? Does the heat rev up metabolism? Does it stunt or stall growth? (I presume not since you said they're gonna be monsters) I also presume ample water is key. It's probably not that hot when buds are developing, right? In my experience, flowering in 95+ temps produces dismal results. I'm wondering if the indoor grower's mission to keep the temps in the 70s is unnecessary. At least during veg.