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  1. Welcome to cc, Weed Advisor What advice do you have for someone contemplating a morning vape session?
  2. Falling prey to a scam is a horrible feeling of betrayal. As long as you're a bit more cynical of people hanging at a corner proposing to help you, you've grown from it. If I were you, instead of voicing a complaint about him online, I'd contact the po-po. Fraud deserves more than cyber-venting. We all need help from time to time, and (I think) it was self reliance that brought you here. You'll find tons of help freely available and offered with no motive other than paying it forward. I love that philosophy...some notes... Unless they are feminized seeds, always plant more than you need because some will be male and you won't be able to sex them for several weeks. I plant 5 beans, and select the best female from the group to flower. Planting 3 or less beans increases the chances of an all male population. As weedmen says, the plants need to be weaned on to full sunlight slowly, especially when the transition is from fluoro to sunlight. Do you have a fan blowing on them? A breeze that causes them to sway creates micro tears in the stem which strengthens it. A breeze also maximizes transpiration which relates to a faster growth rate. Lots of growers [gently] flick them with their finger to create micro tears and strengthen the stems. You can also use sticks, toothpicks, etc, to stake the seedlings til they get stronger. Keep the CFLs within 3 - 4 inches of the plants to encourage compact growth. Check out this link to Greg Green's The Cannabis Grow Bible. You can start a 30 day free trial, plenty of time to read this excellent grow guide. It lays out the basics as well as some advanced growing techniques. Keep 'em green!
  3. Hi Kayzer, welcome to cc. Bet it smells nice there
  4. Well...what can you really expect of a guy on the corner flying a sign and running a line? My philosophy is self reliance...the less others know about my grow, the better. The first thing you should do is read a grow guide, it will lay out all the basics you need to get through your first grow. Come here with specific questions and specific supporting info to help us help you. At 3 weeks, there are numerous reasons for your plants to fall over (moving from poor light to full sunlight is one), and without specific information about your grow, we're just making wild-assed guesses.
  5. Weak sauce, sandeep.
  6. I don't have access to MMJ, or any kind of legal MJ, so I have no clue what kind of user education is out there, but medibles should come with a little preparatory material before one swallows a capsule or 2. Ingested THC is more psychoactive than inhaled THC because the liver metabolizes it to 11-hydroxyTHC which is something like 4x more psychoactive than delta 9. So start with the lowest dose possible, because once it comes on, it came be a white knuckle ride for a long, long time. And people respond to that quite differently. In my experience, most absolute rookies that experience hallucinations or panic attacks (pretty common) won't even try another medible. And that's a shame, because there are good meds out there that make you comfortable, and not cruising at 30,000 ft. or zombified. As always, LabRat steered you in the right direction. Be a label reader. In addition to all the stuff that CBD does, it also tempers the effects of THC. With a cocktail that contains twice as much CBD as THC, your mom can be comfortable, and enjoyably buzzed. Good luck convincing your mom. (seriously, not sarcastically) Consider a titrating session. If there is data on the label that states the actual THC and CBD content in mg, I would look at the THC content and figure out whether or not you can deliver a dose of medicine that contains 2.5 -ish mg of THC. Oils may be easier than capsules for this, but once you know the dose, and she gains some experience, you'll be able to intelligently shop for other forms of medicine. Start with 2.5 mg, and reassess in 30 min., if there are no effects felt, take another 2.5 mg dose and reassess in 30 min., if there are no effects felt, repeat the 2.5 mg dose and reassess in 30 min, etc until your mom is in a comfortable place. Add up the total dose she took, and have her try 75% of that the next time she medicates. If after 30 min, she feels she needs more, she can always take the remaining 25%. If you can convince her to try again, this approach can help build trust as she learns that she has control over the 'demon weed', rather than the other way round.
  7. Roots excelurator is good stuff. Jiffy pots suck, in my opinion. You'll probably see much better results if you switch to something like rapid rooters. I did. Also, if these photos are fresh cuts, cutting the leaves back a bit more than you have will help keep them standing tall as they'll lose less water via the leaves. I cut off a little more than half the leaf.
  8. Hi Chongers. We're kind of opposite in our growing methods. I have a very small organic dirt garden, but it provides more than enough. It's inside. No critters to attack my plants or suck my blood.
  9. I'm a pediatric nurse, an appreciation for puns and cheesy jokes is sort of an occupational necessity. How do you make a hankie dance? Put a little boogie in it. Why do mermaids wear sea shells as bras? Because B shells are too small.
  10. Thanks! I also hold by the stems, but my fingers inevitably get sticky from wiping the debris from the resin coated scissors. I'm sure the coconut oil thing works well, but it won't for me. Everyone has their idiosyncrasies, I can't stand oils, lotions, waxes, etc on my skin. But I can't believe I never thought about dropping the gloves in the deep freeze because I often wonder about how much nitrile I may be inadvertently dissolving with multiple day soaks in 90% ethanol. Thank you! I have no idea what a trimpro unplugged is, but I can't imagine a power trimmer that leaves trichs undisturbed. I only have 1 - 2 plants at a time these days, so I can't rationalize buying a power trimmer. In my head, the 1 - 1.5 hrs of tedious harvest work is offset by the 3 - 4 months of fun getting the crop to harvest.
  11. Echo LabRat: It's still too early to tell. I take it you're a new grower. Can you tell us a little more about the strain? I only ask because feminized seeds are so popular these days [with good reason].
  12. Just payin' it forward, man!
  13. Hi Nuggrocket. Think about 2 concepts - the action spectrum and the absorption spectrum. The action spectrum is the typical graph you've seen with peaks in chlorophyll synthesis and chloroplast production in the blue region and then again in the red region. The absorption spectrum is the other graph you've seen that represents photosynthetic response and has a minor peak in the blue region, a valley in the green wavelengths, then a steadily rising trend throughout the yellow-orange region, followed by a major peak in the red wavelengths. Seedlings and young plants respond best to the action spectrum. Once established, the absorption spectrum begins to really kick in. So, blue + red for seedlings/young plants/cut rooting, and blue + red + white for fully vegging plants thru harvest. For whatever it's worth, I stay with the action spectrum until the plants have 5 - 6 fully developed nodes, then I switch to absorption spectrum. I have 9 band LED arrays that provide light from uv through ir wavelengths. A little pricey, and worth it. The graph below illustrates the action spectrum with the light green, green, and tan lines, and the absorption spectrum as the bold line that changes color according to the wavelengths represented.
  14. This looks like a great mix, TDDave! I'm not familiar with wollastonite, but it appears to be similar to an amendment I love - azomite. Happy to see basalt on the list, too; a living medium and paramagnetic rocks/sands go hand-in-hand. And neem in the root zone! Alfalfa meal is such an excellent soil conditioner!! Excellent post
  15. It takes peyote several years to grow from seed to a button big enough to get you high. San Pedro cactus contains more mescaline alkaloids than peyote, it grows a few feet each year, and it's legal. Extracting its goodies is not.