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  1. innercityseed

    Not much , but hey, there mine.

    yup...meant for flowering. good eye. I use Down to Earth Single ingredient bases most the time, but have used their all purpose 4-6-2 at times, and just added Greensand to up the K levels.
  2. innercityseed

    Not much , but hey, there mine.

    thanks all. just a pair of Strawberry Cough x NYC Diesel. I got em locally from dispensary near me. I had a few LA Confidential and also some OG 18 cuts, but they got Mildew and had to be culled. I got stuck with these, but they arent so bad? Fairly typical Sativa dominant high, lotta pinks and purples in the finished product. simple on nutes and soil..I still use Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil, and Roots Organics Budda Grow for veg, and then just make my own custom teas for vegging as I go.
  3. innercityseed

    Not much , but hey, there mine.

    couple of Strawberry Diesel plants I'm tending too. Not anything super, but always happy to have home made organics.
  4. innercityseed

    Protecting Cannabis Strains in Canada: A Growing Concern

    Plants Breeders rights my ass.. 95% of the strains out there are reconstituted hybrids that have been taken off of what were IBl (Inbreed Lines) Gone are the days of "Select the best, reject all others"
  5. innercityseed

    Any of the old folks still around?

    Good to see some old faces here. lotta us been friends here for years, and LOTTA knowledge and resources went this way.. I'm back on Detroit working with a local dispensary soon to begin their Cultivation. Be the first time I went mainstream since the Oakland Fiasco back in like 2011?🤔
  6. innercityseed


    looks like a classic sativa! I'd suggest looking at the BOTTOM of that plant to gauge maturity. Many pure sativas seem to mature from the bottom up,and the tops will continue to sprout fresh white pistils forever basically. Its common in strains like Haze, Thai's and particularly to Brazilian Sativas. looks about done to me! Nice Job 🤗
  7. innercityseed

    MH and its Imact on Trich Development

    I'm just popping in to say Hi. boy, times have a changed!
  8. innercityseed

    MH and its Imact on Trich Development

    I always liked to flower under mixed spectrums.. usually= 2x 1000w HPS per 1 1000w enhanced spectrum MH. gotta love that ratio.
  9. innercityseed

    Any of the old folks still around?

    me no fear the reaper...lol hows things ya old dogs??
  10. innercityseed

    Best way to keep track of a grow?

    mehh...your trying to assign production values to a rather chaotic situation. just learn to be ahead of seasonal changes IMO.
  11. innercityseed

    Wow....what happened to this place ?!!

    mehh....been healthy and enjoying life. cant complain with that. my.. the cannabis scene changed alot since my times here..wow. hope everybodys well?
  12. innercityseed

    Wow....what happened to this place ?!!

    hey Folks. remember me??
  13. innercityseed

    Old time Oregon strain "blind girl" ????

    Dunno bout it by that name...it's not uncommon for strains to get named something else as it passes on through different growers sometimes?? There's quite a few strains here in Oregon that are old heirloom types for sure.
  14. innercityseed

    ABC genetics?

    Dunno if you can still find ABC..?? Known by alotta names.. Ducks foot, etc,etc. I find something, I'll post a link here..
  15. innercityseed

    Spider mites?

    I'm telling you guys.. Go with the Spinosad.. Kill em off in a few applications, no burn, no fuss, no chems, just some bacteria.. Cost ya like $20. Not a lot different than BT for fungus gnats.. It's so safe it's used as a flea medication in dogs..no use playing games with the Borg...

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