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  1. "I am proud to stand up for our drug policy that is informed by solid scientific evidence and uses a lens of public health to maximize education and minimize harm," Proud Canadian!!
  2. http://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/canada-to-introduce-pot-legislation-next-spring-minister-tells-un-1.2867004 UNITED NATIONS, United Nations -- Canada's legislation to begin the process of legalizing and regulating marijuana will be introduced next spring, Health Minister Jane Philpott announced Wednesday at the United Nations. During her impassioned speech at a special UN session on drugs, Philpott acknowledged the pot plan "challenges the status quo in many countries," but she said the Liberal government is convinced it's the best way to protect youth, while enhancing public safety. Canada must do better when it comes to drug policy, she added, saying the government's approach will be rooted in science and will address the devastating consequences of drugs and drug-related crimes. RELATED STORIES Pardon pot possession convicts to free up resources, think tank says Thousands expected at San Francisco's 4/20 party Vancouver pot protest 'necessary' despite legalization promise, activist Government will not appeal ruling on home-grown pot for patients RELATED LINKS Statement from Health Minister Jane Philpott, April 20, 2016 PHOTOS Smoking marijuana on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, on April 20, 2010. (Pawel Dwulit / THE CANADIAN PRESS) "I am proud to stand up for our drug policy that is informed by solid scientific evidence and uses a lens of public health to maximize education and minimize harm," she said. "As a doctor, who has worked both in Canada and sub-Saharan Africa, I have seen too many people suffer the devastating consequences of drugs, drug-related crime and ill-conceived drug policy. Fortunately, solutions are within our grasp." Philpott began her speech with an emotional recounting of a story she recently heard from a mother who lost her daughter to substance abuse. The woman described watching her daughter die as she sought help that should have been available to save her life, Philpott said. "She described watching her daughter slip away as she struggled to access the treatment and services that should have been available to save a beautiful, fragile life," she said. "Stories like this are far too commonplace. Countless lives are cut short due to overdoses of licit and illicit substances. Today, I stand before you as Canada's minister of health to acknowledge that we must do better for our citizens." Philpott's address happened to coincide with 4-20, the annual day of celebration for cannabis culture lovers, which takes on greater significance in Canada this year, with the government planning to green-light recreational marijuana use. The UN General Assembly is holding a special session on global drug policy. Officials from around the world have gathered for the meeting that has been billed as the first of its kind in nearly two decades. Other countries and cultures will pursue different approaches, Philpott noted. "I believe that if we respect one another's perspectives and seek common ground we can achieve our shared objective: protecting our citizens," she said. "Better yet, we can improve their lives." In 1998, the assembly adopted an action plan that emphasized the need for law enforcement and a "drug-free world." Critics have argued the so-called war on drugs has been ineffective and has undermined public health efforts.
  3. Cannabis is a known anti cancer agent as well as an anti inflammatory. So if reducing your chance of cancer is a good thing then yes using cannabis daily is a good thing. BTW Unlike baby aspirin no one has ever died from cannabis use.
  4. Rider420

    Put This In Your Pipe And Smoke It

    ROLMFAO your religion requires faith science works regardless. Does your computer or car only start if you believe in science? ROLMFAO
  5. Rider420

    Non-Stop Deficiency Battle (PICS)

    I had the same problem with a flood and drain using hydroton clay pellets. It did better when i changed to a one hour flood and drain lights on but i never solved the issue. I went back to my rockwool non recovery drip system, it cost more because the rockwool is not reusable but i get much better results. You could switch a couple of plants to rockwool cubes in your present flood and drain and compare them with the hydroton plants I think you would like the results. BTW the reason for increasing the flood and drain times is due to the quick drying of the hydroton pellets relative to rockwool. IMHO the yellowing is nute burn caused by the drying of roots between watering sending the EC too high. Good luck
  6. Rider420

    High CBD indica first time grow

    Best wishes for your partner, i would leave the yellow leaves alone they will fall off when the plant has sucked them dry. I am wondering which island you live on? And have you been to the cannabis museum in Dunedin? BTW those plants look great for this time of year "late summer" i sure by winter May? they will have finished.
  7. Rider420

    Light's first indoor grow

    Like labrat said fast growth is causing the light green top, looks very healthy and happy good job.
  8. A court order to change the medical law within six months gives the Liberals incentive to change both the medical and recreational laws within the same bill. Unless the liberal government appeals this ruling it gives everyone a firmer time line on when the laws will change.
  9. Rider420

    Help Please Newbie

    None taken however the percentage of cloudy or orange trichomes to clear ones is a joke, best advise take multiple samples over time and see how old you like that plant. BTW some plants will start to reveg within a week.
  10. Rider420

    Help Please Newbie

    The best timer for lights is a power bar with a digital timer built in. Any big box hardware store will have one for about 20 bucks. As for your plants try and harvest then on their due date. Your plants will not hermi but start to reveg taking forever to re flower so just go by the 9 week rule and take them then.
  11. Rider420

    Legal weed

    Good luck guys better watch out or "they" will get ya. ROLMFOA FYI so legalizing alcohol was just a trick too eh. Gotta love it.;
  12. Rider420

    Legal weed

    Dude i thought this is the counter-counter spin forum not the conspiracy forum. Wink wink nudge nudge.
  13. Rider420

    Legal weed

    And Kudos to all the people who did give back. The fuck you is for the people who used pesticides and grew only for profit. The fuck you is for the dealers who sold to kids, the fuck you is for the grow rip off artists who stole from honest farmers. The fuck you is to the pigs that charged people for doing nothing more then smoking a joint.
  14. Rider420

    Looking for HELP

    Sorry about your mother its horrible thing to deal with. Getting medical weed depends on the nation, state or province you live in, if you live in Canada you can choose mail order from any province in Canada. That aside I would highly recommend meditation its been a game changer for me, your Mental Health Outpatient Program should be able to point you in the right direction. BTW its normal to feel depression, anger, and anxiety we all do or at least i do, but i have the tools "meditation" to deal with those feelings without any drug harder then cannabis. Hope this helps best of luck.
  15. The DEA should never have been one level. Enforcement and research should be done by different groups, due to the fact that the DEA gets its funding from drugs remaining illegal puts them in a conflict of interest whenever they talk about any drug. This is also why justice, prison system, healthcare and hospitals should be nonprofit. But science and logic is the last thing in any Mormons life. "ya that is a pun"

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