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  5. I finally got a response from NDP member @MattMernagh!/Mernahuana. I asked @Mernahuana WHAT ever happened to the @AndreaHorwath NDP Interview on the Grow-Op Registry? Did you get a bad response? Timmins-James Bay NDP MPP Gilles Bisson YES to Marijuana Grow Operations (MGOs) Registry @Mernahuana #onpoli #voteon Matt Mernagh replied "oh look we finally have a goodster blog its not sure what interview your asking about but fyi i have strong ondp network" votegoodwin christopher goodwin wrote back "you claimed to be having a meeting with Horwath? Or ondp? Or your Candidate? Or all of them, on the Mernahuana Show at VC... So far No Reply? Very telling... Mernahuana Matt Mernagh said he spoke too many #ondp ppl this week working my network see whats growing on unfortunately u dont grasp party politics votegoodwin christopher goodwin "when having a strong ondp network means No Reply to fundamental issues, I wonder what a weak network means?" #onpoli #voteon VaporCentral Erin Ashley Gorman added "LOL, so days before the election, NO growing on, that's what i need to grasp about party politics? I register that, not grow-ops" Mernahuana Matt Mernagh finally says "it could be the reason the ndp mpp supports grow op registry is b/c there no votes in saying no to the realtor assoc, they are big time lobbyist" So, Matt Mernagh @Mernahuana supports ndp mpp grow op registry & sponsors the realtor assoc lobbyist WOW #onPOLI #voteON @VaporCentral ____ Mernahuana @MattMernagh @VaporCentral well then u should know i put a few calls in the issue for sum is show me the votes which i cant find compared to realtors 54 seconds ago I know Matt put in a few calls, that was the point in asking what the reply was, it sounds like the NDP wants Mernagh to prove there is MORE votes in supporting cannabis growers than attacking them, which he cant find. So the NDP and I are in a curious situation, what does a marijuana activist like Matt Mernagh do, when the NDP tells him they will vote YES to Marijuana Grow Operations (MGOs) Registry, and he still supports them> Geezzz, the NDP must think marijuana activists are fools...
  6. More Sources Tories and the NDP are the same, Wynne says Only their mothers can tell them apart. Horwath won't rule out Tory-NDP union Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath Member Statements: Creating a Marijuana Grow Operations Registry Timmins--James Bay NDP MPP Gilles Bisson speaks in favor of the creation of a Marijuana Grow Operations (MGOs) Registry. The Giant News: Grow-op registry get nod from all parties
  7. PC - Tim Hudak - Establish a provincial registry of marijuana grow operations. The plan would enhance current legislation aimed at eliminating grow-ops and meth labs... At the start of this campaign, the Ontario NDP and Liberal platforms did not make any specific promises with regard to drug crime initiatives. When the first media reports came out a month ago, Tim Hudak and the Progressive Conservatives received scathing replies from some notable Cannabis Culture contributors. Med Pot Marc asked on Treating Yourself "Does Hudak also want a registry for other house owners with any type of criminal record? It's like saying..'hey, don't buy this house because it used to be owned by a bank robber, a murderer, a women abuser, a pedophile, etc'.." Matt Mernagh wrote an article on Cannabis Culture "Marijuana Grower Invites Tim Hudak To Visit His Grow-Op" adding "Will they buy into Hudak’s grow-a-ganda?" Nicole Seguin from eNDProhibtion submitted in response to the Grow-Op registry that "It is beyond hypocritical of Tim Hudak to admit he has used marijuana... Mr. Hudak was fortunate to avoid police and court action for his behavior; others deserve not to have their lives destroyed either. NDP Leader Andrea Horwath’s staff replied to an email asking if she has smoked pot with a terse “yes” but declined to provide further details. And then, in the Toronto Sun, NDP leader Andrea Horwath is on the record saying she is "open to Tory coalition", adding that their campaign and platforms are similar. Hudak-Horwath Alliance? PC-NDP productive partnership? Hudak Helper, Just add Horwath And then, the next day in Northern Ontario, a Progressive Conservative call for a registry on houses used for grow-ops or meth labs got a nod of approval from the NDP. NDP Candidate Steve Mantis Thunder Bay-Superior North said in support of the PC Grow-Op proposal "it could be expanded to include all existing problems with the home...." And just look at the quote from the Mantis throwing more fuel on the Grow-Op Meth-Lab Registry. Another Boondoggle, like the long gun registry, the NDP wants all existing problems with your home to be in the PC registry, all available online to the public. Do you have too many cars in the driveway or on the road, got a broken step or building a deck without a permit, is your shed the right size, pool or fence problems, dog complaints, are you up to date on your property taxes, talk about a neighbor against neighbor, rat out registry... Med Pot Marc seems to agree "Such registry makes it look like the former house owner has a criminal record.." However, Matt Mernagh spent at least a half hour trying to argue that an PC-NDP minority is doable. Now, no matter what the NDP does, it seems cannabis activists will continue to support this socialist party. NDP likes more building projects and job creation, and the pc's will give them new prisons and workers. Great strategy to keep power. NDP will be the TORY kingmakers, just like the federal NDP sided with Harper and voted for Drug Driving Legislation. Horwath will partner with Hudak for Grow Op registry and Prison Boom employment... Its a perfect marriage, PC~NDP, more workers in Ontario, but it will be Chain Gangs and Prison Guards, Drug Dealers and Vice Cops... The facts, like the history of NDP coalitions with PC neo cons, propping up their agenda, and voting for it. For instance, we have new Criminal Code offenses and far more police powers thanks to the federal NDP CON alliance, Drug Driving, Possession while operating a motor vehicle, etc. Bill C-32 (drug-impaired-driving bill) was combined with other crime-related bills into one "omnibus" bill (Bill C-2) that was passed and given "royal assent" in 2008. That's what the NDP-CON coalition gave us working together in drug reform to prop up Tory governments. With Tim Hudak name dropping Rob Nicholson everyday, two Niagara buddies, Hudak to wants to repeat Bill C-10 in Ontario, his Grow Op Registry is just the beginning. Our enemies are promising it, and our former allies are making statements that they will join them in a coalition, and history shows they'll do it. Don't believe me, you might be surprised to learn Horwath and Hudak have voted together 183 times in the legislature. From my experience watching, these bed fellows are absolutely working together. You can look at the summary at A vote for Horwath is a vote for Hudak. A vote for Horwath is a vote for Hudak. This support, would allow Hudak’s PCs and Horwath's NDP to take the province down the wrong track. I believe in coalitions, but they talk about needing more bipartisanship, and I say we have too much compromise which really just endorses big government corporatism. I am still a little shocked that no one in the Cannabis Culture, and I mean no one, has come out against Andrea Horwath and the NDP. Before any of this NDP-PC garbage started, Marc Emery wrote "I am very impressed with Federal Liberal leader Bob Rae's complete denunciation of the war on drugs as a complete failure..." As if the NDP back stab wasn't enough, the Grow-op registry gets a nod from the Liberals too. Liberal incumbent Michael Gravelle recently said the Liberal plan is aimed at eliminating grow-ops and meth labs and extend the hours of the busiest drug Courts in Ontario.. Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak said “The McGuinty Liberals have refused to create a public registry of meth labs and grow ops. The only people who seem to be opposed to a grow op and meth lab registry are Dalton McGuinty and the criminals who run the grow ops. Unlike Dalton McGuinty, Tim Hudak will not help criminals hide their actions. If a criminal has used a home as a grow op Tim Hudak will ensure families know about it before they put the health and safety of their children at risk." In a strange twist of irony, Matt Hudson posted on Facebook that "Dalton McGuinty wants me to like him. I wish there was a dislike button!" When Davin Christensen replied "Would you prefer Tim Hudak? I'd be clicking a strategic "Like" on McGuinty..." Matt Hudson concluded "no I'll probably vote Horwath she wants to eliminate hst from diesel and gas." When I posted the NDP position on the Grow-Op registry, I got no reply. It's as if everyone is blind to the obvious, a vote for Horwath is a vote for Hudak. So, what can one do? Above all, do not maintain support of those proclaiming some vaguely generalized, undefined and, usually, contradictory political goals, in order to do something. It means that you help the victory of your enemies and the defeat of your ideas. To support such superficial political action is bound to fail. Erin Ashley Gorman asked Matt Mernagh to "get your NDP Candidate for Davenport Jonah Schein to post a statement that he will not support Horwath's coalition with Hudak on the Grow Op & Meth Lab Registry..." finishing "...Show Chris that fact, or the proof of his argument will be in your candidates omission on this topic." Matt Mernagh acts like a WWE style manager, asking Tim Hudak to come to his Legal Grow Op. Now that Horwath turned Heel, maybe Mernagh will do another livestream video. Hudak Helper, Just add Horwath Christopher Goodwin is Freedom Party's candidate in the riding of Toronto Centre. Studied law at Mohawk College, and political science at McMaster University. Chris lives in the riding of Toronto Centre, where he manages the popular downtown lounge Vapor Central. Check out one of our 18 planks; Safe, Convenient Access: Cannabis Medicine Centres There are Freedom Party candidates running in more than enough ridings across Ontario to form the government. Simply placing an X in the circle next to your Freedom Party candidate's name on the ballot is the most effective way of taking charge and putting an end to this Grow-Op Registry.
  8. Quote: 1g of Hash is equivalent to how many grams of standard bud? It's actually very simple math. If you have 10g of good cannabis at 10% THC, then you really have 1g of THC (resin) and 9g of plant matter (contaminate). So 1g of hash = 10g of bud. Furthermore if you have 10g of good cannabis at 20% or 30% THC, then you really have 2-3g of THC (resin) and 18-27g of plant matter (contaminate). Goodster
  9. Chris Goodwin Smoking at the Tokers Bowl