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  1. JodieEmery

    Mail for Marc!

    Thank you so much to everyone who has been writing to Marc! It really lifts his spirits and he writes back to everyone who writes to him... so please send a message full of hope and all about what you're doing to help him and the movement! www.CannabisCulture.com/SendMarcMail Many thanks!
  2. I don't know if "Friendly Stranger" are retail "activists" at all. They don't give anything to the movement, and Robin (owner) has cost Marc hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, having us fight in court repeatedly to prove we own "Cannabis Culture" in Canada (we own it in USA and Europe). Robin has lost the court battle a number of times -- i.e. we WON and we own our name -- but he keeps appealing, and uses his friend/brother as a lawyer for free while we've been forced to pay enormous sums to a copyright law firm for many, many years. As such, Friendly Stranger still claims they own "Cannabis Culture" the name and all products with that name, so I politely say FUCK YOU "Friendly" Stranger and advise Toronto folk to take their business and money elsewhere.
  3. Wow, that's a very lame reason to deny you entry! What's with all this border stopping?
  4. JodieEmery

    WhyProhibition.ca Join Today!

    Fantastic feature.
  5. JodieEmery

    Post photos of your "No Extradition" shirt!

    Hah! Awesome, thanks for the subversive photo!
  6. JodieEmery

    Tree of Life, Music Video

    YouTube version: (I LOVE this song, ever since the first time I heard it a couple years ago...)
  7. JodieEmery

    Sparring Room

    People can choose to "ignore user" by looking at the profile. You can also remove the Shout Box in your settings.
  8. JodieEmery

    How To Open A Cannabis Cafe!

    Advertise a Vapour Lounge and supply vaporizers, which don't produce any smoke.
  9. JodieEmery

    Other cannabis Canadians facing extradition

    I wish Marc, Greg and Michelle had a chance to choose to surrender to Canadian authorities instead of being tagged for extradition to the USA.
  10. JodieEmery

    Other cannabis Canadians facing extradition

    I see no mention of extradition in those articles...?
  11. JodieEmery

    the "old skool" rollcall....

    Don't stay away! Remain here and help the cannabis scene newcomers learn how to properly grow and smoke!
  12. Wow, thanks! But boy, now we're hard-pressed to make an even better issue... ulp!
  13. JodieEmery

    Post photos of your "No Extradition" shirt!

    Fantastic! Thank you for showing your support -- and that's the hemp shirt, isn't it?
  14. Marc and I had a wonderful time in VIctoria! Thank you to everyone who showed up and shared the love! It's been far too long since we were on the Island, so we'll have to return again soon. Five years for me -- I was moving from Victoria the last time I left, in fall 2003! Five years is too long to stay away from our neighbour city, especially when Marc and I have been to Ontario many times in those years!

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