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  1. Squilly

    Underwater in a swamp in Alberta

    http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/regulations/SOR-2016-230/index.html Start your education with that link.
  2. Squilly

    Underwater in a swamp in Alberta

    This is not trolling, it's reality. Growing caste off hemp under a swamp is lunacy. Have you even read the regulations about legal pot? I think not. Until you do you are just day dreaming.
  3. Squilly

    Underwater in a swamp in Alberta

    If you are interested in flaws, I think I should have you satisfied up until now. Good luck in the underwater race to mediocre pot.
  4. Squilly

    Underwater in a swamp in Alberta

    I get it, I think. It seems an idea more likely in an era of black market marijuana. I live in BC and above ground legal greenhouses are popping up here like mushrooms after a rain. Buried containers have been done, usually semi trailers buried in soil in my experience. Underwater leads to a whole different set of issues. Wouldn't that be an enclosed space to safety organizations? You might suddenly find yourself covered by mining and diving regulations. And cannabis regulations. Shit lump.
  5. Squilly

    Underwater in a swamp in Alberta

    If nothing else this is an interesting exercise in planning. I am confused by the connecting tunnels and scuba divers. Why would you feel the need to do this in a swamp? And underground? If you are only using sun for lighting why wouldn't you use heat pumps to extract geothermal heat to warm the greenhouses? You can visit them anytime you want. No wetsuit required.
  6. Squilly

    Crowded and too tall

    So at this point, for me, it would be irresistible to create some seed. Using a fine paintbrush you can fertilize single flowers to create some seed on an otherwise seedless plant. Best of both worlds. Good luck whatever you do.
  7. Squilly

    Crowded and too tall

    By my figuration you have the males and females in together. Am I incorrect?
  8. I too dislike the renewal process. On the other hand BC requires me to see a doctor every 90 days for a renewal on the most common of blood pressure medications. The wait time is different but if we truly want to be taken seriously as medical cannabis patients, whatever that means to you, you have to follow a process. That is really no different than any other prescription.
  9. I don't understand your reply. I can carry, grow, store and smoke without problem. Licensed by Health Canada. That doesn't sound broken at all. It sounds like a dream come true.
  10. I went through the process last year. When I received my license it was dated effective the day the doctor signed my recommendation so yes you lose out on the processing time. I would not hesitate to apply under the ACMPR. You are correct when you say you have grown for X years without issue. Having a license means absolute freedom to carry, posses and use it like tobacco if you wish. It was quite revolutionary to my experience. In effect, life-changing. When I finally received my license for some reason I received a duplicate so one hangs proudly outside my cabinet and one I can use to carry with me. Fuck man, I can fly on commercial planes in Canada with 120 grams, legally. How cool is that? My only restrictions are I can't sell it or give it away. The medical system will allow far more than the 4 plant limit proposed by the government as it stands now IMHO.
  11. Squilly

    Strain prefers soil

  12. Squilly

    Shifting the light sched during flower, question..

    There was a time I followed every light protocol. I was terrified of causing a plant stress and turn it hermaphroditic. Unless it is very strain specific at its light sensitivity, you will be fine. In my experience, they can suffer more insult to the dark cycle than I first thought. I guess you are not using timers but stick to 12/12 when you finally move the start/finish times.
  13. Give it a go. Let me know how your life philosophy turns out.
  14. Squilly

    Forum upgrade 2012

    I will address this to all the Mods, I single out no one. I think,the only people acting like trolls here are the Mods. I haven't called anyone a name or done anything other than continue the discussion. So far multiple excuses have been offered as to why you cannot edit a thread. Reread all posts above, nowhere, absolutely nowhere do I ask for a thread to be deleted. I have heard you can’t do it, or won’t do it, depending on who responds. I don’t care; I don’t want any thread deleted. The common complaint from all the Mods is that you feel abandoned in your role in this forum. I cannot help you with that, and I hope you resolve that soon. In the meantime in order to keep this forum a valuable resource I suggest that dead links be removed. In the spirit of cooperation brought to this exchange by Seabc here is an example of some of the dead links or misdirects in the Links, Guides and Troubleshooting thread in NGP. EDITED OUT BECAUSE THE ANSWER HAS CONSISTENTLY BEEN NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I originally made that post in 2001. I removed it when I thought it was no longer needed. If you have ever looked at it, I make reference to Marc asking me to repost it. I still take that to mean he considered having that sort of information available and timely was important. There are nine dead links out of the first 25 or so. Setting aside all your personal feelings you have to admit that is a pretty shabby average. I also think there are so many sticky posts all over the place they should be amalgamated into a new forum, call it the library, where all these stickys can live together in harmony. I said that very thing over a month ago, before the flogging began.
  15. Squilly

    Forum upgrade 2012

    I am not asking for any posts to be removed. I suggested editing to remove dead links. What good is a link to Geocities, which ceased to exist years ago? Edit it out. So you see, I am not asking for anything at all that is in your quote. I don't think to edit a thread, delete a dead link outside of CC and move on is detrimental. Quote: which detracts from the value of CC Forums as a resource of information What I am suggesting will improve that, not lessen it.

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