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  1. Canadian dispensary update The latest big news in Canadian dispensaries as of Sept. 23, 2017 By Jamie Shaw September 23, 2017 Featured image by Get Budding. West Kelowna West Kelowna has been fairly tolerant of dispensaries, allowing them to operate with implied approval, despite not introducing regulations to license them. With six dispensaries now in West Kelowna, the city is looking at revamping their by-law fines for operating without a license, and future regulations under legalization that would restrict cannabis retail activities to industrial areas. Grand Forks Grand Forks is no stranger to Cannabis controversy, starting in 1999 when then mayor Bryan Taylor declared his intention of making the town the ‘medical marijuana capital of the world’. Flash forward to 2017, and Mr Taylor’s daughter Theresa was still fighting a years-long battle to have her dispensary, Herbivore, regulated by the city, or at the very least, be given the same consideration as the city’s only other dispensary in town, which seemed to be operating with city approval. In July, council decided to rehear Herbivore’s license application, but after an hour long debate, narrowly decided that they would not follow in the footsteps of municipalities using bylaw rather than criminal enforcement. Nova Scotia With the remarkable explosion in the number of dispensaries in Nova Scotia, it probably isn’t surprising this was followed by multiple raids. It also isn’t surprising this was followed by re-openings. While the community of Bible Hill alone saw three dispensary raids, they “ were open right after they left,” according to Ashley Brown of Maritime Medicinal. Still, the raids continue, with two more in Pictou County executed on September 8th. Toronto Lawyer Jack Lloyd estimates there is still at least one dispensary raid a week happening in Toronto. In spite of this, with pretty much just google maps and photo ID, cannabis can be accessed through a dispensary in Toronto within minutes. It remains to be seen what will come of Ontario’s announcement that it is getting into the dispensary game, but expect unions and business associations to push back. Private enterprise is not only an issue that both licensed producers and Dispensaries agree on, unions and even the Ontario Chamber of Commerce have expressed support. Ottawa Three dispensary raids were carried out in the last week of August. While it was initially reported that a haul of heroin, cocaine, oxycodone, and codeine were associated with one of the dispensaries, the story was later edited to note that this was not so, stating the information provided by police was incorrect. Five staff members are facing charges as a result of the raids. Hamilton, ON A city injunction intended to close both a vape lounge and a dispensary was half granted at the end of August, with the city only granting permission to shutter the vape lounge. The ruling by Justice Lofchik of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice sided with comments in the Allard ruling, and ordered that the dispensary can remain open, as long as it only serves patients with a medical prescription. https://news.lift.co/canadian-dispensary-update
  2. 10,000 Canadians authorized to grow their own medical cannabis Health Canada says that as of August 31 there were 10,547 Canadians approved to cultivate cannabis for personal use, an increase of over 50% in two months By David Brown September 24, 2017 Feature image via /u/Craigson Participation in Health Canada’s personal cannabis cultivation program continues to grow, even as many still wait several months for approval. In response to a request for an update from Lift, the regulator says that as of August 31 there were 10,547 Canadians registered either to grow their own cannabis or as designated growers for others, up from from 6,880 at the end of June 31, 2017. Processing time for these registrations also continues to increase, with the regulator saying it’s anywhere from 8-16 weeks to process an application, while some patients are saying it’s taken up to six months to process their application. The uptick in application approvals, an increase of over 50% in two months, was aided by the hiring of over 30 new employees earlier this year to help process applications. Health Canada says they have processed more than 15,000 applications since the program began in August, 2016. The program, introduced in August of last year, re-introduced legislation that allows patients who register with Health Canada to grow a limited number of plants for their own purpose, or to designate an authorized grower to do so for them. Health Canada had formerly allowed home production under a previous medical marijuana regime, the Medical Marihuana Access Regulations (MMAR), but halted new applications with the introduction of the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) in 2014. Interest in the program quickly created a backlog, with over 2,500 people seeking to register in the first six months or so, and over 4,000 by May, forcing Health Canada to hire 17 new employees to help manage the process. The regulator says they added 21 employees in April and May of this year and an additional 11 in June. Medical cannabis patients Lift spoke to earlier this year reported waiting several months, some waiting up to six months for an application that only lasts a year from when it was originally sent in, or less, depending on the doctor's authorization policy. Health Canada says the time to review applications is “highly dependent upon the number of applications received and the quality or the completeness of the applications” and depends on variables like response time from signing doctors. The registration for personal cannabis cultivation is about two pages long, mostly requiring personal information, location of the grow and a signature from a doctor. While some physicians have expressed reluctance to be the gatekeepers of who can grow their own cannabis for medical purposes, other companies have sprouted up that are catering to this demand, some advertising graduated rates depending on how many plants are to be approved. “The time to review an application and issue a registration certificate is highly dependent upon the number of applications received, and the quality or the completeness of the applications. It also depends on the response time of applicants or healthcare practitioners, who may be contacted by our client service representatives to verify information or to provide additional clarification.” -Health Canada https://news.lift.co/10000-canadians-authorized-to-grow-their-own-medical-cannabis
  3. Amsterdam for Christmas? I'll wait for May!

    10 Best Amsterdam Cannabis Coffeeshops to Visit Karina Hof September 22, 2017 (Courtesy of Karina Hof) Early this year, news on the shuttering of Amsterdam’s oldest coffeeshop spooked smokers round the world. Many feared the fate of Mellow Yellow, established in 1972, would befall more Dutch cannabis dispensaries. Evolving national legislation has indeed forced closures, though often in connection to specific circumstances, such as proximity to a school. According to a report published in June by independent research bureau INTRAVAL, Amsterdam had 288 coffeeshops in 1999 and by 2016, only 173. While the Netherlands was ahead of the curve in decriminalization and the fostering of an open, informative environment—coffeeshops often have signs and multilingual flyers offering tips for getting high safely—dispensaries here lag in one practice: specifying THC and CBD percentages. Rarely can dealers advise on the subject, and even the most detailed menus use emoticons, not chemical compounds, to communicate a particular strain’s effects. RELATED STORY: These Dutch Tips on Responsible Cannabis Use Are Downright Charming Still, if there’s one trait the Dutch capital possesses in volume, it’s dynamism. Amsterdam has always been avant-garde of social progress. In this year’s national elections, the city cast most votes for the Greens – a leftist party so named for espousing environmental priorities, though inevitably also associated with their other verdant leanings. Notable, too, is INTRAVAL’s calculation that Amsterdam still has one coffeeshop per every 4,907 residents, and that the nationwide decline feared originally “has somewhat stablised.” So while the outlook for dispensaries in the Netherlands is not cloud-free, the landscape remains fertile and varied, as the 10 Amsterdam coffeeshops below attest to. These are our picks for the best places to stop, sip a coffee, and sample both new and classic strains the next time you’re in the Netherlands. Green House, Centrum (Courtesy of Green House) Oudezijds Voorburgwal 191, 1012 EW Amsterdam One day Green House Centrum may be considered the Studio 54 of coffeeshops. Opposite the dealers’ bar, gold-framed photos crowd the wall, proving how many celebs have been proud patrons. Rihanna and Kid Cudi may not surprise, but older-school Hollywooders, such as George Clooney and Wesley Snipes, smile down too. Frequently appearing in portraits is Green House Seed Co. owner Arjan Roskam, now globally known as a Strain Hunter in the eponymous VICE/HBO documentary series. Alongside its three Amsterdam coffeeshop branches, the company does genetics development and purveys its own exclusive seeds. It has earned oodles of accolades, winning 42 Cannabis Cup awards to date. The slender chalice trophies all glimmer in their display boxes under dimmed lighting, fitting right in with the venue’s Egyptian-palace-meets-Vegas parlor vibe. Tweede Kamer (Courtesy of Tweede Kamer) Heisteeg 6, 1012 WC Amsterdam In Dutch, Tweede Kamer means “second room,” which is apt for a place providing cannabis users with a third space. Interestingly, it is also what folks here call the Netherlands’ House of Representatives, causing some amusing mix-ups in Amsterdam-centric conversations. Forget politics though, this coffeeshop attracts everyone—Dutch hip-hop heads, introspective Euro backpackers, sweet North American retirees, et al. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in style: Art Deco lamps, portraits of old Dutch royalty, and seafoam-colored walls that up the classiness level from legal to regal. Kind and easy to talk to, the dealers double as capable baristas, serving coffee from Australian micro-roaster Lot Sixty One. Grey Area (Courtesy of Grey Area) Oude Leliestraat 2, 1015 AW Amsterdam In the heart of the Grachtengordel—Amsterdam’s canal ring, today a designated UNESCO World Heritage site—a bouncer can be found shepherding the line outside Grey Area. “You’ll get hit by a bike,” he gently warns tourists on the sidewalk. Inside, the shoebox-size coffeeshop feels part punk club, part Western Union office. Stickers paper the walls and queuing customers bifurcate the room: on one side, a small bar with a Volcano Vaporizer; on the other, a few tables and chairs. Despite the dust-covered behind-the-counter clutter, the buds are some of the freshest in town. It’s not for nothing Grey Area has won multiple Cannabis Cup and Amsterdam Unity Cup awards. Boerejongens West (Courtesy of Boerejongens) Baarsjesweg 239, 1058 AA Amsterdam The olden-days apothecary aesthetic is new to Amsterdam. Most coffeeshops came on the scene between the late 70s and the early 90s, when design was heavy on synthetics and Bob Marley was still pot’s poster boy. But Boerejongens, this year celebrating a decade’s existence, counters that. Their three locations have lab-like interiors warmly offset with Art Deco furnishings, and staffed by affable white-coated dealers and doormen with the demeanor of bellhops more than bouncers. The company works with cannabis seed purveyors Amsterdam Genetics, who have helped Boerejongens gain repute for their high-quality menu, including a uniquely wide array of hash. Although the West branch prohibits smoking of anything on the premises, its hours, 7AM-10PM, fulfill the walk-in-smoke-out desire of many locals. La Tertulia (Courtesy of Karina Hof) Prinsengracht 312, 1016 HX Amsterdam While many coffeeshops have an unshakable bro-y ethos, La Tertulia is, refreshingly, run by a mother-daughter team. Now in its 35th year of operation, the place is bright, well ventilated, and plant-filled. It is situated in the picture-postcard neighborhood of the Jordaan, on the same canal as the Anne Frank House and a stroll from some of Amsterdam’s most beloved open-air markets. Accordingly, the venue attracts a more mature, artier clientele and, um, some occasional Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. There are two levels of generous seating, and bistro-like chairs and tables are set up outside, where an homage-to-Van Gogh mural serves as the backdrop. The Bulldog, The First (InnaFelker/iStock) Oudezijds Voorburgwal 90, 1012 GJ Amsterdam Like its canine mascot, The Bulldog brand is spirited, tenacious, unmistakably present in its wide stance, and cutely butch. Established in 1975 in a former sex shop, The First was not only the business’s original location, but also one of the earliest incarnations of the modern-day Dutch dispensary. Company owner Henk de Vries claims coinage of the word “coffeeshop,” saying it came from trying to capture the “coffeehouse feeling” that his space offered residents of the surrounding Red Light District. Today the company has a whole litter of coffeeshops and gift stores, a restaurant, a pub, and a hostel, all in Amsterdam, plus a hotel in British Columbia, Canada. Katsu (Courtesy of Katsu) Eerste van der Helststraat 70, 1072 NZ Amsterdam De Pijp, once a predominantly residential neighborhood, has become an Airbnb hotbed, rife with trendy lifestyle stores and social-media-shutterbug-conscious cafés. But through all the changes, the zip code’s coolest coffeeshop, Katsu, has stayed true blue—a real winner, as its name means in Japanese. With a predilection for reggae and a kindly commanding veteran woman dealer, Katsu attracts many local clients—think Larry David-meets-Willie Nelson-esque gents, Rastas, and contemplative artists—while small groups of chill younger folks gravitate to the booth seating backlit by ode-to-Amsterdam wall art. Others come in for the changing 5-gram deals or give the De Verdamper vaporizer a whirl and a waft. The Dolphins (Courtesy of Karina Hof) Kerkstraat 39, 1017 GB Amsterdam Five types of weed and three types of hash make for a small menu at The Dolphins, but the big draw here is the ambience: acqua-core. The coffeeshop opened 21 years ago, when interior décor evoking a Lisa Frank folder was à la mode. But the seapunk sensibility emerged in earnest from the owner’s interest in diving and longstanding eco-friendliness. The coral colonies that line the walls are made from repurposed paper and disposable cups, explains a staffer with Windex-blue lowlights in her blonde braid. Other unique attractions include a submarine parts-accented basement hospitable to tobacco smokers; six De Verdamper vaporizers; and hash muffins with rainbow nonpareils, frosted in pink and, of course, blue. Bluebird (Courtesy of Bluebird) Sint Antoniesbreestraat 71, 1011 HB Amsterdam Bi-level Bluebird is a fixture on this broadway, which wraps around Waterlooplein’s famous flea market and is the site of the Rembrandt House (where the Golden Age master once lived and worked). Since its beginnings in the early 80s, Bluebird has cultivated a reputation for being welcoming and relaxed. This coming March, the coffeeshop undergoes a brief renovation to create a comfier lounge area and better bar, expecting to expand its food and drink menu beyond toasties, juices, and hot beverages. The reopening is scheduled for the start of April 2018, and the manager assures no azure avian artwork will be harmed in the process. Kashmir (Courtesy of Kashmir) Jan Pieter Heijestraat 82, 1053 GM Amsterdam Amsterdam’s milieu is seesawing between its own late 20th-century kaleidoscopic diversity and the neutral-toned, less-is-more cosmopolitanism currently washing over Western cities. Nearly 20 years old, Kashmir embraces the former. While the coffeeshop is a fine, friendly place to purchase cannabis, its sister business across the street (at numbers 85–87) is an even finer spot to smoke. The Kashmir Lounge has a bar, serving spirits and thus permitting a rare confluence of consumption in the Netherlands since laws prohibit simultaneous vending of cannabis and alcohol. At night, the DJ booth brings in a mix of Afro-funk, reggae, Latin, jazz, and house. The low-to-the-ground seating, mirror-work tapestries, and Hindu deities painted on the stucco walls transport visitors elsewhere—if not to some pre-hashtag-era hash den in northern India, then at least to a conspicuously vibrant vintage Amsterdam. https://www.leafly.com/news/food-travel-sex/10-best-amsterdam-cannabis-coffeeshops
  4. The 2017 International Drug Policy Reform Conference, October 11-14, Atlanta by borden, September 21, 2017 The 2017 International Drug Policy Reform Conference will convene in Atlanta, Georgia on October 11-14. More than 1,500 people who believe the war on drugs has failed will be in attendance to network, to strategize and to lift up policies grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights. Attendees will join a broad range of drug policy stakeholders -- activists, academics, healthcare and public health advocates, veterans, formerly incarcerated people, elected officials, students, and many others from around the country and across the globe! This year, attendees will have the opportunity to spend three days deepening connections with people committed to finding alternatives to the war on drugs while participating in sessions facilitated by leading experts. Visit http://www.reformconference.org to register. Get updates on the Reform Conference on Facebook and Twitter, and follow hashtag #NoMoreDrugWar. A reduced rate is temporarily available for Atlanta-area residents -- email asha bandele for information. Atlanta, GA United States See map: Google Maps https://stopthedrugwar.org/chronicle/2017/sep/21/2017_reform_conference
  5. This Graph Shows You The Average Cost Of Marijuana Across Canada Can you guess who is paying the most? News Angry Canadians Shut Down An American Reddit Thread On PoutinesDon't you dare disrespect poutine. Study Finds That Singing 'Happy Birthday' Makes Food Taste BetterMinor rituals can enhance the eating experience.Ontario And Manitoba To Possibly Be Hit With Severe Thunderstorms This WeekForecasts show strong weather patterns in the central provinces.Toys 'R' Us Is Going Bankrupt And Our Childhoods Might Be Lost ForeverSo sad.Hurricane Maria Has Progressed To A Dangerous Category 5 And Here's Everything You Need To KnowThe hurricane blasted Dominica with widespread devastation. Brittany Rogers September 21, 2017 With all the controversy surrounding the legalization of marijuana across Canada and the uncertainty of just how much it'll cost 4/20 friendly Canadians, weed is definitely on the brain. Just yesterday the Ontario government gave an estimate on just how much they might be selling legal marijuana for and many were not happy. There defense for the price suggested was that it met the black market average. However, what exactly is the average cost of marijuana across Canada really? How much is each province paying? Well one reddit user posted a graph (shown below) of the average marijuana prices of 1 gram in each Canadian province and the territories as a whole. The averages are according to the calculations taken by the Parliamentary Budget Office of Canada from 2015-2016. Via Reddit The graph shows that our northern territories pay the most with Quebecers paying the least. The national average for one gram of weed in Canada is priced at $8.32. We are also shown that marijuana is used the most in Ontario and the least in the northern territories. Which could be because of the higher costs per gram up north. Overall, it seems like Ontario's move to set the cost per gram across the province to $10 - just above the provincial average, is not competitive at all with the lower black market price. But we'll just have to wait and see how the rest of Canada chooses to price their pot. https://www.narcity.com/news/this-graph-shows-you-the-average-cost-of-marijuana-across-canada
  6. Amsterdam for Christmas? I'll wait for May!

    Re: ACD's 4/20 Gathering 2017 Post by Lemming » Tue 12th Sep 2017 09:10 pm Day 6 - Saturday 22nd April 2017 With J (my partner) in tow, things have slowed down a lot now. There's absolutely nothing on the official schedule today so I tell J that I'm at her disposal if there's anything touristy she'd like to do. It turns out that there isn't and that she's quite happy to try to catch up with the ACD crew if anyone's still about. That being the case, I post on the forum that we'll get to Utopia at 3pm. With that, we saunter out for a late breakfast at our favourite café. Puccini It's on a sunny corner opposite Waterlooplein market and is very small. The kitchen is a cramped corner of the room where prepared salads magically emerge from stainless steel drawers. Focaccia with roast courgette, aubergine, pepper, sundried tomatoes, avocado and pesto goes down very well with me. Our relaxed pace means it's soon time to head over to Utopia. Amsterdam is looking pretty in the spring sunshine today At Utopia we find Smirks, Papi, Gapie and Mr & Mrs Macky. Just the kind of crew you need for a good session. After a couple of hours of serious sessioning, J drags me off for some shopping on Nieuwendijk and Kalverstraat. Well, I say shopping. What seems like many hours of walking in and out of shops doesn't seem to result in any purchases. Still, maybe that's a good thing. In Utopia we had arranged to meet at 420 Café (de Kuil) for the evening. So, the slow-paced vibe of the day continues through dinner and then we head down to Oudebrugsteeg. It's a busy Saturday night in Amsterdam and, when we get to 420 café, we find Matty, Macky, wife and brother in law, Omnibuz and Danny waiting outside. They tell us that it's full inside so we all wander around to Hill Street Blues. HSB is also full. This really is a busy Saturday night! We cross the road and go into Bones and Co. At least there's room in here. I used to frequent this place when it was the Greenhouse Effect Hotel bar back in the nineties and naughties. Back then it had the Greenhouse Effect coffeeshop next door and DJs playing in the bar on a Saturday night. At the rear was a comfy seating area where we spent many late evenings after the coffeeshops had closed. [Incidentally, I think I read a post recently suggesting that Greenhouse Effect is part of the Arjan's Greenhouse chain. As far as I know, that's not the case.] The rear section is now a partitioned-off smoking room. Very different to how it used to be but still cool in its own way. Bones and Co smoking room The eight of us settle into the tobacco-free bar area at the front with our beers and joints. A nice little social ensues. After a good session there we move on to Lost in Amsterdam. J likes this place and it's on the way home for some of our party. A last drink and spliff and then we call it a night.
  7. Medical Marijuana Update

    Medical Marijuana Update by psmith, September 13, 2017 Medical marijuana is getting some attention in Congress, Arizona PTSD patients are still out of luck, Michigan dispensaries have three months to shut their doors and get licensed, and more. National Last Wednesday, a bipartisan group of senators reintroduced the CARERS Act. Sens. Cory Booker (D-NJ), Al Franken (D-MN), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), and Rand Paul (R-KY) refiled the CARERS Act (Senate Bill 1764). The bill aims to "extend the principle of federalism to State drug policy, provide access to medical marijuana, and enable research into the medicinal properties of marijuana." Last Thursday, the House GOP leadership blocked a vote to protect medical marijuana states. House GOP leaders won't allow a vote on an amendment to a spending bill that bars the Justice Department from spending money to go after state-compliant medical marijuana programs, several lawmakers said. The Farr-Rohrabacher amendment has protected those state programs for the past four years, but House leaders said "it splits the conference too much so we're not going to have a vote on it," The Hill reported. The move came despite pleas from Rep. Rohrabacher (R-CA) to allow the vote. Last Friday, the budget deal Trump agreed to preserved medical marijuana protections -- for now. The budget deal agreed to between President Trump and congressional leaders extends federal protections to state-legal medical marijuana programs through December 8. This provides an opportunity for House GOP leaders to rectify their decision last week not to allow a vote on the amendment that for the past four years has blocked the Justice Department from spending federal funds to go after medical marijuana in states where it is legal. Arizona On Tuesday, the Supreme Court refused to lift restrictions on medical marijuana for PTSD. The state Supreme Court rejected without comment an argument from the Arizona Cannabis Nurses Association that the former state health director had illegally imposed restrictions on when doctors can recommend the drug for PTSD. The high court's decision leaves intact an earlier Court of Appeals ruling upholding the restrictions. Attorneys for the association say they may take the case to federal court on equal protection grounds. Iowa Last Friday, the attorney general cited fed fears to block CBD from out of state dispensaries. The attorney general's office has advised the Department of Public Health not to implement a part of the state's CBD medical marijuana law that would have licensed two dispensaries from bordering states to supply CBD to Iowa patients. "It is possible that state's program may come under increased scrutiny from the federal government," a spokesman told the Des Moines Register, adding that the halt would remain "until the federal government provides further guidance regarding state medical marijuana programs." Michigan On Monday, dispensaries were given three months to shut their doors. Existing unlicensed dispensaries must shut their doors by December 15, the state Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs said. On that date, the department begins accepting applications to operate under new medical marijuana regulations approved this year. While closing up shop and then applying for a license isn't exactly a thrill for existing dispensary owners, it's better than an alternative proposal that called for the dispensaries to be shut down immediately. Pennsylvania Last Friday, a lawsuit put the roll-out of the medical marijuana program in peril. A would-be medical marijuana operator who failed to win a permit to operate in an initial round of permit-issuing filed a lawsuit last challenging the process and seeking an injunction that would require the state to rescind all awarded permits and start over. That's raising concerns about medical marijuana supporters that it could cause needless suffering. Texas Last Thursday, the sttate issued its first CBD medical marijuana license. The state has issued a license to Cansortium Texas to grow, process, and sell CBD medical marijuana products to patients. Two other companies have applications in the pipeline. The move comes two years after the legislature approved a bill allowing for CBD use for epilepsy. [For extensive information about the medical marijuana debate, presented in a neutral format, visit MedicalMarijuana.ProCon.org.] https://stopthedrugwar.org/chronicle/2017/sep/13/medical_marijuana_update
  8. Big Changes Come To Oregon's Cannabis Industry This Year

    Ralph’s Portland Dispensary Tour and Cannabis Event Season Continues By RedHat Ralph June 12, 2017 Cannabis Season – Week 7 – Dispensary Tour This week includes Serra’s (Belmont) 1-year anniversary, The Weed Blog’s sponsored happy hour at Cravedog (North Tillamook), and the beginnings of Memorial Day weekend. I also continue with my Dispensary Tour, this week wandering through the area between and around the 217/I5 corridors southwest of Portland and east of Beaverton. This tour is different than my top picks, but equally awesome and fun! Here is how I walked 47.1 miles from Sunday May 21 through Saturday, May 27. Dispensary Tour began Sunday, 5/21/17, 7.8 miles. With temperatures predicted to reach the upper 80s, I decide that celebrating the first warm days of spring/summer by people watching along the Willamette River is what I will do today. First I will visit Frankie and share most of whatever I have with him. I take public transportation from Frankie’s to the Hawthorne Bridge, where I begin my walk along the river at OMSI. I wander north for nearly two miles, cross over the Steel Bridge and wander south to Tom McCall Waterfront Park. The Saturday Market is in full swing and the whole west bank is being readied for the Rose Festival which begins on May 26. Monday, 5/22/17, 5.2 miles. We go from temperatures two days ago in the 60s to yesterday in the 80s and today in the 90s. Another wonderful day to wander the parks along the Willamette River. Tuesday, 5/23/17, 0.5 miles. Stayed home and wrote last week’s blog Wednesday, 5/24/17, 10.8 miles. Time to wander the dispensaries. Local Leaf – This is a great dispensary which also contains the Portland Cannabis Museum, which is why I included it as part of my Dispensary Tour. Many of the artifacts here are some of the ones I saw in the 60s and 70s as a young cannabis consumer growing up along our Eastern Seaboard. It is a wonderful piece of nostalgia for anyone interested in a bit of cannabis history and humor. I counted 28 chemovars on the shelf, including a frosty strain named Rug Burn from Cannanands at 28.39% THC and Platinum Animal Cookies from Phyre Farms testing at 17.9% THC, each at $12 a gram. Local Leaf also runs daily specials, and on this day they are selling Super Maximus (a sativa hybrid) and Raspberry Kush (an indica), each from Potluck Farms for $5 a gram and $8 a gram each (for medical patients) respectively. Also, at $32 for medical patients, the price for Empower’s 4-Play is the best I have found in any dispensary. The CDC – One of the first things that I notice at The CDC is that they have a recycling box for our empty plastic pre-roll and flower containers. I confirmed with the manager that these containers are recycled by their container vendor. I count 24 chemovars plus 3 more that are CBD heavy strains. All of the flower choices here are $11.70 per gram or less for recreational sales, so the prices here are some of the most reasonable I have encountered store-wide. I also notice that they have Beehive extracts (many strains!) for $30.50 per gram for medical patients and $35 per gram for recreational. CS Laboratories, Inc. – I left my Senior Cannabis Consumer business card with one of the ladies at the reception desk who told me that she would put it on Stephanie’s desk and that she would see it when she returned to the office. I do not know if CS Laboratories will let me tour their facilities, as part of my dispensary tour, but rarely does it hurt to ask. Vacant Storefront – The State of Oregon maintains a list of recreational cannabis businesses and a list of medical cannabis businesses. The second list includes WWMP, LLC as a medical cannabis business located at 12215 SW Main St., Ste A Tigard. However, when I visited this address, all I found was an empty storefront ready to lease. Chalice Farms Tigard – This is another dispensary who recycles our ready-to-be-discarded plastic containers, and should have a recycling box in each dispensary location, according to the budtenders and managers on duty today. Chalice does have a restroom in the dispensary for their customers. They have many chemovars, but other than some “smell” jars, all of their flower product is pre-packaged and they have a 2 gram minimum for their flower purchases. When asked to show a couple of their best flowers at the moment, I was shown: Silver Hawk, Banana Kush, and Pineapple Express from Yerba Buena; Blue Dream from Arnow Browne; Blueberry Kush from Noble Farms; and Obama Kush from Green Cross. All of these flowers looked amazing and any of them should help make a good time great! Western Oregon Dispensary Sherwood – This Medical only dispensary welcomes each new patient with a complimentary joint. During my visit today it is a 0.5g Virgin Mary pre-roll. They also have a special selling 4 1.3gram pre-rolls for $20, which you can mix and match from a few strains. This is an incredible deal for pre-rolls. They also take plastic, using a third party named Linx which offers loadable debit cards which can be used to purchase cannabis products. A nice convenience, even if it does charge $3 to load money on the card. Western Oregon Dispensary also sells ounces of cannabis (Critical Mass or Mixed Green) for $99, and if you are interested in the Magical Butter machine, they will sell you one, with an ounce of cannabis, for $200. I also found Sandy River OG BHO for $32 a gram. Thursday, 5/25/17, 6.7 miles. I visited Serra on SE Belmont for their 1 year anniversary. The folks from Level are there to promote their new flavored water, yummy! I picked up some Corazon, that wonderful sativa dominate hybrid which tested at more than 19% CBD. From SE Belmont I wander to Cravedog on North Tillamook to participate in the monthly Happy Hour sponsored in part by The Weed Blog. I learn so much from the folks who participate in these social gatherings! Now, if only I can remember all of these names. Friday, 5/26/17, 7.7 miles. Today I take the MAX up through the Hollywood District to The Grass Shack on Broadway, just north of Halsey. I hit it perfectly, during a lull in the flow of folks coming in to score one of the $5 disposable REL vape pens. From here I wander west down Broadway, southwest down Sandy, and then west on Oregon Street to Home Grown Apothecary for a second $5 REL vape pen. Even though these pens contain only 0.25g of extract, at $5 each they are a great deal! I do love the magical look and feel of this wonderful dispensary. It always feels magical when I walk up to it. Leaving Home Grown Apothecary I wander south to the North West Cannabis Club where I can sit in comfort and pass the time while enjoying some fine Oregon flower and flower products. Utilizing public transportation allows me to enjoy the fruits of this lifestyle while staying safe. Saturday 5/27/17, 8.4 miles. I choose not to perform my Dispensary Tour at times that I think dispensaries will be too busy with customers to spend time with me. Since this is supposed to be another gorgeous day in the Pacific North West, I will spend the day people watching again in downtown Portland. I disembark from the MAX at Goose Hollow and walk to PSU to visit their Saturday Market, then take the Orange line to OMSI. From there I wander aimlessly along the river, across the Steel Bridge, and more along the river. When the heat rises I take the Orange line to the NWCC and again enjoy the comfort of the social club. https://www.theweedblog.com/ralphs-portland-dispensary-tour-and-cannabis-event-season-continues
  9. Big Changes Come To Oregon's Cannabis Industry This Year

    25 miles in Week 6: Ralph’s Cannabis Events and Dispensary Stops By RedHat Ralph June 7, 2017 Cannabis Season Week 6 was a good one! This week includes my appointment at Hanger Clinic regarding my custom molded orthotics and the Cannabis Industry meet up at Prism House. I also continue with my Dispensary Tour, this week around the Beaverton area. Here is how I walked 25.3 miles from Sunday May 14 through Saturday, May 20. Sunday, 5/14/17, 1.0 miles. It was a quiet day at home, writing up my thoughts on last week’s wandering when Pedro texted me. Flo accompanied me to the NW Cannabis Club where she became their newest member. As she sat and read, Kevin Jodrey and I spent hours wrapped in a far-reaching conversation regarding his history, businesses, and thoughts of the future relative to cannabis. Over many dabs of Jack Herer I learned much from one of the most experienced cannabis entrepreneurs in our time. I look forward to our next conversation. And now Flo knows what the NW Cannabis Club looks like and will be able to accompany me there in the future. Monday, 5/15/17, 7.5 miles. Today I get to have the prosthetic in my shoe evaluated by the tech at Hanger Clinic, and wow did he do a great job. Now I get to walk on it for a few days and see if it will work long term. From Beaverton I take public transportation to arrive at Canna-Daddy’s on SE Division, almost 20 miles away. I am going there to take advantage of another one of the REL vape pen $5 sales. I arrive at the dispensary just after noon, two hours after they open, and they inform me that the sale items are not yet in their inventory, so they cannot sell one to me. After contacting Steve Gold (The Daily Leaf) about the issue, I wander westward, finally stopping in at The Green Remedy where I pick up a gram of Yerba Buena’s Silver Hawk flower. Tuesday, 5/16/17, 0.8 miles. One of the first things I do in the morning is to put on my eyeglasses. It is all part of a morning ritual that has evolved over a lifetime. This morning was a bit different because the left arm of my rimless titanium frames broke a centimeter from the left lens. It is rather difficult to properly focus when your spectacles no longer provide the correct distances for the angles to work in your favor. It took a short while, but I finally found a wonderful and competent technician to correctly weld the arm and provide an affordable short term solution. For a long term solution, I am turning to my brother Clarke who has owned his own optical shop in Apopka (FL) for a few decades now and has graciously supplied eyeglass services to his family. Wednesday, 5/17/17, 0.2 miles. A cool and rainy day, which I will spend catching up on stuff around the house. Thursday, 5/18/17, 9.6 miles. Today I hit the road again on my 2017 Dispensary Tour. Oregon Bud Company – Since the budtenders at Oregon Bud Company indicated last week that they would be receiving some new flower this week, I decide to begin with them. First, this is one of the few dispensaries which do not have an ID check-in before heading into the retail part of the store. I am so glad that I wandered back in just to check out their Pineapple Trainwreck, testing at 32.1% THC. And then there is their GG#5 at 27.7% THC. I would also like to try out the Crème Royal, based solely on the wonderful odor of the terpenes. Oh yes, that wafting aroma! Growing Releaf – along with checking out flower, I like to check on the prices of OMMP edibles, since they are becoming harder to find on dispensary shelves, and the prices are all over the place. Here I found the Squib 100 edibles are $14, one of the lowest prices I have found anywhere. They also have the OLCC approved 50mg+/- Grön chocolate bars at $15 for medical card patients, which is one of the lowest prices I have seen for this. Stash Cannabis Company – When you bring up this Dispensary on Leafly, it displays only “Overview” and “Reviews”. However, if you Google search for them you find a Leafly menu which displays only 8 chemovars (strains). [Today, 5/23/17, they display 10 chemovars.] Stash has only a few of the extracts that have flooded other dispensaries, and maintains only a small number of edibles. The Green Planet – they have moved two stores down from their old location and in so doing they have expanded their showroom to become a very large glass and pipe retail outlet, with cannabis as another facet of the retail experience. The first strain I was shown is a Purple Hindu Kush by HGP, selling at only $9 a gram. For this chemovar, the price is excellent. I was also shown a Northern Wreck from 45th Parallel Farms, testing in at 30.7% THC, White Super Skunk by Cultivated Industries, and Sweet Meringue by Novik Industries LLC, which is one of the best looking flowers I have seen today. I looked at some of the other offerings from Novik (I hadn’t seen any of their flower before today) and have them in my mind to see what else of theirs I can find over this summer. Stone Age Farmacy – anyone following my blog will note that I included this dispensary among my 10 best. Today they have 44 chemovars on their shelves; a wonderful abundance of choices for the consumer! Many of their offerings are grown by Stone Age Gardens in south Oregon and are some of the frostiest flower I have seen (as are most of the offerings found in all of the dispensaries on my top ten list). I asked to be shown a sample from each end of the spectrum as well as a balanced hybrid, and they didn’t disappoint. I was offered: Blue Dream (25.6% THC), as a sativa dominant flower; Beast OG (19.7% THC), as an indica dominant flower; and Cherry Bomb (19.9% THC) as the sweet tasting middle ground hybrid. However, with so many choices on flower, I doubt that you could go wrong with throwing a dart and picking any flower on the shelf. And, something that retired consumers may like, there is a public restroom within the dispensary. Parlour Cannabis Shoppe – let me start right off by saying that they have 1oz bags of shake for $70 medical ($80 recreational)! For those who are interested in making edibles (canna butter is really big in Oregon at this time) or rolling joints old-school, this is something that is absolutely wonderful to find. I have only found a few dispensaries out of the nearly 200 in our area who keep bags of shake on the shelf, so it is important to let you know when I discover another one. Today they have 24 chemovars on their shelves and showed me a beautiful looking Lavender Trainwreck (20.6% THC) and Shaolin Kush (25.3% THC), both from Mindful Organics. The Shaolin Kush is so very loaded with calyxes that it almost appeared to have a white cast. It is oh-so-yummy looking! For me, this dispensary is the prime example of how I see Cannabis storefronts becoming mainstream. This shop is located within a very nice strip mall at a very busy 6-way intersection, with its name right along every other business, as one good business neighbor to another. If you find yourself near the Sesame Donuts at the intersection of Scholls Ferry Rd and Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy, visit this dispensary. You will not be disappointed, and you may need to buy more doughnuts. Five Zero Trees West – the first thing I notice while they are confirming my IDs (for OMMP cardholders we turn over our driver’s license as well as our OMMP card), is that they have tie-dyed shirts for their dispensary. This is right up my alley, as it would be for many old-school pot heads of my generation. So they get an early point for that! They also have public restrooms, so another point for that. The shelves are fully stocked, with 5 CBD-heavy chemovars, 14 high shelf chemovars ($12/g), 21 regular shelf chemovars ($10/g), and 5 special chemovars ($8/g). When asked to show me a few examples of the best flower in the shop, my budtender produced: Golden Cobra by Bull Run Farms; Key Lime Pie from Prūf Cultivar (among the best farms in Oregon, IMHO); Primate Adhesive [definitely not a Gorilla Glue, since that is a trademarked name]from Nelson and Co; and BB #3 also from Nelson and Co. In addition to the flower, they create 1 gram pre-rolls from flower on each of the three pricing levels, yielding joints that also cost $8, $10, and $12 each. And, just for fun, they create $6 one-gram pre-rolls from a mixture of flowers all from TJ Gardens (another of those top tier cannabis farms, IMHO). These are a definite bargain for those that need to pick up a few party favors and would like nothing better than a hybrid time for very little money. New Vansterdam Medical – do not be fooled; even though “Medical” is in the name, they have had their recreational license since April. This is the first dispensary where I have found Busy Bee flavored RSO (74.5% THC, 6.1% CBD, 3.4% CBN), and at $35 a gram it is one of the best prices for RSO I have seen anywhere. Another first for me is a product from Canavore called “Weekend Getaway Kit”. According to the label, it includes 4 half-gram joints and one 15mg edible, all for $30 to medical patients. Based solely on quantity, this is a fantastic deal, assuming that the quality is anywhere near Oregon normal. When asked to show me their best buds from the 20 chemovars on the shelf, they opted for: Mindful Kush from Mindful Organics (it had many mature calyxes, indicating that it was not rushed during its flushing and drying cycles); Shaolin Kush #11 from Mindful Organics; and Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies from Frost Farms. These are three more examples of Oregon flower with which one cannot go wrong. Friday, 5/19/17, 6.1 miles. Hey, I woke up to the Daily Leaf’s notice of another $5 REL vape pen drop, followed closely by a notice that it would not happen until noon. No problem, and thanks for the heads up! So off I go to Cannabis Corner in Southeast Portland, across from Mt. Scott Park. When I arrived at 1:30pm they were extremely busy, too busy to spend much time chitchatting with me. I will visit again later in the summer for a Dispensary Tour visit. From here I walk the mile to Deanz Greenz on Foster to spend some time with Steve from The Daily Leaf at a networking event. Here I spend some time with the folks from WHO (Walking Happy Oil) where I win a new lapel pin for my hat as well as the guys from Novik Industries where I earn a free t-shirt for purchasing some of their flower at the dispensary. Since it is such a nice sunny day, I head to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) and walk the East Esplanade along the Willamette River, cross the Steel Bridge, and continue south along the west bank of the river to Tom McCall Waterfront Park. I love walking this route, as it is both wonderful to view and provides some fantastic people watching. Although the people might not be dressed as I remember the lovely ladies of my youth along the stretches of sandy beach in New Smyrna Beach, the spring and summer fashions along the river in Portland are quite spectacular for this old man. As the afternoon wears on, I head to the NW Cannabis Club to enjoy the company of other like-minded folks. And tonight is a special sesh (we are too lazy to say session – two syllables and all ) featuring samples provided by Clay Wolf, a local extract producer. And oh, are they so very flavorful! And smooth. And potent! I love my life! Saturday 5/20/17, 0.1 miles. Home, with Flo. I feel as though I am the luckiest person in the world, living the luckiest life possible. Until next week, peace out. https://www.theweedblog.com/25-miles-in-week-6-ralphs-cannabis-events-and-dispensary-stops
  10. Big Changes Come To Oregon's Cannabis Industry This Year

    Week 5 of Cannabis Season in Oregon By RedHat Ralph on May 30, 2017 Week 5 of cannabis season in Oregon includes the Cultivation Classic at Revolution Hall, its reception for the speakers the evening before the event, and the After Party the evening of the event. I also continued with the Dispensary Tour, this week around the Beaverton area. Here is how I walked 35.5 miles from Sunday May 7 through Saturday, May 13. Sunday, 7.8 miles. I begin by taking the Blue line MAX and then the bus to Westside Wellness on Shaw. Shaw has no sidewalk, something that I recall from last year’s journey occurs with a few of the dispensaries I visit. For those of us who use public transportation and our feet, this is something to note. Here are the dispensaries: Westside Wellness – They have quite a selection of flower, pre-rolls, extracts, and edibles. Of note to me is a beautiful flower named Cascade from Moto Perpetuo. La Mota – Leslie (budtender) took a lot of time with me, presenting many flowers for my view. A couple of standouts include Obama Kush from Rosebud Farm (25.27% THC – 0.24% CBD) and Dog Shit X Cherry Pie from High Winds Farm (24.43% THC – 0.61% CBD) Blooming Deals by Cannabis Nation – When you first enter the dispensary you can view and sniff the samples that are laid out on long tables while you wait your turn. The idea is great but I couldn’t smell very much at all through the container’s sniff holes. The budtenders were absolutely wonderful and offered all of the flower for my review. Three of the interesting flowers are Cotton Candy Kush, Jazz, and Power Wreck. Monday, 6.3 miles. Electric Lettuce – From the Sunset Transit Station it is a very short walk over US26 to this dispensary, or more properly “head shop”. As I have mentioned, this is one of the shops I think is worth visiting, especially for “pot heads”. They feature flower from two of my favorite farms, Yerba Buena and Prūf Cultivar. Meesh (budtender) took her time to discuss many of the items available, including Leif Goods Mint Hibiscus Chocolate Bar (38.5mg THC – 40.4mg CBD) and “The Dabaratus”, a new packaging of extract distillate from O.penVAPE. This is something I want to try in the near future. Green Mart – Bree (budtender) spent a lot of time reviewing their selections with me. I bought 1.25 grams of a frosty Sativa named Lemon Meringue from Avitas (24.46% THC – 2.32% CBD). Grinding this flower with Yerba Buena’s Corazon (0.77% THC – 19.33%CBD) yields a mixture with 12.62% THC and 10.82% CBD; hopefully this mixture will help alleviate my right-foot pain. Oregon Bud Company – I will be returning in a week or so to see their new deliveries; they were really low on stock although very helpful. Kaleafa – They take plastic! There is a small service charge for using a credit or debit card, but the fact that they take plastic is unusual, and fantastic! They have an incredible number of strains available to peruse, including Lemon Meringue from Avitas, Pot of Gold from Cannabis Wholesale By Marico, Scooby Snacks from Kool Kush Farm, and Lime Warp from Kool Kush Farms. I also noted that among their numerous concentrate selections are many under $30 a gram. Tuesday, 7.7 miles. I took the day off from the Dispensary Tour to take advantage of the deal on REL vape cartridges. From time to time REL releases 0.25g disposable CO2 oil cartridges for $5. Today that release took me to Botanica on SE 12th Ave as well as Botanica on SE 60th Ave. After spending a total of $10 to get 0.5g of oil, I decided to enjoy the sun by walking the East Esplanade along the Willamette River, crossing the river on the Steel Bridge, and wandering up Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Wednesday, 0.1 miles I stay around the house, work on computer stuff and spend time with Flo. Thursday, 8.4 miles Today is the Cultivation Classic Welcome Reception and I shall be manning the check-in table. From noon thirty until 3:30 I wander the Alphabet District, visiting MindRite Dispensary and pick up another $5 REL CO2 cartridge. From there I wander through downtown, visit Stumptown Coffee and Voodoo Doughnut on 3rd Ave, then along the Willamette River to the Pearl District and finally to Vessel Dispensary on Vaughn St. I finally decide to buy two samples of their fantastically frosted flower (9 Pound Hammer and Qrazy Train). The afternoon/evening at Breakside Brewery is absolutely wonderful! So many quality folks making both social and business contacts to further enhance the experiences we, the consumers, will see in the new future. I finally get to spend time talking and walking with Kevin Jodrey and Pedro from Wonderland Nursery in Humboldt County. 9 Pound Hammer Qrazy Train Friday, 5.1 miles Finally, it is Cultivation Classic! Weeks of judging culminate in tonight’s award ceremony. I am up at 5:30 to use public transportation and arrive at Revolution Hall before 8am. Wow, Whitney (formerly with Stumptown Coffee) is now the barista at Martha’s; it is wonderful reconnecting with her! I help set up the green room, accomplish odd tasks here and there, take a couple of walks around the neighborhood (Revolution Hall has a liquor license, so there can be no cannabis consumption anywhere on the property). Steph handed me the speaker timetable (1pm to 6pm) and put me in charge of keeping it on time. Unbeknownst to Steph, she just handed a precision timing job to Adrian Monk (Mister OCD). Although the program began 7 minutes late, it ended on time and each speaker knew when they had to begin wrapping it up. (I’m a big guy in a red hat; it’s difficult to miss me if I want you to see me). From Congressman Earl Blumenauer to Dr. Ethan Russo and Dr. Adie Poe, the speakers are all intelligent, articulate, committed, and engaging. We all learned so much! Just as importantly, at least to me, is visiting with some of my friends and colleagues in the cannabis community. It is during these types of events that we have the opportunity to reconnect and recharge. Saturday 0.1 miles Today I feel my age, and my sore feet. Flo and I have a whole day to spend with each other. Man I love my wife! And yes, I definitely love my life. https://www.theweedblog.com/week-5-of-cannabis-season-in-oregon
  11. Big Changes Come To Oregon's Cannabis Industry This Year

    by RedHat Ralph RedHat Ralph’s Top 10 Marijuana Dispensary Picks in Portland, Oregon By RedHat Ralph May 23, 2017 I have been writing for The Weed Blog for several months now, but many of you might not know that the whole reason my path ever crossed with the site’s owners was because of a by-chance meeting at an event at Serra Cannabis on SE Belmont. Leah was so intrigued with my story about how I walked or took public transportation to all 181 of Portland’s dispensaries that she wrote an article about it. Since then, I have continued to tromp around the City of Portland and attend as many cannabis related events as I can and visit as many dispensaries/cannabis retail shops as I can. I have just started my dispensary tour for this summer, and you can read the beginning of it here. Retired life in this place is wonderful! I often get asked questions about different dispensaries, but the the question I am asked most often by far is: What dispensary in the Portland area do you recommend? Here is my answer- RedHat Ralph’s Top 10 Marijuana Dispensary Picks in Portland: If you live in Portland, get to know the selections and budtenders in your local neighborhood dispensary. Most of the dispensaries in our area are small businesses which cater to the neighborhood, and they do a really good job at that. It is so important to support all of your local businesses, including dispensaries/cannabis retail shops! If you don’t live in Portland but find yourself in our area, here are some of the dispensaries (in alphabetical order) you might want to visit: Cannabliss & Co. – Firestation 23 (on SE 7th Ave) – Great building! Electric Lettuce (on SW Marlow) – I love the vibe, and the selections. Farma (on SE Hawthorne) – the most science and very high quality selections Green Goddess Remedies (on SW Taylors Ferry Rd) – great budtenders and selections MindRite (on NW Marshall) – always very knowledgeable and great selections Natural Wonders (on SE Cesar E Chavez) – always some great selections Oregon’s Finest (on NE MLK) – the quintessential retail outlet Serra (downtown on 1st) – bring your artistic heads; great views and selections Stone Age Farmacy (on SW Canyon Dr) – always great budtenders and great selections Vessel (on NW Vaughn) – My absolute favorite; some of the best flower I have ever seen! The cannabis I consume is an intrastate commerce, meaning that it all happens within the state. Every bud is grown in Oregon soil, processed in Oregon, and sold to consumers without ever leaving the state. To this end, any purchase of cannabis or cannabis infused products from a dispensary within the state culminates a process which has taken place entirely intrastate. Our purchases keep commerce and financing all within Oregon. These purchases support Oregon folks who plan the grow operations, till the land, care for the crops, supply the business knowledge and daily rituals, process the crop into extracts and edibles, and perform countless other services for our benefit. Spending our money at Oregon dispensaries supports Oregonians. As long as the federal government continues to support the federal prohibition on our bud, we exist in this wonder-world of extremely high quality product being cultivated (in the social sense, as well as the horticultural sense) by some of the most socially conscience folks in the world. Enjoy visiting these dispensaries, first as a local and then with your out-of-town guests! Maybe I will see you there! As a matter of fact, if you see a big old guy wearing a red hat with a “Get Baked” pin on it, say hi! Or, say high! https://www.theweedblog.com/redhat-ralphs-top-10-marijuana-dispensary-picks-in-portland
  12. ACD Member sNc's Barcelona Trip - A 3 Day Crash Course

    Day 3 6:20am...why just why?...I try to get up and manage a stumble to the toilet, eyelids almost glued shut...the many beers and vapes last night have clearly carried over into a much heavier stoneover. Climbing back into to bed figuring I will need to get up soon...my eyes close momentarily.....next thing I know its 7:30am! Time to get up and enjoy this last full day! Partner still impersonating a motorbike....I creep towards my stash being careful not to wake her. Mind fog still present and strong coffee required to function in this state, the vape gets loaded with the last dregs of Sour D with a touch of Green Crack to fill the chamber nicely. Stepping out onto the balcony it's a little colder this morning but this is helping my heavy eyes and allowing me to assume my final form. Cherishing the last terps of that fine Diesel, real survival juice now calls and it's time to head out on my morning stroll up Rambla.... Calm as ever on the stretch at this time of the morning the stroll makes me feel at ease, eyes still heavy and a bigger dose of caffeine clearly still necessary...I make way for my morning haunt....Dunkin Donuts Upon entering the guy gives me a smile and a nod..I order my Cortado and plonk myself on a stool..still a bit bleary eyed I miss my call for my coffee in a zoned out stare....coffee collected it's gone in a flash...another beverage ordered and I make a move to check out Boqueria market whilst it's being set up for the day. Strolling around at this hour most of the stalls are empty or in the process of being set up...however there's still plenty to take in...huge fruit stalls with an impressive array of offerings....a real burst of color with various exotic fruits...lots of prepared fruit pots with many flavors...Dragon fruit, Mango, Strawberries, Melon, Kiwis etc. There's quite a few fresh fish and meat counters setting up but not quite stocked yet...you still get a real sense of a local buzz going on. Some of the charcuterie stalls have that typical tapas bar seating and some locals are already out in force enjoying breakfast and drinks, loud banter fills the air, everyone with broad smiles creating a friendly atmosphere. Walking to the rear of market you leave the covered area and it opens out into a type of courtyard...not a lot is going as it's still early..with the market scoped out I make my way back for the hotel but swing by Dunkin for another Cortado. Feeling totally at peace on my stroll back, I don't feel any expected final day blues or sense of massive ugency to be going 100 miles an hour yet..which seems strange? But I'm just going to roll with it! Back at the hotel and the partner is still snoozing...time for a top up! Pax loaded with some Tangi and pew taken..the temperature is rising...along with my mood. Puffing away on the orangey goodness I consider plans for the day....there's nothing set in stone yet but due to short funds and lack of time yesterday the Backyard club will need a revisit (plenty more flavours to inspect and some concentrates on the shopping list!) Green Crack fills the vape now and I'm setting myself up nicely, with the high finally cutting through any remnants of my stoneover.... Time pushing on I know we would like to see more of the Gothic Quarter today and a have good relaxed walk around to see a bit more...more shopping will be in order for the partner of course and then I need to dart off to Backyard.. Rushing the partner to get ready so we can get moving a quick vape of some 7.8 Sour is in order..starting to appreciate this more but it isn't to my personal taste in comparison to a typical diesel..little too much spice for my palate. Partner now ready we head out to see Boqueria market in full swing... The market is jumping! Every stall and corner is totally transformed into a burst of colour and a positive ambience fills the air...it's pretty busy here so probably another place to take care of your belongings! We circle round a few times and I hesitate over a sandwich from a bakery with a huge queue that looks promising but decide to lay off the bread this morning and get some fruit in me! With our Strawberry and Mango pots purchased we stand just inside the entrance and tuck in with a great spot for people watching... Fruit devoured we make a short way up the street to a building hosting some sort of free art exhibition. It isn't a huge exhibit but the building is nice with some cool details...a few quick snaps and we're out pretty quick. Back onto Rambla and it's getting quite hectic now...we have a small detour through part of El Raval but soon head back centrally...the partner has a few shops locked in her sights so we make our way into another department store which is on the Gothic Quarter side. Another monotonous scaling of repetitive floors only to find ourselves again parked up in the beauty section on the ground floor.....(yawn!) Next we head to a souvenir shop and buy some tacky trinkets.....Catalan flag key-ring, fridge magnet, lighters and some other tat purchased we head back into the sun. Both of us are still full from yesterday's food fill....Myself probably less hungry due to strain selections this morning also, we're happy to keep bumbling about for now. Street art in El Raval After a few more trips up and down of various make up and designer shops I've had enough and the partners feet aren't holding up either...we decide to head back to the hotel for some chill time and a trip to Backyard for me before making a last ditch attempt to see more of this amazing city before our early departure tomorrow morning. Quick stock up on some beers and snacks and we're set....Itching to get to the Backyard I have a quick vape of some Tangilope on the balcony and a few swigs of this fine "Shokata" Fanta before chucking my shoes on and making tracks for the Backyard leaving the partner to retire for siesta again. It's afternoon now and that sun is at it's most intense....scorching with humidity to match it! I walk up to "Rambla del Raval" this is a nice open plaza area with palms and a wide pedestrian route through the middle..not many tourists here even though it's very close to Rambla...plenty of good Spanish vibes and due to it's openness a lot more sunlight...as I make it to the top I have to take the central road off it and then take a left onto "Carrer de la Riera Alta" at the end of this road it breaks back into the grid block system which makes for some confusion especially if you are relying (and hoping) on GPS correcting itself and showing correct route... After a few minutes I arrive outside but no one is answering the buzzer???? It appears to not be working? I start to bang the glass door and eventually it's answered with an apology and explanation that the buzzer sometimes doesn't work.. I've got my fob ready for loading, got my cash ready....then I'm asked for my passport.......fuck! I left it at the hotel!!!*?# The guy explains I need it for every visit whilst also conceding that he feels guilty for not explaining it properly yesterday. Sweaty....hot...in need of a top up I make my long way back to the bottom of Rambla to grab my passport from the hotel...quick message to the partner to explain and off I go.. The walk back seems to fly by (probably my determined and purposeful stomping!) Back in the hotel with a mouth like a bag of kief....quick swig of some fluids and I dump everything I dont need and pace back up to "Sant Antoni" for the Backyard. I make it back in no time and decide to nose a few tubs before deciding how much I want to load onto my fob... I begin to check out the bottom end of the menu...Red Hair is something I haven't seen since my early Mokum days, a bit musky for my appetite right now I swerve and look at the 24K Gold but this doesn't have much appeal visually or on the nose..Underdawg OG jumps out at me, not something I have tried before and it smells interesting...opting for a gram but the whole tub was schwag anyway so I end up with tiny dense popcorn nugs. Scanning further up the price brackets I'm told the Grape Gas and Sour Cookie are Truecanna genetics but advised both have some seeds...I smell the Grape gas and it smells lovely but the staff's overwhelming eagerness to advise of "some seeds" puts me off. My love for Haze (And lack of any for sometime) kicks in and I spot the Pineapple Haze..after a nose I'm absolutely sold! Smells like fruity Haze fire! Absolutely glistening with trichs and an amazing loud stench, 2g gets bought without question! Pineapple Haze Next on the shopping list concentrates....I've been advised by my "Spanish Liaison" to get "The Truth" shatter so I request a half gram for €30...I'm shown it in all it's deep golden splendor and the female BT carefully packages it into a branded sleeve/envelope (unfortunately I forgot to get a picture of this or the Underdawg OG) Purchases made and no time to waste I make my way back with a slight detour towards the Eixample area as I need to pick up some nicotine liquid....with that sorted I'm eager to get back and give this Haze a run! Street art outside hotel Back in the room I set myself down and grab the Pineapple Haze ready to load my Pax...this has a slight tackiness to the touch from the visible resin but it's very dense, stinky and has been grown and finished very well (better than all the others from Backyard which were already pretty decent!) My quick walking has allowed me to make it back in time for some balcony sun soaking..parking myself in my terraced utopia I fire up the vape for blast off! Immediately I get a real pungent, sweet Pineapple profile that lasts till the end of the exhale but it has a decent but not overly earthy Haze character across the middle...the sweetness kicks in again at the end and this is just beautiful! One of if not the best Haze I have ever come across! Waiting a minute or two after the bowl finishes the terps are still loud in the mouth and I await the kick in effects....it starts to feel racy but breaks out into a real clear and positive happy high (so nice I had another bowl straight away!) Partner now stirring and time pressing we start to get ready for our last few hours in BCN......I decide to give the Underdawg OG a whirl...on grinding it up there isn't a lot of smell but still something distinctive about it.. Taste wise this has a slight muskiness that you would expect but not as damp earthy in profile as say the Purple Cookies or similar strains (definite musk there but just not quite as pronounced but this made it a lot more palatable) With that finished we're ready for the night before darkness falls "Autobots roll out!" Off to Gothic Quarter we head to take in some more sights. Our hunger begins to set in as quick as the night is falling in on us...we make a last few twist and turns through the Gothic Quarter grabbing a coffee as we go..still amazed by the architecture and surprise of gems at every turn..we come across a few gallery type shops selling independent art works but don't have any luggage to take it back in so quickly move on. It's at this point I realize I'm not as switched on as much as I have been in the last few days..my mind seems to be wandering and I'm very "relaxed" it dawns on me that the Underdawg OG is the cause and a sure fire delayed creeper! It doesn't become any worse and I'm certainly not red eye Jedi...yet! Nothing we saw for food takes our fancy so we head back to Rambla ....the last few days are catching up with us and we just want to be able to sit outside and eat some food with a nice spot with a good vibe. We settle for one of the many open air seating options on the pedestrian area of Rambla...it's surely a tourist place but I'm just wanting a pizza so should be safe. Pizza and Paella ordered we tuck in whilst watching the crowds....the area is noticeably busier as it is getting closer to the weekend..it still feels nicer than in the daytime really vibrant but more relaxed even with the hustle and bustle. Food consumed and the many days of carbohydrate indulgence has crept up on me...I feel like a sluggish, bloated oaf! Both tired and with our stupid o'clock flight tomorrow morning looming we decide to head back and pack. Arriving at the hotel and the staff have displayed a sign in the lift stating that due to border officer strikes they advise people to turn up 6-8 hours before flight departure time! This causes some panic and stress to the end of our trip but I'm a stubborn bastard and declare "I'm not fucking doing that!" We agree to make it at least 2.5 hours before and due to us flying early we should make it even if there are delays. (I also figure if we do miss our flight I have a back up plan to stay another day and get another flight) In no time at all my bag is sorted and weary I have a stash to consume I begin to grind away at the selection. Double bowl of Pineapple Haze followed by Green Crack...ahhhhh I'm going to miss this! I blast a few more bowls of Pineapple Haze and I'm now fucking sky high! Deciding to piece together my scraps of various strains they get popped into an envelope, taking a quick look at the shatter I consider trying it but realise I didn't bring enough Iso wipes with me so wont be able to clean the dab mod...shit! I make the tough decision to leave them in the hands of Señor Correos hoping to see them on the otherside..(all but a few bowls of Pineapple, Green Poison and Purple Cookies) Making the most of my last few hours puffing away on the balcony....my attempt to stone myself out with the Cookies and Green Poison is futile I'm still flying from the Haze! Looking at the time I only have about an hour before we have to make way for the airport! Shutting my eyes for what feels like minutes I wake up and sure enough I've had 45 minutes sleep! Taxi gets booked and we're on route to El Prat airport.... Arriving at departures and the queues are quite large but seems to be moving steadily....even if we don't make it before the strike starts we should have enough time after the hour passes to still get through security and make our flight....whilst standing in line my high rears its head and I'm so fucking baked its hard to concentrate let alone conversate! I totally wing it and manage to compose myself to some extent in my sleep deprived state!.... luckily we get through first time but if we had a later flight I'm sure we would have got caught up in the knock on effects of the strikes. Plane boarded we settle in for our flight back to the motherland with crooked necks in our passed out sleepy seat positions.....we arrive back before 9am it's cold, grey also knowing my home stash is inferior and I'm missing it already! BCN it was short and sweet but I'll definitely be back you absolute beauty! Edit *(Trip overview and strain ratings to follow)
  13. Medical Marijuana Update

    Medical Marijuana Update by psmith, September 06, 2017 The feds poking about in California and Colorado is raising hackles, Maryland's first commercial medical marijuana grows get underway, Montana's largest city bans dispensaries, and more. California On Wednesday, a federal request for patient data was raising hackles, but getting nowhere. An official with the National Marijuana Initiative, a project of the federal High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) program, last month asked state officials for data on the age, gender, and stated affliction -- but not the name -- of every state resident who received a medical marijuana card between 2012 and 2016. The Initiative official said they wanted the data only to study "usage rates" among different age groups, but was nonetheless rebuffed by an employee of the state Medical Marijuana Program, who said the program only administers the ID card program and "does not have information regarding dispensaries." The program also clarified that it does not keep records of ID card application after they are issued. Colorado Last Thursday, a lawsuit claimed the Justice Department was using the IRS to do criminal investigations of pot businesses. The owners of a medical marijuana business in the town of Silt have filed a lawsuit challenging IRS subpoenas to the state's Marijuana Enforcement Division that seek information about how much marijuana the businesses have grown, who they sold it to, and when. The lawsuit alleges that the information is being sought for possible use in criminal investigations by the Justice Department. The IRS says it is simply trying to verify financial records. Iowa Last Wednesday, Ithe governor named members of a medical marijuana board. Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) named eight members to serve on the Medical Cannabidiol Board. The board is charged with overseeing the state's newly expanded, but still extremely restrictive, CBD medical marijuana law. Click on the link for the appointees' names. Maryland As of Monday, licensed medical marijuana grows were underway.The first two licensed medical marijuana cultivators in the state have begun growing their first crop. Both ForwardGro and Curio Wellness report they now have plants growing. But at this point, there's only one dispensary licensed to sell it to. The state could see up to a hundred dispensaries, which have until December to show final documentation and prove they are ready to do business. Montana On Tuesday, the state's largest city banned dispensaries. The Billings city council voted on Tuesday to ban dispensaries. Although the city enacted an ordinance in 2011 prohibiting dispensaries, a couple are operating in the city anyway. At least one of them, Montana Advanced Caregivers, has said it isn't going anywhere and will continue serving patients. Pennsylvania Last Thursday, Pstate officials agreed it must reveal the names of members on a secret application-vetting panel. The state Office of Open Records concluded that the state must name the members of a panel that scored applications for medical marijuana permits. The Health Department had argued that keeping the names secret protected panel members from undue pressure or threats to their safety. But the secrecy also blocked panel members from being scrutinized for conflicts of interest. [For extensive information about the medical marijuana debate, presented in a neutral format, visit MedicalMarijuana.ProCon.org.] https://stopthedrugwar.org/chronicle/2017/sep/06/medical_marijuana_update
  14. Amsterdam for Christmas? I'll wait for May!

    From visiting borgs to singing sea shanties: 11 great things to do in September Life & culture August 25, 2017 It’s almost September, so here is our list of some of the best things to see and do next month – from visiting Groningen’s historic country houses to watching a Greek tragedy and checking out the wonders at the Netherlands’ botanical gardens. Sample different cultures The annual Embassy Festival in The Hague is all about great music and delicious food. Visit the cultures of exotic countries against the backdrop of the Lange Voorhout which is saying a temporary goodbye to its august dignity in favour of colour and sound on September 1 and 2. Website Get stitched up 24 international textile artists show their work and techniques at the Textiel Biënnale for the fifth time at Museum Rijswijk.’Hard-hitting messages about repression, terrorism, old age and gender packaged in soft textiles’, is how the museum puts it. Until September 24 website Enjoy a little bare cheek Theatre company Illyria’s acclaimed version of The Emperor’s New Clothes comes to Raadhuis de Paauw in Wassenaar on September 2 & 3 (‘strictly for people between 5 and 99’) and it will be performing Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors – featuring a Mexican band – on September 2 at Landgoed Schovenhorst in Putten. Both plays are performed in the open air. Go to STET for tickets and info. Sing sea shanties in Rotterdam Rotterdam’s annual celebration of its port is livened up with rollicking sea shanties courtesy of the International Shanty Festival which is held at the same time. 40 (!) choirs from the Netherlands and abroad will sing of lost love, strange ports and the seaman’s longing for the sea. It’s free. September 1-3 Leuvenhaven Rotterdam Website Marvel at Medea, with surtitles Simon Stone turned Euripides’s Greek tragedy about revenge into a contemporary play, inspired by the true story of an American doctor who set fire to her own house after a difficult divorce in 1995, killing two of her children. There’s just one chance to see the play with surtitles this month, on September 7. Website Visit a listed building The Open Monumentendagen have a distinctive rustic flavour this year, with a strong emphasis on ‘working’ buildings, such as farms, milk factories, mills, breweries etc. Over 4,000 monuments across the country will be opening their doors on September 9 and 10. Website Accessorise in the museum of bags and purses The delicious Tassenmuseum Hendrikje in Amsterdam went digging in some musty old chests in the attic of the Rijksmuseum and emerged with armsfull of superior old tat in the way of parasols, umbrellas, hats, hair accessories, shawl, gloves, fans, stockings and shoes. Contributing some exquisite bags of its own the museum put together ‘Accessories are a girl’s best friend’. From September 16. Website Don’t forget your glasses A great exhibition of tiny carved religious objects from the late Middle Ages is entering its final two weeks at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Marvel at the craftsmanship and steady hands of these Dutch artists. Small Wonders is on until September 17. Website Bag a borg Still plenty of time to visit the Groninger Museum and gawp at the riches of bygone ages. Paintings, silverware and all manner of expensive furniture filled the urban mansions and country villas, or borgen, of rich Groningers in the 17th and 18th century. The museum also organises a bus tour of various Groninger borgen. Until November 12. Website Eat appeltaart at the Hortus 2017 is the year of the botanical garden and 25 botanical gardens throughout the Netherlands have been showing off their ‘Crown Jewels’. The Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam has one of the longest running exhibitions and has set out a route along its rarest and most interesting trees and plants. The café does an excellent appeltaart as well. Until November 1. Website Say cheerio to summer Why not say a final goodbye to summer, such as it was, and go for a walk on the beach at Scheveningen. If it pours down you can always pop into the Muzee Scheveningen which has a fine collection of beach and fishery related objects, among wich a bathing machine for discreet ablutions. Alternatively, you could risk life and limb and climb the lighthouse. Website dutchnews
  15. Big Changes Come To Oregon's Cannabis Industry This Year

    The Weed Blog Oregon Cannabis Industry Mixer and Networking Event was also a fundraiser for The Cascades AIDS Project (CAP). Here, the CAP Development Director speaks to the crowd at the event. RedHat Ralph’s Weeks 3 and 4 of Oregon Cannabis Events By RedHat Ralph on May 15, 2017 My posts of Week 1 and Week 2 were so full of activity, I didn’t think they could be topped until Weeks 3 and 4 came around! Cannabis Season – Week 3 This week includes Dope Cup 2017, another wander to Frankie’s place, and visits to some of my favorite downtown Portland dispensaries. Here is how I walked 13.0 miles from Sunday April 23 through Saturday, April 29. Sunday, 1.7 miles. I took the BoltBus from Portland to Seattle and then walked about a mile south to Dockside Cannabis to attend Dope Cup 2017. It was, of course, raining most of the short walk there, but timing worked for me. When they opened the event gates at 4pm, I was in very quickly. By the time my phone’s 4:20pm alarm rang out (yes, I actually have an alarm to remind me that it is 4:20 – don’t we all?), I had stowed my overnight bag and backpack in the VIP tent and was taking a dab hit from one of the many setups throughout the venue. My right foot is bothering me so much that I staked out a wonderful seat in the VIP tent where I stayed most of the afternoon, participating in puff-puff-pass as well as dab-dab-dab. It was here that I was fortunate enough to try some high CBD shatter (from Katie, a very lovely young lady sitting next to me) which alleviated the pain in my foot enough to allow me to take a couple of strolls through the exhibits. I was also fortunate enough to try some Ruderalis shatter, and to introduce Max Montrose (Trichome Institute) to the shatter and its maker. Max has been doing research into Ruderalis and was very interested in talking with the grower and sampling some of his product. I also spent quality time with Anthony Nitowski (the dab doctor) and some of his Blueberry Pancakes extract. I always value the time I get to spend with Anthony; he has taught me so much. Amber Joy (Sensi Magazine) had offered me a couch upon which to rest in between BoltBus trips, so I met up with her at the end of the event and we proceeded to the after-party at Oak Crush. Being a non-consumer of alcohol, I looked for other forms of entertainment at the downtown Seattle watering hole. First I found the DabStar trailer where I took a couple of dab hits, then joined a smoking circle where I had the privilege to puff-puff-pass a Leira Cigar. Wow! This was fantastic! I also met Joe “Doc” of DocAndYeti, the farmers whose Indica flower (Brandywine) and Sativa flower (Red Headed Stranger) each won their category of Best (Indica/Sativa) Dominant Flower at the event. Dope Cup Washington 2017 Monday 1.1 miles. By the time I arrived in downtown Portland I was still too tired to attend the Oregon Cannabis Association’s Toke Talks event at the Aladdin Theatre. Luckily for me, Flo was able to meet me at the bus stop and drive me home. Tuesday, 0.2 miles. Another day at home; at least I still have all those samples to judge for the Cultivation Classic. Today I shall see what sample #7246 offers to me. Oh, seems I have found another Indica dominant. Good for me. Let’s relax. Oooooooooommmmmmmmmmm. Wednesday, 2.5 miles. I need to take another wander, and one of my favorite dispensaries, Serra (the downtown location) is having an open house so I think I will wander that way. Fortunately for me, today’s sample, #7729, displays sativa-like qualities. Unfortunately for me, the Cognito flower vape pen that I am testing is not providing very much vapor. After attending the open house I wandered to the NW Cannabis Club to see if anyone there has experience with this sort of vape pen and can offer any advice. Here I met Zack and fell in lust with his concentrate vape pen, although I was too buzzed to make note of the manufacturer of the pen. I’m sure I will talk with Zack again. Thursday, 1.1 miles. This is Dining Out for Life day. Flo and I took the MAX into Portland and shared a meal with Sara, our dearest of friends from our time living in downtown. Sara owns Turning Earth Farms (not a Cannabis Farm!) and is just one of the best folks we know. Friday, 0.1 miles. Between my foot and the weather, this is another good day to stay home. One of the things Flo and I did was to clip some leaves on my 8 plants, rub each on their own sample card, and send it all off to discover the gender of each plant. As an OMMP patient I can legally grow 6 Cannabis plants on my property in Oregon. Saturday, 6.3 miles. The Daily Leaf informed me that I might be able to find a disposable vape pen at one of the downtown dispensaries for $5, so foot issues or not I am heading out. After purchasing a REL vape pen of Dogwalker OG at Thurman Street Collective I walked north and visited Slabtown (on Nicolai) where I was able to purchase 1/8th of an ounce of Golden Ticket flower for $18, then east to one of my favorite dispensaries, Vessel (on Vaughn). Sara has many extremely frosted flowers on hand, including Mango Kush, Sherbet (man I love the look of this one so much!), and 9lb Hammer. I visited Frankie and we shared stories and cannabis. It is nice to have someone with whom to share cannabis and cannabis stories. Cannabis Season – Week 4 This week includes The Weed Blog’s Oregon Cannabis Industry Mixer and Networking Event, helping my good friend, Rosie McGee, at her book signing, and the beginning of this year’s Dispensary Tour. Here is how I walked 18.7 miles from Sunday April 30 through Saturday, May 6. Sunday, 0.3 miles. Between my foot pain and the cold spring rain, this is not a great day to go out and about. I stayed around the house and vaped another sample from the Cultivation Classic judge’s kit. Spending days at home with Flo is a wonderful use of my time. Monday, 0.3 miles. Another day at home for me. Today I spent some time with the Cognito flower vaporizer pen. I vaporized some of the Blueberry Cookies flower that I was gifted when I was given the pipe. I also tried out some of the Oregon Diesel that I was gifted from my great friend Sara. Tuesday, 0.6 miles. Third day in a row at home. Still testing the Cognito vape pen, today with some of the Golden Ticket (not impressed) and Jack Frost (nice) that I had picked up last week. I also cleaned up the house a bit, especially my vape/smoke area in the garage. Here in Oregon, the only legal place to smoke is on private property while out of sight of the general population. For me, that place is my garage since I do not want the living area of our home to smell of cannabis. Wednesday, 8.3 miles. Today is the Weed Blog’s Oregon Cannabis Industry Mixer and Networking Event at the Lagunitas Community Room, so today I head out. Since the event isn’t until 6pm, I decided to visit Frankie first. We tried out the draw on the new Veritas oil cartridge I picked up on 4/20 (wonderful!) and shared some of Pacheco’s Keen joint (very good) that was included with the judge’s kit. I wandered down Albina until it turned into Mississippi Ave, then continued south. The sights and aromas along Mississippi are absolutely wonderful! If you find yourself in this area of Portland spend some time at Nectar Dispensary; they usually have some very nice selections. The Weed Blog Mixer was another stellar event with many folks from the industry gathered to support a worthwhile cause; in this edition that is the Cascade AIDS Project. I met some wonderful folks for the first time, as well as renewing existing acquaintances. The Weed Blog Oregon Cannabis Industry Mixer and Networking Event was also a fundraiser for The Cascades AIDS Project (CAP). Here, the CAP Development Director speaks to the crowd at the event. Thursday, 1.5 miles. Today I have to visit my cardiologist, a necessary evil since they discovered my need for a double bypass and aorta reconstructive surgery. To make up for that, I have the privilege of spending time with one of my great friends, Rosie McGee, whom I met last decade when we were all working at the Grand Canyon National Park. Rosie has published the book “Dancing with the Dead”, chronicling her life with the Grateful Dead between 1963 and 1973, and makes presentations based upon the book and her photos. This year she has modified her presentation to focus on “the summer of love” which occurred 50 years ago this summer. It is always my pleasure to join her at any and all of her events. Friday, 1.4 miles. Another day working around the house. I make our usual monthly visit to Target and Costco, then spend the day using the Evolution VII vaporizer to enjoy some Sour Apple + Corazon (mixed in the grinder) and Grand Poohbah + Corazon (again, mixed in the grinder). I am trying to find a good remedy for my foot pain, and these work really well! Thank you so much Yerba Buena. Saturday, 6.3 miles. Today I begin my Summer Dispensary Tour. Last year, in my attempt to recover from right-foot surgery, I decided to use public transportation and my feet to wander to all of the dispensaries in the greater Portland area. For the purposes of my tour, I consider any dispensary in Washington, Multnomah, or Clackamas counties to which I can plan a trip using TriMet. For this year’s journey I am starting as far west as possible, beginning with Phresh Cannabis in Forest Grove. Phresh Cannabis – This is the first dispensary in which I have found Pot Shot, a decarboxylated product containing THC or CBD that can be used to make any food medicated. They have decent pricing on flower. Shango @ Forest Grove – I have to leave my backpack in the waiting room, which is first dispensary in which I have been asked to do that. They have a small number of flower strains, none of which peeked my interest. They do have many extract and oil choices. I choose a 1 gram pre-roll of Sticky B which costs me $8 (medical pricing). Let’s see how it does for me. Mahalo “Keep it Local” – a nice local shop with some fantastic looking flower. Steve is very patient with me, taking the time to show me the selections. I was impressed with presentation of Dutch Treat from Rogue River Botanicals and Purple Hindu Kush from Tomato Hill Company. Unfortunately for me, they have sold out of all of their joints. Good for their customers! Shango @ Hillsboro – this is normally a very busy dispensary along TV Highway. Last year it was one of my favorite dispensaries in Washington County. This year, however, I have visited it three times and each time have left more underwhelmed. Stay tuned for Week 5! https://www.theweedblog.com/redhat-ralphs-oregon-cannabis-events