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  1. rmayers

    Where to Start with Vaping

    Agree with Peter, in comparing with smoking. Vaping is less harmful and healthier. But we are still exploring it. So it is hard to tell what will be in the future. I have tried different types of vapes. I can wish you find the perfect one for you and suggest to read a lot of comments about vaporizers before buying it. Usually, I use Youtube for finding some educational information. Feel free to ask you if you have some more questions about them.
  2. rmayers

    Medicinal cannabis in vaporizer

    I think you would agree with me, the best way to find out the best vape is to try it) but still I can suggest you not to buy penguin vaporizer. My friend had this one and he sold it after 1 week of using... Personally, I prefer Dray vaporizer. It is easy to use and has a great design. You can read more about their characteristics on Vapingdaily if you need to. By the way, what is not the best part of Dray is price( but still a great device.

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