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  1. Hey Labrat, I found this site he explains his formula quite well. I've read 1 or 2 other's recipes all are a little different, but i think they all share a common "ratio" of somthing. https://steemit.com/cannabis/@thecleangame/how-to-make-and-use-silver-thiosulfate-solution-sts-for-feminized-cannabis-pollen-featuring-the-gorgeous-early-dane I do like the "Silver Thiosulfate" method, it seem's to be a bit more of a chemical process compared to the Colloidal Silver being herbal. Probably around $30/$50 for both the Silver Nitrate & Sodium Thiosulfate Anhydrous. I just need the cutting's to take mate...
  2. Jpl

    Fertilizer Question's???

    It has taken a better part of the day & i have found 3 different thing's. The first is called "Bass liquid Pot Ash" the NPK of this is 2N/9P/20K. I know that there is a small amount of Nitrogen correct me please if im wrong, a little N should keep things going "yellow" because the grow is longer being in soil (month's) & the hydro in (week's) I think the plant's would need a little Nitrogen to get by. If it was doing hydroponic then i would probably do the 0% Nitrogen then, but what do i know I've never done hydro. Since there are no Trace Elements i found this second product in the bottem picture. It has all the major Elements i need i think & it's soluble. What do you think Harry Buddy? It's this or the other regiment & i dont have to mix 3 separate ingredients together in unknown ratio's... Ps. Sorry i forgot about the 3rd one, although it say's Hydroponic's they state it applies to soil use too. The ratio of this is 5N/15P/14K, it is a soluble powder. Any attraction to this product compared with Bass's potash of 2N/9P/20K Cheer's guy's... ---------------------------------------------------- MAXIBLOOM POWDER 1kg MaxiBloom is a standalone, water-soluble formula with primary, secondary and micronutrients. It is pH-buffered, which means the pH will hold its value once your pH target is met. MaxiBloom is highly concentrated and dissolves rapidly in water. The dry form means it is portable and can be easily stored, which makes it a popular choice for outdoor gardeners. MaxiBloom is formulated for the flowering phase of plant growth and is designed to enhance robust flowering with enormous, gorgeous fragrant blooms. Blended with purified water-soluble minerals, MaxiBloom includes Calcium, Magnesium and Sulfur, missing in many common food plants; essential for both plants and people. MaxiBloom increases yields and crop quality by promoting prolific flowering and fruiting in a wide diversity of plant types. With a low cost-per-usage level and easy transportability, MaxiBloom can be used for all types of plants and in a variety of water qualities. Whether you're working in coco coir, hydroponics, soilless or soil, the Maxi Series gives you all the flexibility you need. ----------------------------------------------------
  3. Jpl

    Fertilizer Question's???

    Yep, Just starting to realise that. Hurting my brain at the moment mate. As i said to Harry I've still got a few month's to make up my mind, not that I've got a choice really boss...
  4. Jpl

    Fertilizer Question's???

    No they dont. I dont know exactly what you guy's like in a mix, but there is only one booster worth mentioning and it's the (potash one) with that flowering ratio 0.2.14 Nothing in the organic range that you would be interested in. Feel free to take a quick look at this "Oz'y Bunning's" web link & let me know what you think of our very limited range of products. https://www.bunnings.com.au/our-range/garden/gardening/fertilisers Next i will try to find if there is any smaller type store's (not Chain) and see, but i really don't think there is much else out there. There is plenty stuff for the hydro grower's but!! No good to me though...
  5. Jpl

    Fertilizer Question's???

    My search through Bunning's for a Liquid Fertilizer for Flowering here is a failure. All the Brand's contain very high Nitrogen with not enough P & K. So as usual we aren't privileged with many Brand's & ordering from oversea's is way to pricey $30 for the mix & another $60 for postage for f'ck sake. I'm off to have a look through all the Organic one's now...
  6. Jpl

    Fertilizer Question's???

    If it did it would probably be restricted🤔.
  7. Jpl

    Fertilizer Question's???

    Gottch ya. So I'll be useing the Liquid Potash with it's ratio of 0N/2P/14K, add in some extra Phosphorus "slow release" granular on the surface of the soil if i can't find any liquid stuff (I'm not sure on how much i would put down) "on" a 310mm x 270mm 14ltr pot? With no trace elements in the mix & only what's left in the soil, use a little of my Soluble Fertilizer say 1/4 strength once a week? Does this regiment seem fine to use for flowering Harry bud?
  8. Jpl

    Fertilizer Question's???

    We have, but there isn't anything that is catered for cannabis. It isn't in our culture yet, only for (Tomato's). There is our Hydro, but that's irrelevant on this subject of soil. Im struggling to find a "liquid fertilizer" with a low Nitrogen content & a high Phosphorus/Potassium ratio. All is good for "Vegetation" plenty of products, but nothing specific for a Flowering Cannabis plant. Flowering is way off yet, so i have time on this to find something. Or i might just have to put up with a bit more leafy'er bud's.
  9. Jpl

    Is it ready yet ?

    G'day Suriyaprakash. I've never seen a sativa in bud form myself, only in pictures. Excellent work mate...
  10. Cheer's Shadey for the tip's. I'm working on the dome today. There under a big glass fruit bowl at the moment & evey now and again. I'm lifting it up a little to bring in some air. Just hoping that i didn't cut them to short, there also sitting on a heating blanket with some lighting boss... Is this better? Do i clip the tip's off on the node aswell?
  11. Jpl

    Fertilizer Question's???

    Good Morning Harry. Can i make something out of this it's a "slow release" granular? NPK= Would I just applie some to the surface of the soil and water in? I would really like to find a soluble liquid form... Can get some gear through fleabay, but they want to charge $80 including P&P. Not going to happen. I like the Flower Girl but it's the same story as above. Thank's boss...
  12. Jpl

    Fertilizer Question's???

    Harry bud, does this stuff look ok? It's NPK = 0N/2P/14K. There's "no trace" elements, what would i use to supplement this? Could i use the Soluble Fertilizer a "little" to add the trace elements & a touch of "Nitrogen" to the soil between feeding's? I think the Phosphorus is a little low as well.
  13. Shadey. I've taken 2 cutting's for the moment as i may have made them a little bit short, hope this will still be ok? Scraped the stem, can i use both Gell & Powder because i did? Best of both worlds i was thinking... Soil is a 70/30 ratio of Seed raising mix & Organic Compost. It's a Nice fine mixture. Anyone for Lunch...
  14. Good Evening Labrat, or Morning. That's a logical thought there, I suppose i can do it both way's as im not to as happy with one them. A bit trouble with that, there outdoor! How am i going to know when there going to bud? Do i use the same medium "soil" for the cutting's? If i was to make my own soil what can you recommend in the mix? Cheer's boss... Ps. Is this the stuff im supposed to be using,

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