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  1. Time to laugh... I busted up when I seen this! +++
  2. Removed The Wiz Kalifia's, keeped the gfba, slh, og18
  3. Jimmys got crack and he don't share, jimmy smokes crack and he don't care. My wife sings this when she comes home and the booze bottle doesn't have in it , what was in it last night. lol Holy shit, has anybody seen Hillbillies Mt. Man Breath? Let me get a pic off of the gram. I had terrible luck with mine. 3ft tall plants in solos don't have a chance under wind warnings. Damn concrete cooked her up like that one chip inside a bag of Lay's chips, even the dog won't eat. I think I got one left... I remember I told him send me something 5ft x5ft, I desintcally said I do not want 5ft buds. Fucking HillBillY! You gotta love that guy!
  4. Dry Ice??? Nope! I have done nothing. sigh!
  5. Friends with benefits! Come home with a tranny named Classified
  6. Fuck me! I'd come home with a FWB! from CL. lol
  7. Delicious-o. I have yet to do fresh frozen? Wavy did and said the treps were off the hook
  8. Watch Major comeback with a new truck! lol!
  9. I wish I could find a full sized energy star frig for free or the tops a dollar. Keep my beer, vodka, soda, nutes, and pour shatter in. lol
  10. Ok! On the paper towel: Minion City Diesel x Halo bx3 Don't forget to bring a towel! Peyote was a mushy glob and was evicted. lol. Tuesday: Shake some hash, wife already complaining about the weed in the freezer. Rake pine needles up, they be about 10 inches deep, pick up dog shit
  11. Jeremy's spoken spoken here today! I have really good feeling on that one. Let me see if I can find a photo of mine????
  12. Double trouble and they do look that same. Mine was a dwarf on one side from the beginning. Have you ever seen multi pointed seeds before?

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