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  1. I was just out working on my spare cutter but no bagger, battery was almost dead and bad gas in carb took a while to start and then a charge on battery Chopped up some leaves for now , hopefully I get my other mower which has a big badder going to pick them up. Too cold to be laying on ground today, maybe tomorrow . New Belt won't be here until latter toady so............................................ I am thinking putting new belt on like you said but leave it long on one side so I can pull it out at the same time someone drives it forward I had it do this 5 yrs ago and I can not remember how I got it unstuck , but I remember it was a bitch for sure

    Fertilizer Question's???

    There are some growers who perfer the dry Bloom over liquid nutes and it their side by side grows saw no difference or the dry bloom did better. But I never did a side by side myself
  3. hey Bud I was working on my Crapsmans yt4000 tractor the drive belt is screwed again So I dropped and pulled the blade deck Looked up under there and saw what I was expecting to see frozen pulleys and a stuck belt Now replacing the idler pulleys is easy but getting the stuck belt out from under the transaxle pulley where it slipped and jam itdelf in good Hence the no drive situation I can cut the belt but it is still jam under the rear hydrostatic drive pulley It should be in the slot. What say you, cut the belt and just try to pull it it with my other tractor LOL This shit always happens to me , never can be a quick fix MoFo
  4. @1BillionDollars I have to ask did you pay her before or after the sweet sugar? LOL She would be like an ice crean=m cone to me I would licked her all over to catch the drips , and then eat the cone

    Fertilizer Question's???

    Worm poop

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