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  1. growbaby

    Building the Room

    looks nice!! awsome idea.
  2. growbaby

    How to choose grow lights?

    I learnt that Mars-Hydro reflector series is a good light. Is there anyone used this light before?
  3. growbaby

    Growing with 54 Watts of Cree Technology

    It is very cute. lol
  4. growbaby

    Light Comparison Test on a small grow

    Looks very professional. Nice
  5. growbaby

    LED lighting on trial

    Thanks. mate. i will look at it and do comparison. The lastet design of Mars Hydro is reflector series? I like the green color. lol So what is the content of warranty? I also checked other brands just found the only difference is the deadline.
  6. growbaby

    LED lighting on trial

    Was there anyone used MarsHydro LED grow light before? I am looking for a LED grow light recently. I heard a lot of good thing about it. How about you guys idea?

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