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    I am a cannabis enthusiast and a freelance Photographer. Loved to be stoned everyday. haha..
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  1. donald soolar

    A new start

    Good luck to your marijuana growing plans. Keep us updated,soon.
  2. Nice nice! Would this mean a great sign for marijuana users travellers, too?
  3. donald soolar

    Any opinions on health?

    @Ericshan, your pot plants are looking very great and healthy. Never thought that adding milk when water fed works. New learned today. Thanks!
  4. donald soolar

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Your plants are looking good. Yeah. Think it's better the old way to grow a pot plants, though.
  5. donald soolar

    Light Comparison Test on a small grow

    Thanks for sharing, @HERDEE! Planning to grow my own pot plant, soon. This is a great source,indeed.
  6. donald soolar

    Growing with 54 Watts of Cree Technology

    Cute!! Wish I could grow my own pot plants, soon.
  7. I'm always on the safer side. I only consume marijuana edibles whenever I'm out of my house.
  8. donald soolar

    Medical Marijuana Update

    Thanks for all the marijuana updates. This thread has been really helpful.
  9. I doubt this petition will be granted, though. Cause Government see million and even billions of money in Marijuana tax that's why they are making it legal.
  10. donald soolar

    Juicing Raw Cannibis??

    Been juicing for 3 months now. It's really beneficial.
  11. donald soolar

    When Canada legalizes Who can grow, sell, buy?

    There are lots of updated information now that Marijuana legalization in Canada is near. Just forgot the link I read just recently. I will try to look for it again.
  12. donald soolar

    5 of Vancouver’s Best Smoke Spots

    Wreck Beach and Amsterdam Cafe has been my most favorite spot for my marijuana session.
  13. donald soolar

    Nutrient Lockout

    Try to get a look on the Noob experiment in the other thread. They have awesome planting experiments that might help you.
  14. donald soolar

    Noob experiment

    Your pots are looking so great after few experiments. Thanks to this thread, I learned a lot from here.
  15. donald soolar


    Wow! Wish I have that in my backyard, too. Looks so yummy!

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