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    I am a cannabis enthusiast and a freelance Photographer. Loved to be stoned everyday. haha..
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  1. donald soolar


    Nice! Keep us updated for more. Thanks!
  2. Excellent job for growing those shrooms. Wonder which one is harder to grow, a pot plant or a shroom?
  3. Canada post needs a lot of work to do.
  4. And that doesn't sound good. Glad I still have my reliable online dispensary.
  5. donald soolar

    Medicinal cannabis in vaporizer

    Great! Looking for best vaporizers as well for my favorite cannabis. Glad I found this thread. Thanks guys!
  6. donald soolar

    Auto Plants

    I think you don't need to. Unless it's needed.
  7. This would be a great news for all, specially for those Americans who has a member of family with epilepsy. Hope cannabis would be legal in all countries, though.
  8. donald soolar

    Cannabis and really big money

    I know right! Cannabis specially if it would be legalized to all countries would also mean big big money to the government.
  9. Black market exist cause lots of legal stores has been in a shortage. lol.
  10. Yeah! Me too. They all look so yummy! Wish I was there.
  11. I couldn't agree more. I am as well disappointed to the excessive packaging of these marijuana products. Hope they'll find a better alternative for these problem.
  12. donald soolar

    oil as medicine

    Happy for your, bro. Hoping for your continuous healing. Get better, soon. We will be waiting for your updates.
  13. What's up in here! What your gang up to now? Any great bud recommendations, here?
  14. donald soolar

    CBD oil and Parkinson

    Maybe you'll give it time up to 5 weeks, I guess? Please update us with your cbd oil regimen.
  15. Thanks for this marijuana legalization overview. Can't wait until the cannabis edibles becomes legal, too. Also, lots has been disappointed by the waste of containers after every use. Hope you'll update us if there's already an alternative solution to this problem.

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