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  1. Well I appreciate the feedback , I just don’t get how right after I smoked the headaches started and have continued without going away . Hopefully it has to do with blood pressure. I keep reading stuff about sides effects of k2 and spice and how they cause strokes and brain damage. although I’m pretty sure it was regular weed , why would my dad smoke that synthetic shit if he grows stuff as well. Hopefully it has to do with blood pressure . I’m a straight A student I can’t have this affect my performance I just want to feel normal again.
  2. Thanks for asking I think he’s fine there always smoking he probably didn’t even notice. I thought smoking weed would be cool a lot of the other kids at my school do this shit and this has never happened to them .
  3. II know I should but I don’t want to get in trouble and after I finished the joint I put it back on the ground, then my mom threw it away when she was cleaning up. I really regret smoking weed this just sucks nuts. And I I feel an actual headache how could it be anxiety ?
  4. Ok should I tell my dad what I actually did and will the doctors know how to treat me?
  5. Damn I’m a dumbass so did I fuck my self up for good or is there a way to get rid of the headaches 😫
  6. no i only take pain meds shadey, but i don't think the doctors the best idea because i don't want my pops to know im smoking their shit How long did your headaches last B/c i still have it 2 days later
  7. It was either my mom or my dads I really need this shit to go away though , It had fell on the grounds that’s where I found it there was about half left and idk what kind it was but they grow stuff Like a greeen and orange color
  8. Hey guy I smked for the first time a couple days ago and I’ve had a very bad headache ever since it’s feels like there’s immense pressure on my head and everything’s in a cloudy haze, I only took like 3 hits. I’m scared don’t know if I fried my brain or what but I feel like shit . It doesn’t go away after I sleep it’s constantly pulsating 😓

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