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  1. mjMikey

    When to harvest this bud ? Any ideas ?

    Hey Bro!! Suriyaprakash, you are awesome! I am overwhelmed by your generosity! After reading what I had written to you before posting it, I thought this guy's going to think I'm crazy, but since I meant what I said, I posted it anyway. I thought I'd never hear from you again, but here you are! So welcoming and friendly. And now I can't wait to come visit you! And I meant what I said about sailing over. I don't like jet plane travel because airports freak me out. I think I've only been on a jet twice in my life. So now I have to plan my trip carefully. Zee first thing I need to do is find out zee best weather for sailing from Vancouver to Tamil Nadu. Then I have to find out if anybody has ever done it for fun before. I'll need to find out the time it would take. I figure getting across zee Pacific would be zee hard part. My first stop would be Japan. Then I'd just leap-frog across zee south Orient from port to port until I made it to your homeland. I might have to stay a whole year until zee weather would be right to return zee following year. Maybe I could bring you back with me to visit as well so you could see my amazing secret operation and you could see how we live in zee mountains generating all of our electricity from solar and wind power. After writing you I went back surfing the internet for more info and found some wild YouTube videos showing how in India cannabis is a true weed growing everywhere along highways and smaller roads. How exciting! A true stoner's paradise. And of course, I'd like to bring you something of much value that you could not get there easily in India. What an adventure it would be! So start thinking what you would like! I'm also happy you wrote back to me because it means that the cyclone that was supposed to hit, past you by! Up here we never have to worry about cyclones. Our biggest fear is all zee forest fires we get in BC! That's one of zee reasons we chose a huge clear-cut area zee loggers raped of zee massive ceder trees that grow here naturally to set up our greenhouses. There's nothing to burn for miles around for zee forest fires to consume! So far we've been safe! We were lucky to find that old abandoned mine shaft as well and even luckier when we met zee Indian tribe who owns all these lands where we are. They welcomed us when we asked permission to settle here. All they asked in return was for us to teach them how to make zee same kind of business as ours. They are natural growers and learned fast! They are very smart people and that's how they were able win back all their tribal lands back from zee govt who stole from them years ago by hiring zee best lawyers! When they got their lands back they kicked out all zee evil loggers and miners and went back to living zee way they had for hundreds of years. But they had no way of making money and were over-joyed when we taught them how to grow. We also showed them how to set up their own wind turbines and solar panels for more energy then they'll ever need! And we showed them how to get satellite internet! Now they live well like us with all zee modern conveniences but still close and one with their natural environment. So you got your plants growing in big 6ft holes. That is truly incredible! Is it like I asked, to protect them from zee high winds you get there? One thing you didn't say is whether you make your living growing those awesome Sativa's. Even if they grow wild there,and are very easy to get, you could breed them into super strains that would be extra valuable and much better than zee wild plants all around you. I think Shadey and LabRat would have a blast helping you do that and you might wanna ask them. I could bring you our Tom's Tumbler Trimmer machines if you got your growing business big. They really revolutionized our production costs and they work so well they almost got us into trouble because we were outproducing all zee legal growers around here in southern BC. Some are so big they produce millions of plants for their year-round harvests and still couldn't compete with our comparatively tiny 5000 plant per year- round harvest. It's all about how fast you can trim your Buds to get them into market! And our TTT's are zee fastest! We figured we had to back off a little so they wouldn't come after us. But even though they thought we were slowing down, we were actually speeding up! We found these new cutting-edge extraction companies who were onto a whole new extraction process they were developing and could not find enough trimmed high quality Bud. See, most extraction companies don't need trimmed Bud and they'll take the leaves and Buds together fresh frozen. But this one company we found wants zee Buds and zee trim separate. And fresh, not frozen. They won't of course tell us why, but that's there secret and we respect that. We told them we could keep them supplied! And our Tom's Tumble Trimmers let us do that! Its getting so crazy, we're thinking of doubling our production. So our business is looking very bright indeed! I'm so happy you got back to me Sariyaprakash! Just that one cool idea of growing those super tall Sativas in deep holes could lead you into a very exciting and interesting way to build your own specialized growing business and I'm here to help you do that whenever you're ready!
  2. mjMikey

    When to harvest this bud ? Any ideas ?

    Hi Suriyaprakash! I just took a wild internet tour of zee awesome area you live in India! I see you got a cyclone warning there and they say it could hit you tomorrow! That's wild! But I guess you're used to that kinda weather so you didn't need me to tell you. But that's why you plant your awesome plants in 6' holes--not only to hide them from zee cops, but to protect them from cyclones! When zee weather calms down I'd like to come visit your amazing Tamil Nadu! What's zee best time of zee year for crazy Canadian tourists like me to visit? I love zee Beach! I love to surf. Any good surfing on your beaches? My girlfriend will kill me for asking, but how's zee women there? Our girls over here are getting fatter and fatter and therefore ugly and uglier! Are there any hot skinny girls over there like you? (you say you're skinny!--good, stay skinny! I'm skinny too. But I have surfing muscles! lol) I have a secret marijuana farm out here where I live in BC. I see your MJ laws are like ours here in Canada. It's illegal to grow commercially unless you got a license, am I correct? And you can only buy it at govt licensed shops there--is that right too? I'm an unlicensed ILLEGAL commercial grower. My pot is so awesome, my customers would rather buy mine than that govt licensed garbage that's full of chemical fertilizers and pesticides! I'm an ALL-ORGANIC grower and locally I'm famous for selling zee most potent Buds around. I'm not intending to get licensed anytime soon cause I hate my evil govt! They only legalized up here so they could HOG all zee $$$ stop little growers like me from making it. I don't play zee govt's game and make plenty of $$$ with my plan! When I saw your post, I went GAGA! You can trust Shadey and LabRat for telling you correct information about that wicked Sativa strain you're growing. You can get big money over here in Canada on zee black market for organically grown pure Sativa because most growers over here don't have zee patience for zee long vegging and flowering times pure Sativa takes. BUT I DO! So, here's what I'm thinking: when zee weather's good I can sail over from Vancouver to Tamil Nadu, India and meet you! You're only a quick boat ride away lol! Next year. That will give you time to save some of your plants for breeding SEEDS! Shadey and LabRat and Grow_Wizzard are breeding experts and can teach you if you don't know how. When you got a good batch of seeds saved up, I can sail over and visit you and buy your seeds! Then I can send some to Shadey, LabRat and Grow_Wizzard (he's in California but zee rest of us are in Canada where sending seeds is legal--thanks to Marc Emery! If they want, (and I haven't talked to them yet about my idea--but now they'll probably find out what I'm thinking soon enough lol!) and if they want they can breed your amazing strains! They can be my seed supplier if they want--or if you want too! Then, in zee winter I can grow them in my abandoned mine shaft. The ceilings in my shaft are 20ft high--lots of room for your Sativa's! Then I'll just grow the females and sell their beautiful POWERFUL BUDS! I have lots of TIME and lots of SPACE! Not only are all of my plants organically grown, they are organically trimmed for sale. What I mean by that is that I use a fantastic automated trimming machine not too many people know about called a Tom's Tumble Trimmer. It's way cheaper than all those over-priced bladed trimming machines. It works so perfectly, I got 5 to trim my 5000 plants on my year-round harvests. It does NOT massacre Buds while its trimming them because it doesn't use blades! Instead, it uses a patented food-grade mesh drum that tumbles and trims zee dry Buds as they tumble and bump into each other in zee mesh drum. What makes Tom's Tumble Trimmer so unique is that the food-grade mesh zee drums are made of are high-quality food grade material and NOTHING STICKS TO THEM! What this means is that ALL zee resin and trichomes stay on zee Buds where it belongs and doesn't get trimmed off! That's why my Buds are zee most powerful Buds on zee blackmarket! Hell, even zee big licensed Canadian producers out here who extract prefer my Buds instead of zee legal junk! Anyway, I'm so excited, I can hardly count! The money we could make! If my idea freaks you out cause you don't even know me, I understand. But I think you're so cool, that even if you're not interested but interested in using my idea for yourself, I want you to go for it! Tamil Nadu is famous for its Hindu temples which is really cool too. I love zee Hindu religion/philosophy cause its very fascinating and VERY SEXY! And if you need help keeping zee fucking Chinese out of your beautiful Indian Ocean, I'm there! They are threatening to destroy all zee coral reefs to build landing strips in zee Indian Ocean and China Sea so they can take over zee world. Zee last thing I need is to be forced to learn how to speak fucking Chinese! But I'd love to learn how to speak Hindu! Besides, I'm also a certified scuba diver and if you ever invited me to come visit your awesome country, I'd teach you scuba diving and we could go cause there's awesome scuba diving in Siri Lanka right next door to you! Anyway, it was awesome meeting you and happy growing!
  3. Hey Donald! Just by reading UnnamedGrower's detailed description, my vote would be it's MUCH more difficult to grow shrooms then Pot. I'm worried about that guy though. He made that one brilliant, lengthy, detailed post and then carefully answered a bunch of people's questions in great detail and then disappeared! He mentioned he was a "Commercial" shroom grower so I hope he didn't get busted! What I really liked about his shroom guide was he mentioned you CAN grow in horse shit and we got plenty of that! We got 8 Heavy Horses and ride 'em to zee coast to go surfing and plow our veggie gardens in zee summer. We got a non-stop year-round harvest of Pot and with 5000 plants growing at any one time in our greenhouses and winter mine shaft, so that's a lot of stalk and stems to get rid of. But our horses do the job of eating em all up! We love our horses and they're powerful fuckers! When we go surfing they pull our surf boards in a special wagon we made like nothin! So back to your question, for me anyway shrooms would be much more difficult to grow. Pot for me is easy cause I've been growing it for so long. That's why shrooms are looking like an exciting challenge for me. Zee other thing I loved about UnnamedGrower's shroom guide is he's not as hung up about constant sterilization every step of zee way like all zee other shroom guides I've read and seen on YouTube. There's just one stage where he thinks its really important. Zee only thing about pot that I'm a total clutz at is cloning. We've never cloned and have always started from seed, but now cloning is my "last frontier" when it comes to Pot. I figure all zee licensed legal growers clone, so I should know how too. They can do millions of clones no problem while getting two to root is a big deal for me in our experimental basement grow. The UnnamedGrower is a genius and I bet he'd have no trouble learning how to clone. He's so smart, it's hard for me to think he'd ever let himself get busted. When our secret operation got so big here, zee first thing we did was hire hand-trimmers. We found a few old timer Vietnam draft dodgers to help us out. But we caught them ripping us off...and that's even after we'd paid them $50 an hour and let them take a pound home when they were done for zee season! We had to get rid of them because we figured if they'd steal from us, they'd probably RAT on us too! That was easy cause we'd drive 'em up here blindfolded and they live up here not knowing where they were and when we decided to automate our trimming we brought em back down to Vancouver blindfolded like usual for a break like usual but never brought em back! But auto-trimmers back then sucked. And most still suck! We just didn't trust our hand-trimmers any more so we were stuck using these expensive things. Zee first time we got our Buds lab-tested for potency we noticed a big drop in THC levels compared to what they were with Hand-trimming. But there was no way we were gonna risk being busted from dishonest hand-trimmers ratting us out, so we were stuck with these machines. We tried 'em all too and these big expensive bladed machines we bought were able to trim Bud that looked hand-trimmed but zee blades were like resin magnets and tons of our precious resin was just sticking to these stupid blades! And you couldn't get i t back after cleaning zee blades either! We figured though that if all the other big growers were using these machines our Buds wouldn't be any noticeably different in potency then their's. So it was a big deal, and I mean a really big fucking DEAL when I found zee first automated trimming machine almost 5 years ago now that didn't use blades! It was called a Tom's Tumble Trimmer and after getting our Buds tested using it to trim we found our resin % and potency had bounced back up to zee way it was when we used to hand trim! We couldn't believe it! At first we figured it was just zee fact that this thing didn't use blades to trim but tumbled zee dry Buds. But zee more we used it, and it consistently brought back high levels after testing, we started to notice something else: zee damn thing didn't need any maintenance or cleaning! With zee bladed machines we were always having to stop everything and take a whole day to clean these fuckers! And zee more we cleaned them zee MORE they'd jam up! But not with Tom's Tumble Trimmers! That was because I discovered nothing good--all our precious resins and tri's never stuck to zee mesh that tumbled and trimmed zee dry Buds! I don't even think he knew it either cause he never advertised that fact. Well, now we got 5 of these things and they all work just like brand new like our first one we bought almost 5 years ago. Just recently I had zee idea to take this mesh to one of our labs and see if they could tell why nothing stuck to it. Zee first they discovered was that it was in fact patented, so Tom must have known what the fuck he was doing. Our lab told us that zee mesh was actually made of high-grade food grade material and it worked just like Teflon WITHOUT Teflon's toxic residual effects. I got really excited about that! We've always prided ourselves on growing zee Best Buds anywhere cause we're totally organic. Now we've found that our Tom's Tumble Trimmers are even "organic" cause zee secret patented mesh material is food-grade safe! Zee REAL KILLER is that our Tom's Tumble Trimmers trim just a perfect as hand-trimming and are just as fast as all zee expensive inferior bladed machines, they never break down or need cleaning and cost a fraction of the cost. We bought 5 for zee price of one of the pieces of garbage we used to buy! So yeah, growing shrooms may be harder to accomplish, but zee way zee UnnamedGrower teaches in his brilliant posts, I bet when I eventually get around to trying it, it'll go just as fast and easy as trimming with a TTT! So hey UnnamedGrower! I hope you're safe and sound and free and still growing your awesome shrooms and I'd wish you'd let us all know you're not in jail...or expecting to land in there anytime soon!
  4. mjMikey

    Auto Plants

    It made sense zee first time you explained it, but now I gotta nother stupid question: Won't zee cuttings go dry sitting in zee second cup after a few hours? And in regard to my clones taken after flowering into zee third week that seem to be in limbo in zee dome, they've been sitting like that for 3 weeks. Out of 6 clones taken, only one is dying. Zee other 5 look just like they did when they were cut 3 or 4 wks ago. When you say, "a bit", how long is that? It's like that old Smith's song, "How long is now?"...or is it, "When is now?" I am excited about my two survivors from zee first cuttings I took from their mommas when they were still in veg. I had planned to grow them out and put them right into flower. But now, I'm temped to take cuttings from them before they go into flower. My reason is that they're really exploding now with new leaf growth which to me means they're developing a strong new root system. Each one is now a little over a foot high and full of new branches and baby leaves. I figure with this new amazing ES300 LED I'm using, they'll be over double that height in another few weeks and ready and strong enough to take clones of zee clones. It's something I've never wanted to do--take clones of clones, but this my experimental grow and I wanna go for it. What do you think?
  5. mjMikey

    Auto Plants

    Awesome LabRat! That's fucking wild! I love what you've done!
  6. mjMikey

    Auto Plants

    Thanks Grow_Wizzard! You make me feel better now! The crazy thing about my stupid mistake though, was that I didn't "forget" to water in zee clone, I decided not to! I figured it's dirt was wet enough. Bad decision! But like you said, to get good I gotta kill off my fair share of plants! I forgot to tell you last time, that those second cuttings I took off zee momma after it was 3 weeks into flowering look exactly like they did when I first cut them and stuck 'em in their little pots: great. Only thing, they still haven't even begun to "think about" rooting yet! Like they're "Stuck in Time". Is this weird or what? Do those kinda clones take longer to root then cuttings taken off zee mommas when they're still in Veg? Its funny how I was never interested in cloning before this. Ever since I went "commercial" I've started with good seeds. My reasoning was that my plants started from seed had terrific yields in weight and potency and I didn't want to mess with clones because everything I read told me that clones are inferior versions of zee original Mammas started from seed. But I see videos of all these giant commercial guys like Medicine Man in zee states and Canopy Growth and Aurora up here in Canada with millions of plants and they use clones. I'm not near as big as them but I figure I should at least learn how to do it. Then master it! Just because its my profession. I got all zee members of our "growing family" doing it. And now our basement is full of experimental subdivided grow rooms. My girlfriend's got her own set of clones and after she gets good at that she says she wants to learn how to breed so we can generate our own seed bank. I say, "Go girl!" Cause I'll never sell any Buds except those grown from original seeds. I lab test our products and together with what our customers say, our Buds beat out Medicine Man, Canopy, and Aurora every time! And speaking of my girlfriend who looks like Jodie Emery, I've also started researching on how to grow magic mushrooms so I go to this awesome forum we have here on Cannabis Culture on psychedelics and low and behold, zee administrator running that one is none other than Jodie Emery herself! Now I really wanna learn how to grow shrooms! We could just travel down south to Vancouver Island and pick 'em but we're too busy with our plants. But I figure after a few years of this legalization shit when Buds will become zee "beer" of drugs and people will want something way more powerful like say, hard liquor compared to beer and zee masses will develop a taste for high-test shrooms! I'll be ready for zee new market then! Our "family" was living out of camper trailers while we built our giant log cabin-style house. It took us 5 years to build it and we designed it off zee one in that old Brad Pit movie, "Legends of The Fall". I figure we'll just line up our empty camper trailers beside our green houses and use 'em for labs to mass-produce high-quality shrooms like our high-quality Buds! A cool summer project every season! I really love shrooms myself, but don't take em very often just for special occasions. Like, if you've never tried surfing or horseback riding on shrooms, Try it. You'll like it! It's a real different kinda treat! And speaking of treats, I finally had zee chance to meet zee maker of Tom's Tumble Trimmers. I tell everybody we couldn't have got big and stayed big without his amazing trimming machines. He's a really cool Dude! He was at a cannabis trade show up here in Canada recently and we had a chance to chat. He's had an amazing life. He was a Stunt Man in Hollywood movies and even did work in that "Legends of The Fall" movie I was talking about! He invested some his money way back on a sweet parcel of land down in SC and had his own giant grow op on zee side. That's how he got tired of hand-trimming and figured there had to be a better, faster easier way to automate trimming then all those stupid expensive bladed trimming machines he was stuck using when he got big. He's so into developing bigger better "all in one" cannabis harvesting machines, he's retired from growing now and focuses on just his business. He told me some wild stories that happened to him while he was a stunt man in zee Hollywood movies and his experiences as a big outdoor grower down in SC. Maybe next time I'll share some of 'em but for now I gotta go. So thanks Grow_Wizzard for all your support and encouragement with those clones. With you backin me with all your wisdom, I'll get as good at raising clones as I am at raising MJ seeds--just for zee fun of it!
  7. mjMikey

    Auto Plants

    That's a great idea Shadey and I'll remember that one!
  8. Hey Guest Unknown Grower! I'm so excited to find your post, I just read zee first few lines and had to ask you: Are you still around in case I need to ask you questions? This is an amazing gift for everyone into experimenting. YOU ROCK BUDDY! In case you're still not around, I just wanted to thank you for this amazing post! OK, now I'm signing off to read it all! And then re-read it as many times as I need to until know it off by heart so I can get growing my own shrooms! I live in BC but am too busy to go out and pick my own! THANK YOU AGAIN, UNKNOWN GROWER!
  9. mjMikey

    Auto Plants

    Hey Grow_Wizzard! First off I didn't quote exactly what you told me to do about digging a hole for my new clone pot to see if it'd wilt, but that's what I'm reporting back on. I really screwed up and I'm kicking myself. I tried kicking myself in zee balls to really punish myself, but couldn't so I asked my girlfriend to. She wouldn't either cause she wants my plumbing to always be in top shape. Now I'm really suffering cause I couldn't punish myself! Then I thought to punish myself I'd publicly humiliate myself by telling you how I stupidly fucked up big time by not doing what you, Shadey, common sense and my dear departed granny should have had me do in zee first place! I followed all of your suggestions and everything was going great. I had one little clone pot from zee first set of cuttings that rooted so like you and Shadey suggested, I let it stay in the humidity dome to get root bound and get more roots showing out zee bottom of the pot. After a few more days I even notice new leaves! I figured it was now or never, so I took it out of zee dome and let it sit in zee open while I dug the hole to put the whole plant pot in. I didn't wilt right away sitting out in zee fresh air so I thought it was gonna work! I dug zee hole and placed zee little pot in zee hole while I went to water zee mommas (who are doing great and have Buds zee size of cotton balls after only their 4th week in flower!) After finishing with zee mommas, I went back to check on zee clone transplanted in its pot in zee hole I dug for it in zee new big pot. It was still doing awesome. So I left it to do zee next day and take it out of its little pot and really transplant it for good. Today I came to do that, but it was dead and wilted--like, so wilted zee little leaves were crisp and totally dried out! Talk about breaking my own heart! I stood there in shock trying to understand what I did wrong. I knelt down on my knees to take it out and pull it. To my second shock, it had tons of new roots growing out zee stem and when I dumped its little potted cake of dirt out, to my third killer shock, zee cake of dirt from zee little pot was FULL of new roots swirling around the cake of dirt~! Then I remembered what my Granny had always taught me. I've mention her before and she was a master gardener and taught me how to grow outside beautiful veggies just like her. It was all my fond memories of her after she passed that inspired me to try and grow my own MJ plants when I was starting out in college from all zee seeds we'd get in zee shake from the ounces of Colombian and Mexican we'd buy. She always used to tell me, "Whenever you transplant, SOAK THE HELL out of it after you've planted it with its little cake of dirt in its permanent spot in the garden to encourage the new roots from the cake to grow out into the new dirt from the garden." I REALIZED THAT WAS MY MISTAKE! I didn't soak it. I didn't soak it after I had put it, little pot and all into the hole I dug for it in the new soil in the new big pot. I didn't even even soak the new soil around zee little pot! I didn't forget, I just figured the soil in zee little pot was wet enough and the dryer soil around would encourage zee roots grow into it for fresh air. HOW STUPID OF ME! So zee next time, when I see new leaves and new roots coming out zee bottom of zee little cutting pot, I will remove zee little cake of dirt from zee little cutting pot to double check for root binding, and if I see big new roots swirling around, plant zee cutting cake without zee little pot in zee hole and water the hell out of it in its new big pot. Can you tell me your thoughts on this Grow_Wizzard? Is there anything I left out or should have done different? And by the way, zee first two cuttings that rooted and transplanted are doing great and are almost a foot tall after just 3 weeks! Hope you had a happy Halloween and got lots of treats and no tricks!
  10. mjMikey

    3x3 tent parts

    Hey Shadey! Thanks for popping off! I was really hoping you'd get back to me on this one as my friend's wifey is fit to be tied! Actually, that ain't such a bad idea, as she's pretty hot and would look pretty good in an SM video all tied up getting a good whipping and drilling after: "Who's your Daddy? Daddy knows best!" ShhhhTTTTTTTcKKK! (How do you spell zee sound of a whip cracking?) They're actually into that stuff too! But as open-minded and adventurous as they are in bed, she's not at all interested in inviting mother nature into their condo in zee form of a few Budding beauties. So thanks for backing me on this Shadey, and I'm gonna get my buddy to read this exchange so I have proof on this one. He should believe me anyways, but its hard to think straight when your wife looks like she just came outta an old ZZ Top video! So I'm gonna tell him what you suggest and advise him to build a nice big one in one of their spare rooms. That's what I did way back when I was still learning before I realized I could use zee whole dang room! I bet that's what he'll end up doing anyway and just keep the door locked so their "company" won't find it. That's what his wifey is worried about anyway! Even though its now legal to grow your own in Ontario, she doesn't want their friends to know they're "growing". They smoke with their friends all zee time, but she has this weird thing about friends knowing they grow. Maybe in zee long run she's just being smart. Secret is always best. Only zee paranoid survive!
  11. mjMikey

    3x3 tent parts

    Hey Shadey! Happy Halloween! I got a good buddy in Ontario who's been wanting to come out here to BC and join our "Growing Family" for years now. But he loves his wife who's a stuck up bitch and loves living in zee big city too much and leave her fancy-ass "high-heel" job behind for what she says would be to live with a bunch of in-bred, drugged up Red Neck Hillbillies in a cult who perform incest, wife-swapping and all others forms of sexual perversions! lol Of course we do none of these things, but we ARE happy as hell out here. I told him fine, he's welcome anytime, but his prissy wife wouldn't be a good fit up here anyways, so be it! He has a fancy-ass condo in his (or her) beloved Mississauga and has a spare room in it he wants to start a grow. But, of course his wife won't let him and says he can only get a little 3X3 grow tent! (He doesn’t even know how tall it is!) Talk about Pussy Whipped! So he's been phoning me about what kinda 3X3 tent he should get. I've been telling him to just use the spare empty closest in the spare room. But she says, NO NO NO! I've told him I've never used a grow tent, especially a ridiculous 3X3 tiny tent. I told him I DID however build a kinda grow tent out of a closet in a chilly basement I had and had it vented perfect with cool air coming zee bottom with a bathroom vent fan and exhaust humid warm air venting out zee top of zee closet with with another bathroom fan through a vent that was already in there on zee stairs which were pointed at zee front door! Perfect right? Needless to say, I grew zee best two damn plants I ever grew while still a hobby grower and they stunk so bad (GOOD!) that my neighbours ended up calling zee cops on me! A few minutes before they knocked on my front door, I had turned zee fans off to do some adjustments so when they did knock and I opened zee door (which I read later you should never do!) they didn't smell nufink! They told me they had a complaint about someone in zee area growing dope, specifically me! But seeing that they didn't smell nufink, they were going to call it a "false alarm" as if I was REALLY growing weed in there, they would have smelled it instantly! That's what inspired me to quit my job and grow full time cause it was zee most awesome BUD I ever grew up to that point. It took me a few more years and larger and larger secret operations to grow the balls big enough to just DO IT! But I'm happy I did! So this good buddy of mine want's me to advise him on his plans to get a 3X3 tent kit which comes with HOT 600WATT MH/HPS lights and I keep telling him they're junk, the lights are too big for that small thing and to get a bigger one like you got, use a good LED instead, but his fucking wifey won't let him! He's been my good bro for a long time so I don't have zee heart to tell him that if he's gonna be such a pussy about this, I'm having second thoughts about considering him as good a friend as I thought he was, but anyway... So I was trolling the forum here on these stupid tents and saw the title of a 3X3 grow tent and bingo! You guys seem to like them! What a surprise! I see you liking your 4X4 and that's zee smallest I could see working for my buddy but I want to ask you why these 3X3's are so popular and why people like them cause if you're just using that one, you could only grow one big nice plant --if you're a newbie grower and you get lucky. What are your thoughts on why people buy 3X3 grow tents?
  12. mjMikey

    Majestic12 LED Grow

    Hey BeachBums Grow! Those sure are some nice plants you got, but... Before I commented on your impressive trellis and I'm still impressed by that. Now I'm wondering why you even built it cause at week seven, while your plants are looking beautiful they're incredibly SHORT after that much time. Is that the strain? After week 7 the OG Kush plants I started from seed in my experimental grow room were 3 FEET TALL already! You're impressed with your light, but I say you bought zee wrong light! My plants shot up so fast because of my new light. With my regular 600watt MH I used before my new light, the Electric Sky 300, my OG's were about the same size as yours. After switching to my new Electric Sky LED300 my seed sprouts shot up to 3 feet in SIX WEEKS! I couldn't fucking believe it! I had to move them into my experimental flower room with 12/12 light schedule. But check this: in my experimental basement flower room my lights are conventional HPS flower lights, but after their start with my new ES300, they still kept growing with amazing speed and after 3wks of flower, they now have flowers the size of cotton balls and they still have 7 weeks to go! And even though they continued to stretch they had massive stalks and DIDN'T NEED NO TRELLIS TO KEEP THEM UP! Zee stalks are bigger than zee size of my thumb! But I bet they'll be ready sooner than that zee way they're going now! I chalk that up to my new ES300 when my plants were still under it for veg. That's because my new light not only stimulated amazing veg grow but amazing root development as well. I can't wait to test my theory after harvest when pull the roots out of zee dirt and rinse to visually inspect them! Zee new root growth has triggered major flowers even without my new super light! This damn light is zee only second thing I've ever bought that really impressed me and blew my mind. The first thing to blow my mind by how good it worked was the new auto trimmer I got a while ago for my main operation. That sucker impressed us so much because it was just as fast and a perfect trim as all zee much more expensive bladed trimmers we tried before it. It's called a Tom's Tumble Trimmer and its so amazing, now we got five! So zee moral of this story is that IT PAYS TO EXPERIMENT, trying out a new product by comparing it to zee old one you used before you got zee similar new one! After my new Electric Sky I would never switch to another light unless it could claim to do better--then I'd buy one and COMPARE! Your over-priced "Majestic 12 LED" is junky I'm sorry to say--just from your pictures compared to mine . So sell it on e-Bay after your harvest and get a GOOD light for your money! ...and compare!
  13. mjMikey

    Auto Plants

    Yeah, maybe that's what caused 'em to wilt and die cause I watered them with their original nute solution right after transplanting them! And thanks Shadey for your advice too but that's what I used for their cloning soil!
  14. mjMikey

    Auto Plants

    Totally Grow_Wizzard! This REALLY helped! Zee part of your answer I quoted I'm totally clear on, and its zee best piece of cloning instruction I've ever heard! Now that I've done it, I see what you mean about transplanting too soon. My two survivors haven't even grown much. No new leaves since two weeks after they were transplanted. They look "stuck in time" like Kurt Vonnegut used to say in a lot of his novels. I'll give them another two weeks and if I don't see any new leaf growth I'll pull them. No use cloning if you're gonna have stunted plants. That's why I use fresh seeds for my main operation. Perfect big yields every time! But I'm not giving up with cloning. I need to do it over and over until I get it right. So those new cuttings I made from zee mother 3 weeks after flowering are still looking real good in zee dome! This time I'm gonna leave 'em in there until they get almost root bound like you said with plenty of new roots growing out the bottom before I transplant. Then...do you mean in zee first part of your answer I didn't quote, when I'm ready to take them out of the dome, just put them ON TOP of the soil in the new, transplant pots, and wait to see if they're not in shock for a day or two and then transplant them into zee hole I made with zee same size empty pot? Or do you mean put them right into zee empty hole in the new transplant soil still in their original clone dome pot and wait a day or two for signs of stress and wilting? If they look stress-free with no wilting after a couple a days, THEN pull them outta the new transplant soil hole I made with zee empty pot, take them outta their original pot along with their roots in zee compressed soil and transplant them back into zee waiting hole without zee pot? Yesterday I noticed there was no moisture condensation on the inside of zee dome and zee cuttings were sitting on zee dome tray without water, so I watered them a tiny bit in each little pot with their original nute solution until the bottom of zee little pots were sitting in a bit of water so that extra water would help keep zee humidity up. I sprayed zee inside of zee dome and put it back on and this morning they looked great. Except now I'm worried that the bottom of zee little pots shouldn't be sitting in that little bit of water. Should I drain out that little bit of water in the tray so zee new roots will find air as they grow out zee bottom of zee pots instead of stagnant water, or would zee new roots prefer to find zee stagnant water to grow out into? I better go now, I think my tiny brain has become overworked and there's smoke coming outta my ears! As I was typing my brain kept re-playing one of my favourite Alice In Chains songs, "Down in a hole"! I better stop and have a work-out and go for walk to clear my head! Thanks again Grow_Wizzard!
  15. mjMikey

    Auto Plants

    Thanks for getting back on this Grow_Wizzard! Zee weird thing about this is that all zee clones had zee same amount of roots (2 or 3) growing out zee bottoms of their little pots. I guess zee two survivors had more roots in zee dirt I couldn't see compared to zee two that wilted instantly. So my next questions are: 1/ Just because I see a couple of roots out zee bottom doesn't necessarily mean they're ready to take out of zee dome, so, how many roots would you say I need to see growing out zee bottom before its time to take them outta zee dome and transplant? 2/ Or is it like Shadey said, and you agreed with, that you can only know for sure by taking them outta zee dome, waiting a couple of minutes before transplanting, and putting them back in zee dome right away when they're still in their little pots if you see 'em starting to wilt right away? 3/ This last question is kinda big: When I see a couple of roots come out zee bottom of their little pots and want to leave them in zee dome to grow more roots, should I give their little pots of dirt some of zee same nutes their mother got when she was still in veg? (I guess I've been taking them out to transplant with just a couple of roots showing cause I read somewhere that if you leave 'em too long and get lots of roots growing out zee bottom you will rip zee roots when you try pulling them outta their little pots.) It sounds like having too many roots though is actually a good thing! When I read you say its good to take cuttings after zee first 2 or 3 weeks into flower, that blew me away as it was always drummed into my head, that you should only take your cuttings when zee mommas are still in veg, so I was really excited to experiment with your suggestion! That's why I have an experimental grow in my basement to test the finer points of growing and new ideas like yours! Zee devil is always hiding in zee details! As far as zee new cuttings I took a couple of days ago after zee momma was in her 3rd week of flower, they're looking really good still in zee dome. I really appreciate your support with your feed back on this and I'll check them every day for roots when I take zee dome off for a moment for fresh air and to mist them. I'll keep you posted and thanks again for all your good advice!

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