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  1. carpenoctum

    New old timer

    Hi 1BillionDollars, Well if Stiggy did drink it...might taste bad but probably good for him. Like with nutes...I tend to prefer dry granular products. I ordered a small amount of a sort of purified kelp/seaweed product that claimed to be 70% humic. I'll go lightly on it. Cheers, CN
  2. carpenoctum

    New old timer

    Hey Stiggy, Thanks for the videos. I'm familiar with scuffing and am using something similar. I am definitely going to get some humic acid and add that to the mix. I read up on seed dormancy and there are a couple agents helpful in breaking dormancy. I'm using Kineton and gibberellic acid. Just a tiny amount in the water as I soaked them before planting. The seeds I'm working with now are old but nothing special. But once I have a reliable technique...I'll give it a shot on seeds I really want to crack. Crosses I've made and a few landrace sativas. Labrat gave me a few pointers too and I'm trying to incorporate it all. Time will tell ... Later, CN
  3. carpenoctum

    New old timer

    Hey thanks for the welcome Stiggy. I'm in the midst of chaos, living in construction zone, computer crash and lost all passwords and now my old backup computer has bad keyboard. Of course it has nothing at all to do with the water I spilled on it. Plus I need a haircut... Good thing I thrive on chaos. A new month...I feel things coming together. In the midst of all this I'm running experiments on old seed cracking. My seed collection goes back over two decades. In anticipation of failure with the old seeds I made some new seed purchases. Just yesterday I got a little package from the Netherlands. Black Widow from Mr Nice and a few freebie Dreamtime seeds (not familiar with Dreamtime) and also picked up Harlequin as a cbd strain. So onward and upward seeking order out of chaos, Cheers, CN PSI know of a guy mynamestiggy either on RUI or ICMag...that you? Ya rudeness on forums is all too common and I prefer to avoid confrontation.
  4. carpenoctum

    Why so sad withou girls?

    Labrat...you want a girlfriend? Sheesh what a horndog Hey Havvel...yes it's nice to have someone to share life's experiences with. I always had good luck meeting women while taking classes. Could be college or adult classes or even hobby classes like stained glass or something. There will be girls there and you will have something in common right away. Coffee after class...hey it's a natural. Forget about bars and concerts...too loud to carry on a conversation. CN Cloud hidden...whereabouts unknown
  5. carpenoctum

    New old timer

    Hey Labrat, I included enough detail to catch your attention...couldn't figure out how to PM. I'm DrDee or JohnDee on several other ganga sites and yes, we have had some conversations. Still plugging away on the damn room. If I could stay away from the dispensary...I'd be finished already. They have a nice CBD/Thc oil capsules in a 2 to one ratio. Couple of those leave me relaxed, comfortable and medium high. As a general rule... one legged 70 yo potheads shouldn't climb ladders or work on electricity when stoned. And that's most of what I have left to do. By bro is an electrical guy and he's been keeping me on the straight and narrow. I was bouncing around on some seed sites and ran across Mr Nice auctions which had a black widow seed batch closing in 2 days. Threw a 40 euro bid up there. I'm a major widow fan and now I have the originals. On the SF front...I'll read anything by Ian MacDonald. An Amazing creative guy. And of course I loved cyberpunk and it's offspring SteamPunk. William Gibson almost single handedly revived SF. Hey remember that dude that caused me to leave RUI? He totally got into it with several of his own countrymen and left in a huff. Crazy motha and now he's gone...but after being away from rui for a couple months I don't miss it at all. So back to work I guess... CN
  6. carpenoctum

    New old timer

    Hey CC folks, I'm an old timer. Firsts grow 1975 was a little greenouse grow of Columbian bagseed that was harvested and ready to smoke just in time for an outdoor Marley concert at San Diego State. Good time was had by all. Building a room right now but it's going slow. Ordered seeds...all but one pack have arrived. Final pack is on it's way from Mr. Nice Auctions. I don't have room and resources for a good organic soil grow...and i like hydro so I decided to go 50/50 waterfarm top drip and then some coco grows to make up a full complement of 8 plants. Grow space is 4'x8' I enjoy music, reading SF and if I'm doing it stoned...then so much the better. I'll be ready to pop seeds hopefully in a few weeks. Cheers to everyone and see ya around. CN

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