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  1. Catracer

    STRAIN REF: Marijuana 501st OG Strain

    Looks good. But I'm still one of his parents, namely Skywalker I like more. Plus, it's much easier to grow it, as far as I've read. And who has experience in growing 501st OG Strain? Speaking of insomnia, it can be useful to me even for personal use. I'll have to buy seeds.
  2. Catracer

    Monster Munchie Balls

    I tried another recipe. Plus, in many recipes, the proportions are always different
  3. Catracer

    Mr. Grow It

    Its very helpful, thanks
  4. Catracer

    Aero: Facts and Myths

    Looks good
  5. Catracer

    Do I have to cure dry ice hash?

    Many people cure dry ice hach, i think

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